Waking up next to Taeyong and having him pull you closer to him and sharing sweet little morning kisses.

[just a thought] “do you love me?” donghyuck ask in his raspy voice, as you place the last bandage on top of his injury. he pulls you into his arms and whisper, “because i do”

Seventeen (Jeno)

A/N: Hello friends pls listen to the song Seventeen by Troye Sivan it’s amazing and I was listening to it a lot whilst writing this!! This was a request I got the other day, so to the person who wanted me to write this, I hope you like it! x

genre: fluff, (childhood friends to lovers)

words: 2.3k


all my uwus go to Jeno!!!

Originally posted by 1aeil

Lazily, you checked your phone for the time. It read 2 am. But you weren’t even thinking about sleeping yet. It was a summer night anyway, and your sleeping schedule was already more than messed up. Suddenly, the phone in your hands vibrated, a second later the ringtone made you jump in panic. As quickly as possible, you took the call. Everyone else in the house was asleep, and you were praying the noise hadn’t woken any of them.

“Jeno,” you softly whispered. “What’s up?”

“Hey Y/N,” he spoke, in the same small tone. Your heart fluttered at the familiar sound. “Come out on the roof.”

You chuckled at his sudden request.

“Alright, wait a minute,” you replied, then you hung up. Living next to your boyfriend was just about the best thing you could imagine. But before he was your boyfriend, he had also been your best friend, ever since your childhood.

And since then, you had perfected your climbing skills onto the roof of Jeno’s house. It had been your secret meeting spot for years and years. At first, your parents had tried to stop you, telling you it was dangerous, but then you had been rather young. At some point they had stopped bothering, since you and Jeno had kept climbing up there either way.

Trying not to create any more sound, you opened your window, breathing in the warm summer air. A smile crept up on your face when you saw his familiar figure across from you. It was a small jump over onto the garage of his house, and a small climb from there. The roof was generally tilted, but at the back there was a small, even part, which was where you were headed.  Almost like a cat you landed on the garage, before using your hands to pull you up the rain gutter, placing your feet in the same spots you had done it for years.

As soon as your head appeared, Jeno came to grab your arms and helped you up onto the roof swiftly. Your hands and bare feet were soothed by the soft blanket he had laid out for the two of you.

“Hi,” he said, smiling cutely.

“Hi,” you replied, mimicking his tone. Then, you took his face into your hands and kissed him. As your eyes closed and your lips touched, it felt as if you were miles away from the rest of the world. It was completely dark by now. From somewhere, you could hear the faint sound of a car and crickets chirping peacefully in the grass below you. You could taste a little rest of toothpaste on his lips, along with his very own taste.

Both of you were quiet when you pulled away, silently catching your breaths. Jeno moved back, leaning against the small wall behind him, and you followed his example. Lovingly, he slung his arm around your shoulder.  

“It’s been almost half a year,” he said. You rested your head in the spot where his neck met his shoulder and smiled lazily.

“The most perfect half year of my life,” you said, truthfully. Half a year, since you had officially become more than friends.

“Do you remember when I confessed?” he asked, and you didn’t need to look up to know he was grinning.

“That was one hell of a day,” you replied, making him laugh. Your eyes found your bedroom window, where a small cord was tied to your windowsill. The other end was attached to Jeno’s window, at the front of the street. As you regarded it, the memory came flashing back into your mind, like it had been yesterday.

~6 months ago~

You and Jeno were on your way back home from the cinema. Your arms swung beside you, your hand softly brushing Jeno’s now and then. It made you feel fuzzy inside, but you would never dare tell him how you felt about him.

You gave him a small look from the side. Your friendship had lasted almost your entire life, meaning you knew him better than probably anyone else in the world. And you could tell there was something off tonight. He was fiddling around with the hem of his jacket a lot, something he usually did before an important test in school. Moreover, he had been quiet the entire walk home. And you could tell the difference between a comfortable and an awkward silence.

Just as you were about to ask him what was going on, he spoke up.

“Y/N, I need to tell you something,” he said. The tone he used was one you had barely ever heard coming from your best friend, especially not when talking to you. It worried you slightly.

“Tell me, then,” you answered, giving him a reassuring smile.

“No, not now, not yet,” he quickly added. “Check the line later.”

The ‘line’ was something him and you had set up years ago, when you had been little kids. Because your parents would tell you to go inside when it got dark, or called you in for dinner, you had decided to create it. You had taken a cord and cut off a piece twice the distance between your bedroom windows. You then had tied the two ends, and attached them to your windows, so you had created a loop. Lastly, you crafted a small paper basket, attaching it to the cord as well. This way, you could leave small folded paper messages in it. When the other person pulled one end of the loop, the basket would arrive at their window and they could reply with another message. Ever since, the two of you had named your childhood invention the line. As you had grown older, you used it less frequently, but now and then you would jokingly send each other silly messages, reminding you of the childhood fun you had had.

“Why can’t you just tell me now?” you asked, tilting your head in question at Jeno.

“No, it’s important, just check later, okay?” he insisted.

“If it’s so important, then just tell me now!” you tried to convince him. “Plus, you promised you’d come to my place after the cinema!”

“I’m sorry, I can’t,” he apologized, but didn’t give you a reason. You were confused and worried, this really wasn’t like him.

Additionally, a disappointed feeling spread in the pit of your stomach. Recently, he had been talking to this girl he had met in dance class a lot, and as much as you tried to control yourself, you couldn’t help but feel a little jealous. That, and even more sad. You were scared he was beginning to ditch you for her. But again, you’d never dare to tell him that.

“Okay, but promise me you’ll send it quickly, okay?” you asked.

“I promise, if it’s not there by 11, you’ll be allowed to be mad at me,” he joked, giving you an eye smile. You couldn’t help but smile back.

When you arrived at your houses, you imagined what it would be like. If he brought you up to your doorstep, holding your hand. He’d kiss you goodnight and you’d blush, thinking of him all night until you fell asleep. If only it was this way.

“See you later, maybe,” he shouted from where he stood in front of his house. You waved him goodbye. Only inside you wondered what he had meant. You hadn’t made any plans to meet up. A little confused, you shrugged, saying a quick hello to your parents and then heading to your room.

And then you waited. For a while, you tried reading a book, but your mind kept going to Jeno, just outside your window in the next house. At least five times you checked whether the message had arrived, but there was only an empty paper basket by your window. When you played games on your phone to pass time, you ended up losing every single time, getting you frustrated.

Then, you thought listening to music would make time go by faster. But after the third love song that reminded you of him you stopped that too, letting out a huff and falling onto your bed face first.

You lay there for what seemed like an eternity. At some point, you felt like you were running out of air and turned your head to the side. Waggling around awkwardly, you reached for your phone on the other end of the mattress. It read 11:16 pm.

A sudden wave of energy hit you and you jumped up, hasting over to your window. The basket was still there. Empty.

Jeno was never late, nor did he ever break promises. Frantically, you checked your phone for messages from him, or any sign he had tried to contact you. A sadness spread in your chest. You were aware you had seen him just two hours ago, and yet you missed him like crazy. Maybe he was late, you told yourself, although you didn’t believe it for a second. Another twenty minutes you walked, pacing around in your room nervously. But nothing arrived.

Fine, you thought, I’ll make him tell me face to face. Then, you strut out of your room, tip toed downstairs and out the front door. A soft breeze blew through your hair, but the air was warm and you liked the darkness. It reminded you of all the nights you had spent with Jeno, talking until your eyelids became heavy.

The grass tickled your bare feet on your way across the yard. There was no fence between yours and his family’s house, so all you had to do was walk straight across. Suddenly, you jumped, sucking in air.

Your foot had stepped on something uneven, almost spiky. When you bent down to investigate, you realized what it was. A folded piece of paper. You didn’t need to think for a moment. When you looked up, the line was right above you. And because the paper was rather big, it must had fallen out when Jeno had tried to send it to you. This had happened very few times, and you cursed under your breath that tonight out of all nights had to be one of those times.

Hurriedly, you folded the paper apart, walking into the shine of the street lamp by the side of the street. You recognized Jeno’s handwriting right away.

Dear Y/N,

I just wanted to tell you,

There’s something I’ve been meaning to say,

You know what? I’m just gonna write it…

I like you

Do you want to be my girlfriend?




You read over his words at least five times. Then you realized you had been holding your breath and your heart was beating like you were running from something. Was this real?

“Y/N?” a voice startled you. In shock, you turned around and looked up. Jeno was sitting on the roof, looking down at you, but it was too dark to read his expression.

“Stay where you are,” you managed to say. Not waiting for his reply, you ran at full speed back inside your house. Taking two steps at once, you arrived in your room. Hectically, you searched your table for a pen, scribbled a messy 'X’ onto Jeno’s letter and opened the window.

Holding the paper between your lips, you jumped onto the garage. You had never climbed onto the roof as quickly as that night. The second you saw Jeno, he looked at you nervously.

“How long have you been up here?” you asked, completely out of breath.

“I don’t know, a while,” he said. “I was waiting for your message but freaked out so I came up here.”

“It fell out of the basket, I found it in the grass,” you explained. At your words, his face lit up visibly. There was a soft glimmer of hope in his sparkling eyes. Not wanting him to wait any longer, you unfolded the paper and handed it to him. You blushed terribly while he stared at the 'X’ you had put in front of the 'Yes’.

“I like you too, Jeno,” you said softly when he didn’t speak. The way he suddenly looked up at you and smiled practically melted your heart. And because you had thought about it so much, and neither of you were saying a word, and he was simply too close to you, you leaned forward, closed your eyes and pressed your lips to his.

You’d never forget the way he grabbed your hand and how it felt to have your fingers locked in his hair for the first time, as your breaths mixed up. When you pulled away slowly, you couldn’t stop yourself from smiling like a fool.

“I can’t wait to do that again,” he admitted, making you chuckle breathlessly.

“You can, right now,” you replied. Once more, you reconnected your lips. This time, it was softer and almost felt familiar. His scent you had known all your life blinded your senses, making everything around you invisible. Before you parted, you felt him smile into the kiss.

Then, he shifted back, leaning against the wall and opening his arms for you. And you sat down next to him, draping one arm across his waist and resting your head on his shoulder.

~end of flashback~

It had been just in the spot you were sitting now. A soft smile spread on your face at the vivid memory.

“How did six months pass this quickly?” you asked.

“You know, they say, time passes by faster when you’re having fun,” he said.

“Whoever they are, I guess they were true,” you replied, looking up at the stars. Your cheek was on the soft skin on the crook of his neck, his hand softly drawing circles on your upper arm.

“Whatever, we’ve got the entire rest of our lives,” Jeno said. Then, he kissed the top of your head. He was right, and you were glad you would get to spend it with him.

Moonrise ๐ŸŒš All Alone

A Day6 songfic series by Admin B. 💟 Enjoy!

Genre: College!AU/Angst with some Fluff

Pairing: Dowoon x You

By Admin B

Better Better  🌚 I like you 🌚 What Can I Do  🌚 I’ll Remember  🌚 Whatever!  🌚 Be Lazy  🌚 Hi Hello  🌚 I Loved You  🌚 When You Love Someone  🌚 All Alone  🌚 Pouring  🌚 I Need Somebody  🌚 I’ll try

Originally posted by seventeevee

I’m not lonely
I say to the night sky without any strength
I’m okay today
I say to myself over and over again

“I miss you, too,” Dowoon murmured into his phone. He was lying in the hammock on his back porch, one the two of you had so frequently used in the past. “Of course, I do.”

“But I’m coming home next weekend,” you reminded him. He could hear the little smile in your voice, and that made him miss you even more.

His eyes focused on the darkened sky, the first twinklings of the stars popping through the sheet of navy blue above him. “I can’t wait,” he said softly, the corners of his lips pulling into a grin.

“And I’m definitely coming to your show next month, don’t worry.”

A flush warmed Dowoon’s cheeks, and the grin on his lips grew. After graduating high school several months ago, he’d stumbled upon a local band in need of a drummer, and their first concert was less than a month away. He knew his parents would never show up, but he should’ve known he could count on you.

Days like today - days where he got to talk to you like this - he really did feel like things were okay. Like things were going to be okay.

Like he was going to be okay.

At least… that’s what he told himself.

After the day ends and I come back home
I wish there was someone
Who would tell me, good job
And hold me
And even now

Unsurprisingly, with his grades and lackluster extracurricular activity resume, Dowoon had only been able to get into a local community college. Not the state university you’d been accepted to (and were currently attending).

You’d tried to change your plans so you could stay closer to home, but Dowoon had refused. He would never forgive himself if you didn’t get the education you deserved because of him.

So the two of you had parted ways come September.

But only physically. You had been very adamant that you did not want to break up just because you were going to different schools, and Dowoon had never been able to deny you want you wanted.

He had to admit, though, being apart from you but still being together might have been just as difficult as if you had broken up.

It was tough to come home from school, a long day of classes he only cared about marginally more than the classes in high school, and not have you to motivate him to study. Not have you to come up behind him as he was sitting at the table with a textbook, sliding your arms around him and pressing your lips to his cheek. Not have you defend him from his mother’s backhanded comments about his drumming. Not have you supporting his dream.

To be honest, it sucked.

I’m alone
Under the moonlight
I’m alone
Only the cold night air
Is by my side

Actually, I’m lonely
I hate the night sky that has no answer

“Baby, you still there?” you asked.

“Hmm? Oh… yeah, I’m here. Sorry.”

“Get some rest,” you urged in that soft, sweet tone he’d only ever heard you use around him and animals. “You sound exhausted.”

“You get some, too. I know you’ve been up too late studying,” Dowoon countered with a slight smirk.

“You think you know me so well, huh?” you teased. “…Well, you do. Let’s both get some sleep. I’ll call you tomorrow?”

“Not if I call you first.”

You let out a soft chuckle, and Dowoon’s heart clenched. He loved hearing you laugh, but he missed seeing you laugh.

“I love you,” you told him at the tail end of your giggle. “More than anything. You know that, right?”

“I love you, too.” Dowoon felt his throat tightening a little, so he coughed to try and cover up the strain in his voice. “I love you, too. More than drumming.”

“Have a good night. Sweet dreams.”

Dowoon just hummed in response before quickly hanging up, knowing he would stay on the phone with you for another hour, at least, if he didn’t.

And then he let out a sigh, his breath forming a cloud of white mist into the chilled night air.

Alone again.

Alone and lonely.

When I leave
Tomorrow morning
I wish there was someone
Who would tell me, have a good day
And even now

The first thing Dowoon thought when he woke up the next morning was ‘Thank God it’s Friday.’ And then he immediately checked his phone to see if you’d texted him.

Usually, when he left for school, both of his parents had gone to work already. So your ‘good morning, I hope you have a wonderful day 😘’ text was really the only human interaction he had until he got to class.

Dowoon was a quiet guy. He didn’t mind being by himself, but… I don’t know, sometimes it got to him. Sometimes (most times), he wished you were here to wish him a good day in person.

One day, you would be, and the thought of that kept him going.

He quickly texted you back as he packed up his bookbag, dreading yet another day of classes. But, still, it was Friday. And even though it wasn’t a weekend you would be here, it was a weekend nonetheless.

That person I’m looking for
I’m sure that person
Is looking at the same night sky

Dowoon had gotten a text message from one of his bandmates calling for an emergency practice session after his last class, so by the time he arrived home, it was already getting dark outside.

“Dinner will be ready soon!” his mom called out as he made his way to the back door. He’d had a couple missed calls from you during practice, so he wanted to go to his usual spot and call you back.

He let out a soft groan as he plopped down into the hammock then slid his phone out of his pocket and quickly navigated to your contact.

It rang once… twice… three times… Usually, you picked up right away, so if it rang three times with no answer, you most likely weren’t going to pick up. And when Dowoon heard your voicemail, he simply disconnected. You were probably out with friends or something. Maybe you’d call him back later.

A somewhat heavy sigh escaped his lips as he moved to put his hands behind him, cradling the back of his head in his palms as his eyes gazed up at the late evening/early night sky.

Sometimes, when he was feeling particularly sappy and poetic, he thought about how, if you were also looking at the sky at the exact same time, you were looking at the same sky as he was. Almost as if you were together.

The sound of the back door opening interrupted his thoughts, and he figured his mom was coming out to tell him dinner was ready.

“I’m coming,” he murmured, moving to get out of the hammock. But then, suddenly, a person was by his side and practically tackled him back in.

As soon as you landed on top of him, he knew it was you. He would recognize the feel of you anywhere.

“Y/N?!” he cried with a surprised chuckle. “What are you doing here?!”

As you adjusted yourself to lie next to him, you lifted your head, a huge smile pulling at your lips. “I missed you too much,” you told him before moving to kiss him.

“But – I thought you were coming home next weekend.”

“I am! But I came home this weekend, too, so I could see you.”

Dowoon gazed down at you, tightening his hold on you as his grin grew to match yours. He couldn’t believe you were actually here. In his hammock, in his arms, just like old times.

You kissed him once more before settling in, resting your head on his chest and letting out a very content sigh.

And now Dowoon was sure the two of you were looking at the same night sky, and it made his heart the warmest it had ever been.

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Idk if anyone’s done this yet, but I’m doing it now. One of the main reasons I’m doing this is because of something a friend said to me a while ago.

“I’m so sick of seeing the same concept over and over again”

And we had a little discussion about fanfictions (mostly on Watppad no tea no shade, that’s just how we felt at the time) have the same like ten plots lol. We both agreed that in order for the book/drabble/series/whatever to be good, they had to be original.

Now I disagree. You can take an overdone concept and introduce/jazz it up so that it’s refreshing to read.

Ever since she said that, I would always reflect on the things I wrote like “Is this too cliche?” BUT NOW THOSE DAYS ARE OVER.

Starting today is a series where I take your requests and concepts I thought of and write them in a refreshing way (or attempt to lol)

I feel like this is a good way to work on a writing skill that I think is important, keeping the reader hooked no matter what the genre is.

~Bambam dork~

requested by anon

Hope u like it ๐Ÿ’œ

I also have 2 other fluffy boyfriend edits in my masterlist (โ€œMorningsโ€/โ€œTogetherโ€)๐Ÿ’•

And sorry for the rather long wait๐Ÿ˜“

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Dating Pentagon’s Kino Would Include

Originally posted by poji-bu

  • He’s actually an angel so have fun being blessed 24/7
  • This ticklish floof
  • I feel like his stylists must have a hard time with him lol
  • He’s such a kiss ass
  • Not in a bad way or to the point he’s fake 
  • But he loves making others smile and will go out of his way to do so.
  • If he fails you’ll get stuck comforting him 
  • Just imagine the pout the covers his smile whenever someone doesn’t laugh at his joke
  • they’re monsters I know
  •  But you got to kiss away his pout so…
  • HyungGu is adorable incase you didn’t notice. 
  • You know people who are usually quite and responsible and then they’re with THOSE friends and suddenly they’re really loud and obnoxious
  • That’s you and him. 
  • This relationship would make you fit as hell.
  • You’d get a six pack from laughing.
  • Gu’s humor is hella underrated man..
  • He would make you laugh all the time..
  • He’s totally the type of person who uses chopsticks to channel their inner walrus.
  • Neither of you have a dog but
  • Your camera roll is full of him and dogs
  • When you guys are out in public, fans stopping you aren’t the problem.
  • It’s Gu stopping strangers asking if he can take a photo with their dog thats the problem.
  • He’s totally that kid that buys your parents flowers anytime he goes over to your house
  • Your fave song comes on in the car? 
  • You’re both having a full blown concert session driving down the highway
  • Don’t even act like y'all wouldn’t burst into random singing and dancing moments all the time
  • I could see him singing your favorite songs to you ALL the time
  • Your life is basically a musical with him and his musical numbers 
  • It looks way better in your heads 
  • Y'all are dancing in the kitchen at 2am 
  • Late night grocery store runs are the foundation of this relationship.
  • (competitions include who can bring in more groceries at once.. 
  • Eventually he’d get desperate when he carried in a few cases of water…
  • “No each case has 36 bottles of water if I carried 3 cases that’s..”
  • ‘They don’t count as individual items when they’re packaged together’)
  • back to dancing in the kitchen
  • And just having a moment 
  • But it would happen in the dorm kitchen and someone Woo-Seok would come ruin the moment 
  • Thats when he was just like 
  • “Yeah time to move in with you”
  • so now you live together
  • I don’t think he’s a really clingy sleeper to start
  • But then you wake up and your legs are tangled between blanket and more leg.. 
  • probably have ‘arguments’ over snoring..
  • Threatens to stay at the dorm all the time.. 
  • Even though you both know he wouldn’t do that 
  • it’s totally not cause the boys wouldn’t let him in lmao what
  • and you have (is it full or free) range of his closet
  • his button up shirts
  • more specifically his WHITE BUTTON UP SHIRTS
  • I just want to say, a quick thank you to whoever put that shirt in his life.
  • I’d also like to have a quick prayer for whoever will get to see him with it not buttoned and yeah-
  • damn 
  • his clothes are oversized for a reason
  • He’s lowkey cocky and your lying if you don’t agree
  • He’d wink anytime he wanted something
  • He sticks his tongue out for extra leverage if needed..
  • you get to see his forehead anytime you want
  • you know when he bites his bottom lip covering all his bottom teeth so
  • you can only see the top Half of his smile?
  • my fave thing about him tbh
  • I feel like that’s a nervous habit or like when he’s embarrassed/flustered..
  • if you didn’t catch on you’d cause that little smile all the time
  • He’d cherish you so much
  • Like in his eyes you put the stars in the sky.
  • I mean you probably did
  • You’re THAT important to him.
  • but
  • You’re totally the visual of the relationship.
  • You only have like 8 good photos together because of this fact
  • Basically one day he told you that you were the cute one in the relationship 
  • & you were like “oh yeah prove it”
  • So now he always makes faces when you take pictures together because it “enhances your beauty”
  • Brings home flowers randomly
  • When he first started leaving practice five minutes early the guys thought he must be trying to apologize for something he did
  • But after so many times they’re finally like 
  • “Damn why you fighting so much?” 
  • Thats when they realize he’s just soft
  • On nights when he worked into the early morning 
  • He’d pick up coffee from the cafe that was just opening as he walked home
  • Some times he’d ditch the idea of waking you up to coffee when he saw you
  • He’d set the cups aside and climb into bed with you, 
  • He could always go get fresh coffee when you woke up.
  • Soon he learned just to pay for your drinks as he walked past the shop knowing you’d come down in a couple hours to retrieve the fresh drinks instead of having to replace the old ones.
  • This might just be a me thing but 
  • Watches one episode of master chef, then thinks he’s an expert.
  • Like he tried to make sushi one time 
  • When he goes on tour he feels even more guilty now that you live together
  • “We should get a dog that way I’m not leaving you alone”
  • ‘Oh you want to get a dog so you can just leave them too?’
  • “Shit you’re right”
  • You’d get cute tour diary updates 
  • Aka members sending you videos of him sleep talking about you
  • And him sending you sleepy audio messages
  • “Yuto is asleep so thats why I’m whispering, but today we went to this really fancy restaurant for lunch & it reminded me of you because although the restaurant was fancy looking, the food was shit.”
  • Just cause he’s sleepy doesn’t mean he won’t burn you worse than his food 
  • He’ll buy post cards and write on them ready to send them to you 
  • Except he’d worry they’d get stolen or lost in the mail so he’d personally deliver them to you 
  • Which is fcking adorable
  • He blushes so hard when you’re reading them while he’s standing right next to you
  • So y'all are celebrating his birthday 
  • He just opened your gift and he’s confused as hell
  • Why did you give him a “worlds best dad” mug? 
  • He’s just real quite for a moment before he looks up at you 
  • “Wait is this serious?” 
  • ‘Of course it is’
  • “Holy shit you’re pregnant?!”
  • ‘What? No!’
  • so you start to nervously ramble about how your friend’s dog had puppies and you have first dibs, but you decided instead of surprising him with the physical puppy you Would pick one out together. 
  • and you got him this mug because any time he talks about getting a dog his argument is “come on babe, I’d make such an amazing doggy daddy. I’d be worlds best dog dad “ 
  • but the minute Gu heard puppy he stopped functioning..
  • The rest of pentagon finds this hilarious “YOU’RE PREGNANT”
  • But yeah you end up getting two puppies
  • Because “we can’t separate them think about how much we suffer when I’m on tour.”
  • He totally exploits their not so puppy, puppy cuteness when he proposes to you
  • He’ll lie and say one of got into something and you’ll go to help him but you’ll find both pups laying surrounded by a bunch of rose petals without a care in the world
  • ‘Babe??? How’d they even get into rose petals we don’t own roses..’
  • That’s his cue
  • “I lied it wasn’t the dogs who got into anything, it was you, you came into my life and made it so much better than words can even describe. So would you do me the honors of marrying me so we can raise our dogs like true dog parents? Because Damn I’m so into you babe.” 
  • Or some shit like that & obviously you say yes.. 
  • “How bout we celebrate by you letting me get into those pants?”
  • You bet your ass those dogs are in the wedding
  • Ring pupper, and your Flower good girl. 
  • Your family is so beautiful 2 dogs, and Kino, plus YOUR FINE SELF
  • Jump like 3 years.. the 4 of you are happy as could be. 
  • And you are in the kitchen when you ‘stumble’ upon that “world’s best dad” mug
  • You can’t help but laugh 
  • “Babe look what I found” 
  • And you’d both just kinda laugh until you add a sly remark about 
  • “I’ve been thinking, we should add more mugs to the collection”
  • Hyunggu doesn’t really catch on
  • “Which is why I got you this one” you’d say as you pulled out a second mug 
  • “#1 Dad” 
  • It takes Hyunggu a minute before he finally is like 
  • “Babe is this wha-“
  • Worried he may think you want another dog when you and the two pups you have now are content as is you cut him off
  • “No this isn’t a doggy daddy mug.. this is a baby daddy mug.”
  • “You’re pregnant?” When you just nod his smile grows 
  • “Wait babe! We’re not even ready to be parents!! I don’t know how to build a crib do you!? We don’t even have a crib!! Oh my gosh we need to go shopping!! Quick everybody in the van, but not you Y/N you go moderately slow!! We can’t have anything happen to you!!” 
  • Thats your mans and he’s cute as fuck..

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someone better kiss this cutie omg