iKonic Fairy Tales: Beauty & the Beast

A modern fairy tale series in collaboration with @cramelot - and we have now reached the conclusion! โœจ

Genre: Werewolf!AU

Pairing: Junhoe x You

By Admin B

๐Ÿฅ€Part 1, 2, 3, 4

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Once upon a time, a young man lived in a town where he did not fit in.

But that time was actually now, and that young man was Junhoe.

Junhoe was known around town to be deep, sensitive, creative, and outspoken with an extremely attractive face. The only problem was, just about everyone else in town was somewhat shallow and only cared about sports, so all they truly focused on was Junhoeโ€™sย extremely attractive face. Everything else was seen as just a bitโ€ฆ strange. There were many side-eyed glances thrown his way whenever he left the house, and not justย because the people glancing wanted to sneak a peek of his gorgeous features.

If he had been just a touch less handsome, he most likely wouldโ€™ve been ostracized more than he already was - enough to the point where Junhoe would actually want to leave.

Why didnโ€™tย he just leave, you ask?

The answer, like most things in life, is quite complicated.

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Ivy’s Style

  • Ivy likes to show off her legs
  • If she’s not showing off her legs then she likes to show off her shoulders
  • She prefers shorts over skirts
  • When she wears jeans they have to have tears
  • Any dresses she wear has to be dark or muted in color

two types of studying:

  1. hard subject which can’t be studied without having an emotional breakdown, so let’s keep on reading fanfiction and watching kpop videos.
  2. easy subject that doesn’t need to be studied, so let’s keep on reading fanfiction and watching kpop videos.
Moonrise ๐ŸŒš Pouring

A Day6 songfic series by Admin B. 💟 Enjoy!

Genre: Royalty!AU/Fluff

Pairing: Sungjin x You

By Admin B

Better Better  🌚 I like you 🌚 What Can I Do  🌚 I’ll Remember  🌚 Whatever!  🌚 Be Lazy  🌚 Hi Hello  🌚 I Loved You  🌚 When You Love Someone  🌚 All Alone  🌚 Pouring  🌚 I Need Somebody  🌚 I’ll try

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When people said
Love at first sight
Whoever said that
I never believed it

Prince Sungjin let out fluttering sigh as the Herald announced yet another arrival of some noble young lady. He’d heard the name before, as he had with every other name, so he knew he had no interest in her. In all his years attending these royal balls, he’d never met anyone he wanted to speak with for more than ten minutes let alone marry.

And that was the trouble with these things. It was always the same people every time because - how often did a new noble enter the scene?

“Don’t worry,” his father would tell him time and time again. “You’ll meet her. And when you do, you’ll know.”

“What?” Sungjin would ask in disbelief, time and time again.

“You’ll just know. You’ll see her, and you’ll know.”

He never actually believed it, of course. Because how could it? Love at first sight? Highly doubtful.

And then a name reached Sungjin’s ears he hadn’t heard before. His brow furrowed immediately, and he turned his gaze toward the staircase.

Indeed, a young lady was walking gracefully down the stairs. A young lady he was quite sure he’d never seen before. 


And when you got close enough, when Sungjin was able to see your face…

He knew.

Where am I?
Who am I?
Right here
Like this
I don’t know who I am

Oh… oh, my god.

What was going on?

All his life, Sungjin had heard his father saying “You’ll just know, you’ll just know, you’ll just know.” But he had no idea what he was talking about. He thought it was nonsense.

Until now.

Because when he saw your face.

He just… knew.

And everything else fell away. It was like the entire room disappeared. Everyone else vanished. He was no longer Prince Sungjin. He didn’t know who he was, he just knew he had to be yours. 

He had to meet you.

In one moment
Like water rising
You are coming to me

Like the stars
Twinkling in the night sky
You are
Pouring out over me

Just as Sungjin took a step toward you, he saw you were also taking a step toward him

His heart began to race as he continued to approach you, his eyebrows raising hopefully and a very nervous smile pulling at his lips.

Oh, dear lord.

You each stopped walking when you were face-to-face, toe-to-toe. And now that Sungjin could really see your face… You were even more beautiful than he thought.

Your eyes were shining so brightly they could have been actual stars plucked from the night sky. Your smile, your hair, your skin, your dress, your arms, your hands, your fingers, your everything.

It was all perfect.

He could feel a very strange feeling overtaking him. Anxiety, excitement, attraction, confusion, enchantment… He wasn’t sure what to do or say, but all of a sudden, words were pouring out of his mouth.

“Would you like to dance?”

His head jerked back in surprise because you had also asked him to dance at the exact same time.

So… maybe you were feeling this, too?

Oh, please
Why is my body
Not listening to me all of a sudden?
Oh, please
Without even knowing
Why is my heart pounding?

Sungjin led you out to the dance floor, his heart pounding even more than it had been. Not only because all eyes were surely on the two of you (because *gasp* the prince was actually dancing with someone?!) but also because Sungjin knew with his entire being you were the one he was meant to be with.

It’s not even like he just wanted you to be The One.

He knew it.

As you slid your hand over his shoulder and he began to lead you into a waltz, you let out a soft ‘oomph’ as he stepped on your toe.

“Oh, I’m sorry!” he cried with a nervous laugh. “I’m so sorry.”

“No, it’s fine,” you assured him with a soft smirk. “I’m… nervous, too.”

“I know how to dance, I swear.”

“Well, I don’t, so…”

“Wait, you really don’t?”

The smirk on your lips grew, and you even let out a soft, melodious chuckle. “Kidding.”

Sungjin let out a breathy laugh before leading you into a waltz again, making sure not to step on your toes this time.

When people said
They met like destiny
Whoever said that
I never believed it

The two of you danced at least four more dances together before sneaking out of the ballroom and wandering into the rest of the castle.

You talked as you strolled down the hallways and galleries and conservatories, and Sungjin discovered there was more to you than just your stunning looks. Much, much more.

You made him laugh, first of all. But you were also smart and extremely observant. You had dreams other than simply becoming a princess, and from the sounds of it, you had an extremely generous and kind heart.

“Why did you come tonight?” he asked just after the two of you had entered the library. “I’ve never seen you before.”

“Well…” you began, running a finger along the book spines lined up on the shelf in front of you. “I don’t know, actually. Even though I like dancing, I’ve never come to one because… I hate crowded rooms. But tonight, I just… I don’t know. I felt like I should.”

Sungjin cleared his throat; he couldn’t believe he was about to say this.

“Almost like… it was… fate? Destiny?”

“You know,” you sighed. “All my life, my mother told me when I found the right person, I would just know. I never believed her because it sounds silly. How could you just know something? But tonight… I think I realized she was telling the truth all along.”

You turned toward him, a shy but knowing smile on your lips.

So, obviously, you did feel the same.

I’m falling for you
I’m falling for you

In one moment
Like water rising
You are coming to me
You are pouring out

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appreciation post; idols with orange hair

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dance to this | m

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โˆ† Jeon Jungkook had been your best friend ever since you were little. Three years with no contact, and things have changed.

โˆ† childhoodfriendstolovers!au

โˆ† Jungkook x reader

โˆ† words: 7.6k

โˆ† y'all this has been maybe the easiest scenario for me to write in the past few months. Iโ€™ve had this idea ever since this song came out by Troye sivan and ariana grande itโ€™s so good 10/10 would recommend~


When you left for abroad, Jeon Jungkook was a gangly, awkward boy with too much leg and not enough common sense. He had hair the colour of tar and skin that closely resembled the colour of your dining room table. There was a dash of a scar on his cheek from a petty argument with his brother and his teenage acne was at its peak. That was your best friend.

From the ripe age of five years old, Jungkook and you had been two peas in a pod. He was quiet and liked cars and you were quiet and liked action figures, and something in your undeveloped brains clicked. His house, which sat just next to yours and looked almost identical, was your home away from your home-that-was-less-than-a-yard-away. Your toys often found a home in his back yard and it was a common occurence to find your hair ties in his room โ€“ but it was the foundation of a beautiful friendship, and from there, you were never very far from each other.

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strawberries and cigarettes โ†ช chanyeol

(gif not mine, credits to the rightful owner)

17.227 words | surgeon! au, romance, smut, very light angst | velvet

โ€” warnings โž› mentions of death and hospitals, graphic smut, cockwarning, breath play (choking), dry humping and age gap.

ย  ย  ย | โœŽChanyeol is a famous surgeon in the hospital where youโ€™re an intern under one of his colleagues. You smell like strawberries and thatโ€™s how Chanyeol knows youโ€™re around, meanwhile he smells like smoke and thatโ€™s why you try to stay as far as possible from him. After some bickering Chanyeol finally decides to ask you out, but in exchange he has to stop smoking.

โ€” DISCLAIMER โž› This is a work of fiction. I do not own famous character(s) such as idols and my writings are in no way meant to show these peopleโ€™s real nature and/or offend them in any way. You can not copy or translate my writings without my permission.

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I was 15 when I first met you.
I was 15 when all I had to do was look at you to fall in love.  
I’m 20 now and I love you.
I’m 20 now and I’m ready to follow you, jimin. wherever you go I’ll be there.


   × vmin aesthetic ×

nothing feels right
       but when you’re with me 
  i make you believe 
                       that I’ve got the key

 maroon 5 feat. christina aguilera - moves like jagger

Mångata (m) - 1/2

โ†ณย Mรฅngata: the glimmering, roadlike reflection of the moonlight on water

synopsis: Mermaid tails were a rare commodity across the Seven Seas, and for many, it meant scouring the depths of the ocean to acquire even the barest glimpse of those beneath the dazzling azure waves.

Jungkook sails the sea in search of new sights but his life takes a veering turn when he meets you, a mermaid without a tail, on the road to auction - a fate many mermaids find themselves in once theyโ€™ve been stripped of their only worth - and soon enough, he is thrust into a whirlwind of adventure where he is forced to encounter many varying obstacles, including, quite possibly, love.

โ”€ย pairing: pirate!jungkook x mermaid!reader
โ”€ย genre: romance, angst, smut, fantasy (ft. mutual pining and friends to lovers)
โ”€ chapterย warnings: descriptions ofย violence and blood/injuries, brief description of a panic attack
โ”€ rating: M (for chapter two)
โ”€ย word count: 25.6k+ย 

parts: one :: two

a/n: here it is! part one of this beast. i really hope you enjoy it :) and like always, the length will require you to open in Safariย or Chrome browser because the mobile app is stupid or you can read it here on AO3!ย 

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