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Vixen | Jinyoung

HA, I’m such a disappointment to myself. 
It was literally right there, but I just… didn’t.
I sense an onslaught of Jinyoung fics coming up so… be prepared, or whatever it is that you do. I love him, everything about him, and I really love his mouth. Have you SEEN that mouth? /bricked. 
+2000 words; warnings: implications of sexual content & language

She had been sending him snapchats all day whether they were innocent or not safe for work. The ones not so safe for work were most definitely still opened at work. They started off cute, sure. The morning ones always were because she told him how much she missed him already. She always dreaded Jinyoung leaving early in the morning, leaving the entirety of the bed to her to get cold and lonely.  He’d wake up and roll away from her to go jump into the shower, leaving her to cuddle the blankets in his absence and would be gone most of the morning until he kissed her goodbye.

Oh yes, the morning ones were cute. They were usually of her cuddled up in bed under all the sheets, reminding him to have a good day but also reminding him how much she missed him, how much she just wanted him to crawl back into bed with her.  He smiled at those; they warmed his heart.  But as the day progressed, for some reason today, they got dirtier and dirtier.

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