Kiss Me Kiss Me - Part 3

AN: Please ignore the time stamps and dates on the twitter post. And I’m sorry if this is really horrible. I’ll do my best to make it better. :)


Summary: As YG debuts another girl group, one member catches the leader of NCT’s attention. Being in two different labels, it’s hard to keep everything a secret from the whole world.


Author’s Note: So I have been busy studying. It is a very difficult test so most of my writing is advancing slow. I do feel guilty for not keeping up with it, but I know I need to pass this test asap. I miss you all soooooo much so I decided to give u a little peek of what is going to happen in the next chapter. Leave me loves and let me know what you think is going on :D

I decided to do first pov for this one so stephany’s thoughts and emotions could be easier to process. hope you enjoy :) I have not edited btw so sorry for the grammar lol

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There was something about him. Something that captivated me from the moment I laid my eyes on his milky skin.

He was beautiful and graceful, yet rough.

He was calm and soothing, yet caused a storm to brew up in my insides everytime he said my name.

He loved me just as much as I loved him…..and that scared the shit out of me.

The fear of change and the unknown had always been my weakest suit.

He was my weakness. He was my strength. He was my everything.

The beeping of the cardiac monitor had been the first indication as I opened my eyes that I had fucked up. He never judged my lows, but I knew this time I might’ve crossed the line. The somber look on his face along with the deep purple rings around his eyes was an indication that forgiveness would not be easily attained.

Even in his restless look that shadowed those worried stern eyes, he looked breathtaking.

“Stephany??” he whispered my name causing my heart to jolt happily. Even with his serious tone his voice still filled me with warmth.

He eyed me carefully inspecting me from head to toe as if to assure I was okay.

My eyes watered in relief, he was here. Everything was going to be okay now.


Dor: (romanian) the feeling of longing, craving, or yearning for someone or something, combined with sadness.

Length warning: 3462 words

Youngjae closed the door to his apartment before leaning against it and sighing heavily. He closed his eyes, relishing the relaxing silence. His body started protesting though so he straightened and kicked his shoes off. After flipping on the lights, he shuffled over to the couch and collapsed on it. Finally he felt some relief against the soreness in his body.
At that moment, his stomach growled, but it seemed like too much effort to get himself some dinner. Lying on the couch was a much better idea. Except for maybe a hot bath… Or eating dinner while taking a hot bath…
Youngjae sat up and started to climb off the couch when his phone went off. He dug it out of his pocket and saw a text notification on the screen. Clicking on it, he furrowed his eyebrows at the unknown phone number. Then he read through the message.
‘I finally did it. I confronted him about the lies and the late nights. He started yelling at me. Stuff about not trusting him like usual.’
He gaped at his phone, not sure of what to make of the message. It was definitely sent to him by accident. Hitting the reply button, he began to type back that the person had the wrong number. Before he could finish though, another message came through.
'I did start crying, but I didn’t back down this time. Then he started screaming at me that it was my fault that he cheated on me. He said it was over, packed a bag, and left.’
Youngjae frowned at that. Sounded like this guy was a real piece of work.
'Now I feel like shit. Maybe I should have just kept my mouth shut.’
That was all he could take. He hastily typed out a message and sent it. 'You shouldn’t. It sounds like you did the right thing, and that guy is a complete asshole.’ Then he waited and after a moment, received another text.

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mixtape (m)

pairing: min yoongi x reader 

genre: smut, fluff, comedy / college, podcast personality au

word count: 15,610

description: Two mystery students from your college run the podcast dubbed ‘mixtape.’ It’s become a sort of phenomenon around campus, listened to by almost everyone. In their most recent episode they discussed various study methods… One of them being oh so tempting.

“This week’s topic is—” Sugar started, of course only to be swiftly interrupted by the second half of the two-man show podcast that had sort of gone viral around your college campus.

But regardless of being cut short, the metallic nature of his voice still managed to worm its way directly into your chest, where it festered into something so captivating that you couldn’t help but sigh. It was cool to the touch as the syllables of his chosen words sent an intrusion of goosebumps along your arms and thighs. It had a certain gravel, a deepness that you could sometimes feel in the pit of your belly if you listened to him long enough with your eyes closed. However, more times than not, the grit would be severed with a vibrant laugh that rang so sweetly that you could feel it clamoring around your heart with giddiness on its heels.

“—Studying! So sexy, right?” Jay interjected mid-sentence, something that anyone who listened to their weekly episodes would quickly learn is a norm.

However, there were times of course where Sugar was allowed the courtesy of going off on long tangents without his friend’s interruption, and in those moments his voice was hypnotic, if you had to put it simply. It tugged you beneath the current of concentration until you were pressing the volume button on your phone to raise his vocals higher. The small hitch of his breath, or exhale against the mic when he would sigh due to the topic at hand, they made you lean in closer to the invisible man on the other side of the pre-recorded audio that filtered through your headphones.

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Waking up with BangChan

Hi I’m in love with Stray Kids so this was really fun. Enjoy!

*credit to gif owner*

• waking up to this beautiful man still sleeping soundly with the sun streaming in through the curtains is the most endearing thing

• the covers would be pushed down just far enough to see his prominent collar bones and strong chest

• when you wake up first you stare at him for a little bit watching as his chest rises and falls evenly

• after you admire every inch of his face and visible body, you caress his cheek lightly and if that doesn’t wake him up you plant kisses on his forehead and his cheeks

• if that still doesn’t wake him up you sit up more and kiss his jaw down to his chest, which is what you normally have to do to get this boy up

• if he wakes up first he watches you sleep for a few minutes but quickly gets bored

• he’ll go in straight for the kisses, on your nose, your cheeks, your lips, honestly wherever he can get to

• when you wake up in his shirt he’ll probably want to marry you right then and there

• and good god, GOOD LUCK getting out of his grasp in the mornings

• he’s such a cuddly teddy bear that you will have to seriously bribe him with breakfast or a massage or something

• he will not let you go

• “5 more minutes”

• “Channie you said that 20 minutes ago, it’s almost noon”

• then he’ll proceed to tighten his grip and of course you’ll just give up at that point

• while laying there in his arms, he traces mindless circles on your shoulders and you brush your fingers through his crazy hair

• he actually LOVES this so much

• please continue to run your fingers through his hair forever

• he’ll probably fall back asleep if you continue doing it but most of the time you stop before he can get too too sleepy

• when you stop however, he pouts like a little baby and you can’t help but kiss his plump lips

• they are normally really sweet kisses that develop into longer, more meaningful kisses

• long, drawn out, open mouthed kisses are his favorite

• so much so that he will pull your body on top of his just to get a better angle

• his hands will slide up and down your sides as you two lazily make out for a while

• your hands trace up his jaw and his hands usually find purchase on your hips or ass

• when someone decides to pull away both of you have extremely bruised lips and flushed cheeks

• stupid, love struck smiles are plastered on both of your faces because wow do you love each other

• chan is so unbelievably happy to be laying in your bed, being a normal couple for once

• he’ll probably peck your lips again and flip you over before he begin tickling you

• he loves your laugh so much that he will do whatever he can to hear it

• you will probably flap around wildly underneath him, making the smile on his face grow even more

• “oh-oh my gosh Chan! Stop~!”

• “that’s not what you were saying last night baby”

• then you proceed to smack him off of you and you make a run for the door

• but before you get there he wraps his arms around your waist and throws you back onto bed

• fully climbing on top of you with a hand on either side of your head, trapping you

• “where do you think you’re going princess”

• “to make breakfast?”

• he’ll let you go of course because this boy can’t say no to the food you cook

• he’ll follow you out to the kitchen and watch you cook from a bar stool with hella heart eyes

• chan will also sneak up behind you and wrap his arms around your waist again, snaking butterfly kisses on your shoulders and neck

• you’ll burn whatever you were cooking because oops your boyfriend distracted you

• but overall:

• morning Chan = extremely playful Chan

the devil’s change up (m)

pairing: jeon jungkook x reader

genre: smut, fluff / college, baseball player au

warnings: graphic dirty talk, demeaning names, dom themes, mild jealousy, non-penetrative bat play, semi-public sex, unprotected sex

word count: 41,317

description: Majoring in athletic training means you have mandatory observation hours to perform with every single sports team at your school throughout the year, and so far it’s been going pretty great. However, when regrets from your past cause your rotation with the baseball team to become a little rocky, there’s one star pitcher who says that he can make it all better. 

note: the symbol (◇) means the scene is in jungkook’s perspective. ALSO the ‘read more’ function does NOT work on mobile at the moment. i promise it is there. i can’t do anything about it unfortunately 

You were sitting against the cool metal bleachers located inside the dugout. You scowled out at the field as you watched the players prance around on the hunter green turf, cleats pattering with each step. Their orange, clay-stained uniforms passed by one after another, only seeming to do so in order to taunt you with painful memories.

You hated your shift with the baseball team — absolutely despised it.

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best you’ve ever had (m) | 01

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» theme — jeon jungkook x reader //  fuckboy!jungkook, badboy!jungkook, university au, fluff, romance, future smut, angst

»  warnings — sexual tension, language

»  word count — 2.2k

»  synopsis — you hate jungkook. or so you thought. he was the world’s #1 fuckboy and you didn’t want anything to do with him. until an event had changed everything, including the way you saw him. who knew how easy it was to fall for a fuckboy?

»  a/n — completely inspired by this video i watch it everyday and it ruins me omg + this is the first part and it is already lowkey kinda steamy LMAO this is the first fic i’ve ever written i’m not sure how many parts this fic will consist of but i know for sure that its going to have more than just one part, so hope u enjoy, and pls pls pls tell me what u think! tysm! ✩

»  song recommendation  always never - bria’s interlude

 01 || 02 || 03 (ongoing)

»  ♔  posted on february 7th, 2018.

You groan deeply as the clock hits 6:30 in the evening.

Customers are seated comfortably at the tables, coffee in hand, speaking amongst themselves. Your shift ends in thirty minutes, which you would be acquiescent with on a daily basis, except today is different. 

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I’ll Never Be Her (1)[JiminXReader]

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Pairing: Jimin X Reader

Genre: Angst/ Romance

Summary: You loved him with all your heart, but he could only give you half of his.

Jimin was the love of your life, your night in shining armor when she wasn’t around.

She was his ex girlfriend,  his first love, actually she was his many firsts and she kept coming back.

He had warned you she was his weakness, but you didn’t listen, because to you having him even if it was only partially was better than not having him at all.

At least for now.

Rated M: Sexual Scenes and Languages that might not be appropriate for all ages.

Word Count: 4.7K+

Author’s Note: I hope you guys enjoy this Fic. It started off as a One Shot request, and it grew into this angsty mess. It is a Short Series. I have 3 Chapters planned so far. Let me know what you think. Feedback makes me happy!

Minor Grammar mistakes possible. I will edit more if needed.

I am so nervous to post this haha. LEAVE SOME LOVE!


She was back. Once again, she stood before him with crystal clear tears running down her cheeks. Your heart ached seeing him run to her without a regard of what he was leaving behind as he flew towards the light he had sought after all these years. Her. She had been his dream, his answer to his prayers, but sadly faith had guided her heart to someone else.
When you had decided to be with Jimin, he had warned you about this. He had told you about her. He had shared his weakness as you both laid upon his bed after you made love for the first time. He was afraid you would run out after, but you stayed. Your heart had been stubborn.

The first time she walked into your life was a week after you had moved in with him. The slamming of her small fist against your door waking you both from slumber. Before you could utter a word Jimin had rushed out to put on his pj pants running to the door, as if there was a horde of zombies chasing him. You walked curiously behind him wandering your way into the living room.
There she was laying upon his chest in a fetal position rocking back and forth. His hands caressing her blond locks softly as if she was made out of crystal. He kissed her forehead softly, and she looked up into his eyes. Your heart rate beating faster and faster as his lips now traveled to her nose pecking the tip like he had done to you so many times. Your breath hitching as you could only assume from experience what comes next, but he didn’t have to lean in, she reaches out and seals her lips against his.
Your close your eyes quickly not wanting to witness anything else. Your heart shattered into pieces, but you knew. You had known all this time that no matter how many moments were shared between Jimin and you, he would never be completely and devotedly yours.


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BTS / They meet you at a fan event

REQUEST: can you do a BTS one where they meet you at a fan sign please?

GOT7 version of this request is HERE


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He had just finished signing the booklet for the fan before you, so he hadn’t even raised his head yet when you stopped in front of him and introduced yourself by name.

“Oh, that’s a very nice—” he stopped talking abruptly when his eyes met yours. For a few moments, he just watched you not saying anything as he tried to get himself together. “—name. Very nice name. That’s what I was going to say. Uhh… how are you doing today?”

You laughed awkwardly, a little confused because you weren’t sure if you’ve ever heard Jin stammer like that before.

“I’m okay. Kind of tired but very excited,” you said, a wide smile not leaving your face despite how weird you were feeling when Jin raised his eyes to look at you again and just watched you again, not saying anything. “W-what?”

“Sorry,” he smiled almost shyly, shaking his head. “Lots of people come here b-but, uh, you’re very pretty. Hope it’s okay that I said that.”

“Oh. Um, thank you,” you said, feeling the way your entire body began to burn at his words. “Can I say that you’re pretty, too?”

Jin laughed at this, already preparing to give you his “Worldwide Handsome” speech but feeling words get stuck in his throat when he looked at you again. God, you should have worn a warning sign on your head because he’s never been more lost for words than he was whenever he looked at you.

“Thank you,” he said instead, a big smile still on his face. “But I don’t want you to think I’m saying this because that’s a nice thing to do. I mean it. You’re beautiful. Tell me something about yourself.”

“Okay. One thing I can come up with on the spot is that I don’t take compliments well,” you admitted, moving your hands to your cheeks to check if they were hot because your body was sending you all kinds of signals and you struggled to decipher them. “Please excuse me while I blush after everything you say.”

Jin laughed again, this time taking a little longer to calm down because you laughed along with him.

“Here’s what we’ll do,” he said then, still giggling. Then, he quickly stole an empty sticky note from Hoseok, who was sitting next to him, and passed it to you along with your marker. “Write your contacts here, please. I would like to hear from you when you’re ready to tell me more about yourself.”


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He spotted you from afar when he was waiting for the next fan to approach him and, honestly, he regretted noticing you because from the moment his eyes first met yours from across the room, he couldn’t help but look for you in the crowd every chance he got, anticipation bubbling in his stomach. He couldn’t wait to talk to you.

And when you finally stopped in front of him and breathed out a shaky, “hi,” Yoongi couldn’t help but smile.

“Hi,” he replied, taking the album from you and accidentally brushing his hand against yours. He stopped short as soon as he did, glancing at your hands and then looking back at you. “Your hands are really cold. Are you okay?”

Right as you were opening your mouth to answer him, he took your hand into his as an attempt to warm it and you forgot everything you were going to say right away.

“Uh…” you froze for a moment, feeling the warmth of his hands brush off on yours. “I-I’m a little sick, I guess that’s why. But it’s okay, really—”

“You’re sick?” he asked, concern suddenly appearing in his eyes. “Why are you here if you’re sick? You should have stayed in bed.”

“That’s what my mom said,” you chuckled. “But I’ve had the tickets for a while now. It would have been a shame to miss this event.”

“Yeah,” Yoongi agreed, smiling softly. “It would have really been a shame. I’m going to let go of your hand for a little bit now, so I can write you a quick note, okay?”

You almost melted. You could swear that in all the years you’ve followed BTS, you’ve never heard this honey-dripping voice Yoongi used when he talked to you. You were surprised your legs were still holding you up.

“Okay,” you replied shakily and he gave you another swoon-worthy smile and looked down at the album you had brought for him to sign.

It took him a while to write what he wanted to write but once he was done, he raised his eyes to meet yours again, and extended the album to you, taking your hand back in his.

“Would you like to stay here until I warm your hands up?” he asked, his voice full of sincerity.

“I-I’d love to,” you said. “But I’m probably stopping the line from moving.”

“Oh, that’s right,” Yoongi nodded, seemingly forgetting that he was in a public place. A fan meeting, on top of that. “Well, how about this then: you get home, make yourself some hot tea, get in bed, take a nap, wake up, and then let me know if you’re feeling any better, okay? I-I wrote down the way you can contact me right there. Can I expect to hear from you?”

You glanced at the album to see a quick “get well soon” note with a few digits at the bottom.

With your heart beating out of your chest, you looked back at Yoongi and nodded slowly. “Yeah. I will let you know.”

“Good,” he smiled, squeezing your hand one more time before letting it go. “I will be waiting.”


Originally posted by hoseokb

He loved smiling. He loved seeing other people smile. But he had to admit, after two hours of this, his face was starting to hurt from smiling so much. He never stopped, though. The excitement of meeting so many energized people never left him, albeit made him feel a little tired.

And, suddenly, without consciously realizing why, he felt a spurt of energy that lit his stomach up. Raising his head and looking around in confusion, he scanned every person standing by the table until his eyes landed on the reason why his heart was suddenly beating so fast.

“Hi,” you said, moving on from Taehyung and stopping in front of Hoseok. “I’m Y/n.”

“Wow,” he exhaled, not realizing he said this out loud at first. Once he did though, he shook his head, smiling awkwardly. “I’m sorry, Y/n. It’s very nice to meet you. How was your day?”

“It was great,” you said, your smile spreading wider. “Mostly because I got to meet you, though.”

Almost gasping, Hoseok felt his cheeks warm up. “You stole my line! And, look, I’m blushing now!”

You laughed at the way he brought his hands to his cheeks and then took one of your hands.

“Feel it,” he encouraged, bringing your hand to his face. “My cheeks are all hot, aren’t they? Even though it’s very cold in this place! You made my body defy physics or something.”

Feeling flustered as soon as you felt your hand touch his warm cheek, you gave him a big smile.

“Well, you still look great,” you told him. “So, you have nothing to worry about.”

“Ahh,” Hoseok sighed, letting go of your hand. “You’ve given me so many compliments and I feel like I haven’t said anything to you. Tell me about yourself.”

“Uh..” you thought about it for a moment but ended up just laughing awkwardly. “Sorry. I don’t know what to say, there’s not a lot of people who want to get to know me, I’ve never talked about myself that much.”

Hoseok seemed surprised and saddened to hear this. Then, after looking around the venue a couple of times, he leaned in closer to you.

“If you stayed for a bit after the event is over,” he said. “I would love to become one of the people who actually does get to know you.”


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Namjoon, although sometimes caught off guard, liked to think that he could play it all off pretty well. No matter how surprised by something he was, he could still remain calm and collected on the outside while he freaked out on the inside. However, as he was playing with a plush toy the previous fan had given him, you stopped in front of him, presenting him with the first serious challenge of his life.

The calm façade he’s had almost crumbled immediately after your perfume reached him and your bright smile almost completely removed his ability to comprehend what was happening.

“Hi,” you said shyly. “I’m Y/n.”

“Y/n,” he repeated breathlessly, clearing his throat after realizing that his staring – however dreamy his gaze was – might have made you somewhat uncomfortable. “It’s so nice to meet you. Are you doing well?”

“I am, yeah,” you nodded. “Very excited to be here. I’m just a little discouraged because it’s been raining the whole day and I forgot my umbrella at home, so—”

“Oh, you forgot your umbrella?” Namjoon repeated, a little shocked. “But it’s a storm out there! Do you like far away?”

“Uh, well, I have to take the bus,” you said. “But don’t worry, I’m sure I will make it home just fine!”

“Hold on for a moment,” he told you, turning to look at one of the staff members nearby and then whispering something into their ear.

They looked a little surprised and asked him to repeat himself, so Namjoon sighed and did as he was asked before the staff member nodded, disappearing into a locked room nearby, as Namjoon turned to look at you again.

“I found the solution for you,” he said. “It would really upset me if you caught a cold by walking in this weather.”

“It’s really—”

The staff member returned, passing Namjoon a black roll and giving you an ambiguous smile. You smiled back awkwardly, turning to look at the guy in front of you, who had extended the roll – that turned out to be a compact umbrella – to you.

“Here, this is my umbrella,” Namjoon said. “Please take it. Consider it a gift from me.”

“Oh, n-no, I can’t,” you stammered, not really having expected him to give you his umbrella. “I haven’t brought you any gifts, I don’t think—”

“You being here is already a gift,” he said, encouraging for you to take it and making you blush all at the same time. “Come on.”

Biting your lip, you took the umbrella from him, only noticing how much your hands were shaking when you pulled away. “Thank you. I would like to return it, though. Is that possible?”

Namjoon smiled. “Of course, it’s possible. I will make sure to retrieve this umbrella from you personally once you don’t need it anymore. You know, so it wouldn’t get lost on its way back to me.”


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Jimin was in the middle of explaining a pick-up line to Jungkook – because the boy was left bewildered after one fan said something to him – so he didn’t notice you at first.

“So, really, what they said was that they want to feel—” he stopped talking as he slowly turned his head to glance at you, and ended up having to do a double take. “—youkissingthem. Hi! What’s your name?”

Jungkook watched the older member, even more confused now because he could not decipher what Jimin just said to him, but asking him to repeat himself would have been pointless because, clearly, Jimin’s attention was now elsewhere.

“I’m Y/n,” you introduced yourself. “So excited to meet you.”

“Me too!” Jimin replied enthusiastically, smiling widely.

“You have a really nice smile,” you said to him, trying to fight through the layers of awkwardness and let him know your thoughts.

Almost immediately, Jimin leaned back in his chair, smiling even wider – if that was even possible at this point – so that wrinkles around his eyes became more prominent.

“Ah, you can’t say things like that,” he told you. “Especially since I wanted to be the first one to tell you how beautiful you were!”

“I-I’m—” you blinked, hearing Jimin’s laughter after he had successfully made you blush. “Thank you.”

“Being flustered really suits you,” Jimin said then, biting his lip slightly to stop himself from smiling so much as you covered your face with your hands.

“I don’t think I’ve ever been this flustered before,” you admitted, causing a sense of pride to settle in Jimin’s stomach.

“Good!” he said in a serious voice. “You shouldn’t let just anyone make you feel this way. Also, this makes me feel special.”

You laughed. “You are special, though.”

“Nah,” Jimin shook his head, serious all of a sudden. “I’m just like everyone else.”

“Well, then that’s what makes you special,” you said. “You just radiate warmth and comfort somehow. Does that make sense?”

His eyes were on you now, as he felt even more drawn to you than before and not just because of what you just said but perhaps because of the way you said it. He liked hearing your gentle, caring voice.

“I think it does, Y/n,” he confirmed, making shivers run down your spine from the way he said your name. “You seem like you’re a very sweet person.”

“I try to be,” you said.

Jimin smiled in response. “There’s not a lot of people like you. It would be really sad if I never saw you again after this.”


Originally posted by eatupbangtan

Taehyung was glad he saw you before you approached him because he needed some time to get himself together. He didn’t even know why. Normally, socializing came easy to him but as he saw you move down the line after talking to each member, he realized his palms were sweating. Perhaps it was because he could hear the members laughing every time you said something to them – and odd feelings of envy twisted his stomach – and he knew he had to be the one person at this table to make you laugh.

So, unconsciously switching his role from nice and cuddly Taehyung to Taehyung that could make you drool with just one wink, he leaned back in his chair, smiling at you when you approached him.

“Hi,” he said. “What’s your name?”

“Oh, I’m Y/n,” you said, responding to his smile with one of your own. “Very excited to be here today.”

“I’m glad you’re here today, too,” he replied. “Have you had a good time?”

“The best. There are lots of amazing people here,” you said excitedly and Taehyung could feel the way his breath hitched at the sight of your glittering eyes as you recalled the amazing experience that this fan meet has been. “Of course, I’ve been most excited about meeting you, though.”

“M-me?” Taehyung asked, losing his confidence for a moment and then clearing his throat in hopes of getting it back. “Do you mean it?”

“Of course!” you nodded. “I find you very interesting and I would love to get to know your thoughts.”

“About what?”

“About everything,” you said, looking away from him for a moment. “I think you’re very insightful.”

“Can you say that again a bit louder so Namjoon would hear?” he asked only half-jokingly but that was enough to make you laugh.

Yes! He’d successfully made you laugh! The only negative side of this situation was that his heart was now beating against his ribcage and he struggled to find the next words to say.

“You have a beautiful laugh,” he said finally.

“Oh, thank you,” you said, glancing at him for just a moment and then looking away again, too flustered to keep eye contact with him – which gave Taehyung a chance to enjoy your flustered state with a smirk on his face.

“I…” he started slowly. “I would love to share my thoughts about everything with you if you really meant what you said. I’d just need a way to contact you and… I would. If that’s okay with you.”

“That’s—yeah. I’d love that,” you nodded, finally daring to look at him long enough to see a smile spread across his face.

Breaking eye contact by looking at the table and smiling shyly – in contrast to the cocky smiles he’s tried to give you before, – Taehyung nodded. “I’d love that, too.”


Originally posted by whyparkjimin

He loved meeting fans and seeing their excited faces – it honestly energized him. But, paradoxically, talking to so many people he didn’t know that well, also made him stressed. He did have fun – lots of it, even. He was just nervous that, suddenly, he wouldn’t know what to say and it would end up being an awkward experience for him and the fan both.

Jungkook always tried his best to be as sociable as possible, though, but soon, his eyes met yours and he felt his brain shut down. Really, there was nothing else that could have described what happened to him better. He saw you stumble a little as you made your way towards the table, and all of his thoughts just stopped. His lips parted involuntarily and he could just watch you make your way towards him as if suddenly the two of you have been transported to an alternate reality where it was – literally – just the two of you and not a single thing else.

“Hi,” you said shyly once you reached him, completely thrown off balance when you caught him watching you. “My name is Y/n.”

“Hi, Y/n,” Jungkook replied, unsure if any sound came out as he spoke. “It’s so nice to meet you.”

“Oh, it should be me saying that,” you said with a little laugh. Then, you pulled something out of your bag. “This is kind of old-school but, um, I made you a mixtape. It’s nothing much, I just love music a lot and I thought you’d like this. I know you don’t accept gifts but—”

“You made me a mixtape?” he asked, surprised but also very touched. He wasn’t sure if anyone’s given him a mixtape before.

“Yeah. I, uh, I used the songs that reminded me of you,” you explained, extending your hand with the CD but not daring to look at him. “I would love it if you listened to it.”

You felt Jungkook take the CD from you and, after you finally dared to raise your eyes to look at him, you caught him watching you still.

“That is really sweet of you, thank you,” he said. “I will listen to it as soon as I get home. Can you give me a hint what kind of songs are on it?”

You smiled. “I want it to be a surprise. I hope you enjoy it, though.”

He opened the CD case, revealing a small note inside of it, at the sight of which you felt your cheeks burn up. You had hoped he would open this when he was alone.

Jungkook’s eyes quickly scanned the note, smiling as he read it. He looked at you once he finished, pointing at something.

“Can I use this username to contact you after I listen to it?” he asked.

Surprised, you nodded. “Y-yeah. That’s my Twitter username.”

“I will let you know how I liked it then,” Jungkook said, feeling relieved that he didn’t have to ask for your phone number in the middle of a fan meet. He found a different way to keep in touch with you. “Fair warning though, if I like it a lot, I might become obsessed with your taste in music. If I will start to ask you for new songs to listen to and you’ll find it annoying, just let me know.”

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sonic rain (m)

pairing: jung hoseok x reader

genre: smut, fluff, slight angst dancer, college au

word count: 25,043

description: Feeling as if molasses coats his bones isn’t a good metaphor for a dance major like Hoseok, but maybe you’re the girl that can wash his troubles away… Now if only he’d gotten your damn number.

It was one of those miserably hot overcast days. The type where the sun’s rays proved useless against the murky clouds, the constant threat of rain just waiting for that opportune moment to pour down. Pour down and soak your backpack through to that $280 physics text book — yeah, it was that type of day.   

From the time that Hoseok left for classes, to the time he arrived back at his tiny one-bedroom apartment, humidity consumed the air. The fabric of his tank-top and joggers clung to him with sweat, beads of perspiration coating the strands of his hair as he tucked it beneath a cap to combat his frizzy locks.

Just as he parked his car and gathered his books after a grueling day of dance practice mixed in with gen eds, he felt the light sprinkle of what would soon be another down pour. It was projected to rain through the night, harsh thunder storms with possible power outages predicted to begin in the next couple of hours. He quickly jogged to the front door, inserting the key before stumbling inside and tossing his backpack to the floor.

“Finally.” He sighed to himself, his body going limp as he collapsed against the couch.

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The Dino Situation.

Okay, so I felt like I had to get my opinion out there on this. It’s sweeping over the Internet and will be huge until Pledis gives an official statement. Before I start, I need to say a few things.

1) I’m not intending to add more fuel to the fire by talking about this, but I feel like this needs to be said. Fans need to understand this, because these “controversies” of dating idols shouldn’t even exist in the first place.

2) Whoever got into this girl’s phone, saw the video and shared it is despicable and deserves to be charged with some form of theft of private property. STEALING AND RELEASING PRIVATE VIDEOS AND PHOTOS WITHOUT CONSENT IS COMPLETELY WRONG.

Background: A video has surfaced of Dino saying “I love you” to a girl, using her name, and then blowing a kiss to her at the end.

Let me start by getting this out of the way: YOU DO NOT, I REPEAT, DO NOT OWN YOUR IDOLS. There are no ifs, ands, or buts about that. They are people just like you, and you have no right to control their private lives.

If you are a “fan” that gets angry at an idol for dating someone and finding happiness, you are SELFISH. Completely, utterly selfish. You only care about your own feelings, not considering how your idol may feel.

These “controversies” about dating idols and romance are ridiculous and actually pathetic. WHY CANT PEOPLE, SPECIFICALLY FANS, LET THEIR IDOLS LIVE THEIR LIVES HOW THEY WANT TO??

Idols have a public persona, and they should be allowed a private life along with that. They give you their time, hardwork, efforts, etc. and you repay them with this? You turn on them when they’re trying to find happiness? That’s insane. I can’t even begin to wrap my head around how someone could deny someone else the happiness that they deserve - that everyone deserves.

If Dino’s dating, great! If not, that’s also great! So long as he’s happy and healthy and content with his life, all carats should be happy. If not, you should reconsider your status as a fan.

I can understand disappointment - sure, we all have dreams of meeting our idols and falling in love and living happily ever after. But that stuff happens in fanfiction and movies, not reality.

And this is reality.

So please, remember that your idols are people, too.

Treat them as such. Give them the respect they give you by producing great songs, giving awesome performances, acting well in dramas, etc. Spread kindness and positivity and make this world a better place. We have enough going on right now without adding more drama and more fuel to the fire.

I’ll Never Be Her (JiminXReader) Pt.2

Originally posted by dontbotherme146

Pairing: Jimin X Reader

Genre: Angst/ Romance

Summary: You loved him with all your heart, but he could only give you half of his.

Jimin was the love of your life, your night in shining armor when she wasn’t around.

She was his ex girlfriend,  his first love, actually she was his many firsts and she kept coming back.

He had warned you she was his weakness, but you didn’t listen, because to you having him even if it was only partially was better than not having him at all.

At least for now.

Rated M: Sexual Scenes and Languages that might not be appropriate for all ages.

Word Count: 10.8K+

Author’s Note: SORRY I TOOK SO LONG!!! I have been working a lot, and to be honest I did not expect this chapter to come out so long.  I hope you guys enjoy the second part as much as you did the first. I hope it meets expectations. I am so thankful for all your beautiful messages and feedback. Keep sending them my way!! Only one more part to this fic!! Let me know what you think lovelys.

Also to  be honest when you all message me or like the story and stuff it encourages me to write lol. I LOVE ANONS hahaha

Minor Grammar mistakes possible(I am half asleep sorry !!) . I will edit more if needed.

I am so nervous to post this haha. LEAVE SOME LOVE!


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Best Of Me - Jimin Version

Summary: Jimin knew he loved you, he loved everything about you. He also knew that he wasn’t ready for a relationship, so he forced himself to hate you and it worked. It left the both of you broken hearted, and you ignoring him. Will he confess to you? Or will you leave him for good?

Best Of Me - 5/7

Word Count: 6777

Originally posted by springdayserendipity

The way you tilt your head back when you laugh. The way you scrunch your nose when you’re playing a video game against Jungkook and you’re losing. The way you wrap yourself up into blanket before sitting down, no matter the temperature. The way your hair comes untuck from behind your ears and falls into your face. The way you always talk, with light in your voice, always intrigued at what the others are saying.

Jimin hated it. He hated your laugh, he hated how loud and obnoxious it was. He loved watching you lose against Jungkook, but hated hearing you whine about it. He never understood the blanket concept, even when it’s scorching out, you somehow manage to be covered up. He hates how you never do anything with your hair, how it’s always down and a mess, like you just rolled out of bed. And your voice, it cuts him like glass.

Right now, he’s cringing at just how loud your voice is as you’re complaining to Hoseok about your day at work. Still dressed in your work clothes, you just had to come over and rant to someone. He can hear you plain as day from the living room, interrupting his TV show that he so badly wanted to watch.

“I just don’t understand what went through her mind to do something like that! She completely messed up twenty-five files Hoseok! I would have understand if it was like five, but twenty-five!” You let out a groan and placed your elbows on the countertop as you watched Hoseok grab items from the refrigerator to make a quick dinner.

“I mean, it’s only her what, fifth week, cut her some slack Y/N, she’ll learn.” Hoseok was too forgiving sometimes, you on the other hand didn’t have the patience to be dealing with 25 files being recorded incorrectly. It leaves you to redo them, at home, on your own time.

“Yeah, her fifth week.” You rolled your eyes and massaged your temples with your index fingers. “Hoseok she should know better.”

“Well maybe,” he placed some salad ingredients on the countertop next to you with knife as well, “she was just stressed or got too caught up in her thoughts, I don’t know. Just ask her tomorrow, it’s not like she did it on purpose. Oh can you also cut that tomato?”

You grabbed the knife with your hand and started cutting up the tomato, taking small pieces from it and plopping it into your mouth. “I guess you’re right, I’ll talk to her tomorrow. It’s just,” you set the knife down as Hoseok reached above you for 2 bowls, “now I have to redo all those files.”

Hoseok started making the two of you salads as you grabbed some water from the fridge. You sat at the table as he brought over the 2 bowls. “How about, you stay here and I can help you.” He let out a cheeky grin.

“How about no.” The both of you looked up to be greeted with Jimin leaning against the wall. “How about you go home and get that done.”

“Good afternoon to you too Jimin.” You grinned at him, and Jimin scoffed. “I mean Jimin is right Hobi, I should go home and get this done.”

“No it’s alright, do it here and I can maybe help you. I don’t know with what, but I can try.” Hoseok was trying his best to help take the workload off of you, he hated seeing you stressed out like this. Jimin on the other hand, didn’t mind watching you suffer. As long as you leave at the end of the night or anytime soon, it was just fine for him.

“Are you sure I won’t be intruding?”

“When are you ever intruding? You seriously just barged in here twenty minutes ago!” Hoseok and you both let out a laugh. You nodded your head at him, indicating that he was right. You didn’t need to knock anymore, you were always here, and it helped that you were Taehyung’s childhood friend growing up.

“You have a point, let me just go to my car quickly then and grab everything.” You bustled out of their apartment and Jimin let out a groan.

“Why are you inviting her to stay?” Annoyance laced his voice.

“Uhm I don’t know because she’s our friend?” Hoseok grabbed your bowl along with his and placed them in the dishwasher. “What’s so bad about her being here?”

Jimin ran his hands down his face. “She’s just so annoying hyung! I wanted to watch my TV show but I couldn’t because of her being too loud like always!” Hoseok just laughed.

“Jimin, stop being childish. She’s a friend and we treat with her respect around here.”

“Well she’s your guy's’ friend but she isn’t mine. I can’t stand her.” With that, Jimin left the kitchen and sat back down on the couch, turning the volume up on the TV.

You walked through the door again, with folders in your hand and your laptop case thrown around your shoulder. Hoseoks’ eyes went wide, looking at each folder you had to do. “I told you it was a lot yet you told me to it’s gonna be alright!” You strode past him, heading into the living room. You sat down on the other end of the couch from Jimin, and he glared at you. “What?” You questioned him as you sat everything down, and watched what was on the TV.

“I think you should leave.” He said it darkly, his eyes squinting at you, an annoyed sigh escaping his lips.

“Oh, I’m sorry! I didn’t mean to bother you it’s just my normal spot to go and…”

“Bye.” He waved at you, and turned the volume up even more to silence you. You and Hoseok walked back out into the kitchen, and he helped you place your items neatly on the table.

“I’m sorry if I made him upset.” Apologizing to Hoseok wasn’t going to anything.

“Nah don’t worry about, he’s been in a mood all day.” Opening your laptop bag and retrieving your laptop, you set it out on the table so you and Hoseok could look at the spreadsheets you needed to do. “Well how about,” Hoseok started and he opened one of the folders you had, “you start with this folder, and I’ll organize each folder and hand them to you, and then place the done folders on the other side of us.”

“God you’re a life savior Hobi.” You snatched the folder from his hand as he let out a chuckle. “But if you don’t mind,” his eyes peeled away from the sheets of paper to look at you, “can you get me a blanket please?”


Your eyes were dry, your fingers hurt, your head was pounding, but the 25th file was done and inputted into your laptop. Shutting your laptop, you stared at Hoseok and let out a sigh. “How long was that?” Hoseok peered down at his watch and his eyes went wide. “What?”

“Five hours Y/N, oh my god.” He rubbed his eyes intensely as he drug out the last word in his sentence.

“I think it was only five hours because Tae and Namjoon came back.” You grabbed your laptop case and placed it on the table while sliding your laptop into it.

“Tae acted like he hadn’t seen you in years when he saw you yesterday morning.” Hoseok rolled his eyes at the younger boy, as he stood up and pushed in his chair. The only light that was on was a small one above the table, otherwise the whole house was dark and quiet.

“Oh be nice, that’s my best friend ya know?” A half smile came across your lips as you stood as well, stretching. “Thanks again for the help, and I’m sorry for keeping you up.”

Hoseok waved his hands at you with a little ‘psh’ coming out of his mouth. “It was no problem Y/N, I’m glad you got it done though and can go home and sleep.” You grabbed the neatly stacked files as you adjusted the laptop on your shoulder.

“Ugh sleep sounds amazing right about now.” The blanket you were wrapped up in was now in your hands. You walked to the living room quickly to place it on the couch, but saw Jimin fast asleep and shivering. With the one hand that was available you tossed the blanket over Jimin and fixed it as neatly as you could so it covered him up all the way.

Jimin’s eyes opened faintly to see the image of you adjusting a blanket on him. He didn’t know he was that cold until you woke him up momentarily. “Thanks.” He mumbled out, before turning to his side and dozing off again, or so you thought.

You walked back out into the kitchen to be greeted with Hoseok by the door, waiting for you. “Jimin looked cold so I put the blanket on him.” You sheepishly grin as you slid on your shoes.

“I bet he appreciates that.” Hoseok opened the door for you while saying good-bye and gently shut it. He walked over to the table and turned of the light, and as he was yawning, heading to the bathroom he bumped into Jimin.

“Tell her to not put a blanket on me again.” He shoved the blanket into Hoseok’s chest and walked past him.

“Jimin she only did it because you were cold.” Hoseok threw the blanket onto the couch as the younger got to the bathroom before him.

“Well tell her thanks for waking me up.” He slammed the door on Hoseok, and Hoseok let out a little growl.

“Well maybe you should thank her because every time you sleep on the couch your neck ends up hurting.” Hoseok waited for a reply from Jimin, but nothing came out his mouth. Hoseok stood there contently, knowing that he was right. The door finally opened and Jimin walked out.

“Well tell her that I hate her.”

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MONSTA X / Their S/O wants to leave during a fight

REQUEST: Monsta X react to u walking out after a big fight

WARNING: some strong language


Originally posted by itslikevelvet

This must have been your first fight and nor Hyunwoo, nor you had expected this simple argument to escalate this badly. You weren’t used to fighting with him and to say it cause you immense anxiety would have been an understatement.

“I don’t like this,” you declared, crossing your arms over your chest.

“I don’t like this, either, Y/n,” Hyunwoo replied, groaning. “But you’re just not listening to me.”

“I am! You’re just not making sense!” you shot back.

“That’s because you’re not trying to understand me!” Hyunwoo insisted.

You groaned, beyond done with this. “You know what we need? A break. I’m going out.”

Hyunwoo froze as he watched you walk out of the room. Thoughts of you leaving and never coming back terrified him and stopped him from coming up with what to say next. Panicking, he regained the control of his limbs as soon as he heard you unlock the front door.

“Y/n!” he called out, stopping you. “W-what do you mean, a break? What kind of a break?”

You turned around to look at him, one foot out of the door already.

“We’ve clearly been around each other for too long,” you explained, sighing. “Maybe we need to be away from each other for a bit.”

He stared at you, not understanding. “I don’t want to be away from you.”

You didn’t know what to say. Before you saw the desperation in his eyes, you were sure that leaving to clear your head was the right choice. Now, walking out seemed to break your heart.

“Don’t leave,” Hyunwoo asked, noticing your doubtful expression. “I’m sorry we couldn’t have a proper conversation. I’m sorry we ended up having that fight. That’s not like us. I’m really sorry, Y/n, just… please don’t leave.”


Originally posted by puppyjjong

“Did you even hear a single word I’ve said?” you asked angrily, noticing the way Hoseok didn’t even move all throughout your rant.

“Oh, I heard all of it,” he shot back in a bitter voice, not adding anything.

“And there’s nothing you want to say?” you asked skeptically.

Hoseok shrugged his shoulders, his passive-aggressiveness radiating off of him even though he barely said anything. “I don’t think you want me to. You didn’t let me cut in once.”

“You didn’t even try!”

“How could I try when you were yelling at me non-stop?!” he snapped.

“Well, try now,” you encouraged angrily. “I’ve said it all. There’s nothing else I have to say to you.”

“Yeah, well, me neither,” Hoseok said, turning away from you.

You groaned. “You’re unbelievable.”

He didn’t reply and remained in the same position – with his back turned to you, - not realizing how stupid his lack of response made you feel.

“You know what? I’m going out,” you said, not really expecting a response from him, and not getting one.

He heard you walk out of the room, put your coat on, and leave the house, and each of these actions hurt him, but his pride was what kept him standing still. Instead of fighting with you, he was suddenly fighting with himself, and he realized he lost this fight as soon as he let you walk out of the house.

“Fuck!” he cried out loudly as soon as you slammed the front door after leaving. Just a moment later he turned around and ran after you. “Y/n!”

One second. That’s how long he lasted without you.


Originally posted by kihon

Minhyuk had incredible lungs. He could rant at you for hours, only pausing to take a breath every twenty minutes or so it seemed. Frankly, you were sick of whatever argument he was presenting to you within ten minutes, but you patiently waited until he was done.

“Are you even listening to me?” he asked once he was done.

“Not really. You’ve been going on and on about the same damn thing for almost an hour.”

Minhyuk groaned. “You always do this! I have to listen to you when you talk, but you never listen to—”

“I do listen to you!” you cut him off, knowing where he was going with this. “That’s exactly why I know that you’re being ridiculous and nothing you’ve said made any sense.”

“Wh—you don’t make any sense!”

“Very mature, Minhyuk.”

He rolled his eyes. “You’re one to talk. You can’t even argue properly.”

“Oh, argue, huh? Is that what we’re doing?” you asked.

“Well, that’s what I’m doing. I don’t know what the hell you’re doing.”

“I’ll tell you what I’m doing,” you said, grabbing your handbag from his bed, where you had thrown it when you came over. “I’m leaving.”

“No, you’re not,” Minhyuk disagreed, blocking your path with his arms crossed over his chest. “We’re not done.”

“We haven’t even started,” you countered. “Let me go, Minhyuk. I’ll come back when you calm down.”

“I’m calm!” he exclaimed, throwing his hands in the air, stopping for a moment to realize that his actions contradicted his words. He cleared his throat, crossing his arms again. “I’m fine.”

You glared at him. “You clearly aren’t. Your eyes are shooting lighting bolts right at me.”

Minhyuk blinked a few times, still not used to how well you could read him even after all of this time you spent together.

“Okay. So, I might not be fine,” he gave in. “But you’re still not leaving. Not in the middle of a fight. Sit down on the bed.”

He wasn’t even listening to any of your protests as he placed his hands on your shoulders, gently pushing you back until your legs hit his bed and you were forced to sit down on it.

“I don’t want to fight anymore,” you told him, unsure if you should be angry at him for making you stay.

“Me neither,” he said, sitting down next to you. “I’m fine with just sitting here with you until we’re both okay. However long that takes.”


Originally posted by 920417

It was a warzone whenever you and Kihyun fought. Your neighbors must have had 911 on speed dial, ready to call whenever they’d hear one of you yell because they already knew this would go on for a while. And lately, you and Kihyun found a lot of things you disagreed on, truly testing the nervous systems of the people who lived around you.

“Are you done yet?” Kihyun asked you after you explained to him all the reasons why you were angry.

“No, I have plenty more to say, but I’m giving you a chance to explain yourself before I continue,” you shot back.

“Well, you should continue then, let it all out, because I’m not explaining anything.”

“You’re not?” you asked, certain that your eye started to twitch after he said this.

“You haven’t given me a reason to explain myself,” he answered, seeming very calm and thus further frustrating you. “Everything you said was wrong.”

You clenched your jaw. “Right. Let me get my stuff.”

Kihyun frowned, watching you walk past him to the hallway. “Your what?”

“My stuff,” you repeated in an empty voice as you leaned down to put your shoes on. “I’m leaving.”

“You’re—what? You can’t leave!” he protested, and yet he stood there, helplessly watching you dress up.

“I can’t?” you asked, glaring at him before turning your head to grab your coat. “Last time I checked, my legs were still working, so, no, I think I can leave.”

“B-but we were talking,” he continued.

“No,” you disagreed. “I was talking. But nothing I said was good enough for you to reply. So, I’ll walk myself out.”

“Y/n!” he shrieked, grabbing your arm and stopping you from reaching the door. “I am replying to you!”

“Yeah. Now. What were you doing when I was—”

“All your arguments are pointless,” he groaned, giving you an expectant look afterwards, as if waiting for you to agree with him so you could move past this and he wouldn’t have to hold onto your arm so you wouldn’t leave.

“Right,” you said, not understanding how that was supposed to make this better. “I’m leaving.”

“Y/n!” he whined again, pulling you right back to him, but with a little more force this time, so you ended up hitting his chest.

He wrapped his arms around you, making you stay in place and huff loudly. “Kihyun…”

“You’re not going anywhere.”

You groaned against him. “You frustrate me.”

He leaned his head against yours. “Right. Well, I also love you.”


Originally posted by monbebe-cassie

You and Hyungwon didn’t fight often but when you did, it usually ended up with both of you ignoring the other one for a few days, both too stubborn to apologize first. So, now that you knew how your arguments would end, you did everything you could to avoid them and yet, sometimes, you ended up walking right into them.

“So, will you come?” you asked, after having finished telling Hyungwon about the family gathering your parents were hosting in a few weeks.

“When is it again?” Hyungwon asked, scrolling through his phone absentmindedly.

“In two weeks,” you said. “I’ll tell you the specific date when I know for sure.”

“Cool,” he said and then stopped. “Oh, but wait. I might have plans for that day.”

Your face fell. “Plans?”

“Yeah. Hoseok and I were going to visit that new mall that opened downtown? We’ve been talking about this for weeks now.”

“Uh…” you frowned. “So, you might miss meeting my family to go… shopping?”

Hyungwon didn’t catch the bitter and slightly upset tone in your voice. “Yeah. Sorry. Maybe next time.”

Anger flooded your veins immediately after he said this. You weren’t even upset about the fact that he had better plans. You were upset that he didn’t bother to acknowledge how much him meeting your family meant to you.

“Don’t worry about it,” you said, getting up from where you were sitting next to him. “There won’t be a next time.”

“There won’t be a—what? Y/n?” he finally looked up from his phone to see you leave the room. “Y/n! Where are you going?”

“Out!” you replied briefly before heading towards the front door.

Hyungwon got up from his seat. “Y/n! What the hell? What did you want to hear me say?”

“It doesn’t matter, Hyungwon,” you said, not turning back. “I know where your priorities lie now.”

“Don’t be so dramatic!” he said which sounded oddly ironic coming from him, which is why you stopped and turned around. “If you want me to come with you, then just tell me. I can cancel my plans.”

“Of course I want you to come with me! I wouldn’t have told you if I didn’t,” you snapped. “But I want you to want to come. I don’t want you canceling your plans because of me.”

Hyungwon threw his hands in the air in frustration. “Well, you should have said so! I’ll come with you. I don’t care about the other plans.”

“You don’t even want to come with me.”

“Yes, I do.”

“No, you don’t.”

“I do!”

You groaned, noticing the way this argument started to turn into a childish fight. “Fine. Come with me.”

“Fine,” he shot back, equally as frustrated even though the two of you have finally come to an agreement. “I will.”


Originally posted by wonyeols

Every time you and Jooheon argued, you could see that he was just impatiently waiting for the fight to be over. He always looked like there were so many other things he’d have rather been doing, and yet he never made any attempts to end the argument sooner.

“Look, I hear you,” he said to you, sighing. “But we’ve been arguing about the same thing for a week now. I’m kind of sick of it.”

“You think I’m not?” you asked. “I just want to forget about it but you keep doing the same—”

“I’m not even doing anything!”

You sighed deeply, the sigh quickly turning into a groan, as you realized that no matter how many times you and Jooheon were going to argue about this, he would never own up to what he was doing wrong.

“I think I need to go,” you said.

“What? Where?” Jooheon asked, watching you exit the room.

“Anywhere but here,” you replied, gesturing your hands vaguely. “I’m suffocating here.”

“You’re—wait, am I suffocating you?” he asked, standing up and waiting until you turned around with a disappointed look on your face.

“I didn’t say that,” you said. “I just can’t keep fighting with you about the same thing over and over again because nothing I say reaches you.”

You turned around to continue walking away from him but he jumped closer to you, grabbing your hand and stopping you.


“All of it reaches me!” he cut you off. “I hear everything you say.”

“Then why the hell do I have to say it so many times? And you still don’t do anything about it!” you cried out, trying to get your hand out of his grip. “Let me go, Jooheon!”

“I will never do that, don’t ever ask me that again,” he declared in a softer voice. “I love you. I’m not letting you go.”

You sighed, looking down. “I’m sick and tired of this.”

“Me too,” he agreed. “Let’s take a nap.”

“A nap won’t solve our problems,” you said, looking at him again to see him shrug his shoulders.

“Well, neither will arguing, apparently,” he said, pulling you closer to him so he could wrap an arm around your waist. “We might as well choose the lesser evil and just sleep it all off.”


Originally posted by itslikevelvet

He never argued with you unless it was absolutely necessary and, even then, he hated every moment of it. The two of you agreed on a lot and he loved you more than anything, but he couldn’t help but lose his temper sometimes, especially when you disagreed about the smallest of things.

“God, Y/n, please be a little more open-minded,” he asked, trying to remain calm but struggling. “I’m not trying to change your mind, I’m just trying to make you see this my way.”

“But I do see it! I don’t understand what else you want from me,” you replied, annoyed with this. Changkhyun has been going at it for what seemed like hours now. You just wanted to leave.

“You always say this,” he groaned, covering his face with his hands. “I cannot understand why it’s so hard for you to just imagine yourself in my shoes. I relate to everything you say and you don’t even try for me.”

“I don’t try for you?” you frowned, his agitation transferring onto you. “I do everything for you, Changkyun!”

He laughed dryly. “Right. Everything.”

This felt like a personal attack on your input into this relationship and, ignoring the offense, you stood up from your seat, unable to ignore the hurt.

“Well, then,” you said, walking past him. “I’m sorry I don’t do enough for you.”

“W-where are you going?” Changkyun asked, his frustration suddenly replaced by confusion.

“I don’t know,” you replied, grabbing your phone and your handbag from the hallway. “I don’t think you want me to be around right now.”

He frowned. “What the hell, Y/n? Don’t do this.”

“Clearly, I don’t do anything,” you replied, not wanting to sound so passive-aggressive but not being able to stop yourself.

Changkyun groaned, walking around you to stop you from leaving and wrapping his arms around you in a hug before you could even say anything.

“You are the queen of getting angry over the wrong thing,” he told you, not letting go of you.

“I’m not angry,” you replied, trying not to suffocate in his tight embrace. “And I think it was the right thing.”

“Shut up,” Changkyun said affectionately. “I love you.”

You groaned in response, not ready to give in.

He hugged you tighter, feeling you squirm.

“Changkyun, I am suffering from serious breath shortage here,” you told him.

“I’ll hold you even tighter until you say you love me back,” he warned.

“That’s blackmail.”

“Oh, well. We can’t all be perfect.”

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Betting on You (Pt 9)

Originally posted by mvssmedia


A week after the incident, the boys tried to get Jungkook and Taehyung to make up. They might have ruined your relationship with Taehyung, but they were going to make sure that at least their brothers weren’t going to split up either.

They all met up at Hoseoks place, hoping to get the boys to talk again. But much to their surprise, it wasn’t that hard. Jungkook walked in, apologizing to the other boys first for they way he treated them. He didn’t mean to push them aside as he let his anger take over.

The boys were glad that they were still on Jungkook’s side, but the mood changed when Taehyung entered the picture. Jungkook visibly stiffened when he walked in, and Taehyung just stood still, staring at all the boys. Eventually, Jungkook just sighed and leaned back on the couch, letting Taehyung pass him.

“I know why you guys called us here today, hyungs. I’m not stupid. And Taehyung hyung, I’m not saying I forgive you for what you did, because honestly that was a really shitty thing to do. And you jeopardized my relationship with Yumi too. But Yumi understands you’re like my family and she knows that I can’t give you guys up” Jungkook says, calmly.

“Thank god, we thought you guys were going to have a fallout too” Jimin says, trying to joke around.

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splinter (m)

» pairing: jungkook x reader

» genre: angst, non-explicit smut / college au

» word count: 6,518

» description: Perhaps in their last moments together, the pieces won’t seem so broken. That maybe even with their jaded hearts they can salvage some replica of what it all once was. 

» note: there are mentions of cheating in this story

People love to talk about the ‘what ifs.’

What if they had just kept going, what if they had chosen a different path, what if things had just gone the way they had so desperately wanted them to? Humans torture themselves with these thoughts, all while urgently grappling at the threads of their memories that led to the fork in the road where things went awry. They ponder them tirelessly, wondering if they could’ve done something different, only to realize in the end that it didn’t matter because what was done was done. It was that simple, yet again, people still loved to talk, ponder, and torture themselves with the possibility of what if — However, in your personal experience, there was something much worse.

There was a sub-group of sorts to the what-ifs, called the ‘almosts.’ Almosts are burning flames of misery because they tease you by getting so heartbreakingly close to what you wanted. They were in your reach, resting on the tip of your tongue, only to dissipate before you could swallow it down and make it yours.

So yeah, you weren’t a fan of the-almosts. But what you were even less keen on was being in the same room as your almost, the thread of memories making the air thick as it wrapped its way around your throat.

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Four Letters: Ch 7

Four Letters: 1 2 3 4 5 68
Ship: FWB!Jungkook | IceQueen!Reader
Description: College!AU. Enemies to Lovers. Your icy exterior makes it seem as though you dislike everyone- which is partially true. But the one person you truly dislike is the cocky frat boy Jeon Jungkook.
Warnings: Lots of Angst, Lots of Vomit, Intercourse, Blowjob, Deepthroating, Breathplay, Dirty Talk, Choking, D/S Themes, Degrading Names, Praise Kink, Light Hitting? Overstimulation, Multiple Orgasms, Fingering, Cum Play, Cumeating
Word Count: 10,760

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Best Of Me - Yoongi Version

Summary: You and Yoongi decided to take a break from one another as your relationship was crumbling down. But when you show up at an award show with Jackson from Got7 as your date, he couldn’t help but feel the jealousy take over him and that he was in the wrong this whole time.

Best Of Me - 6/7

Word Count: 4581

Originally posted by professional-fangirling

3 weeks. 3 miserable, long, stressful weeks. When will you hear from him? When will he call? When will he come home? Simple texts just aren’t cutting it now. Texts that only say “I’m staying at the dorm tonight,” or “I won’t be home tonight” or “Don’t wait up for me”, they were starting to break your heart. Never have you once doubted your love Yoongi, you understood that he was a busy man with a job that required so much for him to do, a job that he loved.

The past 3 weeks, you have sat at the kitchen table eating your food painfully slow, with no one to talk to. 3 weeks you have laid in a bed that wasn’t as warm as it used to be. In the past 3 weeks, his shirts are starting to not smell like him, you’re losing him. You’ve never felt so lonely before, a piece of your heart was gone and with him. Did he feel the same way?

You were put on the backburner, as he was slaving over the computers for days on end trying to find the right beat. Every time he checked his phone, it would be yet, another missed call from you and eventually the text messages piled up to be 10 messages from you and nothing from him. The loud ring disrupted his flow of beats, and he whipped off his headphones to pick up his phone to only see your name appear. Quickly, he declined the call and roughly placed his headphones back on.

Sitting in your apartment, staring at your phone call list, he hadn’t picked up once. It was time to take matters into your own hands, and physically see him. No more waiting for him.


Your coat was zipped up all the way to the neck as you quickly rushed inside the building with a bag full of takeout. If he couldn’t be at home to eat dinner with you, then you’ll bring dinner to him. Finally, you got to see your boyfriend who seemed like he dropped off the face of the earth without a reasoning. Happiness filled you but yet, you couldn’t help but feel anxious as well. Did he even want to see you?

Knocking on his studio door, no voice was heard from the inside, so another round of knocks came waiting for him to open up. Nothing was there. You turned the doorknob yourself and let yourself walk in, seeing Yoongi sitting in his chair with his face resting in his palm, looking directly at the computer in front of him. His headphones were on, and music was playing softly, he could have easily heard you at the door, but you didn’t mind.

You quietly shut the door, as you stood there waiting for him to notice you, and he never did. Awkwardness overtook your body, and you moved until you were near him, setting the plastic bag of takeout on the couch. You wrapped your arms around his neck and placed your head onto his shoulder, he didn’t even flinch. No smile was cracked, his eyes didn’t move, it’s like he was a stone.

You stayed in that position for awhile until he finally spoke up with his monotone, annoyed voice saying, “Can you move.” You released your arms from him and stood back up, with your hands by your side. You bent down to pick up the food, and tapped him on the shoulder so he could turn around or at least give you some attention so he knew that you brought food. “I brought you some dinner. We could eat together.” You pulled a box out of the bag revealing it to only yourself as he still didn’t turn around. “Okay.” You whispered to yourself as you set the box back into the bag.

Still not acknowledging that you were there, you laid down on the couch, making sure to not make any noise as he was apparently in his zone. Scrolling through every social media app you had on your phone took shorter than you anticipated. You stared at the ceiling, and back at your boyfriend as he hasn’t moved an inch from when you laid down. Sighing, you heard your stomach grumble and you rummaged through the bag to grab the food you had brought for yourself.

The smell overtook the studio as Yoongi was distracted with his work, and couldn’t concentrate. Has it really been 10 hours with no food in his system? He turned around in his chair to see you chewing on your favorite sandwich, you let out a little grin as his right hand came up to his face and his thumb and pointer finger rubbed his eyes. The plastic bag crumpled as you dug inside of it, to hand Yoongi his sandwich that he always got. “Sorry I got hungry.”

He grabbed the sandwich and threw it onto the couch, scoffing. “If you got hungry you should have just stayed at home and ate.” You choked down the piece of sandwich that was in your mouth as his words came out like venom.

“I thought you could take a twenty minute break and eat with me.”

“Well you thought wrong Y/N, I don’t have time for you right now.” You simply nodded at his words as you grabbed the water from the bag and placed it on the couch next to his sandwich.

“Well I got you a water too.” You said it ever so softly, not wanting to make more agitated than he already is.

“Just take it home and eat it, I don’t need it.”

“Well you never know.” You stood up with the bag in your hand, throwing it in the trash next to the door.

“God dammit Y/N! Just take the thing home!” The ever so quiet small room was filled with Yoongi’s rage, and anger that it scared you to the point where it felt like you were in a haunted house.

“Yoongi, you probably haven’t eaten all day so just leave the sandwich and water there, you can eat it whenever you want.” Not wanting to act like you were affected by his voice, you said it more sternly to him.

“Stop being fucking annoying and get it out of here.” You rolled your eyes as you went over to the couch, and picked up the items and threw them in the trash.

“Happy? They’re gone.” His eyes got wide at your actions, not expecting it. “I haven’t seen you or heard from your properly for the past three weeks Min Yoongi. All I wanted was to sit down and see you for twenty minutes and then you could go back to work. But no, instead I get to hear you bitch at me, and act ungrateful as I think about your health.” You were practically fuming, if Yoongi could describe you right now, you were at the point where you had steam blowing out of your ears.

“Y/N I’m taking care of myself just fine, I’m a grown man for god’s sake. And I’m sorry you haven’t seen me for three weeks, but you knew what you were getting yourself into when you started to date me. I’m sorry I’m an idol, but you’re gonna have to deal with it.” The way his voice came out, with no emotion to it is what made you even more upset. The fact that he is fine without seeing you, is what makes you heartbroken.

“I know what I got myself into Yoongi! But you’ve been ignoring me for three weeks! It’s like you disconnected yourself from me and you’re only focused on this! I still exist ya know!”

“Y/N I’m focused on this because it’s my job and I love it. This comes first, before you, before eating, before anything. I’m sorry that you feel ignored but you’re gonna have to put up with it.” He turned back around and slid on his headphones without bothering to give you a second look.

You stood there, dazed and confused at the words that just came out of his mouth. You licked your lips, nodding your head at his words, replaying them in your mind. It shocked you even more with the words that came out of your mouth next. “I think we need to take a break.” Of course he heard that sentence perfectly. He stopped in his tracks, not moving an inch, making sure he heard you correctly. “What?”

“You heard me Min Yoongi. A break. I think I need some time to think and you need some time to get your priorities sorted out.” With that, the door slammed and you were gone, leaving Yoongi to only his thoughts.

A break? Has he really been that bad of a boyfriend for the past 3 weeks for you tell him that you needed a break? The picture on his desk of you two was soon shattered into pieces onto the floor as he threw it against the wall. Enough is enough.

And a break essentially means a breakup.

He’s lost you.


Yoongi couldn’t focus the rest of the night, hearing your words, telling him that he’s been ignoring you and you miss him. He scrolled through the messages from you, and everything was from you, ranging from ‘Good morning!’ to ‘Did you eat lunch?’ to ‘Goodnight, I love you.” and everything else in-between. All you got from him were short responses saying ‘I won’t be back tonight.’

Yoongi knew he messed up, to the point that he had to leave the studio early because he couldn’t think. Because of his mistakes, he could lose the best thing in his life. And because of his stubbornness, he didn’t want to come back to you too quickly, so he gave you time to think just like you wanted while he lied awake in his bedroom thinking about you and only you.


“I thank you for coming over and hanging out with me these past few weeks, but Jackson, you can go back to your dorm and hang with the guys I’m doing fine.” You got up from the couch the empty popcorn bowl in your hand as the movie was ending.

“You’re my best friend Y/N, I’m not just leaving you besides we have another movie to watch.” He winked at you as he raised up the DVD case.

“I’ll get more popcorn then.” You sigh as a smile appeared on your face. Your childhood best friend was always there for you, never leaving you when things got to rough for you and vice versa. You’ve been through a lot together, and if it weren’t for him you wouldn’t have met Yoongi. Even though you and Yoongi are on this break, you still thank Jackson for introducing you to Yoongi because you couldn’t imagine life without him.

As you sat back down on the couch, a commercial on the TV was playing before Jackson could get the DVD in. The Melon Music Awards was only 6 days away, and Jackson of course was attending with his group. You thought you would attend with Yoongi this year, but things didn’t work out in your favor. “Do you like wanna go to that?” He must have caught you staring, zoned out in your own little world. Closing your eyes, you shook your head to gather yourself, focusing on Jackson’s question.

“To the Melon Music Awards? It’d be fun but no I can’t go.” You leaned back into the couch, throwing popcorn into your mouth.

“Why not?” You looked at him like he was stupid, throwing a piece of popcorn at him.

“Did you really just ask that?”

“Well I mean, yeah because you’re going with me.” He smirked as he pulled out a VIP pass for you.

“Uhm what? What is this!” You grabbed the pass and scanned it over.

“This pass is for you to walk the red carpet with me, and to sit next to me during the awards.”

“Jackson I can’t.” But you so badly wanted to go.

“Oh yes you can. We’re attending as best friends, but maybe this way you’ll grab Yoongi’s attention and he can apologize formally to you.” Now you understood his plan and where he was getting at.

“So, you’re only inviting me to get back at Yoongi?”

“AND I want to hang out with you and I know how bad you wanted to go.” He sheepishly grinned at you as you threw your arms around his neck and hugged him.

“Thank you so much!” You said into his neck and he nodded his head.

“We only have six days to find what you’re going to wear though. We should match.” You released your arms from around him and rolled your eyes.

“That’s too coupley don’t you think?”

“That’s too coupley blah blah.” He mocked you and you flicked him. “No it isn’t, it’ll look sweet.”

“Whatever you say.”


The day finally came and you were put into a room filled with stylists that Jackson had arranged for you to meet with. The makeup team, the hair styling team, the actual clothing stylist. You were a queen for a day. Jackson left you to be with them, as he had to get ready himself.

Yoongi was getting ready just like you, but he was more anxious. No calls or texts from you since you came that day to his studio. Maybe he should stop all this and apologize, he knew he was in the wrong. He buttoned the cuffs on his sleeves and adjusted his suit jacket as he looked in the mirror, hoping you would appear to wrap your arms around his neck and lean into his back telling him how handsome he is, or helping him with his cuffs. He knew just how badly you wanted to attend this award show with him, and it was nothing but his fault.

“You ready?” Namjoon walked into the room as Yoongi turned around and grabbed his phone.

“Yeah.” The two boys left the room, heading towards their limo.


“Wow Y/N.” Jackson’s mouth formed an O as he saw you walk into his room. You were wearing a long, black gown with a long train, long sleeves and an open back. Your black strappy heels matched perfectly as so did your hair which was done well in an updo with curls hanging loose around your ears. The makeup on your face was like it was drawn with a stencil, as it was a better job than you could ever do.

You gave a slight smile to Jackson, hanging on tightly to your black clutch. Jackson was dressed in a black tuxedo with a thin black tie, matching you to a T. “I can say the same about you.” You walked over to him, as you stared at the both of you through his mirror. “Where are the others?”

“Oh, they already went. It’s just me and you.” He of course had to put his plan into action to make Yoongi jealous.

“You really want to make him mad don’t you?”

“Mad, jealous, sorry for not apologizing sooner, all of the above. No one treats my best friend like that.” With that, the two of you left to step inside the limo waiting for you.


Cameras were flashing, bright lights were the only thing being seen, and voices of people telling the men standing in front of them to do different poses. As they eased their way across the red carpet, to all the interviewers, and the other groups, Rap Monster lead them to stand directly next to his friends group. “Where’s Jackson?” He peered around everyone, not seeing his friend anywhere.

“He’s coming, don’t worry about him.” Mark told him, while sipping on a bottle of water. There was something in his tone that made Yoongi’s stomach get butterflies, something in the way that made him talk that made Yoongi get nervous, anxious. About what though? And that’s when all the commotion started.

Gasps were coming from every person in the crowd, the cameras were going off 10 times more than normal. That’s when Yoongi saw a high heel stepping out of the limo as Jackson held onto the girl’s hand. It wasn’t any girl though, it was you.

The way you two were dressed in black. The way you held onto his hand as he pulled you out from the limo. The way his hand wrapped around your lower back. The way he pulled your closer to get pictures taken. It irked him in every way possible. Yoongi knew he was in the wrong since you left him that night, but you doing this was crossing a line.

“Jackson! How long have you been dating?” Paparazzi was screaming that question over and over again, wanting to get the scoop on the two of you. Yoongi knew that the two of you were only friends, but his gut was turning and he wanted to run through the crowd and throw a punch at Jackson.

“Dating? I can’t bring my beautiful friend here with me without getting accused of dating?” Jackson laughed at the reporters, as smiles appeared on their faces as well. Seeing him interact with the crowd like that, made Yoongi even more mad, his lips in a thin line, trying to stop himself from saying anything.

Yoongi couldn’t take his eyes off of you, as Jackson helped you up the stairs. Your one hand in his while the other was pulling your dress up so you wouldn’t trip. When you got up, Jackson must have said something because you were laughing, then you left.

“Hey guys.” Jackson patted Namjoon’s back while bowing his head a little as he arrived in the circle.

Namjoon turned a little to shake his hand and pat his back. “Long time no see.”

“Well we’ve been busy.”

“Busy with my girl?” Yoongi chimed in. All eyes were on him, none of them expecting him to be so harsh on calling Jackson out.

“Last time I heard you were on a break.”

“Yeah and that’s still my girl.”

“Is that why you haven’t been contacting her for the past three weeks then?” And the circle fell silent as the guys had a stare down. Jackson was right, he was beyond right, and Yoongi knew that, he just didn’t want to admit it.

No one saw you come back, as a small, delicate hand landed on his shoulder, with black nails and silver accents added to them. Jackson swiveled his head and met you behind him. “Hey guys.” You bowed your head at them all, as they did the same to you, taking their breaths away.

“You look gorgeous Y/N.” Taehyung said to you as he moved his way over to you, making small talk with as some of the other boys did as well. Yoongi stood there, the odd man out of the group not knowing what to do, until he strode over to you and lightly grabbed your arm. “We need to talk.” He whispered in your ear, trying to get you to come with him but you shook your head. “I’m not going anywhere with Min Yoongi.”

He glared at you, he wasn’t prepared for that answer. “Well you’re gonna have to.” You snatched your arm from out of his grip and moved away from him slightly, making him hurt on the inside even more knowing that you wanted nothing to do with him.

“I’m staying here, and you’re the last person I want to talk to.” As the words left your mouth, Yoongi felt like he got punched in the stomach. Was this how you felt when he said those things to you that night? Because if so, he takes it back, everything, he never wants you to feel this again.


Yoongi made it obvious since the moment he sat down at the assigned table that he was only paying attention to you for the rest of the night. The way you leaned over to talk into Jackson’s ear or the way the others would talk to you, it was making Yoongi go mad. And when BTS had to leave to get ready for their performance he was paranoid more than ever.

As they performed their songs, you bopped along to the beat, enjoying the music like you always do. When they were done, you clapped like everyone else. You didn’t get up and yell “That’s my boyfriend!” like you always did backstage at a concert, or when you were watching a recording from a show. Yoongi saw, he saw how contained you were. What did he do?


They made their ways back to their seats, and once they were seated it was Got7’s turn to stand up and leave. “Are you sure you don’t wanna come backstage with me?” Jackson was standing up with a hand on your back leaning down to talk into your ear. “I’m fine right here, thank you though.” They were off and you were by yourself as the next presenter came out with the award in their hands.

Giving a well done speech about how all of the bands were highly qualified for this award. When they opened the envelope, the name ‘BTS’ fell from their lips and everyone erupted in cheers. You clapped along with them, watching as the boys hugged each other and made their way up on the stage, accepting their award. You were beyond happy for them, but you couldn’t let Yoongi see it. You wanted to scream along with the fans, but you held it in.

As the screams quieted down, Namjoon got ahold of the mic to give his speech. “We thank BigHit Entertainment, and all of the great people we work with. I thank the guys standing next to me, and of course ARMY’s, without you we wouldn’t be here. We love you.” The screams erupted again, both as Namjoon was moving away from the mic and Yoongi was moving towards the mic.

“I usually don’t say much,” he smirked a little, “but I felt like I needed to say something. I want to thank once again ARMY you are all amazing. I also want to thank BigHit, Bang PDnim, the boys and of course the girl who has my heart who supports me through it all.” Your face turns pale, you froze in your seat, wondering if people knew about the two of you. “I love her a lot and I want her to know that.” He looked directly at you as he delivered the last line.

And there was nothing he could do as you grabbed your clutch, stood up and left.


He told the boys he was using the bathroom, but they all knew he was going on a hunt to find you. He looked everywhere backstage, he even peered outside to see the red carpet and no one’s cameras were flashing, they were all just bored reporters.

About to give up and head back to his seat, hoping you were there. He finally found you, leaning against some backstage equipment in a secluded hallway, with your eyes closed. “What’s a beautiful girl doing here all by herself?” His raspy voice made your eyes shoot open, his hands were in his pockets as he stood in front of you.

“And what’s a jerk doing here standing in front of me?” You rolled your eyes and tried shoving past him but he lightly grabbed your hand and pulled you back.

“Y/N, stop this.” He seemed hurt, but not enough for you to stop this act.

“Stop what Yoongi? Stop what exactly?”

“Acting like this! You’re hurting me baby. Stop, please.” His voice grew quieter as the words fell from his mouth.

“I’m glad it hurts then.” His eyes softened, as they glazed over. “Music before me right? Now you know how I felt.” You released your wrist from his grasp, and started to walk but until a force hit you. His arms wrapped around waist, and his head was gently placed on your shoulder.

“I’m sorry.” He sighed into your neck. “So fucking sorry. I was tired and hungry and wasn’t taking care of myself. I was ignoring you when I shouldn’t have. God you were right, you’re always right. And without you I’m a fucking mess. Can’t you see that Y/N?” You turned your head to see his face just a little bit, and a tear escaped his eye.

“Ignoring me was a lot better, than telling me that I will never come before your music Yoongi.”

“But you do! God damn you do Y/N. It’s always you, my first priority. I don’t know what got ahold of me. But, please I’m begging, don’t fucking leave me.” You turned around and cupped his cheek with your hand, and he leaned into it. The first time he’s felt your touch in a while. “Just don’t leave me.” He begged. “Not hearing from you for three weeks hurt, but seeing you with Jackson dressed so beautifully hurt even more. My hearts breaking Y/N.” A sob escaped his mouth.

The strong and powerful Min Yoongi was standing before you, pouring his feelings out for you. Your strong Yoongi, was falling apart. You removed your hand from his cheek and he leaned his forehead against yours, wiping his eyes. “You said you needed time to think and I needed time to get my priorities straight. You come first. I’ve known this from the get go. My priorities haven’t changed and I don’t know what overcame me that night and those weeks. But, Y/N…” You cut him off by placing your lips gently against his. He placed his hands on your cheeks, pulling you closer as the kiss got hotter by the second. “Don’t leave me.” He whispered as he pulled away.

“Never.” His lips reconnected to yours.

“You don’t understand how scared I was to lose the best thing that has ever happened to me. I’m sorry that my stubbornness got in the way of me not apologizing. Seeing you here, dressed like this, with your best friend, made me a jealous man, and made me realize that I don’t know what I would do with myself if you moved on from me.”

“Thank you.” He looked at you confused. “For apologizing. For realizing what you did wrong, even though that damn stubbornness held you back, but that’s one of the reasons I fell in love with you. If you think I could get over you that easily, you’re wrong. You are the man of my dreams Yoongi. We just hit a bump in the road, and every couple does.” You both smiled at each other, and he brushed your cheek with his hand.

“God what did I do to deserve you?” You both giggled.

“I don’t know.” You replied.

“I don’t know either but good god, you got the best of me, and you will for the rest of my life.” And your foreheads meet again as he leaned in one more time to capture your lips.

☼ seventeen fic recs ✿

let’s just get right into it lmao, this was real lengthy and my fingers hurt from all the copying and pasting. enjoy!!! 

but first of all, let me direct you to the marvelous and very lengthy masterlist of my mom, @jae-bummer!!!


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