Drabble #14

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31. “It doesn’t have to be this way.”

Xiumin x reader



Xiumin has learned how to control his temper. Having lived for hundreds of years, his temper has gotten him into various sticky situations that he always managed to get himself out of - but he couldn’t afford to get into trouble now, especially because he now had someone to protect.

But maybe that was a bad thing, too - because if there was one thing Xiumin would do anything to protect, it was you, and he didn’t tend to care in the moment if he was angering someone, as long as you were comfortable and safe.

“I suggest you leave,” he sighs deeply, swirling the deep red liquid in his glass around gently before he downs it easily. The glare of the man he’s talking to deepens, making you shiver and sink deeper into Xiumin.

“I’m not leaving until you give me what’s mine,” the man growls, eyes fixated on the necklace around your neck - at the tone of hostility in his voice, a hand shoots up to your waist, soothingly rubbing gently to calm your racing heart.

Xiumin heaves a sigh as he easily lifts you off of his lap and onto the leather loveseat beside him, standing up with annoyance. His brothers watch the exchange with interest, knowing this could go two ways: Xiumin kills him, or he lets him go with a few missing limbs.

“Listen,” he begins, stretching boredly as he strolls towards the man who’s still fuming with anger. “You’re scaring my mate, okay? And I really don’t like people who do that-”

“Unfortunately, I don’t care,” the man interrupts, and you watch as Xiumin’s eyes darken. He really shouldn’t have done that, and Xiumin knows that, but a small glance back at you makes him clench his jaw, deciding that he’d give the foolish man one more chance. “I want the pendant back.”

“Well for one - that pendant is rightfully mine, and it’s staying with me,” he sounds amused now, as if he can hardly fathom the idea of such a man testing him in such a public place. This club was known to be where EXO spent their free time - only a real fool would test him, especially here.

“It doesn’t have to be this way,” Xiumin warns one more time, “If you walk away now, you get to live.”

“I don’t think so.”

And then a squelching sound fills the air, over the pounding music, and then there’s a thud. Although you know the man deserved whatever was coming to him, you can’t bring yourself to look at how Xiumin grips the man’s heart in his hand, letting the organ fall to the ground uselessly.

You let out a relieved sigh when you see the man’s body being towed away by a few passing witches who wanted to help, and then everything is back to normal, as if nothing happened; the music is loud, the alcohol is flowing, Xiumin’s brothers are conversing between themselves, and Xiumin is slipping back onto couch casually.

As he takes you back into his arms again, his slender fingers find the amber pendant around your neck, slipping his fingers along the smooth stone thoughtfully.

“Why did he want it so badly?” You ask carefully, watching aa his eyebrows furrows as he thinks. He meets your eyes seconds later, brown pools of love that are resevred specially for you.

“Because it’s extremely expensive, I’m guessing,” he murmurs, “But I couldn’t let him have it - it was my mother’s. It’s supposed to be passed down to my mate, and then our eldest child, and so on.”

“I never knew,” you bite your lip, “I feel bad for wearing it so casually…”

“Don’t be,” Xiumin smiles fondly, a hand cupping your face gently, “It’s meant to be worn by you - and it looks stunning on you, my love.”

*NCT DREAM singing “chew chew chew chew chewing gum” for 3 whole minutes*


How would MONSTA X react to you confessing to them

A/N: This is my first reaction ;-; I’m sorry if some don’t make sense, just message me if something is wrong ! Thank you very much :D -Admin Dia  

☆ Shownu- 

Hyunwoo would probably be speechless and would be blushing so hard, he wanted to be the one to confess first but he’s too late, but it’s okay, at least it happened. He’ll get like so shy that he can’t look you in your eyes again because of his feelings for you, are too much. Later he would come up to you and call you ‘Jagi’.

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☆ Wonho-

Like all the other members, it would make his whole day and he wouldn’t stop smiling either. Hoseok would already get those cute ideas of the two of you can do as a couple and it’ll also make him happy he wouldn’t have to worry about the guys and girls who want to date you because now, you are officially his’.

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☆ Minhyuk- 

Minhyuk would directly pull you in a hug and tell you that he likes you too, he would get so excited that he’ll accidently kiss you on your lips. The members would be around watching the cute moment between you and Minhyuk, cheering & clapping for you two. 


btw act like you are hoseok okA

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☆ Kihyun-

He would be in shock but it’ll quickly change to super happy, Kihyun wouldn’t know what to do he’ll just keep smiling and he wouldn’t be able to look you in the eyes, it would make him more happier just to think that the two of you are a couple.

“I’m so happy, i hope we’ll be together for always!” ((I HOPE SO))

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☆ Hyungwon-

From the outside, he would look surprised that you like him too but in the inside, Hyungwon would be screaming and stuff because his crush likes him back, it would probably make his whole day. 

“Y/N, i like you too. I’ll be a great boyfriend, i promise!”

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☆ Jooheon-

Jooheon thought you were going to ask him to buy you food again but instead you confessed your feelings to him, a smile formed on his face, knowing that his crush feels the same way as he does. 

“I like you too, Y/N, very much, i’m sorry for not telling you earlier, let’s spend this whole week together!”

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☆ I.M-

He would totally think that you guys were just playing around, and would tell you to stop, but when he looked around and there was only Minhyuk holding a notebook writing everything that was happening, he looked back at you and asked you if all of this was real, of course, you were kind of hurt that he thought it was just a joke but in the end he told you that he likes you too and you were happy too.

“I’m sorry for thinking this was all a joke, Y/N, i’m now your boyfriend, so i should do something, that can make you happy, should we go to _____ ?” /insert a place that makes you happy/ ((inserts bau house dog cafe or my bed ))

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Noona, Unnie (2)

Member: Jimin (Jimin x Reader x OC)

Type: Angst, Smut, fluff

Word Count: 826


I know I really don’t get much feedback but I’d REALLY appreciate feedback/thoughts on this.                          

                                     ~   Meet Unnie  ~  Part One  ~

One year ago.

“Y/N-ah.” Her beautiful voice giggled as she lazily pushed you away. You stopped kissing her neck and pouted, resting your head on her chest.

“You are ignoring me.” I’m not ignoring you. I am encouraging to study.”

Rolling back onto your butt on the cushion next to her, you crossed your arms. “But it’s a holiday.”

She folded down the top corner of her current page. “Knowledge can be pursued at any time.”

You huffed at this. She watched with an amused smile as you stood and sulked to her room.

It was always cute her when you pouted. You knew it but it was only ever a 50/50 shot at getting what you want.

After a few minutes you were so lost in thought you hadn’t even heard a knock on her front door. You had become invested in a daydream about her when the sound of voices drifted in.

It sounded like a male voice. Pushing yourself from her comfy king bed, you went who it was.

“I needed to say it so-”

“Jimin?” you called.

Park Jimin, a mutual friend. You met him in your dance class. It wasn’t shocking to find out they actually knew each other already. She worked under Bang PD and knew of Jimin before he ever knew of her. She had even planned on introducing the two of you but you beat her to it.

“Y/N?” He was obviously shocked you were there despite knowing you lived there. His eyebrows rose when he noticed your outfit. Only one of her soft college days shirts and panties covered you. Blush rose to your cheeks you grabbed a discarded towel from one of the island stools to wrap around your lower half.

“This is a little awkward now.” He rubbed the back of his neck. “I didn’t know you two were…together.” His hesitation was made clear when his eyes flickered down to your towel covered bottom half.

“We aren’t.” You both said, simultaneously.

“But you…she…” his confused eyes looked from you to her.

“What are you doing here?” you blurted. You hoped it didn’t sound rude but he wasn’t someone you expected to be there at the moment.

“Can you give me a minute with-”

“He was confessing.” she said.

He looked at her with shocked eyes. “Noona!”

Your heart dropped. Currently you were wet for her but crushing high school style on Jimin. She knew it, Your friends knew it, and quite possibly, he knew it.

“Why are you confessing to me when I see the way you look at Y/N?” Both you and Jimin stared at her.

“Noona, I-”

“If you like both of us just say so.” She held her hand out for you to take. You did so hesitantly before she pulled you to stand in front of her. “If it helps, she likes you too.”


“Shush.” she whispered in your ear before setting her head on your shoulder.

He seemed to be in a shocked state of thought. It wasn’t until her hands began moving to your thighs that he reacted. You were powerless the moment she was pressed against you. This meant you did nothing when she untucked the towel to let it fall to the ground.

His eyes went wide as saucers as she rested a hand on the front of your underwear before slipping down the front and over your wet slit. “Wouldn’t you like to feel how wet she is Jimin? Hear her moan your name the same way she does when she’s masturbating.”

You place a hand on her wrist as a pleasured warning but she ignores you to brush a finger against your clit. Your whimper behind your thin pressed lips.

Jimin stares on in arousal and curiosity.

“Do you want me to pleasure her or do you want to do it?” She cocks an eyebrow.

“Both.” he answers quickly and honestly.

She smiles. “Good answer.”

Retracted her hand, you hold in a protest as she whispers “Take him to my room.”

Though you are nervous, you need to be touched and if you follow whatever plan she seems to be cooking up, it might end twice as well as you originally hoped.

She tells you to lay on the bed before turning to Jimin. Without a word she begins to palm him through his black pants. His mouth drops open and his head tilts back slightly. She kisses his neck lightly once before gently biting. But just as quickly as she starts, she stops and gestures to the bed. He quickly crawls on next to you.

Biting her lip, she pulls off her shirt, effectively keeping your attention off JImin and vice versa. “Now I’m going to propose something. And don’t say no until I’m done.”

But you didn’t say no at all. Now you think back to that everytime you ask how you got yourself into this.

Take Care of the Beginning - Ch.27

Infinite Series (Hoya/reader/Sungkyu)

Synopsis: You wish things could stay this way forever: you, your Infinite boys - both Sungkyu as your brother figure and Hoya your unrequited love. But love is greedy. And between the man you have always loved and the man who has always loved you, who will your heart belong to?

As the concert day draws closer, the intervals of berating yourself for being a coward become more and more frequent as you remain (miraculously) obstinate in not attending. Even the shrill goading of your Infinite-fanatic roommates (who remain oblivious to your intimate history with the boys) cannot sway you from your firm resolution as you keep them at bay with every possible carefully crafted excuse. So finally, with a supportive smile disinfected from any residual envy, you send them off to the concert, waving mechanically until the door shuts close in your face.

Alone, you overturn each clock in your apartment, unable to confront the painful remainder of each passing hour. When the urge becomes too great, you flee the confines of the room to the local park, swinging back and forth, back forth and back senselessly. When the sun sets, you shut yourself in the room, the blinds drawn like boards, trying hard not to consciously think of how the concert must be starting by now.

You are tucked safely in bed well before the night deepens, thinking it best if only for tonight to avoid your roommates’ no-doubt happy account of the concert. You lie there, curled as if fending off the world, unable able to fend off your own thoughts. Tomorrow, you’ll face your problems head on. Tomorrow, you’ll be yourself again. But for tonight, let me have this one moment of weakness.

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Drabble #12

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33. “You mean more to me than you will ever know.”

Chen x reader



“Why do you do it?” You ask gently one evening. Your head is resting on his chest, his heartbeat thrumming away in your ear, an arm wrapped around you protectively despite the fact that you’re in the safest place on earth.

It’s only been a few weeks since you had found Chen - or after he had found you, rather, and saved you from a situation that would’ve scarred you for life. You were still new to the supernatural world - from the wizards and warlocks, to the faeries and hybrids and nephilim and werewolves and vampires. It was uncharted territory for you, a human. But you guessed that you’d have to get used to it soon, as the mate of one of the most powerful creatures on the planet.

“Do what?” His voice is unbelievably gentle, and butterflies rise in your stomach when you realise that you’re the only person who has had chance to see him like this. The only person who he’s allowed to see him like this.

“Why do you protect me so much?” You ask. “It’s not that I don’t like it - quite the opposite actually-” A chuckle rumbles in his chest at the sound of your heart beat speeding up- “But nobody has ever cared for me so much. I just don’t understand…”

“I’m guessing my little ‘supernaturals 101’ lesson earlier didn’t help much, my love?” You nod bashfully, to which he smiles fondly.

“It’s hard to put into words, truthfully,” he begins carefully, “but, you mean more to me than you will ever know. I have an unbearable urge to protect you, to keep you safe and see you happy. I want the best for you - for us. And… at first, it’s the mate bond - but now it’s my heart, my brain, constantly telling me that you’re the one for me. My mate, my world.”

The silence of the room after his explanation is almost loud. Such a heartfelt and emotional explanation takes you a few seconds to process, your heart pounding in your ears and your stomach flipping - and all you can think is how you feel the same.

cool concept: when an idol is on the v-app, instead of asking about the other members, you can respect that idol and show them some love. they work hard and deserve appreciation, whether or not they are your bias.

Drabble #13

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8. “No, I didn’t fall in love with you just to lose you.”

Kai x reader



“I’m sorry.”

The phrase is murmured into soft skin, arms wrapped around your waist, his eyes screwed shut as he listens to the sobs wrack your body.

“You didn’t do anything wrong!” You exclaim, eyes watery and nose blocked but the real pain is stinging your heart, throbbing through your body and making sadness, in its most raw form, claw and hang onto your chest. “You don’t - you don’t deserve this-!”

You break off with another sound of emotion that has him wincing sadly, burying your face in his chest and willing for something, anything to take the pain away. To take the harsh reality of the situation away.

The thing that’s causing your pain is a bite. A werewolf bite, to be more exact. The toxins in a werewolf’s teeth are lethal to a vampire, causing death within days. There was only one known cure, and it was an extremely powerful and dangerous spell that Kai refused to let you perform.

“_____,” he murmurs gently as you rip yourself from his grasp, pacing worriedly, looking a wreck and feeling a wreck, too, but he still thinks you’re the most beautiful person he’s laid eyes on in his hundreds of years of life. You’re muttering to yourself, relaying the spell under your breath and going over the equipment you need in your head. “_____, stop-”

“No,” you shake your head desperately, “No. I didn’t fall in love with you just to lose you, Kai!”

“I want to stay here with you, too, my love,” he begins, frowning and moving forward to grasp your forearms in his hands, calming you with even the smallest touch. “But my death is inevitable. I think it’s better for you to start to distance yourself now.”

“Can you hear yourself?” You cry, “Do you know what you’re asking me? You’re asking me to abandon my mate, the love of my life, on his death bed? To not try and prevent his death from happening?”

“Nobody else will perform the spell, my love,” he murmurs, “They know how dangerous it is. And I’d rather die than put you in a position where you’re scrabbling for your own life, especially for me.”

“We’ll find something,” you ramble, “we - we have to. I can’t live without you, Kai-” Your words catch in your throat and you let out another sob, lurching forward to wrap your arms around his neck. “Please, please don’t leave me-”

“I’m only glad that I got to spend even the smallest amount of time with you, _____,” the words send panic and desperation through your body. “You made my life complete.”

“Stop saying that,” you chant, “stop acting as if you’re dead already, Kai-”

“And I want you to know,” he finishes softly, “That I will always love you - even in death.”

mom: you think these band members have nice hair and fashion and all now but in 20 years you’ll look back at these photos and be like -

me: look children it’s your father

mom: …

mom: what

me: what

Living with Suga would include

● Realizing that he’s a lot like a cat

    ○ Because he’ll come up behind you and rub his face against you to let you know he wants you to snuggle him

    ○ And he would love to have you playing with his hair

● Once you’re moved in and close enough to one another he would have no concept of personal space

    ○ Like he would see you lying on the couch and he’d be like “im just gon lay here now” 

    ○ “probably on your lap” 

    ○ “you probably dont want me to” 

    ○ “im going to anyway”

● Trying to get this asshole to actually help you carry groceries in

● He’d ask you stay up late with him

    ○ At first you wouldn’t able to figure out why

    ○ Then you’d realize that he was having nightmares

● You’d get way closer to him than you ever imagined

● You would be able to read him really well

    ○ Being able to tell that he really visibly likes spending time with you

● It wouldn’t be just you stealing his clothes

    ○ He’d steal whatever hats you had

● And take the biggest sweatshirts you had and bring them with him on tour so he wouldn’t miss you as much

    ○ And you two would share earrings

● Really soft kisses in the morning

● Him bragging to you about how cool he is onstage

    ○ But offstage he has to google how to cook bacon

    ○ And offstage he can’t sleep unless you’re playing with his hair

● Kissing around the other members to piss them off

    ○ Except that’s not really accurate

    ○ It’d be more like him coming and kissing the back of your neck

    ○ And running his hands down his sides to annoy everyone (including you)

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