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[MOD POST] Darcyland Sockpuppet Troll

Hi everyone! As you will see, the post is a serious one about something that actually had a lot of impact, negative ones on our fandom. I have been contacted by good people from inside Darcyland, people I trust,  who took the time and energy to investigate a case of the sockpuppet troll.

I have copied and paste all of the work they’ve done and compiled into a clear post.

I can only urge everyone to share and reblog this post because, as you will see, this person still do the same thing in others, small fandoms.

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  • gd: yes...we're in the studio preparing for our comeback.
  • me: uh-huh
  • gd: no seriously.
  • me: mhm-hmm
  • gd: with comeback stages!
  • me: sure.
  • gd: and music videos!
  • me: whatever you say...
  • gd: and a world tour!
  • me: okay now you're just mocking us.
  • gd: we're serious!
  • me: no you're not.
  • gd: how do you know?
  • me: because i know for a fact ya'll don't own a map.
  • gd: what does a map have to do with anything?
  • me: it means you all failed geography if you think Seoul, Osaka, Tokyo and occasionally Hong Kong make up the entire world.
  • gd: ...
  • me: ya'll take advantage and treat VIP like shit by giving us nothing until the brink of no hope, cause ya'll know we love you five enough to wait.
  • gd: ...
  • me: ...
  • gd: but you'll still be here, right?
  • me: ...
  • me: ...
  • me: yes.

Person: Why is Jin even in BTS? He can’t sing or dance. Plus, he isn’t that good looking….


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