How Mafia BTS acts on their wedding night

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How would BTS act on their wedding night?

Oh my goodness I went ham on the fluff! I’m sorry for the long wait, but I hope this was worth the wait <3 Enjoy!

Jin: On your wedding night, Jin would be clinged onto you like a child to their mother when they go to the mall. He wants nothing but to be with you all night and having that warm feeling of being warm, calm, and completely happy. When you two are slow dancing, he is holding you a bit tighter than usual and he has this gorgeous smile painted on his face through the whole night and he would drop a compliment on how good you looked every five minutes. 

Suga: Your wedding night is all about you. Through the ceremony and reception, Yoongi is showing you off as much as he can and he will point out every detail of you from your face to your outfit through the whole night and will compliment you the whole night. He is constantly calling you, “dear,” or “honey,” all night long and he is bragging about you through the whole night to the boys and his family. 

J-Hope: On the night of the wedding, he is the happiest little kid and he simply wants to celebrate the amazing event that is your wedding. To your surprise, Hobi organized a small wedding, only inviting close family and friends and it’s a night filled with laughs, great food, and crazy dance offs between Jimin and Jungkook. Hobi constantly has your hand in his, his thumb rubbing on the top your hand ever so slightly and he covers you in pepper kisses the whole night.


Namjoon: On the special night, Namjoon is more outgoing than what he normally is on a daily basis. His title of “mafia leader” is thrown out window and you two enjoy a night with your family, great friends, and even a few fellow mafia groups who came by to drop off a wedding gift. He is forever staring at you with loving eyes and he is constantly telling himself how lucky he is to have such an amazing person like you in his head and he’s always watching you with a smile when you’re talking to another party guest.

Jimin: Through the night, he is extremely clingy to you. He wants nothing more than to sit and cuddle with you, or dance to your song together. He’s constantly bringing up how beautiful your ring looks on your hand and how it looks even better when his hand is next to yours. He’s also constantly talking about the amazing things you two are going to accomplish through these next few years and he even brings up having kids and raising them and how ready he is to grow old with you. 

Taehyung: Your wedding night is full of smile and Tae’s tears. When you’re walking down the aisle, he begins to cry, which makes you cry and you two are giggly, teary messes while exchanging your vows. Tae is running around like a child(what’s new?) when you and your wedding party are taking photos before the reception and he’s forever bouncing from table to table during the reception just telling the guests that he married by far one of the most perfect people on the planet.

Jungkook: Similar to Namjoon, Jungkook is spending most of the night quiet, mostly just thinking about all the things you two are going to do in life and how amazing this moment is. He couldn’t help but tear up a bit as you were walking down the aisle and his hand is forever on the small of your back when you two are talking to party guests. When you’re talking with other guests, he is talking with his cousins or the boys, all slightly teasing him on the tears he shed during the reception or how happy they are to see how happy their little maknae looks and how much he is growing up. 

~Admin Sam

Constant | Part 5

Vernon x Reader

2839 Words

Synopsis: after arriving at your destination, Vernon spends an interesting night with you

Warnings: a wet dream but no real smut sorry yall

I update this series every Sunday at 6 pm EST

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4

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NCT 127 & TenKunSol MTL to not have a set ideal type


Anon: nct 127 +ten+ kunsol mtl to not have a set ideal type..? Like the most likely to date someone far from what they think is their “ideal type”? If that makes any sense haha. Thanks 💖

Don’t worry, I completely understand what you meant :) hope I did this okay!❤️




Ten would love to interact and meet with new people in general. As long as they’d share some hobbies and interests, I think he’d be lenient and open to dating anyone, no matter what they looked like or what traits they had.

Mark just seems like the type to get on with anyone and everyone. He wouldn’t let himself be held back by his “ideal” type, totally being open to date and meet new and different kinds of people.

With Taeyong, I’m not completely sure what his ideal type would be anyway. I can see him with someone very like himself but then on the other hand, I can also see him with someone totally unlike himself. As long as there was a connection, I don’t think Taeyong would be to stick on his ideal preferences.

Haechan wouldn’t have a set ideal appearance in his partners, explaining why he’s quite high up on the list. However, I do think he’d want to have as many desirable traits/characteristics as that of his ideal type for personality. Personality would definitely be important to him in that sense.

WinWin, being so young and inexperienced, probably is unsure about his own preferences. With the little experience he’s had dating, his ideal type probably isn’t set in stone. He’d be open to dating different kinds of people, as long as they were patient with him and gentle.

Johnny, I think it’s hard to really tell. I think he’d try to stick to his ideal preferences and types for as long as possible. But if it started to backfire on him or finding a potential partner who fits his preference became increasingly harder, he’d eventually become more open to dating someone outside his ideal type.

Hansol wouldn’t mind dating someone who didn’t 100% for his ideal type, but they’d have to at least have majority of his preferences. He wouldn’t have specific traits they’d definitely need or anything; it wouldn’t matter which ones they’d fit as long as it was the majority.

Jaehyun is still young and probably completely honest aware of how many people like him. He could probably have anyone; but having an ideal type would be the way he’d protect himself from people who just wanted him for fame or attention - having someone who’d fit his ideal type perfectly, would mean he’d have someone who genuinely liked him and wanted him.

Doyoung would just try to keep to his ideal type, because then he’d know that he’d definitely get along with them - there’d be no risk of conflicting or contrasting traits between the two of them. He’d be cautious with his relationships, so would try to stick to his ideal type.

Yuta, I just see him as being quite fussy and stuck on keeping to his ideal type. Although I don’t think he’d have a problem flirting with people or having short term relationships, for a long term one, he’d definitely want someone who’d fit the bill perfectly. And since he’s so stubborn, it’d be hard to convince to try going out with someone even just a little bit unlike his ideal type.

I think Taeil would already have quite a general and open ideal type in the first place. Finding someone who really didn’t fit his ideal type at all, would be hard anyway. So it’d be easy for him to keep to his ideal type as so many people would fit it anyway.

Kun, I see as being cautious about relationships. He wouldn’t want to get hurt in a relationship or feel awkward if he was dating someone who, only after months of being in a relationship, would be he complete opposite of him. Plus he’s pretty shy so he’d find it easier to approach someone who fit his ideal type exactly.

Youngjae’s First Offense {Choi Youngjae}

Prompt: Youngjae’s first blowjob

Pairing: Youngjae x Reader

Word Count: 1k

Warning: None



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Author note: this is another branch of the seventeen Greek mythology thing that is taking over my brain lately.

Summary: Hermes never had much else on his mind besides sticking to his job, which was very important, until something caught his eye and lead him astray.

Word count: 3k

“Take this message to the sun god, after you have taken this robe to Hera. She is mad at me again for some reason…” Zeus trailed off in thought as he absentmindedly handed his parcels to Minghao, the quick and silent messenger to the gods of Olympus.

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Sick Puppy (Taehyung scenario)

Sick puppy (Kim Taehyung scenario)

Pairing: Taehyung x reader

Request: Could you do a scenario of them finding their mate MIA or their mate being sick? Or you could do a single person (your choice)

Warnings: none

A/N: Hope you like it.


‘’I love you so much’’ Taehyung told you for maybe the tenth time that evening. You giggled, and hid your face on his neck.

‘’I love you too Tae’’ he wrapped his arms around your body and held you closer to him.

‘’Are you sure you can’t come with me on this trip?’’ he questioned again, for maybe the twentieth time.

‘’It’s a boys trip, as in just for boys. We can go on a trip later, just you and me. Okay?’’ But he wasn’t having it. He let out a few whine noises and when you moved to look up at him, he was pouting. ‘’Don’t be such a baby.’’

‘’I’ll start planning our trip the second I come back, I promise. We can go anywhere you desire’’ and before you could respond, he attacked your face with kisses, making you laugh loudly.

It was an uneventful week in the pack house, everything was super quiet. Taehyung planned on calling you every chance he could, but you begged him to stop, so he could enjoy his trip. And to pass the time, you decided to join the warriors.

Werewolf training was hard as it is, but training under the rain for hours? Your body wasn’t having it. After tripping and falling multiple times, they felt sorry for you and told you to leave.

The bruises and cuts on your legs would quickly heal, but the cold you had wasn’t going away too soon. But that was two days ago. Now you were on your bed, looking a corpse. The doctor gave you medicine but it didn’t seem to do anything to you.

‘’Babe?’’ Taehyung yelled from downstairs, making you smile. He finally came back from his little trip with the boys. ‘’Are we playing hide and seek right now? Come on baby, we can play later’’ he teased you as he opened the door.

You cleared your throat a few times before speaking, ‘’hey babe. How was your trip?’’ 

‘’It was awesome! We saw so many cool things and we ate delicious food. Although it doesn’t compare to yours, it was really good. I brought you a lot of gifts as well, I think I got half of the Gucci store’’ he went on and on, and all you could do was smile at him.

‘’You didn’t have to buy me anything Tae, a kiss and a hug is enough’’ he laughed at your response and finally looked at you. 

‘’What happened to you? You look so bad’’ he questioned as he got closer to you.

‘’Oh wow, thank you babe. I was training under the rain and I got sick.’’

‘’Well, move over. I’ll cuddle you back to health!’’ you giggled at his excitement.

‘’No! You’ll get sick!’’ you shrieked as he got on the bed and brought you closer to his body. ‘’Taehyung!’’

‘’It’s okay, if I get sick you can nurse me back to health’’ he laughed loudly and kissed your forehead.

 ~ Admin Marie 

Request! Optional Bias (18+)

Since my ub isnt from exo I’d like to request for an optional bias smut. Bias is reader’s ceo who is cold to her (intern/secretary) or so it seems, but they end up as lovers.(+smut daddy kink) Don’t worry about my request if it’s burdensome. But tysm. Ilyg fr, like you guys reply and you’re such nice people. You guys are amazing

“More!” You had no idea how you ended up like this. Hours ago you felt like the noose around your neck was tightened even more and now you were here, back against his desk and his warm breath fanning over the right side of your face.

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Games - Sehun One Shot

A/N: No actual smut in this one. Just the start of some! Bc I like to tease myself even sometimes, apparently. -T

“Hey, Y/N, can you remind me where the glasses are? I wanna grab some water.”

Jongdae pointed toward the kitchen.

I had been propped on the couch with Sehun and Chanyeol. I was working on flirting with Sehun, who, I had carried a crush for. I had been unable to read him thus far. I was slightly irritated that Jongdae was pulling me away before I could figure out how he felt about my flirting.

Not showing it or wanting to be rude, though, I smiled his way and headed to the kitchen. I turned to the cabinet that the glasses were in.

Surprisingly, I felt a body press close against me before I could reach up for one. A hand held onto my waist and a voice came from behind me.

“Thank you,” I heard Jongdae whisper in my ear, “i had completely forgotten.”

There was a sound of somebody clearing their throat from the door frame. I turned my head to see Sehun standing there,

“Oh, hey,” Jongdae nonchalantly acknowledged him with a raise of his head.

“Um, I was hoping to grab a glass as well. If i need to come back…” he trailed off. I saw a blush creep across his cheeks. I wondered if it was the same color that mine were turning.

Jongdae had crossed the kitchen and filled the glass in his hands. 

“Nah, I got mine,” he winked at me once he was behind Sehun’s back. He gave Sehun a slight nudge in my direction, and I suddenly understood his out of place flirting. He was attempting to make Sehun jealous. 

God, I hoped it was working. 

“Here, let me get you a glass!” I grabbed another from the cabinet and filled it. I made sure to brush his fingers as I handed it off to him, and let a smile cross my face. 

As we headed back to the living room, I heard Jongdae’s voice carry across the house.

“What does everyone say to livening this get together up a bit!” Everyone got quiet and let him have the center of attention. It wasn’t difficult for Dae to control a room. His voice carried well.

“So here’s my plan,” he winked in my direction again, and I could tell that his ulterior motives were at play here.

He continued, “We are going to clear the beer pong table and play one versus one flip cup. You know the general rules. Chug the beer in the cup, set it on the edge of the table, and try to flip it. You have to complete your line of five. The first one that gets to the end, wins. But, there’s a twist.”

At the word, “twist,” I felt Sehun whisper, “oh no.” He has always been a little bit on the shy side. Knowing Jongdae, this was about to put him very far out of his comfort zone. I linked my arm through his and aimed a gentle smile at him. I escorted him across the room back to the couch, but before I could sit down, Jongdae told me to join him at the table he was setting up.

“Allow me to give a demonstration, with Y/N! Say that, we just finished a game, and she lost,” he pulled a six sided dice out of his pocket, “she would roll. Each number correlates with a, hmm, super fun punishment for that person that loses.” 

This time, it was me that whispered, “oh no.”

He smiled his mischievous smile as he handed me the dice. I took it and rolled. It landed on the number five.

“Ah, that’s one of my favorites. The number five means that the loser must allow the winner to place a hickey in any place of their choosing. So, you lost. You roll. You get a number 5. That would mean, in this completely hypothetical situation, that I would get to,” he didn’t finish his sentence. Instead, he walked over to me and brushed the hair that was in front of my shoulder off. 

I thought I had blushed fiercely when Sehun had walked into the kitchen and seen Jongdae flirting with me. That blush was nothing compared to knowing that he was watching him ghost his lips across my neck. Although I knew Jongdae’s intentions were innocent, I still felt goosebumps rise across my entire body. 

“Oh,” he whispered so that only I could hear him, “if it’s this simple to get a reaction out of you, I may not try to help Sehun come out of his shell. I may keep you all to myself.” 

I lightly elbowed him, and he returned to putting on a show.

“Just like that! Simple enough rules, right?” He stepped away from me and opened his arms to signalize that he was done. 

Everyone nodded and there were murmurs of it seeming fun.

A few other pairings went first. The dice rolls bordered on innocent and dirty at the same time. There was some over the clothes touching and others had to kiss or nibble lips and ears. It was awkward initially, but with each passing round, and the more drinks that flowed, the more everybody got into it.

Jongdae called the next pairing up after we watched Chaneyol get his ears nibbled on by Y/B/F/N. They both gave each other looks that said, “this will continue later,” before they landed on the couch, her sitting on his lap.

“Sehun. Y/N. Get up here!” My breath caught in my throat. I had assumed Dae would pair us together, but I also still had not fully prepared for the game. 

I was pretty awful at drinking games under pressure, so I was surprised at myself for actually starting to beat Sehun. I was chugging faster and got to my last cup while he was still two behind.

“Get ready to roll the dice, Sehun,” I heard someone call from the other side of the room. I began to feel a bit cocky, and almost immediately realized how horrible of a decision that was. I lost my focus, and was unable to land the last cup properly. I heard voices cheering both of us on individually, and they got louder as he caught up to me, only one cup left to flip.

I tossed my plastic cup over my shoulder in defeat when I saw that he landed his. He threw his hands in the air and nibbled on his lip when he made eye contact with me again. He must have realized that he would get to punish me, and, although I lost, I was not terribly disappointed in the idea.

I grabbed the dice from Jongdae, and, pretending to make a big, disappointed show, I dramatically rolled it across the table. 

Five became my lucky number that night, as it was what I rolled for the second time. 

I silently cheered, as I remembered that meant I was to get a hickey from Sehun. I may or may not have had a hickey kink, and I was fairly ecstatic to get one from him.

In front of the entire room, I saw confidence wash over Sehun. He marched directly to me and grabbed me aggressively by the waist. There were several “ooh’s” that echoed through the room, but we both seemed unphased by them. 

His lips pressed to my neck. At first, it was just a light kiss pressed there by pretty, pink lips. I let a wispy gasp leave my mouth. He must have taken hat as a hint to keep going. His mouth opened slightly, and I felt a sting cross my skin where he sucked the love bite in place. One of his hands moved up to tangle into my hair as he continued to mark me.

He ended with a bite to solidify the mark in place.

As he stepped back, he used his thumb to dry the area off and examine his handiwork. 

“Wow, uh,” I fluttered my eyes open as he stepped back, biting his lip again.

“I think it’s my turn to need a glass of water,” I said to the room. Everyone chuckled at my obvious, flustered nature. Nobody did any teasing, though, as it was just par for the course for where the night had gone. 

I hopped into the kitchen as I heard Jongdae call the next pairing to the table. I leaned against the counter on my hands. I turned around, running my hands through my hair.

“Get it together,” I mumbled to myself.

“Or don’t.”

I jumped at the sudden voice that I had not been expecting to hear. I turned to see Sehun in the door frame again for the second time of the night. 

Before I could say anything, however, his body was stark against mine. Shoving me against the counter. His lips crashed against mine, an urgency behind his kiss.

“Fuck,” he muttered when we finally broke apart, “I’ve wanted to do that for so long.”

“I’m mad it took you as long as it did,” I said against his lips.

He lifted me up and sat me on the counter. Standing between my legs, I felt his length starting to grow as he pressed himself against me.

“You two owe me,” we heard a voice that we could both immediately recognize as Jongdae’s enter the room.

“God dammit, Dae.” Sehun rolled his eyes.

“Hey. All I’m here to do is tell you to get a room. People wanna get drinks y’know.” He raised his hands as if to say, “don’t shoot the messenger.”

“Good idea,” Sehun said as he grabbed me by the wrist. I hopped off of the counter and allowed him to pull me to his room.

As soon as the door was shut, I was thrown on the bed. His lips at my neck again, he whispered, “now. Where were we?”

Timing >> Jimin, You (Part 2)


It was all about timing.

And he never got it right.

When he got into the party, the first person caught his attention was her. His breath caught in his chest and it was felt as if his soul left his body as he felt nothing but numb.

She was back. She was here. Y/N. She finally was back.

A mixed feeling washed over him. Anger and excitement. Sadness and happiness. It was hard to grasp on only one feeling.

“What are you looking at Jimin?”

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When Jooheon confesses to you

Thank you so much for requesting~ ^^ I enjoyed writing this! Also, I hope you don’t mind that I changed it so that it happens at the reader’s group’s dorm~ ><

okay so i’m extremely sorry if the ending is awkward i didn’t know how to make it natural idk i hope it’s not too weird ;-;

Words: 2035

Slight angst, fluff idk, is this fluffy? not really, you tell me

Requested by anon ♥

Originally posted by honeypup

[Are you still planning on coming over to our dorm today?] You texted to a close friend of yours who happened to be Jooheon from Monsta X.

[Yup, I’ll be there around eight o’clock or something] he texted back.

Your group and Monsta X were close all together, mostly thanks to the fact that you were under the same agency. Your group had also been given the opportunity to do a reality program with Monsta X shortly after your debut, which led to your groups becoming closer. You all were friends, some closer than others, take you and Jooheon for example. Befriending the charming rapper had been quite easy, easier than one would imagine. After the reality show had ended, you two just kept hanging out together like friends would, sometimes accompanied by some of the other members but usually it was just the two of you.

[I’ll see you then] you texted him, smiling a little.

It had been a few weeks since you last saw Jooheon so you were more excited than usual.

“What’s with the grin?” the leader of your group asked and sat down next to you on the couch, smiling. “I haven’t seen you this happy in ages.”

You shrugged. “I’m just happy because we get to rest for a few days,” you told her.

“Ah, me too,” she exclaimed and stretched her arms into the air. “It’s been so long since we got a weekend off.”

“I’m sorry you couldn’t go see your family,” you said to her, knowing that her family was on a vacation in Japan. All the other members of your group had left on the day before to go visit their families.

“It’s okay,” she said, still smiling. “I get to see them often. You, on the other hand…”

“Don’t worry about me,” you said. “I’ll get to see them in a few months anyway.”

She wrapped her arms around you and hugged you. “Why are you so strong? Can’t you spill a few tears every once in a while?”

“You want me to cry?” you asked jokingly.

“It sounds mean when you say it like that,” she pouted and let go of you. “What I mean by it is that it’s okay to cry at times.”

You smiled. “Yes, yes, I know. I’ll cry a little more often from now on,” you chuckled, earning a nudge from her.

She settled down next to you and leaned on you, resting her head on your shoulder. Your phone vibrated when Jooheon sent you a new text.

“Is Jooheon still planning on coming over today?” she asked once you opened the chat.

“Yeah,” you said.

[I can sense your overflowing excitement through the phone, _____] the text read.

“I’m envious of how close you two are,” the girl beside you whined and shook you a little after grabbing your arm.

“But you’re close with Hyungwon,” you pointed out.

“Yeah, but we aren’t close like you two are. It’s almost like you two are dating,” she gave you a look when you looked at her.

“We’re not,” you gave her a nudge.

Not that I would mind, you thought subconsciously and shook your head when you realized what you were thinking. You didn’t want to admit that sometimes your stomach was full of butterflies when you were with Jooheon. Dating and such didn’t really sound appealing to you thanks to a past relationship that ended in a quite nasty manner.

[Your excitement makes me blush >///<] Jooheon sent another text and brought you back from your thoughts. You snorted seeing it, knowing he was joking around.

[Oh my >///<] you texted him, smiling. You two joked around like that a lot.

“If that’s not cute then I don’t know what is,” the leader let out a somewhat frustrated sigh and stood up. She smiled when you looked at her. “This place is a mess. Maybe we should clean up before he comes?”

You didn’t even have to look around before nodding. “Sounds like a good idea,” you said.

Even though you all tried your best to keep the dorm clean, it was almost impossible thanks to your busy schedule. Whenever you guys had time to clean, you were way too tired to do it.

After a few hours the dorm looked a lot tidier. You two had cleaned all the rooms, even the bedrooms of the members who weren’t there. You took a deep breath and looked at the clock. It was almost eight o’clock. You were pretty much done cleaning the room you shared with a few other members, only one task was left: putting your folded clothes that had been on the floor in the closet. You had folded the other members’ clothes too but since you didn’t know who they belonged to, you had piled them all on one bed.

“Let’s see…” you opened the closet.

You tidied it up a little before putting in the clothes you had found on the floor. It didn’t take long before you were ready. You looked at the tidy closet with a smile. Then your eyes stopped on something on the top shelf of the closet. It was a box.

Oh, could it be?

You reached for it and managed to pull it out.

“Ha!” you grinned widely.

Back when you had moved in to the dorm during your trainee days you had had three things with you: a suitcase filled with your clothes, a small backpack that contained your phone, wallet and such and then the box that you were now holding in your hands. It was a cardboard box that had some random stuff in it. You hadn’t opened it after moving in so you couldn’t really remember what was inside.

You opened the box after crouching down and placing it on the floor in front of you. The first thing you saw was your favorite book that you had packed in to the box, thinking it would help you with homesickness.

That plan didn’t really work out, huh? I totally forgot I had it…

You took the book out and placed it on the floor. You looked through the box, finding things like an old diary, a plushy and a few CDs in there. What really caught your attention though was the small pile of polaroid pictures on the bottom of the box. You took the pile out and smiled, looking at the pictures. There were pictures of you with your friends and family, pictures of you smiling widely with your friends back home. You could feel tears stinging your eyes.

I miss them so much…

There was one picture that caught your attention and made you take a shaky breath. It was a picture of you and your boyfriend of that time. He was kissing your cheek and both of you were smiling widely.

“______,” you heard the leader’s voice yell from somewhere. “I’ll go buy some soda from the store!”

“Okay,” you said as loudly as possible while trying to sound normal.

A painful lump had already formed in your throat when the first tear rolled down your cheek. Seeing the picture triggered a strong emotional reaction in you. It brought back all the memories you had tried hard to forget. How he had not trusted in you after you had moved. How he had gotten mad at you even though you did nothing wrong. How you had eventually decided to break up with him after he had not believed even though you kept telling him that you weren’t cheating on him.

We could have just talked it out… I was such an idiot for breaking up with him, he knew how to be an asshole but we still loved each other… I was too sensitive…

A pair of hands suddenly landed on your shoulders and you flinched, your heart almost stopping.

“Got you,” Jooheon’s familiar voice said with a chuckle and you got up and turned a little to look at him.

For a second you forgot the tears in your eyes and when you remembered, you turned away and started wiping them away. “You sure did,” you said, trying to sound normal.

“Were you crying?” he asked with a concerned voice and moved to see your face but you turned away.

“What? No,” you denied.

“What’s wrong? What happened?” he asked and kept trying to see your face but you kept turning away.

“I…” you started but stopped when you heard your broken voice.

“Hey,” he grabbed you, making you stop. “Look at me,” he said and gently grabbed your wrists, pulling your hands away from your face.

You avoided his worried gaze. “It’s okay, don’t worry about it.”

“You don’t want to tell me?” he asked and let go of your wrists. “Why?”

“I don’t want to make you feel like you have to comfort me,” you mumbled.

“I’m already feeling the need to comfort you,” he stated, making you look at him. “You can tell me.”

You gulped, trying to get rid of the lump in your throat and looked at your feet. “I… found some old pictures. One had me and my ex in it and… I was reminded of our breakup.”

He just quietly looked at you, waiting for you to continue. You remembered telling him about this ex and breakup before but you doubted he remembered it.

“I think we… we broke up because I was too sensitive…” you took in a shaky breath and tears rolled down your cheeks. “We could have made up by talking about it… But I was too sensitive and chose to break up with him…”

He pulled you closer and gently wrapped his arms around you, hugging you comfortingly.

“You’re so silly,” he said with a warm voice.

“How is anyone going to love me when I’m this sensitive?” you sobbed, unable to control your emotions anymore. “How is anyone going to love me when I’m like this?”

“I know one person who loves you, no matter how sensitive you are,” he quietly said.

“You don’t count,” you mumbled, knowing he meant himself.


“Because you’re just a friend. You love me like a friend. It doesn’t count.”

“Who said I don’t love you more than that?” he asked and you grew silent. “Who said my heart doesn’t flutter for you?”

“Don’t joke around,” you gently pushed him away and looked at him.

“You think I’m joking?” he gave you a look and you nodded.

He looked at you for a bit before placing his hands on your shoulders and slowly pushing you against the closet behind you. Your stomach was slowly starting to fill with butterflies. You two looked at each other quietly for what felt like forever. You could feel your heart beating faster than normally.

“Forget him, would you?” he said, his voice as quiet as a whisper. “If I remember correctly, it was him who was too sensitive. You deserve so much better.”

“But-“ you were cut off when he leaned closer to press a heart-fluttering kiss on your lips. The kiss was warm and loving, and you found yourself unable to pull away.

Eventually the kiss turned into many more. After a while Jooheon pulled away and

“Are you the “so much better” you were talking about?” you asked quietly and looked at him.

“No, no one is good enough for you,” he said, looking in to your eyes with a gaze that made your heart flutter. “I might not be the best one for you but I’m still a lot better than him.”

You couldn’t stop looking at each other.

“How do you feel?” he asked.

Your eyes moved to look at his lips. Then, without thinking much about it, you closed your eyes and leaned in to kiss him. This time the kiss was more passionate and so were the ones after it.

“I see,” Jooheon said with a smirk, slightly out of breath after you pulled away to catch your breath.

“Don’t tease me,” you mumbled, trying to lighten up the mood a bit. “I’m sensitive.”

He couldn’t help but smile and soon you felt his lips on yours once again.


I’m honestly shocked at how many GOT7 requests we’ve been getting, BTS has been the group that I’ve seen as most popular on tumblr for requests and such, i’m glad though to see a bit of change~


Mark has had his headphones on now on for a while and there was no sign of him giving you his attention by the looks of how his head was bopping. You had made eye contact with him a couple of times with him, but he still hadn’t given you the attention you wanted. So finally,  you came up with an idea. Silly faces.

You made eye contact with him again, but this time you scrunched uo your nose and stuck your tongue out. Mark made a shocked face, then took off his headphones.

“y/n, what was that?”

with the small acknowledgement of you by him cause your face to light up.

“Mark! You noticed me!”

Mark is confused but nods at what you said, and then comes to sit down next to you to talk.

Mission accomplished.

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Jackson had been hanging out with BamBam and when those to link up, well, you know….things get wild.

The two had been laughing for quite awhile, and you had started to feel a little left out.

Since BamBam and Jackson were having so much fun, you decided you’d have to do something fun too for your attention.

You decided to sit across the room form Jackosn where he could see your face directly. And when he finally looked away from BamBam and saw you, you made an absurd face by puffing up your cheeks and pulling your ears out. Now not only had you gotten Jackson’s attention, but also BamBam’s. The two of them died of laughter at what you had just done, and when they finally could breathe again they asked you to join them in their shenanigans. You said yes of course.

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Jaebum had been too busy playing a game on his phone. And you had been getting lonely and bored. 

You decided you would most definelty had too do something strange to get his attention. So, you came up with a plan which involved having BamBam throwing a plushie at Jaebum from beside you and then you making your funny face.

When the moment was right, you pulled you hoodie on your head and tightened it so that you face looked squeezed, then BamBam threw the plushie hititng Jaebum, which caused him to look up in your direction. You threw a peace sign and then dabbed with a devilish grin on your face. BamBam died. But Jaebum just looked….well beisdes slightly dissapoined, shocked.

You had most definetly acquired that boys attetnion.


Jinyoung had been trying to cook some noodles when you decided that you wanted his attention right then and there. So when Jinyoung looked up from his cooking, you scrunched up your face making a double chin, Jinyoung choked and dropped a handful of spice into his noodles.

It’s safe to say, Jinyoung was aware  of you now.

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BamBam had been watching memes and laughing his ass off. He had been laughin for 20 minutes or so now, and you wanted to be the center of his attention, so you decided to be a meme for him.

You had found these weird sunglasses a little while back so you went to go get them, and when you walked back in, BamBam saw you in th glasses and died. He laughed sohard. 

“y/n! YOU LoOk LiKe a meMe!!!!!”

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This boy had been dancing around for quite sometime now, and you were bored, yes you loved watching him dance but…again bored.

A plan was deivised, you would dance like you were seizuring while making a silly face. So that is exactly what you did, you moved into the middle of Yugyeom’s field of vision and started dancing like  you were mad while you stuck out your tongue. 

Let’s just say that Yugyeom’s  soul left his body and he almost fell over from laughter.


Precious sunshine was playing with CoCo and was having the time of his life. You had become quite jealous of all the attetnion CoCo was getting instead of you so you were going to get his attention.

You barked at CoCo making CoCo bark back getting Yongjae’s attetnion, and then you made your eyes look big as possible and put on a smirk. This caused this ray of sunshine to laugh so hard, and oh god it was so precious.

Thank you so much for sending in anon! I really enjoyed writing this, and as you can see, it is a little longer than my previous reactions. I hope htis was enjoyable~

Requests are always open.


Beautifully Tan (Exo Kai Scenario)

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Admin: Nari

POV: Second (male x female)

Genre: Fluff and maybe slight angst

A/N: I decided to write this because I saw an Instagram post where a Malaysian “Exo-L” was making rude comments about Kai’s skin (they were comparing it to dirt).

You unlocked your phone when it dinged and smiled when you saw it was a text from your boyfriend, Jongin, asking you to come over. You didn’t know why he wanted you over, but it made you happy. Maybe he had a special surprise waiting for you? Maybe he wanted to go out for lunch? Or maybe he just wanted to watch TV together and enjoy each other’s company? Either way, you would’ve been ecstatic.

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White lies 3rd chapter

It’s been 84 years but finnally chapter three!!

To the girl who helped me start this blog @bbreactions



You were the weird kid in school, you never fell in love with someone or like particullary someone.
You were casted and debuted in YG as a solo, you were shy and looked cold, but one day Seungri sunbaenim said something to you that make you decided to change.

Here it is chaper THREE!!!! Hope you like it!!!

Let me know what you think of it!!!


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You waived your hand to your fans, getting in the black car where your manager was waiting for you.

After the last recording for your goodbye stage, your packed scheduled should have been less full so you could rest and prepare for the nest one.

-Good job Jiminie, let’s go home and rest a bit.. you have an interview tomorrow at 9 am, then some recording and practice for the next comeback



Seungrissie: good job..wanna meet tonight?

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Dawon + Elevators

“ I swear y/n if you actually go ahead and-” the panic in my friend’s voice squeaked behind me as I waited patiently for the elevator to make it to our floor. I was about to rush in and press all of the buttons possible when we got on the elevator just to piss my friend off. She was not having any of it and just wanted to get to the store before it got too crowded but where’s the fun in just clicking one button?

The familiar ding of the elevator chimed and my head perked up excitedly. I heard my friend groan behind me as we walked towards the opening elevator. Once we were inside the small contraption I brushed my fingers over every single button. A satisfied grin filled my face once the entire button board was filled with a glowing orange light. 

“What the hell?” A voice behind me questioned and it didn’t sound like my friend’s. I turned around slowly and came face to face with a guy around my height but a little taller. His round eyes were calming but the distressed look on his face said otherwise. 

“Oh, I’m so sorry,” I rushed to apologize. I wasn’t really expecting anyone else to be in the elevator at that time with us. The guy looked at me a little confused but brushed it off when he saw I was flustered. He reached out to pat my arm and gave me a warm smile.

“It’s okay. Just, why?” he asked and I giggled. My friend the entire time was standing in the corner trying to avoid conversation by watching the numbers at the top of the elevator go up and down. The constant sound of ding-ing sounded from the elevator every time we stopped and passed floors

“She likes to play jokes ya know? It’’s annoying as hell though,” my friend perked up anyway from her space and I reached out to smack her. She snickered and turned her full attention to the both of us.

“I’m just being honest. So what’s your name?” my friend asked the guy and he laughed.

“Dawon. You?” he replied and gave us both a curious look.

“Don’t worry about that,” my friend butted in before I could answer him. He scratched his head at her reaction but didn’t push any further. It was pretty awkward just standing there and not saying anything so I decided to break the silence.

“So what are you shopping for?” I asked Dawon and he looked at me surprised at my question. I gave him a small smile and he returned it.

“I’m actually looking for a birthday present for my little sister. Know any good stores?” Dawon asked me and I shifted from one foot to the other.

“I’d recommend-”

“Forever 21 if she’s in the preteen/teen stage,” I interrupted my friend and offered Dawon. He looked between the both us and smiled widely. His smile was very cute and gave him a boyish look.

“Thanks cupcake,” Dawon said to me and winked. I scowled a little bit in his direction and stuck out my tongue in disgust.

“Cupcake? Who? Me?” I questioned him with a glare. Dawon laughed at my reaction and nodded his head frantically.

“Yup. You won’t tell me your name so I gave you my own little nickname, Cupcake,” he explained and sent me another greasy wink. My friend bursted out laughing at this and I heard the elevator bell finally ding for the last time. I sighed in relief and turned to Dawon.

“Well this is our stop. Good luck with your sister,” I said to him and he gave me another one of his warm smiles.

“Thanks Cupcake. Hopefully we meet again sometime?” Dawon offered as the doors opened. My friend was the first one out of the elevator as soon as the doors fully opened. I laughed at her determination and turned back to Dawon.

“Sure, just call me y/n”