kpop trivia

Anyone wanna help me with something fun?

I’m putting together a kpop trivia game for my fan package for Alex. I’ve come up with about 50 questions, and I was trying to get to 100. :)

Anyone have some fun kpop trivia questions?

I’m trying to make them difficult considering Alex is in Korea and knows all of these people!

If you could give me some questions I’d appreciate it! And Alex would get to see them! :D

(trivia) “Jaejoong is like a delicious cream cheesecake”



– Mr.Sekine (Japanese comedian) on Kim Jaejoong

“When you see Jaejoong, he’s cool. You feel like you can’t walk up to him, but actually, Jaejoong is very friendly, and he has a cute personality. When you see the cream cheesecake, waaaah, you think you can’t approach it (eat it), but when you eat it, it’s tasty and soft. The feeling in that kind of layers of cheesecake~” 

(trans: goess)  ( ˊᵕˋ )♡