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yo i’m Karin, that’s my face :^) 

I’m 16 yo art student from Israel 🌸 

I enjoy drinking coffee a lot,i love flowers, i like anything spicy, i’m the biggest EXID trash you can find and they make me cry a lot 

I like cosplaying random stuff especially guys 

And yeah idk what else i can say? feel free to ask me anything thooo

DAY6 as dog owners
  • Jae: owns a golden retriever. Tries to talk to girls but they ignore him and pet his dog instead
  • Youngk: owns a german shepherd. Taught dog how to be super cute to get girls. Succeeds and gets all the girls.
  • Sungjin: gets a sheepdog because they're known for being the most obedient. Still can't get it to do what he wants
  • Dowoon: owns a chihuahua named Paco, probably. Tries to hug it but it bites him all the time.
  • Wonpil: owns 48 puppies. Each one has a customized handmade puppy sweater.

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Based on the prompt: “I accidentally called you my girlfriend today.’’

Seunghoon fluff, mini scenario of 719 words.

“I accidentally called you my girlfriend today.”

“Oh lighten up will you—” You spin around to look at him from over the kitchen island, surprised at his unexpected answer in return to your usual so, how was your day?

“Wait, w-what?”

You were prepared for a mopey Lee Seunghoon, terribly exhausted yet undeniably clingy as he always was whenever he gets a chance to see you in between the chaos that is his schedule.

But this, this, you weren’t prepared for.

“What?” You whisper out, wide eyed as you tiptoe towards the couch where he laid, his damp, mussed, fresh out of the shower head resting on the arm, eyes following you innocently as you neared.

“I called you my girlfriend.” He repeats sheepishly, and you wish you looked half as proud as he did, eyes crinkling in utmost delight.

“Hoon…” Your voice is quiet, brows furrowing lightly when you kneel down to meet him at eye level. Seunghoon sighs, shoulders slumping down when he senses the disapproval in your tone, one that is for all the right reasons. At least you like to think so.

“Well you are, and it’s not like anyone expected otherwise.” He pushes himself off his stomach, crossing his legs as he sits down and gives you a sidelong glance.

It’s true. How you and him are more like a public secret, but given the nature of his job, you didn’t dare to make anything official. If you still wanted to see the light of day that is.

“Come here.” Seunghoon taps the empty space next to him, giving in to you as you brood over the arm of the couch, still on the floor. “Before I come get you myself.”

As tempting as it was, you remain by the floor and Seunghoon quirks a brow at your persistence, heaving off the couch as his long legs round the furniture over to you.

“It’s not that big of a deal, besides the boys knew already.” His skinned knees bumps gently against yours when he takes his seat beside you. A smile curls the corner of your lips at what you just heard yet the feeling of dread swelled your heart still, what would other people think?

What do you mean you weren’t together before? What the fuck?” A laugh spills out of you and you instantly knew who it was your boyfriend was imitating at the overly exaggerated bass of his voice, who probably had the same amount of exaggerated shock on his face— Song dramatic Minho.

“What about the others, Hoon? What will they say?” You fiddle the hem of your t-shirt, looking absently down to your bare feet.

Silence hung between you and him, you can almost hear him scurrying his mind for an answer that he knows won’t do any justice. All of a sudden Seunghoon grabs onto your knees, twisting you around to face him, his thumbs rubbing circles on your skin in efforts to comfort you.

“They’ll hate you.”

Your eyes fly open, gaping in disbelief and he stifles the biggest smile. It earned him a smack to the shoulder and he tugs your wrist, locking his fingers in between yours.

“It’s true, you know. I’m not going to sugar coat it or hide it from you, but that’s just how cruel the world is sometimes.” 

Like his gaze, his voice is warm and soft but you can’t quite miss the ache hinting from underneath, “There will always be people that don’t like you for no reason at all, so I’m going to tell you how it is.”

You look at Seunghoon in a serious tone this time, your chest tightening at how vulnerable he suddenly looks, Lee Seunghoon stripped from his walls and invincible facade.

“But that doesn’t matter because there will be those that love you, so much you’ll think that you don’t deserve a speck of it.” A small smile crawls over his face, searching your face with a look you couldn’t pinpoint.

“You’re being too serious, it’s starting to creep me out.” You narrow your eyes at him and he grins, sinking his teeth to his lip as he fights his amusement. It was times like these you could never tell whether he was genuine or not.

“They’ll love you, okay? How can anyone not?”