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Unpopular? Kpop Opinions (Pt.II)

Here’s a link to the first part if you want to read it- Unpopular Kpop Opinions (Pt.l)

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• Never judge a group by their title tracks

Originally posted by trendingkdrama

I mean you can’t judge a group by the tracks that have a music video. Give other songs a try (especially their ballad tracks) and then decide whether that group is your cup of tea.

• Western exposure a certain group gets doesn’t define them as artists

Originally posted by build

This may or may not be an unpopular view but don’t think that just because a group is getting western attention, they are better than other groups.

Recently, NCT 127 was shining in American media and we have witnessed fanwars between the Army and NCTzens (saying that BTS paved way for them, etc.)

This is so stupid on your behalf to think so. A group is great with or without the western media after them. We should just focus on their music and not the exposure they get on an international platform. I mean, yeah, it makes me happy to see my favourites getting the love and affection they deserve but it doesn’t make them any superior from others.

• Stop saying ‘I came here for __’, 'Came here after watching __’, etc. on YouTube videos

Originally posted by jiminxh

Not an opinion but more like a request. Please stop commenting such things on people’s video. It gives a bad name to the groups and their fans.

• Asking idols to do aegyo is stupid

Originally posted by ikonis

I don’t mind idols acting cute or doing aegyo but when they’re asked to do it and they aren’t willing to do it or don’t like doing such things, it’s plainly rude to make them do it.

I mean they are adults and you’re making them act like kids, so I understand why they don’t want to do it. But if they are comfortable doing it, I don’t have any problem with that.

• It’s not the member’s fault if they shine more than others

Originally posted by whatwhot

I mean just because a member is more extroverted or talks more compared to others in interviews, you don’t get the right to criticise them. The others may not want to speak and hence remain quiet. It’s okay for a member to shine more than others in a group.

• K-soloists deserve better

Originally posted by femadols

Kpop fans are usually more into groups and hence soloists are so underrated. They deserve all the love and supports for creating phenomenal music. (Few of my favourite soloists are Lee Hi, Heize, Dean, Henry, Junho, Yoon Mirae)

• Unpopular kpop opinions videos are pretty helpful

Originally posted by femadols

Such videos help a lot in promoting underrated artists. Often in such videos, the creator asks his or her viewer to check out a particular group which helps in expanding their fanbase.

I remember watching one such video where it says how The Rose is a phenomenal band. Before watching that video, I only had heard their song 'Baby’ but wasn’t into them a lot. But now, half my playlist has their songs and I spent all my allowance on buying their CDs.

• I find American interviews so boring and cringey

Originally posted by twinmoles

I have nothing against them but they are plain boring with the same repetitive questions, half knowledged interviewer and very cringey? Their is so much awkwardness in the conversation that takes place and it is very much evident.

(Except for the Buzzfeed puppy interviews because they are honestly blessing to us. Even their general interviews are pretty good, especially their EXID, Super Junior and GOT7 interview)