The Arrangement (pt 10)

You woke up around 6 in the morning. Though you were incredibly tired, you had too much on your mind and sleep didn’t consume you like you thought it would. It was still dark outside at this time, and you were slightly hungry. Now that you were eating for two, you were eating more frequently. 

You were scared to go out into the kitchen though. What if Jimin was also awake? You weren’t ready to face him yet. There were so many things that he had said and you wondered how long he had his doubts about your relationship. Did he still love you? Did he still love your baby? 

You tried to calm down again. You sat down and thought about the situation at hand. If you were in his shoes, what would you have thought? It was a little ridiculous to plan for a birthday party about two months in advance, you had to admit it. But it was the only way you could pull off the party with your work schedule. You thought back to all the times you tried to hide your phone away from Jimin or closed your laptop when he came and sat next to you. I guess you really did seem suspicious. 

But did that warrant the things he had said. The hurtful things? If you were in his shoes…. you would have talked to him. You would have asked him straight up. Why? Because you love him and trust him. Sure, things were moving fast between you two, but didn’t he always assure you that he felt the same way you did? That you both were on the same page?

Clearly not. You realized that maybe he didn’t trust you as much as you trust him. So maybe your love him outweighed his love for you. So where exactly did that leave you and your baby?

You rubbed your hand over your growing stomach. You had been busy for the past few months sure, but your love for the baby grew each and every single second. When you first heard the heartbeat, you cried. You made the baby your number one priority. You still worked hard at work and tried to balance your new life. Clearly you didn’t do such a good job. But like you said, the baby was your first priority. You were determined to work things out with Jimin for the sake of the baby. But you still needed time to settle your emotions. You needed time.

Jimin had made his way back to his shared room with you after trying to get you to open the door. He felt terrible. He should have just talked to you first! He should have never doubted you. Why then, did he? He decided that it was because he was too afraid. Too afraid to lose you. And as these thoughts flooded his mind, he eventually fell asleep on the empty bed, wishing so much that you were there in his arms. 

When he woke up, the sun was shining and he turned to the clock. It was already 9! He jumped out of bed and quickly brushed his teeth. He ran out the room hoping to find you. Your door was open! He ran in, only to find it empty. As he walked back towards the kitchen, he noticed breakfast already on the table. So you were awake. Where the hell did you go on a Sunday morning?

A little note caught his eye on the table though. It read “I need time before we can talk about this. Please just give me that much”. He didn’t know how he felt after reading it. At least you were willing to talk to him at some point in the future. But he just wanted to hold you, hug you, and kiss you at this very moment. But he knew that he shouldn’t push you or his luck. So with some gratitude, he ate the breakfast made for him and sauntered back to his room, wasting his day away.

You went to your best friend, Suji’s house and decided to spend your day there. She could tell you were upset, and you finally told her everything. Everything from the beginning. About how the marriage was forced, how Jimin and you were so unhappy at the beginning of the marriage. Even everything that happened last night. 

To say that Suji was shocked was an understatement. She listened patiently and she was crying along with you by the time you were done. “How could you have not told me anything till now! You’re my best friend and I didn’t know you were struggling like this!” she all but yelled at you. You gave her a sad smile. 

“Sorry” you said. “It was hard not telling you, trust me. But I couldn’t you risk telling my parents, I know how close you are with them” you reasoned. 

“What makes you think I won’t tell them all this now?” she questioned. Your smile fell. 

“Suji please don’t. I just couldn’t take it anymore and I told you everything. I can’t deal with the stress of you telling my parents. Please, I’m begging you” you said. 

“I’m just messing with you. I won’t tell them. But you need to start telling me everything too! I swear to god, if I see Jimin I’m going to slap him silly” she said, trying to lighten the mood. “Are you going to forgive him?” she asks.

“I need to talk things through with him honestly. But I can see where he could have had his doubts. But I’m still really hurt with what he said. But I…I just love him so much Suji. I don’t want us to fall apart because of this. I think we can get through it. He did look really apologetic afterall” you reasoned. 

“Ok, but if he pulls anything else I won’t keep quiet” she says. 

“And you won’t have to” you promised. 

The next couple of days were terrible for both you and Jimin. He was trying so so hard to give you the space you wanted, but it was eating at him. He wanted to talk to you again! Meanwhile, you didn’t know when to start talking to him again. You simply made his meals and went to work. You didn’t say anything to him but you missed him like crazy. You needed to talk to him soon. Jimin hated being at home with you when you were just going to ignore him so he would try to spend time with his friends. Usually, he would just end up drunk though. 

Taehyung meanwhile noticed the change in you both. He felt bad and he knew he shouldn’t get into it, but he hated seeing you both like this. So, he decided that he needed to get you two to talk. Jimin had texted him to meet at a bar later tonight, so he decided to ask you to get dinner around the same time. If he was lucky, he could make you two run into each other and force you two to start talking again. 

Jimin waited patiently at the bar for Taehyung to arrive. But it seemed like Taehyung was running late, so Jimin started on a drink before his friend arrive. Since the party, Taehyung didn’t bring up the situation again, and for that Jimin was thankful. He still couldn’t tell his friend what he had accused both you and him of. 

Jimin felt a pair of arms snake around his waist and he jumped at the sensation and turned around to see who it was. To his disappointment, it was his ex. 

“What are you doing here, gorgeous?” she purred. Jimin wanted to visibly gag, but he kept it in.

“None of your business” he said, turning back around and taking another sip of his drink.

“Oh come on. Clearly things aren’t going well. Otherwise why would you be here on a weekday night instead of being with the mom to be?” she asked, sitting down next to him. Jimin rolled his eyes.

“You’re the reason for this. If you.. If you hadn’t placed those thoughts in my head.. I could be.. I could be happy right now” he said, honestly. But he knew that he couldn’t really blame his ex completely. He was the one who spewed the hateful words to you and he could never take that back. Jimin downed his drink at the thought. 

Jimin stopped paying attention to his ex, who was practically drooling at him. He couldn’t get his mind off of you and anything that Jiah had said went in through one ear and out the other

Taehyung had suggested you grab drink at a local bar. You thought it was suspicious, especially since you couldn’t drink at a time like this but he assured you that they had really good food. You didn’t really think twice, and went along with him. You were quite hungry after all. 

Meanwhile Jimin was getting increasingly frustrated. Not only was Taehyung running late, but Jiah was talking his ear off. Though the alcohol calmed him down a little, it also gave him to confidence to finally tell Jiah off for good. 

“Jiminie don’t you remember all the fun trips we took together? Those were so much fun, don’t you miss those days? Remember the ski trip we took? It was so cold! Maybe we can go to Hawaii or something next, I’ve heard is absolutely gorgeous.” she rambled. It kind of amazed Jimin how dense she was. What did he ever even see in her?

“Jiah, I’m only going to say this once so listen carefully. I don’t like you. I don’t have any feelings for you left. I have a wife and a kid on the way and I love them to pieces, ok? They are my world now. There is place left for you in my life, so I kindly suggest you leave when I’m still being nice”  he said, finally facing her. 

Jiah was surprised to say the least. Jimin was never this…rude to her. Even when he broke up with her, he was pretty nice about the whole thing. But this, fueled her anger. She huffed and got up out of her seat. She made it across the bar near the entrance when she saw both you and Taehyung approaching the bar. If she couldn’t have Jimin, then no else could, she thought. 

She quicky made her way back to Jimin, who had her back faced towards her. Taehyung looked around to find Jimin, and his eyes landed on Jiah, who also made eye contact with him. Taehyung was so confused and before he could register what was going on, Jiah turns around Jimin and kisses him. Taehyung lets out a little gasp and you follow his eyes to sight in front of you. There stood Jimin, kissing another woman. 

You let out a little gasp yourself. Your eyes immediately begin to water and your heart breaks all over again. You spent the last couple of days trying to piece it back together, but it was like Jimin came and shattered your heart to even tinier pieces. 

Jiah pulls away, happily and smiles directly at you. Jimin was too shocked to process what even happened. Taehyung had seen enough though. He immediately crosses the bar to confront his friend. You stay by the entrance, not being able to move but you start to sob and people around you were starting to stare. You didn’t even care if people could recognize you at this point.

Jimin wiped away Jiah’s lipstick from his mouth, still finding it hard to believe that she had to audacity to kiss him when he had just told her to get out of his life. “Jiah, what the he-” Jimin started before someone grabbed him by the collar. 

“How fucking dare you” Taehyung all but growls as he lifts Jimin up from his seat by the collar of his shirt. “How could you do that to Y/n?” Taehyung questions still. If people weren’t looking before, they sure as hell were now.

“T-Taehyung-ah” Jimin stutters out. Jimin theoretically didn’t do anything wrong, but his friend didn’t know that. To anybody else, it would just seem like two people sharing a kiss. 

“You said you loved her. How could…how could you be kissing Jiah now?” Taehyung continued, his anger only increasing. During their little encounter, Jiah had also conveniently slipped out but not before giving you one last smirk before exiting the bar. 

Jimin ran his hands through his hair and shook his head, trying not to meet his friends eyes. Why couldn’t he just say that Jiah was the one who forcefully kissed him? While trying to formulate words, Jimin’s eyes landed on you by the entrance. HIs eyes widened in shock. “Y-Y/N” he whispered. 

You finally made eye contact with your husband and your sobs only increased. Jimin tried to break free from Taehyung’s grip, but Taehyung had pulled him right back. 

“No, I think you’ve done enough damage” Taehyung said, firmly gripping onto Jimin. Both Taehyung and Jimin turned to face you and it hurt them both so much to see you in this state. You held one hand over your baby bump and another over your mouth to stifle the sobs. You couldn’t stand there anymore and ran out the bar. 

“No, wait!” Jimin yelled across the bar and tried to break free from Taehyung’s grip once again. “For the love of God, let me go Taehyung!” he yelled back at his friend. “I need to get to her, please. It wasn’t what it looked like” he said, pleading now. Taehyung looked into Jimin’s eyes and knew that he was probably telling you the truth. He hesitantly let him go.

Jimin quickly grabbed his phone and ran out behind you, but only to see you quickly get into a taxi. He ran up to the taxi, but it was too late. You were already driving away. Jimin paced around the street, frantic. Where was his car? He needed to follow you! Taehyung ran out behind him. 

“I don’t think you can drive right now, let me drive you” he said. And before Jimin could answer, Taehyung had already ran to fetch his car. Soon enough, Taehyung pulled up on the street with his car. Jimin quickly jumped in, but your taxi was long gone. The boys decided that you were probably heading home though, so they drove there as fast as they could.

You couldn’t control your sobs in the taxi. Even the driver gave you pitiful looks. “Uh, where to, young miss?” he asked slowly. You gave him the address to your friends house. You called her along the way, but unfortunately she was out of town on a business trip, but she told you where she kept the spare key and told you to stay for as long as you liked. Suji, your friend, knew not to push the matter, especially over the phone. But she still told you to call her once you somewhat calmed down. She knew that Jimin was probably the reason why, but being out of town made Suji feel helpless. What could she even do?

“Y/N, I know you’re really upset right now and we can talk about that later. But sweetheart I need you to take care of yourself, at least for the sake of your baby ok? Please try to calm down a little and call me again once you’ve settled down. Stay as long as you need, ok? I’ll be back in around 3 days” she says. You could only mumble a yes before hanging up. You were thankful for Suji, but you were in no state to be thanking her right now, especially when talking was hard over your sobs.

Jimin kept urging Taehyung to drive faster and as they pulled into the front drive way, Jimin practically jumped out of the car before the car even stopped. Jimin frantically tried to open the door with his keys, but his hands were shaking too much. He just had to see you and explain things to you and make things right. He promised himself that he wouldn’t be making any more mistakes, but this wasn’t something he saw coming. Hell, it wasn’t really even his fault. 

Jimin finally opened the door, but the house was dark and empty. He quickly turned on all the lights and ran around the house, hoping to find you in one of the rooms. Taehyung slowly walked in after, watching as Jimin ran around, yelling out your name. “Jimin, I don’t think she’s here….” Taehyung says, rather silently. Jimin stops in his tracks. 

“Do you just think she hasn’t got here yet?” he asks. But he knew the answer. You weren’t coming home tonight. 

Three days go by and Jimin is desperate at this point. He couldn’t find you and you weren’t answering your phone. Even Taehyung tried to get a hold of you, but failed. He felt like this was partially his fault since he was the one who brought you to the bar in the first place. 

Jimin could function, not when he didn’t know where or how you were. Were you ok? Were you eating? Sleeping? How was the baby? He knew this time was crucial for the baby, and he didn’t even want to imagine anything happening to the baby. 

And what was worse? He couldn’t even tell his parents or yours. Every time they called, he would lie and give them an excuse as per why you couldn’t come to the phone. The guilt was eating him alive, and Jimin was dying to see you, and make sure you were ok. 

Jimin tried to think back to all your friends that you had told him about. But his mind was drawing a blank. Instead, he had his friends look into it the first day you were gone. By the third day though, Taehyung had found the address of your best friend. Taehyung remembers you telling him about her, perhaps even setting up a blind date for the two of them. He had kindly declined at the time. He even ran into her at Jimin’s party. 

Taehyung texted Jimin the address and Jimin rushed out the house the second he saw the text. He knew there was a chance that you wouldn’t be there, but he was willing to try anyone or any place at the moment.

The last three days for you were…terrible. You hadn’t been able to stop crying and you honestly felt numb. You couldn’t eat properly or sleep. You tried, you honestly did. You tried to force down some food for the sake of your baby, but it was just so hard. You were under an immense amount of stress. Suji still wasn’t back from her trip, but she had texted you that she would be back soon.

You woke up that morning and you immediately felt like something was different…something was wrong. You were more dizzy than usualy and there was a dull pain in your stomach. You tried to push the feeling away and thought you were just hungry. So you brushed your teeth and washed your face, hoping you would feel somewhat better, but the dizziness persisted. 

You tried to make your way to the kitchen, but you had to hold on to the sides of the bed or the table to steady yourself. By the time you got to the small living room, that dull pain suddenly felt more sharp and tears started to well up in your eyes. 

You heard a loud knock on the door. You tried your best to walk to the door without stumbling. You prayed to god that it would be Suji, and hopefully she could take care of you because you were honestly about to pass out at any moment. You opened the door and your eyes started to droop, but you could make out the figure in front of you. “J-Jimin” you started. 

“Y/N, baby, I’m so sorry. I promise it wasn’t what it looked like, ok? Jiah is the ex I told you abou–” he started, trying to explain things quickly. He was too scared and nervous and he didn’t even seem to realize that state you were in. But before he could get another word out, your interrupted him. You pulled at his shirt.

“J-Jim-Jimin. Hel-help me” you said, before finally passing out and falling into his arms. Jimins eyes widen in shock as he falls to the floor with you in his hands.

“Y/n? Y/N-yah? What’s wrong? Baby? Are you ok?” he asked frantically, tapping on your cheek lightly trying to get you to open your eyes. Jimin’s heart raced a million miles a second, especially when you had no signs of opening your eyes. Thankfully, you were still breathing. But that’s when Jimin saw it. 

That’s when Jimin saw the blood rolling down the sides of your legs

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Monsta X and their bad puns

Minhyuk“What kind of bees make milk? Boobees.”

Wonho“I don’t trust stairs because they’re always up to something.”

Kihyun “My friend’s bakery burned down last night. Now his business is toast.”

I.M.“I’m close friends with 25 letters of the alphabet, I don’t know y.”

Jooheon“Some aquatic mammals at the zoo escaped. It was otter chaos.”

Hyungwon“What did the grape say when it got crushed? Nothing, it just let out a little wine.”

Shownu“What do you get when you cross a joke with a rhetorical question?”


Drabble: 15. “You’re breaking my heart, babe.”
Pairing: Sohn Hyunwoo/Shownu x Reader
Word Count: 416
Notes: None
Warnings: None
Genre: Humor

“Can you please, please go back to the living room?”

You were currently trying to finish the last dish for your Thanksgiving meal; the desert. But every time that you would place the finishing piece on top of your pie, it would magically disappear when you turned around to wash your hands off. You knew exactly who it was that was stealing the little topping piece, but each time that you turned around to confront Shownu about it, a cheeky smile would pull up his lips as he shook his head. You narrowed your eyes in suspicion as he smiled for the fourth time in a row, and you shook your head in slight annoyance before turning back around to face your pie, placing yet another garnish on top. “Why don’t you go watch your children instead of taking my pie toppings?”

Shownu placed a hand over his heart in mock hurt, but he couldn’t help but snicker at your sour attitude as he stepped close behind you. “You’re breaking my heart, babe.” He said in a joking manner as he snaked his arms around your waist, to which you jumped a bit in surprise at his sudden actions. “Besides, they aren’t children. And Kihyun is—“

Almost as if they knew that you were talking about them, a noisy series of shouts suddenly sounded out from the living room, and a very loud, very heavy crash quickly followed the shouts. You tensed almost immediately as everything suddenly went eerily quiet, and as you slowly closed your eyes you let it a small sigh. “Can you go see what they broke this time?” You asked Shownu, spinning around in his arm so you could face him. Shownu’s lips were pursed together in a cute pout as he nodded in agreement, and before leaving to see what mess had been caused, he pressed a quick kiss to your forehead.

You watched him for a moment as he walked away from the kitchen, and once you were certain that he was finally gone, you spun back around to face your pie. But unfortunately for you, Shownu had managed to distract you just enough to steal the garnish once again from off of your pie. You let out a frustrated groan as you slammed your hands on to the counter,but as much as you loved him, nothing annoyed you more than knowing how easily distracted you got by him.

“Stop stealing my garnishes, Hyunwoo!”

“Sorry, babe, I love you!”

Benevolence Part 4

A/N Hey guys, well it’s been a minute since I last updated. I’m so sorry, a lot has happened… again. Adulting is hard guys. So this has a twist to it, wasn’t the direction I was originally heading, but it definitely is going to mix things up a bit.

I hope you enjoy it, and look out for my EXO History series which i’m working on.

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Genre: Action/ Mafia! AU (fluff in parts)

Pairing: Byun Baekhyun/ Reader ft. EXO

On-going series

(Picture not mine, credit to the owner)

You were pacing back and forth in your room, knowing you had to at some point leave your room, but the prospect of seeing Baekhyun was really putting you off. You’d been pacing for about ten minutes now. After Baekhyun had left, you had sat staring at the closed door, so many thoughts running through your head.

When you had come to your senses you pulled the spare pair of clothes out of your bag, changing into some tight black jeans and a plain black t-shirt. The pain killers from earlier were starting to wear off, and you really needed a drink. 

You stopped in the middle of the room, cursing yourself internally.

“Come on you can do this, he’s just a boy, not even your type” You pep talked yourself. walking over to your bed, you perched on it, pulling on your boots and grabbing the bottle of pills from your cabinet. You stood up and fixed your hair into a ponytail, breathing in and out, putting on the front you always have, before walking out of your bedroom.

You slowly walked down the hall you remembered from your first day here, trying to find your way to the kitchen. You stopped outside the familiar door you had seen on your first day here. You breathed in, regaining your composure. You were no longer going to stop and stutter in front of these men, you were going to be who the rumours said you were, who you always have been. Strong, cunning, merciless. 

You pushed the door open, coming into the kitchen. You took in the details you failed to miss last time. The room was clean, shocking as nine boys lived here, and well cleaning doesn’t really seem to be something you would relate to them. The worktops were shiny and looked almost new.. It was spacious, enough to keep a dining table at the other end, the one you sat at on your first day. 

As you were scanning the room you failed to notice the three boys sitting at the table, and three others in the corner of the kitchen. Baekhyun, and two others were at the table staring at you while Junmyeon, Yixing and another tall man were in the kitchen itself. As you were trying to put some names to faces, Yixing turned to you.

“How’s the leg?” He cocked his head to the side slightly.

“Aches a bit, I came to top up.” You replied, shaking the bottle of pills in your hand. Yixing nodded and went to the sink, grabbing a cup and filling it with water. You walked over to where he was standing, taking the water from him and downing it along with two painkillers. All the while trying to ignore the stares you knew were coming from different angles around you. 

“You look better.” You heard Junmyeon say from beside you. You set the cup on the counter and looked back at him.

“I feel it, just needed to recuperate for a day, besides i’m sure we have business to attend to.” 

“Doesn’t take you long to get into things.” He commented eyeing you.

“There’s a job to be done, and i’m part of this now. But I do have some ground rules.” You turned fully to face him. Junmyeon’s eyebrow raised in a way that made him look sexy, if he wasn’t the head of a mafia, you’d try your luck.

“We have to fully cooperate on whatever this is we’re doing, I fully understand this is your operation, and you’ve been working on it for a while, but I don’t take orders, especially from people below me.” At this Junmyeon scoffed. You held up you hand, signalling you wasn’t finished. “I know more about this than any of your men here so I know i’m important to you, unless you wouldn’t have sent him to come get me.” You nodded your head to the side in the direction Baekhyun was sitting.

“I need to know everything, I also need access to your resources. I never use a gun, but i’m guessing that’s not the only thing you have around here. And I want to know everyone, not back stories, they’re not my friends, just names and roles. Does that fit in fine with you?” You raised your eyebrows at him. The tall man next to him scoffed.

“I think she wants too much, I don’t see why we need her anyway, we…” Junmyeon cut him off, raising his hand, just as you did to him.

“It’s fine. Anything else?”

“I’ll let you know along the way.” You smirked at him. He mirrored your smirk, never once looking away from you when he addressed Yixing.

“Go get the others, It’s time for a much needed introduction.” 


Soon enough, eight men were standing in front of you. Junmyeon stood next to you, as you leaned against the counter. All of the men were looking straight at you. Yesterday you would’ve been bothered by this, but now you were back to normal, your walls were up and you didn’t care. 

“Now they’re all here lets start. This is Yixing, you already know him quite well, he’s our medic, has never done a bad job with healing any of us. We also call him Lay.” You looked to the young doctor, he gave you a smile, and you mirrored it back.

“Next is our second in command Minseok, He knows nearly everything I do, he’s the one that helps me with the decision making, also goes by the name of Xiumin.” The cat eyed man gave you a sharp nod which you returned.

“Then there’s Sehun, He’s the youngest, but knows his way around weapons, he’s in charge of our armoury.” 

“No nickname for him?” You turned to ask Junmyeon.

“We don’t all have other names, but if any come to mind be sure to let me know.”

“Well when I figure out something that twins tall and great eyebrows i’ll drop you a message.” You answered him, sending a wink towards Sehun. Yes you weren’t their friends, but a little bit of flirting never hurt no one.

“This is Jongin, also known as Kai. He’s our face, master at convincing men and women into giving us what we need, even if it does require me turning a blind eye to what he gets up to at night, but I guess you can’t tame the young ones completely.” 

“I bet.” You smirked, laughing a little under you breath as Kai winked at you.

“This is Kyungsoo, or D.O, he’s quiet, doesn’t talk much, but is our best on the field, cooks really well too.” The short man nodded at you, your eyes went down to his heart shaped lips before travelling back up to his eyes.

“I think he’s my favourite so far, everyone else seems so loud.” Junmyeon laughed beside you, even D.O’s lips turned up slightly in a smirk.

“Well we’re about to get on to the loudest of the bunch. This is Jongdae, we call him Chen, he whines a lot, just ignore him, I do. He’s the guy that gets us our money, he helps out on jobs with Kai. But also knows how to fight with a knife, I feel like he’s your guy, seeing as you don’t use guns.” You nodded slowly giving the man a small smile, which he returned with one that resembled a feline.

“Then we have Chanyeol, we always call him a puppy, but he’s probably one of the most dangerous out of all of us, and has been doing this the longest, we picked him up just like we did you.” You nodded at the tall man, remembering him from earlier that day.

Finally you got to the man that brought you here, and had not left you alone since.

“This is Baekhyun, I’ve been told you know each other quite well.” You heard the teasing tone in Junmyeon’s voice and rolled your eyes. “Baekhyun’s fairly new to us, he’s only been here for six months, but his tech skills are amazing, he normally sits in our computer room, but getting you was his first time on the field.” You whipped your head around to Junmyeon.

“And you let him go alone? On his first time?”

“What other way would he learn?” 

“I mean you could’ve sent someone with him, he could’ve died, I could’ve died. That’s just bad parenting Suho.” Junmyeon glared at you. 

“I think we’re done here.” Junmyeon waved his hand at the guys, and they all started to go their separate ways. “Come on, we have things to discuss in private.” You pushed yourself off of the counter and started following Junmyeon out. Before you could reach the door, a hand came up to grab your elbow. You looked up to find Baekhyun staring down at you. 

“Can we talk later?” He whispered out. Your eyes scanned his face before you pulled you elbow away from him. 

“Sorry, I’m busy.” You turned around and walked out of the door, not even looking back. You tried to ignore the niggling feeling in the back of your head, and instead focused on the broad expanse of Junmyeon’s back. You followed the leader down more maze like hallways, coming to a grand oak door, that opened into his office. You’d been here before, and didn’t need the invitation to sit down. Junmyeon was seated behind his desk, hands clasped together and placed in front of him. 

“So I guess there’s some things you need to know about what we’re doing here, so i’m going to make it short and sweet. The man you killed, we’ve been trying to get to for months now. Baekhyun had been tracking him, but he was never there when we tried to get to him, it’s as if he vanished. But then you came along and did the job yourself. He had information we needed, and seeing as we can’t get to his mind, we need to get to the physical copies. Do you know where they would be?” Junmyeon leaned back, all of his teasing from earlier in the kitchen had gone, this was now all business.

“I might do, but getting it is going to take a lot of work, there’s a lot of systems to break through. A lot of doors. Do you think your boy can get through them?” You leaned back, mirroring him.

“He’s the best at what he does, I guarantee he can get us what we need.”

“Well then he’s going to need a run down on the lay-out of the place. You all will. But I can do that for you.” 

“Brilliant. That’s the first thing we will need to do, you’ll have to give Baekhyun the coordinates of the place so he can get to work. Once we get what we need we can go from there.” Junmyeon nodded at you.

“What exactly are we looking for?” You quirked and eyebrow in question.

“There’s a new drug going around, it’s been killing off quite a few junkies, which normally I don’t care about, but now it’s gotten into the universities and kids are dying, which again I don’t deal with, but whoever is behind this company is saying it’s us. They also made a personal attack on one of our partnerships a month back, and well I guess you can say it’s started quite a war. We need to finish that war by bringing them down.” You nodded at him.

“So when do we start?”

“Tonight. We’ll discuss the plan of action, and you’ll tell the guys what they’ll need to know. Also I noticed you don’t have much in terms of belongings, so I sent Sehun to pick you up some things you might need.” You nodded in thanks. 

As you were about to leave, an arm crossed your path, caging you in so now you were face to face with the leader of EXO, his breath fanning across your face, his nose brushing yours as his eyes met yours. 

“Your little speech back there was cute y/n. But I make the rules around here, you may not be one of us, but don’t think for one minute you can start ordering us about. What I say here goes, doesn’t matter how tight those jeans are the boys follow me. You can wink as much as you want but they’ll eat you alive.” He spoke in a dangerous tone, with the intention to intimidate.

“I think you’re underestimating me Suho.” You stepped closer so now you were chest to chest, lips nearly touching. “I only play games with people who’s worth it, and when I do I tend to win.” You brushed your lips against his, lingering for a few seconds before swiftly pulling back and pulling the door open, leaving Junmyeon standing in his doorway. 

Little did you know someone had been watching your interaction through the cameras set up in the room. Deflated and confused, Baekhyun leaned back in his leather seat, staring at the monitors in the surveillance room trying to process what he had seen.

a smol quick little prompt for the birthday boy

Originally posted by adoring-woozi

today was the day. lee jihoon, your best friend, was twenty-two. it didn’t seem like a big deal to anyone, but to you, it was the biggest deal.

the reason why today was such a big deal to you was questionable and definitely amusing.

you’ve known jihoon for almost your entire life; you grew up on the same street, went to the same schools, and eventually entered the music industry together, although with different careers. whereas he was an idol in a famous group, you decided to stay out of the limelight and chose to become a highly sought-after music producer for several companies simultaneously. however, you two were as close as ever because you still ultimately shared the same passion—music.

the reason why the thought of today made your hands clammy was because fifteen years ago, you and jihoon promised each other that you would get married when you were both twenty-two.

you knew that it was obviously a childish and admittedly very weird thing to be worried about because for starters, this happened when you two were merely seven years old. but the thought made your heart rate speed up nonetheless.

maybe the fact that you have loved him since then also contributed to your irregular palpitations.

yes you were in love with your best friend. yes, he was your best friend from childhood. and yes, as a music producer, you have written songs about him. how much more cliche can you get?


you were in a slump. you had no idea what to get your childhood friend-slash-crush for his birthday. it wasn’t entirely your fault though.

you and jihoon were never the ‘telepathic communication’ type of best friends. you two both agreed that assuming that you both know everything about each other was naïve and very impossible (and you two were right; he didn’t know about your crush on him yet) so every year, you would just send a list of what you both wanted. it saved both of you the hassle of guessing what the other wanted. but this year, you didn’t hear anything from him.

no list, no nothing. which kind of left you in the dark and in a slump when you arrived at his birthday party, held in their dorm, that night.

you entered the party with only one feeling: nervousness. nervous because of the unfulfilled vows you had promised to each other nearly two decades ago, and because you looked like a dick who walked into a birthday party without a present.

upon arrival, you were greeted by mingyu, one of his members. you had met mingyu even before his popular group debuted, and even now, he was still the same naïve (in a good way) and sweet boy you knew.

“noona! glad you’re here!” he exclaimed. you immediately smiled at him and accepted the drink he offered to you. you thanked him when he told you to head to the living room, where jihoon and some of the others were playing video gamesz.

when your eyes landed on the birthday boy himself, you felt your bones go weak.

it’s been almost a month since you last saw him, which means he still had his red hair. now, he was back to his natural black—and he looked so much like the jihoon you knew growing up.

you didn’t notice you were staring until you realized that jihoon was finally staring right back at you. he had the softest smile on his face, the glow from the tv casting a harsh glow on his skin. although the tv was bright, you thought his smile was ten times brighter.

“yay! noona is here!” seokmin cheered. you grinned at the boys, who greeted you as well.

“ah, we can finally eat.” jeonghan said in a relieved tone, but you didn’t notice the sly undertone in his voice. “jihoon-ie insisted that we couldn’t eat until you were here, y/n.” you blush. you spotted jihoon’s face turning a flush pink as well.

the other members started to agree with their hyung—and jeonghan’s cheeky smirk didn’t go unnoticed by you—with seungkwan going as far as imitating jihoon himself, which made everybody laugh.

“well,” seungcheol said after the laughter died down. “let’s eat, yeah?”

as the members shuffled into the dining room, you found yourself at jihoon’s side.

“am i that special?” you teased, despite knowing your heart was beating a hundred miles faster than normal.

“o-of course. you’re my best friend.” he managed to choke out.

you tried to mask the disappointment on your face when you heard that. all i will ever be is the best friend.

you all filed into the dining room that was definitely too small for the fourteen of you. the food in front of you, all homemade by chef mingyu, made your mouth water just by the sight of it.

the night was filled with eating, telling stories and jokes, drinking (for the legals), teasing jihoon as much as possible, and having a good time in general.

at the end of the dinner, everyone was passed out and tired. you knew they had a long ay of practice today, despite it being jihoon’s birthday, so you understood perfectly.

you decided to clean up the table, seeing as all of them were fast asleep.

you were almost done with the fifth plate when somebody took it from your hands. you nearly jumped in shock, and then you realized it was jihoon.

“aish, you scared me, idiot.” you tried to ignore the way you skin tingled when your fingers grazed his.

he simply smiled. “why is the guest cleaning up? let me help.”

“uh, i think it’s a lot more understandable for me to be cleaning than you. it’s your birthday, ji. at least let me feel needed for once.” you meant for your last statement to be a joke, but surprisingly jihoon took this to heart.

“but i always need you.” he muttered enough for you to hear.

his words made you stop your scrubbing and your heart all together. “w-what?” you managed to choke out despite all the air in your body being stuck in your throat.

at this point, you managed to find yourself cornered by the countertop and jihoon himself. there was a pregnant silence before any of you said anything, with jihoon’s gaze flittering from your eyes that met his to your lips that just looked so soft.

“you didn’t bring me a present, right? because i didn’t send you the list?” he asked in a low whisper that made all the fine hair on your skin rise. you slowly nod, taking note of how he hadn’t sent it on purpose. “i didn’t make one because i didn’t know what i wanted. but i think i might know what i want now.”

without warning nor hesitation, jihoon closed his eyes and crashed his lips right onto yours.

the kiss was sweet and subtle, as all kisses, you would soon find out, went with jihoon. it seemed like your lips fit his perfectly like two puzzle pieces or a key and a lock, as cliche as it sounds. but, unlike how it’s described in books or teen movies, there were no sparks. just a feeling of pure bliss and longing simultaneously.

when you two finally pulled back to breathe again, you both had blooming slimes on your faces.

“i know it isn’t a marriage proposal like i promised all those years ago,” you felt tears forming in your eyes, partially because you appreciated the fact that he remembered, and partially because of the relief when you realized you weren’t so stupid after all. “but y/n, would you give me the best gift in the world by being mine?”

“of course, you big dork.” you enveloped him in a warm hug, which he gladly accepted. when your head rested his shoulders, and you felt his hands running softly through your head, you truly knew you belonged. “i was always yours, and i always will be.”

that’s all for today folks! happy birthday to the cutest, most talented, hardworking, aegyo master vocal boss in the world, our jihoonie. keep doing what you’re doing because you’re doing it amazingly sweetie. a million other carats and i will always be here for you, to love and support you. happy birthday jihoon!

Oh! Christmas tree || season special!kinda w/ Johnny

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This is so shitty and it took me two days to get this done :(((

but it’s whatevs

  • You met Johnny boi in college, he’s like your study partner when it comes to midterms and stuff like that (i’m still in highschool so idrk and here’s kinda diff)
  • Also you were like the power-nerdy duo, always pairing up for projects and lit doing E V E R Y T H I N G togethu
  • Even tho y’all were not in the exact same classes, you did have some lectures and stuff like dat in common, and were in the clubs together
  • So ya, you both spend so much time together
  • “Ten? Who’s dat? I only know Y/N  (◡‿◡✿) “ -Johnknee
  • oFC there’s Ten, but he’s not important here rite??
  • SoOOoO winter’s coming, holidays are around the corner, f o o d is also around the corner and also exams and deadlines and suicide attempts are around the corner as well
  • heh
  • It was an abnormally cold thursday morning when your apartment door went kNocKKNocK and BaNgBAnG for like 30 secs straight
  • like who knocks the door for so long???
  • Johnathan ofc i know he’s name’s not JOHNATHAN
  • So when the 35 secs of banging the door were over, with a heavy heart you had to leave the love of your life aka bed to let the humanized groot in
  • When you opened the door, laughter was the first thing that scared away the silence of your cold apartment and filled your ears
  • You looked over to the giant dork in front of you with half-open eyes and mussed bed hair, and that look sent Johnny into another fit of quiet laughter
  • “what?”
  • “You look awful”
  • cue 2 secs of poker face and yet ANOTHER cackle
  • dude chill
  • And after like 3 mins of standing in ther doorway with nothing but sleepy glares and goofy smiles, you decided to let him in
  • “what do you want?”
  • “we’re free until 1pm, right?”
  • You looked through your schedule in your mind a couple of times before answering his question between a small yawn “Yeah, so?”
  • “Let’s buy a  christmas tree :DD”
  • “.___.”
  • “DD:”
  • “i have one already”
  • cue 5 secs of poker face coming from johnjohn again
  • “Grinch”
  • cue your slipper flying across the hall directly to his forehead and muffled curses coming from the tall weirdo
  • With another yawn you went straight to your beloved bed and wrapped yourself in the blanket cocoon, biding johnny goodnight before shutting your eyes close in a weak attempt to fall asleep again
  • What came next wasn’t expected: Johnny took your half-asleep burrito form between his arms and threw you over his shoulder, spinning in place a couple of times before putting you back down and letting you process what just happened
  • His laugh was what brought you back to earth after litearlly seeing a few stars
  • “Johnny, dear best friend, if you want to put on a christmas tree, then do it, call me when it’s done”
  • If you thought he would leave you alone after that, man were you wrong
  • “Listen, i don’t care if you’re all moody and shit, we’re going to home depot right fucking now to get one of those mini trees and some fucking spheres, so get ready, we’re leaving in 5″
  • And with that he stromed out of you room with a loud bang of the door shutting
  • It was not the first time that he snapped at you, these outbursts only happened when you were being a diva or moody, just like he said
  • It did hurt your feelings having him acting like that, and you always regretted your attitude
  • because johnny being mad is a big no no :(((
  • on the other hand, johnny was overthinking over his sudden outburst bc 1) he didn’t consider the fact that maybe you just wanted peace and 2) it’s early af
  • He was sitting on your couch with his forearms resting over his lap while his hands were playing with eachother, guilt evident on his face
  • A minute or two later you emerged from your room with some jeans and a hoody that you stole from johnny’s closet, the sleeves way too long for your arms
  • Johnny got up immediately and followed you to the door, watching you put on your sneakers without saying a single word
  • “Uhm-” he tried to strike a casual convo but didn’t got too far“i’ll drive”
  • The words came out sharp and cold, but you were not mad at him, why would you? there was no clear reason, you never got mad at him for snapping at you, it was your own fault after all
  • Five minutes into the trip to home depot passed with none of you pronuncing a single word, Last Christmas played on the radio at a low volume, George Michael’s voice making your frown a little bit more noticeable with every word that he sang
  • A face on a lover with a fire in his hea-” Your hand reached violently the radio to change the channel with a quiet hmph escaping your lips
  • “It’s not even winter, yet” you mumbled, looking straight ahead with puffed cheeks and the same frown as before
  • Johnny’s ears perked up to what you just said, guilt filling his body yet again while he took note of maybe another reason why you were against his idea
  • “he-hey… maybe we can wait a little more and get the tree, y’know…”
  • You looked at him in disbelief and a small pout adorning your lips
  • “But we’re halfway there, i was thinking on getting a real one, the fake ones that come in boxes and stuff like that doesn’t smell nice at all”
  • Now he was looking at you with disbelief and wide eyes, watching the side of your face as you drove with a calm expression, but the small pout still on your lips
  • After a moment with no response from the boy next to you, you looked quickly at him
  • “what’s wrong?”
  • “aren’t you mad?”
  • “should i be mad?”
  • /looks through the window, thinking about his life choices <- johnny
  • He looked back at you when he heard giggles and a muffled you’re so stupid coming from your lips
  • “Then… Lunch?”
  • why do i even like her… wait what <- johnny
  • “You’re so weird”
  • “Thank you ily 2″
  • oh yeah opening a smol idk what for how you both fell for eachother
  • johnknee: two months into knowing eachother, it has been not too long but both of you already had like the habit of watching movies every saturday, either at his or yours’
  • it was just another movie night, midterms just finished and y’all were ready to chill and eat junk food
  • after deciding whether to watch Paranormal Activity or The Houses That October Built, chosing for the latter even tho both of you knew that at some point one of you would end up cuddled against the other, it was always johnny the one to clung to you for dear life, even if he called himself macho after watching Coraline a l o n e
  • This time, the jumpscares were way too much for you, and a horror movie wasn’t the best idea to get rid of all the stress
  • The matress surely was comfortable and cozy and the small kumamon plushee was another source of slight comfort, but the pounding inside your head was hard to ignore
  • Looking over at johnny, who was calmly ranting over the poor acting skills the people had, you couldn’t stop the urge to just hug him and wait for another day to come and take the stress away, knowing that this time he wouldn’t clung to your tummy anytime soon
  • He got really surprised when he felt your small arm slip over his torso and your head rest over his chest, the smell of hot cocoa filled your nose as you nuzzled your face further into the fabric of his hoody
  • His heart did some double mortal back flips and he was like wHaT iS tHIs dArK MAgIc
  • ofc he knows but he didn’t wanted to admit it, until like 10 mins of watching your peaceful face and the way your lashes touched your cheekbones even when curled
  • he was like w o a h sweet little pretty baby doll
  • You: after that night, skinship was more frequent and johnAtHan always started it, but you just thought it was normal, like we’re friends right, we can hug rIGHT?
  • you fell for him a bit later, bc you thought it was just your mind playing tricks with you, ofc johnny doesn’t like me, he’s just nice, he’s handsome but that doesn’t proves anything oKaY
  • “omg i like him”
  • ofc you do gurl
  • that was like a semester and a half ago
  • - end of idk what -
  • a few minutes lateh’
  • So after deciding what you wanted to have for lunch, and where to go to fill your tummy with whatever you wanted
  • The car was parked a few blocks from the little café you were going to, walking and exploring being the main purpose from keeping it far away
  • It was a hole-in-the-wall kind of shop, it was small and cozy, and the windows had little maple leafs and snowflakes stamped all over the crystal
  • About fourty minutes had passed since you and johnny left the building, not so many people were roaming the streets and other shops were just about to open their door for the customers, the café y’all were at being one that barely opened
  • The fresh smell of coffee and a mix between cinnamon and strawberries dragged itself from wall to wall in the small place
  • Johnny chose the nearest table to the window and made himself comfortable in the vintage chairs that mixed well with the concept of the little shop while you went to the counter to get your drinks, in which a cute guy with dimples named Yixing took your order with a warm smile
  • Once you got your drinks and a small plate of cookies, you sat yourself in the chair adjacent to Johnny sipping a little from his drink before giving it to him
  • “So… what do you want for christmas?” You questioned in a low voice while your sight focused on the white and red straw from your milkshake, one hand playing with it while the other one held you chin up, nails digging on the side of your cheek
  • Johnny never took his eyes off of you, ever since you entered the café his eyes were on you and only you, he didn’t noticed when an old couple passed in front of the window and gushed over him watching you with adoring eyes, what he did noticed was the way your smile got a little bit wider when the counter boy gave you free cookies and he also noticed how your eyes showed a little sparkle when you caught him staring at you from across the shop
  • You looked up at him after getting no answer, concern washing over your face after seeing his blank yet soft expression
  • His eyes softened even more when your eyes met, his head tilted a little bit to the side while he inspected the different shades of pink that the tip of your nose, your lips and cheeks showed with a small grin of his own
  • “are you okay? you’ve bee-”
  • “i want a kiss” he cutted you mid sentence, startling you in the process, looking anywhere but his eyes
  • “a k-kiss? from who? y’know Lisa’s really pr-”
  • “from you” he laughed under his breath after noticing the way your cheeks got a shade of pink darker, copying your pose from before: chin popped up with one hand while the other one played with nothing in particular
  • Your head was low and your hair covered big part of your face, keeping your blush from being W A Y too noticeable, your hands were drawn to your lap in the weak attempt of getting distracted playing with the long sleeves from the hoody
  • Johnny poked your forehead delicately, waiting for you to look up at him again with the softes smile he could put forth your way
  • After a couple of seconds, you decided to look back at him with bashfulness all over your face, a peach shade still playing with your cheeks
  • He moved his hands across the small table to cup your face between his hands, looking into your eyes while his smile grew wider and more sincere
  • “can i get my gift, now?”
  • dUdE OFc
  • You nodded a couple of times before leaning over the table to reach his lips, placing one hand over one of his at your cheek while your free hand helped you up
  • His lips had the last dash of toothpaste in them, and they were soft and warm despite the freezing weather
  • It was a marvelous kiss, not too long, not too short, the synchronicity of your lips dancing with each other was as if they were made for one another and the warmness inside your chest was just another sign that he was the one
  • You couldn’t help but giggle once you parted away because of the rosy flush lingering on his cheeks, it was a sight you could get used to
  • “you’re so cute”
  • “you’re even cuter” he said between shy giggles, his face moving side to side provoking your noses to touch each other in a clumsy eskimo kiss
  • “let’s go get the tree, cute giant”
secret admirer jongin

a/n: college!au; shoot me a request if you want another au version of this or any other requests in general!!

  • saw you walking by with some friends on the first day of school and thought you were sO cute
  • accidentally stares for too long
  • “idk what youre looking at but just take a picture dude itll last longer”
  • “shut the fuck up baekhyun”
  • cant get you out of his head all day like ?? wHO are you ??
  • turns out youre a mutual friend of baEKHYUN
  • “hey hyung do you know someone named y/n”
  • “yeah why do you need your dick sucked or something”
  • “bAEKHYUHGBASGH i swear 2 GOD”
  • makes a deal w/ baekhyun to do his hw for a month and bbh will be his wingman
  • writes you a note saying he thinks youre rly cute but hes too shy to approach you 
  • slips the note into your backpack while ur walking with him and bbh
  • baekhyun is actually a good wingman
  • the three of you start hanging out a lot
  • writes you a dozen more about how cute you are or how good you looked that day and slips them into your bag or sometimes your hood 
  • if hes feeling extra he’ll crumple a note and throw it at your head during a lecture and pretend to be focused when you turn around after reading it and try and figure out who the fuck is “~ ur secret admirer :)”
  • gets fidgety whenever you start talking about the random notes youve been getting
  • “i just dont know where theyre coming from but theyre so cute!! i want to know who my secret admirer is!!”
  • “….what the HECK….yEa….h…me tOO!”
  • smiles when he sees you admiring the flowers he had sent you earlier that day
  • sometimes puts smol chocolate kisses in ur bag with a dumb cringey note that baekhyun told him to write 
  • saw you were upset during a lecture one time and bought you some food and paid your roommate to keep quiet about him being the secret admirer youve been talking about for weeks
  • long story short your roommate spilled the tea on accident  it was too hot
  • jongin in full panic mode
  • “i guess you found out…if you don’t like me back it’s ok dont worry i wont be upset i mean ill be upset but only for a little-”
  • only stops rambling because you forcibly shut him up with a kiss
  • “gross…youre welcome”
  • “shut the hell up bro”

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Difficulty in Moving

Drabble: 36. “I thought you were nice.”
42. “This is where you impress me, right?”
Pairing: Wu Yifan/Kris Wu x Reader
Word Count: 566
Notes: None
Warnings: None
Genre: Humor

You weren’t exactly sure when you and Kris had decided to rearrange the furniture in your house, but apparently you did, and now you regretted ever buying the very large, very red four piece sofa. The four different sections were currently lying in different areas around your living room, and even though you had tried placing them at different angles and sitting in different directions, neither you nor Kris seemed to be satisfied with the ending result.

“Ah, maybe this will work!” Kris spoke for what felt like the eightieth time in the last thirty minutes, and as he backed up to stand next to you, he held his hands out in front of him, his fingers spreading out as if they were a camera as he closed one eye. “We can put the love seat section by the fireplace, and then we can put the longer piece over there—“

“We already tried that, Yifan,” You deadpanned, placing a hand on to your hip before you pinched the bridge of your nose in frustration, and your actions were quickly followed by a deep sigh. Kris let out a loud groan in annoyance as he let his head fall back, and as he stared up at the ceiling for a few more moments, he quickly ran a hand over his face to try and get rid of the sweet that had been forming from the work. You two had been working on this for hours, yet you still couldn’t find a good place for the giant piece, rather pieces, of furniture. “You know what, why don’t we just take a quick break?”

“What? Why?” Kris snapped his attention back to you, his eyes wide with curiosity as he frantically looked between the four red different couch pieces and you. “If we keep at it, we can get thisndone today!” A sudden flood of energy seemed to run through him at the moment, and spontaneously he skipped over to one couch piece and bent down, wrapping his fingers tightly around the frame of the piece. However, his plan seemed to backfire as he tried to lift up the heavy piece by himself, and a loud grunt of pain sounded throughout the living room when he soon found that the piece wasn’t moving with him at all, and he quickly let go.

“This is where you impress me, right?” You let out a small laugh of amusement as you shook your head at his antics, and before Kris could shoot some form of a remark back at you, you raised your hand into the air to stop him from speaking as you sat down on a stool. “We’re both really tired, babe. So let’s rest for a while, and then we can figure out what to do next.”

As much as Kris didn’t want to stop, he knew that the both of you were completely worn out from basically flipping your entire house upside down. So as he let out a defeated sigh, he reluctantly nodded his head as he made his way over to you. “I thought you were nice.” He mumbled under his breath, but as he walked past you to make his way into the kitchen, you delivered a swift kick to his shin. “See what I mean! So rude!”

“I’m only stating the truth, Yifan! Stop being such a sissy!”

“I’m just being real here!”


Plot: Jimin always thought his traditional Korean girlfriend was perfect – that was, until he realized how beautiful foreigners could be.

Pairing: Idol!Park Jimin x Backup Dancer!Reader

Genre: Angst, Fluff

Notes: I based this off of every single MTL I have seen of BTS dating a girl of a different race or a girl of color – Jimin always seems to be one of the people who were least likely to date one. I definitely do not think that Jimin is this ignorant in any way. This is only a work of fiction. This is for all the international beauties! 2,536 Words

Familiar | masterlist

Originally posted by bwipsul

“Oppa, I’m missing you so much!”

“I’m missing you too, my love. Don’t worry, I’ll be back in a few days, okay?”

One of the worst parts about tour was leaving lovers behind. For Jimin, it wasn’t only his lover, it was his home. He enjoyed tour, performing for all of the ARMYs around the world, going on stage; but he wasn’t a huge fan of being in a foreign country. He didn’t know English that well, and he wasn’t fond of being in a place where he couldn’t understand anything. 

“I know,” The soft voice of his significant other brought pink to his cheeks. “Call me when your rehearsal is over.”

“I will, I love you,” He glanced at the leader of his band, who was calling him over.

“I love you too.”

With that, he had ended the call with a sigh, and headed over to his band. It hadn’t even been a few minutes since he cut the call, and he was already missing her – a thought he had experienced after each long-distance conversation with his lover. The short male shook his head and got his head back in the game, his eyes going up to meet a group of people dressed in black.

“This is your dance crew for this city,” The manager announced to the band. “Not all of them know Korean, so if you have an queries, just talk to Jihoon. He is the leader.”

“We understand.”

Once that brief introduction was done, they were all left to their own devices for a few minutes, whilst the leader of the dance team talked to the leader of the band. Jimin had let himself scan over the people he would be working with; not that he would talk to them, he was just curious and bored. Most of them had masks on – no one had really caught his eyes, except for one person. 

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Monsta X // dog thoughts

Minhyuk: “What if my human never comes back?!” 

Wonho: “What if I never find out who’s a good boy?”

Kihyun: “My human stepped on my foot. Why does he hate me?”

I.M: “Please don’t lint roll my hair off of you. That was a gift.”

Jooheon: “Why does my human talk in a normal voice to other humans but in a high-pitched, baby voice to me?”

Hyungwon: “My human leaves me for hours at a time. He must be going to the park without me.” 

Shownu: “I DO want to go outside! How does she know?!”

Something New

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i think i’m pretty proud of this one, and i hope you guys feel the same as well. i stayed up till 10 am writing this and now i can go to sleep in peace. Enjoy my lovely jimin stans, i feel for you poor bitches

Pairing: Jimin x reader
Genre: fluff, smut, angst( just a teeny tiny bit i guess)
Word count: 8,760

When your best friend of years confessed his love to you in a spur of the moment kind of thing, you had no idea how to react.

Those words that caused you to stare at him for almost a minute straight as your what felt like a million thoughts ran through your head. You were trying to process it. You two were laying in his bed, both on your sides and facing each other, talking quietly amongst yourselves.

His hand would raise every few minutes, tracing some part of your arm or pushing a strand of hair back. You would giggle a bit when his legs moved to tangle with yours, his toes intentionally seeking out your feet to tickle you, and you would smack his chest and tell him to stop.

Then you became quiet, and you thought that he was getting sleepy when he kept closing his eyes every few seconds. But there was something a bit off, his lips barely parting in what seemed as an attempt to say something, but then he would shut his mouth again and sigh softly. The smile that was on his face earlier was now gone, and a small furrow on his brow was beginning to grow. So you lifted your hand and cupped his cheek softly for him to open his eyes and look at you, and when he did, some of the worry in his eyes went away and he sent a small smile. It wasn’t completely genuine though, you’d know that.

“What is it?”

“What?” He feigned confusion, and you nearly chuckled at his attempt to hide whatever it was he was trying to say.

“You’re a shitty liar Jimin, I thought we’ve established that a long time ago.” You smacked his cheek softly and he chuckled this time. Then, again, his face became bare of that smile and he sighed, gulping nervously.

“I’m not gonna force it out of you if you don’t wanna talk about it right now,” you sent him a comforting smile. “But you know you don’t need to keep anything from me.”

It was quiet. Not a sound was heard in the room. And then he spoke.

“It’s just - God, it’s getting harder for me everyday,” his voice was strained, as if he were in pain. And what you didn’t know was that he actually was in pain, the worst kind actually. The one that you can’t really do anything about.

A frown took over your face as concern started to seep through your veins at seeing the guy you loved and cared for so dearly slowly revealing what was making him so upset. And, god , you felt terrible for not noticing it before. How could he hide something that’s been bothering him for a long time without you noticing, while he could find out what was upsetting you before you even did?

“Talk to me,” you urged. He suddenly sat up in bed, his back now to you, and you felt your heart break at the slump in his shoulders with his head now in his hands, clearly showing you that this seemed pretty serious. You sat up as well, your hand resting on his shoulder and squeezing softly to reassure him.

“I’m in love with you, __.”

It was so quiet in the room you could hear a pin drop, and you partly held your breath in fear of it being too loud. You were motionless, your hand frozen on his shoulder in pure shock. Then it hit you.

Park Jimin just confessed to you.

The guy you never thought of as more than the closest of friend, who’d been there with you for years. He was with you through it all, the ups and downs. God, you had many, many downs, but he never showed the slightest hint of being tired with you and your shit.

He was there for you when you had your first high school heartbreak. After your crush had shown interest in your and slowly started getting closer to you, he finally dropped the bomb and asked you out. You were thrilled, fucking ecstatic. But after one date, and one date only, a few days later, you managed to find out that he had only done it as a bet. You ran to Jimin, holding back sobs of sadness and anger and frustration all mixed in one, spilling everything in a matter of seconds. He was seething with anger, but he put that anger aside for the time being to hold you in his arms and whisper soothing words in your ear, squeezing you so tightly onto his chest all the while holding you gently as if you were the frailest of beings.

He was there when your parents were against you wanting to study a different major in college than the one they wanted for you. You had a huge fight with them and ran out of the house, quickly texting Jimin to meet you in your usual spot at the park, and he was there before you were. He let your rant away in anger, frustrated tears running down your cheeks at your parents’ way of thinking. When you were done talking, he wiped away your tears and cupped your cheeks. We’ll figure it out, he said to you, before he brought your face closer to press a kiss to your forehead and hugged you for an hour straight, right there in the middle of the park.

And then when one of your girlfriends who you’d been friends with for years, her name was Jess, turned out to be the definition of the word backstabber. You didn’t find out until you saw a conversation on her phone between her and a guy you’d mentioned to her before, who you thought you liked. Despite the obvious flirting that you might’ve let slide without too big of a problem, it was filled with demeaning lies she was telling him about you, some about you being a whore who slept with anything with two legs, some about you cheating on your ex-boyfriends, some about you being a mean bitch. And, as usual, you went to Jimin, and he was there with open arms and a shoulder waiting for you to use.

He was there when you got your first job because college payments were starting to weigh down on you. It was only a simple, part-time job but you were still thrilled with it, happy to be making your own pay, even if it was only minimum for the time being. You called him immediately, squealing over the phone that you got the job, and he chuckled softly before congratulating you. “I’ll take you out tonight to celebrate then.”

The list went on and on and it would never stop if you had to list off every single thing you two had been through together. But at the moment, you had no idea what to do, what to say, what to feel. You felt the pressure slowly weighing down on your heart because you truly didn’t know how to handle this. However, you couldn’t say it back, not now, not so carelessly when you knew you were even 50% sure it was true. You loved him too much to be so unfair to him and lie to him that way.

“I..” Your voice trailed off, and you winced at even opening your stupid mouth before you put together a decent sentence in your frazzled mind.

He turned to you anyways, a small smile on his lips, and it was so sad you literally felt as if your heart was being wrenched and squeezed to cause you pain. He lifted his hand and grabbed yours that was on his shoulder, enveloping it in both of his. He looked down at your joined hands for a few seconds, and you did so as well, feeling some of the pain you felt just seconds ago decrease at the comfort this simple act brought, and then he looked up at you again.

“It’s fine, __,” he said. “You don’t have to say it back, I don’t expect you to say anything like that unless you mean it. Take your time, clear your head and think about this as long as you need.”

You nodded.

“I just need to ask you for one favor.”

“Anything you want.” Your voice was as soft as ever.

“In the mean time, don’t treat me any differently. Don’t treat me like the guy who just confessed his love for you, treat me as your best friend, yeah?”

You couldn’t help the smile that slowly overtook your lips, and he smiled as well, this one seeming more genuine than the last.

“Of course, Jimin.”

After that night, you tried not to show it, but everything became as clear as daylight to you. You noticed every little thing you managed to be so blind to before, and you felt like you could throw yourself off a cliff at being so stupidly oblivious all those years. All the simple things you thought Jimin only did out of pure niceness or just simply for the fact that you were his best friend, weren’t  that simple.

Like when you first broke your phone and he took about half the money he’d been saving up for the last year to buy you a new one. Or when, in your first year in uni, managed to fix both your schedules so that you had about 90% of your classes together, only managing to miss a few. Or when you found out he’d asked his brother to pitch and help him with some money on your birthday because he knew you’d had your eye on that one necklace you showed him once when you were walking around downtown. Or when he made a copy of his apartment keys especially made for you, with your own key chain as well that had both your initials carved into it, even when you knew he loved his privacy and it was one of his top priorities. Or when he spent a whole week at your house when you had a simple cold, adamant to spend a whole week to make sure you were okay even though you’d started feeling better after only three days.

And now you noticed those loving looks and smile he kept reserved only for you, the ones you used to think he gave to everyone because he was just that much of a sweetheart. The hugs he gave you, and the kisses he planted to your head.

You were still confused and your mind was a mess, but you tried to make him feel like nothing was wrong and that you were taking it well. And you really were trying, you were thinking about it. Not a second passed by without you thinking about it, trying to decipher how exactly you felt about. 

You just needed some time, and as long as Jimin was more than willing to offer that to you for as long as you liked, you were going to take it.

“You’re coming tonight right?” He asked through the phone.

“Yeah, of course. I wouldn’t miss his birthday for anything.” It was Jin’s birthday, and the guys along with a lot of other people are planning on celebrating it with him to the max tonight in one of your favorite bars that you usually gathered in.

“Great, I’ll pick you up then. Be ready at 9, yeah? Love you.”

And he hung up. Your eyes widened at that last statement, at the way he said it so naturally as if he was used to it. And as he sat there in his room, his phone now locked as he started at it with wide eyes, realizing the words he’d just let slip out of his mouth unintentionally. He was starting to panic on the inside, fear building up inside of him at the thought of you being annoyed or repulsed with those two simple words, but what he didn’t know was that you sat there, phone held in hand as well, similar to him, except there was a small smile spreading on your lips because it actually sounded so nice to hear those words from him come so casually and naturally.

Later that night, you were dressed in one of your favorite dresses. It was maroon colored. tight on your torso but flowed at the wait. It went down to mid-thigh and had an open back. You wore heels to top it off, and your hair was down with a bit of makeup. You didn’t know what to think of the fact that you wore this dress because Jimin had once said how much he liked it on you, and that it was his favorite color. Or that you let your hair down even after you’d earlier decided that you wanted it up, because you remembered Jimin saying he loved it when you had your hair down, natural and without a thing done to it. And that you cut down on your makeup because he loved the way you looked with minimal makeup. He said he appreciated the small effort you put in while still being able to see some features that he didn’t like to be hidden under makeup.

And so when you saw him waiting for you in the car, his head down as he used his phone, probably playing that game he was currently hooked on, you felt your heart beat faster and your palms got slightly sweaty. But then it all went away when you got in the car and he looked up at you, his eyes almost disappearing at the wide smile he gave you, teeth on full show and cheeks squished up in the most adorable way,

“You look gorgeous.” It wasn’t the first time he’d complimented you that way, but it was the first time you felt your cheeks heat up slightly, but you couldn’t even bother to hide it.

“You look dashingly handsome as well,” you teased, and he chuckled as he tried to tone down the slight blush that was begging to show on his cheeks. And at that moment, you honestly couldn’t help but lean across the gear lever and smacked your lips against his cheek, giggling when you saw the smudge your lipstick left on his skin.

“W-what was that for?” He chuckled, but you didn’t miss the small stutter at the beginning of his sentence.

“Just felt like it,” you answered simply with a smile as you lifted a hand to wipe away the color from his cheek.

The smile he sent your way had your heart fluttering in a way it never did before.

“Happy birthday, Jinnie!” You pulled him into a bear hug and he squeezed back just as tightly. You pulled away and held him by the shoulders, smiling at him widely. “You’re one year older now, maybe this’ll make your lame dad jokes sound funnier now that you’re- ow! Okay, okay, I’m done.” You let him go with a laugh as he scowled at you playfully.

“Just take your friend away Jimin, I don’t need to hear this on my birthday.” He pushed you towards Jimin, and you stumbled and fell into his arms, grateful that he steadied you firmly. You turned to Jin and flipped him off, but Jimin kept his arms around you nonetheless.

“If I leave, my present’s going with me so..” You turned to Jimin once again and wrapped your arm around his to pull him elsewhere, looking for empty seats so you could settle down. You pretended you didn’t almost hear your heartbeat in your ears because your arm was wrapped tightly around his, and you could feel his muscles beneath the material of his shirt.

The tables were filled with people whom you know, and some you didn’t. You greeted all of them nonetheless, letting go of Jimin to give a few hugs around, and then you felt his arm around your waist instead.

You settled down next to each other, both of your seats unconsciously turning towards each other as you engaged in a conversation about who would wear something flashier tonight, Taehyung or Namjoon, each of you betting on one. The bet ended in laughter as soon as the pair showed up, with you winning because of Taehyung, tears of laughter gathering at the corners of your eyes, Jimin leaning his forehead against your shoulder in an attempt to hide his laughter as some of the eyes around you turned to you with amused looks.

“Fine, I’ll get the drinks, you earned it.” he sighed with a smile and stood up, and you nodded triumphantly. You watched as he talked to the bar, raising his hand to grab the attention of the bar tender. However, out of the corner of your eye, you saw someone get up, and when you looked their way, it was a girl. A very pretty one at that.

She was sat with a few of your friends, but her face wasn’t very familiar to you. That wasn’t your concern at the moment. Your concern was that you saw the look in her eyes, and it was fixed on Jimin. Her walk was determined as she made her way to the bar, and you suddenly felt queasy. The smile that was once on your lips was slowly fading away the more you took in her appearance. She looked damn near perfect. Hair long and wavy, a shine to it that made yours look dull. She had on a skin tight dress that showed off her gorgeous figure, and her legs seemed so long and toned in the heels she was wearing. Not only did she have the body, but her face was really cute as well.

The more you analyzed this girl who has now reached Jimin and tapped him on the shoulder shyly, the more you slumped in your seat and uneasy feeling in your stomach seemed to grow.

“You look like you want to jump off a cliff,” a voice suddenly sounded in your ear and you jumped in surprise. You looked to your left to see Jungkook next to you, smiling at you with a knowing look on his face. You quickly put a smile on your face and shook your head with a laugh.

“And why would I want to do that?” You teased, leaning back in your seat.

“Are you really trying to bullshit me right now?”

“Jungkook, what the hell are you-”

“You know,” he cut you off and leaned towards your seat to say something that only you would hear, and you felt your heart speed up for what had to be the third time so far this night at his words. “He only has eyes for you, so don’t stress it too much.”

“What’re you talking about?” You tried to steady your voice and sound as confused as you could, but you had a feeling you knew what.

“You know what I’m talking about,” he repeated your thoughts aloud. You couldn’t handle looking at him anymore, knowing he had you figured out, and turned your gaze to the bar once again. Though you wish you hadn’t because the sight made you rage with jealousy. Yes, jealousy, that’s what it was. JImin was still waiting for the drinks to arrive and the girl was standing too close to him than what you thought was necessary, giving him those heart eyes and swooning up at him with a flirty gaze. You could almost hear her obnoxious giggle in your head.

You were so blinded by your jealousy that you didn’t even see the uncomfortable look on Jimin’s face at the moment, clearly trying to weasel his way out of the conversation that didn’t seem to end.

“If you can’t see it, I’ll tell you that Jimin is more than not interested in her because it looks like he’s being tortured right now,” Jungkook said, and you could hear the smile in his voice. And true to his words, you finally looked up at Jimin’s face, only to see the uncomfortable expression he adorned, a smile so fake on his lips you almost laughed right then and there.

You heard yourself sigh in relief, and Jungkook chuckled beside you. “Your his best friend, aren’t you supposed to help him out of this?”

You looked to him to see if he was serious, and he raised his eyebrows at you with a smile, as if challenging you to do it. You took a deep breath, put your clutch aside and got up from your seat. You would’ve been deaf not to hear the ‘yes’ that Jungkook said as you made your way to Jimin, and you could almost imagine him fist-bumping the air.

“Babe,” you put on your ‘girlfriend’ voice, wrapping your arms around Jimin in a back-hug. He jumped slightly at the sudden contact, turning his head to look at you with a surprised look but you only smiled at him, hoping he got the message. “What’s taking you so long?”

His surprised look was suddenly replaced with a smile of his own, and he grabbed your hand to pull you next to him, wrapping his arm around your shoulder and placing a kiss to the top of your head. You felt like you could melt right fucking there. God, you never wanted to leave his arms. He smelled so good, and he literally radiated warmth, tempting you to cling onto him like a damn koala.

“Sorry, baby,” he said, and if it weren’t for you supporting yourself on him, your knees would’ve wobbled at the pet name. “The drinks are taking a while.”

The girl awkwardly cleared her throat, and you almost scoffed at the sight of her still there. But you managed to put on a fake smile when you turned to her, greeting her nicely despite her eyeing you up as if you were trying to steal her man.

“Hi,” you said cheerfully. “Who are you?”

Jimin snorted lowly, but it was enough to be heard, so he quickly tried to cover it up with a cough. He tightened his arm around you, and you took it a step further by stepping in front of him. He was sat on one of the stools, so he parted his legs for you and you leaned back into his chest as he wrapped both arms around your waist and rested his chin casually on your shoulder.

You could practically hear her seething.

“I’m Jane,” she answered curtly with a smile so fake you almost vomited. Her eyes turned to Jimin once again and what she said next surprised you. “Is this your girlfriend or something? My friend told me you two were just friends so..” She trailed off as if awaiting for some type of explanation.

You couldn’t help the scoff that left your lips, but then Jimin squeezed your waist to calm you down, knowing you had a low tolerance level for rude people. “I don’t really care what your friend told you, but just to clear everything up here. Yes, we’re dating, and I’d appreciate it if you’d stop ogling my boyfriend,” your smile was sickeningly sweet in contrast to your words. It felt nice to say those words. Dating. Boyfriend. Jimin. They all seemed to sound nice coming together.

She scoffed and with a barely audible ‘whatever’, she turned away and went to the restrooms. You felt relief when she disappeared from your sight, relaxing against Jimin’s chest. Then you felt his chest rumble and you knew he was chuckling.

“Thanks for that, she wouldn’t take a hint.” His words were followed with a kiss that was pressed to your cheek. You turned to him, and was pleased when his arms didn’t loosen their grip from your waist, looking up at him with a smile.

“It was my pleasure really,” you chuckled. “She seemed like a bitch anyways.”

The smile he gave you told you he knew. He knew everything. But he kept his word and stayed quiet, not pressing the subject further and giving you the time you needed. But somewhere in the back of his mind, he knew that it was working, and that you were starting to realize everything. He was willing to give you all the time in the world if it meant you would end up being his.

“Don’t get drunk, Jimin.”

“Don’t drink too much, Jimin.”

“Jimin, this is your fourth drink already.”

“I think you should cut down on the drinks, Jimin.”

Despite all your warnings throughout the night, he still ended up dunk. Drink after drink, he would promise it was his last one, but then he’d tilt his head and give you that look that made you think you were best friends with a damn puppy, and you would cave in. You thanked god that you had the self control to stop from consuming too much alcohol yourself, because if it wasn’t you that took care of drunk Jimin, then who would it be?

“I’m not drunk, __,” he whined, and you giggled when he attempted to rest his elbow on the table but only managed to slip and nearly bump his head on the wooden surface.

“Sure, sweetie, you’re not. But no more drinks for you anyways,” you tried to say as sternly as possible.

“Fine,” he huffed with a pout and rested his chin against his hand, gaze fixed on you. A lot of the people that were here had left since it was past 2 AM now, not more than ten people still sitting at the tables, most probably drunk as well, even Jin since he was the birthday boy.

Your eyes landed back on Jimin to see that he was still staring at you silently, and you shifted under his intense gaze.

“What’re you thinking about?” You asked quietly.

“You.” Your eyebrows raised.

“Me?” You leaned towards him and rested your head in the same position as his, now facing each other. “What about me, Jimin?”

“You’re gorgeous.” He blurted out, and you felt your face heat up. “You’re so, so gorgeous. I’ve thought so since we were kids, even in middle school when you got your braces,” he giggled and you smacked his arm but stayed quiet. “Even in high-school when you had that stupid hippie phase that lasted three months.” You groaned at that, but you couldn’t help but giggle as well. “Even when you’re crying and you feel like shit, you still manage to look so fucking beautiful. How is that possible?” You didn’t think you were supposed to reply to that, and he continued talking. “I know I said I’d give you as much time as you needed, and I’m still keeping that promise, but it’s honestly taking so much willpower for me not to kiss you right now..” His eyes were hazy as they stared at you, the look in his eyes holding so much love and want for you.

Your face was now beet red at his words, and you gulped nervously when you saw his eyes flicker down to your lips. But you couldn’t let this happen, not like this, when he was drunk and would most probably forget he even did it the following morning. So you smiled softly and got up from your seat, grabbing his arm to help him up.

“Let’s get you home, Jimin.”

When you were laying in bed one Friday night, scrolling through your Instagram feed, you really didn’t expect your thoughts to take a downhill turn he so quickly.

You saw a photo of Jimin. You smiled, double tapped and scrolled past it. But then after a few more photos, you quickly scrolled back up, looking at it for a few seconds before you clicked on his name. His account showed up on your screen, and that familiar warm feeling entered your tummy when you started to flick through his pictures, most of them being with you. Some were just downright silly with the ugliest faces, some with you two smiling like normal people, and some were of only you. Those photos were his favorites, he once said to you, because he took them without you noticing and you looked effortlessly beautiful. Which was frustrating and unfair, he’d add in the end with a laugh.

You paused on one photo in particular. It was an old one, years ago. You were on his back, gripping his shoulder and he was holding up your legs around his waist, and Jungkook had then managed to snap that photo seconds before the both of you went tumbling to the ground.

You loved this man so much it hurt. You weren’t hesitating it admitting to yourself that, yes, you felt the same way about him that he felt about you. But what ifs were starting to take their toll on you, and you knew you shouldn’t let that happen. You should just do what makes the both of you happy and end the wait, but then… what if?

What if you two broke up? What if it didn’t work out? What if, once you two started dating, he would quickly get tired after realizing you weren’t anything special? What if you two grew apart?

No. No. You couldn’t handle that, not ever. He was too important for you to lose. He was there with you your whole life and you weren’t about to make a mistake and even consider the idea of losing him along the way.

As much as you craved to tell him how you felt, to tell him everything, and have him wrap you in his arms and kiss you again and again, you couldn’t. You gulped down a heavy sigh, but the lump in your throat was stuck there as you felt tears pool up in your eyes.

You took your phone out, choosing that a text would be much easier to do this than over a phone call or in person.

i’ve thought about what you’ve told me a lot over the past few weeks.. you know i love you jimin, i love you to death, but i think it’s better if we stay friends. i’m sorry

Six days. Six days and he still hasn’t texted you, called you, seen you or made any type of contact. You didn’t know if you were angry or guilty, or maybe both at the same time.

You knew this would happen. You two weren’t even in a relationship and he wasn’t talking to you because you rejected his feelings. You couldn’t lie and say you expected this though, you were hurt to say the least. You didn’t think this would be enough to throw over a decade of friendship away, you thought you were more important to him and he loved you enough to try and move on.

But clearly you weren’t.

Currently on your living room couch, TV on but you weren’t really watching, lost in your thoughts as you thought about what you should do. Then the door of your apartment swung open and you jumped up from your couch, hand on your heart as you saw Jungkook march into the living room.

“What the fuck, Kook? You can’t just barge in like that, I could’ve -”

“What the hell did you tell, Jimin?” His voice wasn’t high but you could hear the anger in it. You froze in your spot, and the look he was giving you only made you shift your gaze to the ground for a few seconds before you looked back up.

“Did he tell you?” You asked.

“No, but I’m guessing it’s something really stupid considering the way he’s been acting the past few days,” he snapped.

“I’m trying to talk to him, but he won’t answer! I must’ve called a hundred times but he won’t even answer me,” you defended yourself. “I’m not gonna go and force him to talk to me, if he needs space for a little while, I’ll give it to him.”

“Oh yeah, well he sure is enjoying his space alright,” he sighed, uncrossing his arms and walked forward to sit down on the couch. He ran his hands down his face before he looked back up at you. “Do you know what he’s up to tonight?”

“I told you, Jungkook, he hasn’t been answering any of my calls. How the hell would I know?” You huffed, dropping down on the couch next to him. Then the words that left his lips hit you harder than a fucking truck.

“He’s going on a date.”

Your mouth dropped open and you looked at him in disbelief, trying to ignore the gut-wrenching feeling you suddenly felt, hoping what you just heard was just a figment of your sick imagination.

“Yeah, a date,” he confirmed. “He said it was too much for him and that he needed a distraction.”

“A distraction?” You said in disbelief, slowly feeling a small twinge of anger rising inside you.

“Yeah, and to make it even worse, it’s with that girl from the bar the other night,” he continued, fueling that growing anger. “The one from Jin’s birth-”

“Yeah, I fucking know her, Jungkook,” you snapped.

“Alright, jeez, don’t shoot the messenger,” he held his hands up. “I just thought you’d better know.”

How could he do this? Six straight days you’d been drowning yourself in guilt, crying yourself to sleep at the thought of losing your best friend. He was your everything and you lost him. You hoped and prayed he would at least take some pity on you and talk to you face to face one last time to tell you he couldn’t be your friend anymore, so that you could see him one last time and be in his presence. 

But a date?  A distraction? Is this what he called being in love?

It was like someone had stabbed you in the back, and the last person you imagined would’ve made you feel this way was Park Jimin. Yet again, you were wrong.

You forced your anger to overpower your sadness, managing to hold back the tears to ask Jungkook the question that was nagging you. “Where is he?”

If you thought his answer before had destroyed you, the answer he gave you next sent you six feet under.

“At the diner you two go to.”

Angry tears that you couldn’t stop were streaming down your face as you got out of the cab, practically jogging up to the door of the diner. You looked through the glass windows to find him sitting alone at one of the tables, and it seemed as if you were getting all sorts of hits today when you realized he was sat at your usual table.

You swung the door open, not caring about the few heads that turned towards you as you stomped your way over to him, noticing that the seat across from him was empty.

Good, she must be in the bathroom or something.

You stood in front of him and wiped away your tears, but it was useless because a fresh wave escaped your eyes as soon as you did.

He looked up at you as soon as he felt your presence, and his eyes widened at the sight of you in tears. He quickly sprung up from his seat and took a step closer to you, lifting his hand in an attempt to wipe your tears but you took a step back quickly.

“__, baby, what’s wrong?” His voice was so good to hear after so many days, but it still hurt to hear it.

“You brought her here?” You whimpered out. “You brought her to our fucking place, Park Jimin? Is this what you call a distraction?” You tried to control your voice but it was shaky through the tears and half sobs you were letting out. “Football is a distraction. Golf is a distraction. Drinking is a distraction. Hell, even go to a fucking strip club for all I car, Jimin. But bringing someone you barely know to this place, and having the nerve to bring her to our table? Wow,” you chuckled bitterly, and you almost scoffed at the confused look on his face.

“__, what are you talking-”

“Six days, Jimin! No calling or texting or anything, and I was okay with that because you need your space, I know that,” your voice was desperate now. “But why would you do this? I thought you loved me.”

“I do,” he said in a heartbeat, and he took a step closer and held your hand before you could step back. “I do. I love you so fucking much, but what the hell are you talking about right now? Who did I bring here? __, I’m so confused, just please talk to me.”

“Jungkook told me you were here on a date, Jimin,” you sniffled, using your free hand to wipe some tears away as you took a deep breath in an attempt to calm down.

“He did what?” His tone was shocked, and you almost believed.

“Come on, Jimin. Cut the crap, why would he-”

“Oh, hey, __. I didn’t know you were coming.” You heard a familiar voice come from your left, and your head snapped to see Taehyung making his way over. “Sorry, I was in the restr- woah, are you okay? What’s wrong?” His smile was wiped off and his voice filled with concern at the sight of you in tears.

Your eyes quickly went back to Jimin and he was already looking at you, eyebrows raised as if to tell you, see?

“Oh, erm, hi Tae..” You said awkwardly, letting go of Jimin’s hand and wiping at your tears hastily, attempting to fix your distressed state as you felt your face become red. “Yeah, I just needed to talk to Jimin real quick.”

“__, come on. I need to talk to you,” Jimin grabbed your hand. “I’ll catch up with you later Tae.”

Tae smiled understandingly and waved the both of you off as Jimin pulled you by the hand outside of the diner, and even in a time like this, you cherished the warmth of his hand enveloping yours.

He kept walking until he reached his car, and he wordlessly held the door open for you after he unlocked it before making his way to the driver’s seat. He got in but didn’t put the keys in the ignition, sitting quietly for about a minute straight before he spoke up.

“So you came here because Jungkook told you I brought some girl here on a date?” He asked.

“Kind of..”

“That little shit,” he growled. “He always has to stick his nose in other people’s shit and-”

“I’m glad he did, Jimin,” you cut him off. You knew he turned his head to look at you but you kept staring ahead, eyes fixed on a flickering street lamp in the nearly empty parking lot. “If it weren’t for him, who knows how long it would’ve taken me to talk to you.”

“I’m sorry. I was gonna call you soon, I just..” He trailed off, guilt evident in his voice, and you felt the same exact feeling because he didn’t do anything wrong, nothing.

“Don’t apologize, you had every right not to answer,” your voice sounded choked and you felt like the tears were coming back any second now. “I mean, what kind of best friend am I? I couldn’t even tell you in person, when you deserved an actual conversation and a full explanation about it, I texted you a short meaningless text like I was ordering a fucking pizza or something,” you sniffled when you felt a tear slowly slide down your cheek.

You felt his hand on your cheek, his thumb softly stopping the tear on its path, and you turned your head to look at him, eyes filled with sorrow and regret.

“I’m so sorry, Jimin.”

“Don’t apologize, __. You can’t help your feelings. It’s not your fault that you don’t love-”

“But I do!” You blurted out desperately, not standing the thought of him thinking you didn’t. “I do, I love you so fucking much, Jimin. I’m so in love with you.” Your hand came up and grabbed his that was on your cheek, holding it tightly in both hands, your body shifting slightly so you could face him properly. “I just don’t want to lose you. You mean the world to me and just the thought of something going wrong and then us drifting apart makes me go crazy. I just -” You took a deep breath in an attempt to calm down. “I can’t live without you.”

“You won’t have to. You won’t ever have to do that, __.” His tone was so soft and reassuring, you found yourself leaning over the console and throwing your arms around his neg in a tight hug. You buried your head in his neck, your tears wetting his neck but he didn’t seem to care as he buried his face in your hair. His arms tightened around your waist and he helped you lift yourself and maneuver your way into his lap. “No matter what, I’ll never leave you. I thought you’d know that by now considering the way I’ve been stuck by your ass for the past decade or something.”

You couldn’t help but chuckle despite your tears and he chuckled as well, and you tightened your arms around his neck, digging your face deeper into his neck to inhale his scent, something that always managed to calm you down.

You stayed that way for who knows how long, wrapped in each other’s arms, unable to pull away. But then a knock on the car window caused you two to jump apart in surprise, and you looked to see two smiling faces. Jimin hissed in displeasure but rolled his window down nonetheless.

“The hell are you doing here?” His question was most probably pointed at Jungkook.

“Just checking up on you two since you can’t seem to take care of yourselves like fucking grownups,” he scoffed but he had a smile on his face, earning a chuckle from Taehyung.

“Get out of here before I kick both your asses,” Jimin threatened in a serious tone. “And don’t even get me started on what I’m gonna do with you later, you little -” You cut off his threat to Jungkook by giggling and leaning against his chest.

“You should let him off the hook this one time, babe,” you let the pet name slip and you saw his lips curl up slightly. “At least it worked.”

“Yeah, Jimin, it worked,” Jungkook said smugly. And this time you flipped him off before rolling up the window yourself, quite pleased with the black tinted glass.

“Hey! We need a ride!”

“I suggest you two leave before you hear anything you don’t wanna hear,” you yelled, giggling when they groaned, muttering ‘ew’ and ‘gross’ simultaneously before it was silent once again.

You looked back to Jimin to find him looking at you with a large grin on his face, and this time you were the first one to say it.

“I’m in love with you , Park Jimin.”

“__, fuck. Baby,” his head dropped back against the pillow as your kisses traveled down his bare chest, already slightly damp with sweat. You didn’t waste a single second and quickly unbuttoned his jeans, pulling them down with his help. You bit your lip when your eyes landed on the bulge in his boxers, showing clearly through the dark tight material.

His chest heaved up and down when you grabbed the hem with your teeth, your pinkies hooking on both ends on his hips to help you pull it down, his eyes glazed with burning lust that had your body scorching hot. As soon as you got them all the way down, your lips quickly found his length, mouthing up and down at the hardness. You pressed sloppy kisses to it before your tongue slipped out for a taste, and his groan only spurred you on.

Your hand grabbed the base of it to angle him properly to your mouth, and you licked your lips at the sight of him so hard and ready for you. He stared down at you, eyes wide with anticipation as he waited for your next move, but they quickly slid shut once again when took his head in your mouth.

“Fuck,” he groaned out, his voice sounding much deeper than usual, and you felt yourself fucking soaking through your panties. Thankfully, your panties were the only piece of clothing you had on, making the steps you had to take later on much easier.

You slowly started bobbing your head to take more of him in your mouth, absolutely loving the way he tasted in your mouth. You weren’t usually one to enjoy doing stuff like this, but something about giving Jimin pleasure and making him feel good was better than receiving pleasure yourself. And you showed it to him by trying to take as much of him into your mouth as you couch until he hit the back of your throat.

“__, shit -” You gagged against his length and pulled your mouth away to cough slightly, regaining your breath but making up for it by stroking him with your hand, your spit making it easy for you to move your hand up and down. You leaned down and enveloped him once again in the warmth of your mouth, earning a long moan from him.

You didn’t know for how long you did that, bobbing your head slowly before increasing your pace every once in a while, then slowing down once again. Nothing but the sound of your mouth working on him, lewd sucking noises filling the room, as well as his pants and groans with your occasional hums were heard.

“Baby, baby stop.” He gripped your hair and softly tugged in an effort to pull your mouth away from him, and you obliged. “Come’ere,” he panted and you immediately clambered on top of his body, desperate to reach his mouth and kiss those swollen lips that you never knew would feel so amazing on yours, so right.

His hands touched every inch of your skin, fingers groping tightly onto every curve with neediness, and your hands did the same. Your nails grazed his skin, unable to control yourself, occasionally tugging on his soft hair when he squeezed your ass tightly in both hands.

Your hips moved and ground down onto his, your clothed crotch making contact with his bare length, but fuck it felt so good. Your panties were so thin and soaked through, you could practically feel every ridge and vein along his cock, and the pace of your hips immediately increased in desperation as sparks of euphoria tingled throughout your body.

“Fuck, that feels so good,” his head dropped back against the pillow beneath his head, eyes fluttering shut and exposing his throat to your lips. Your mouth landed on his Adam’s apple, your teeth grazing it softly and he reciprocated by splaying both hands on your ass and squeezing harshly, pushing you down harder against him and thrusting his hips up at the same time, putting just the right amount of pressure on your clit.

“Jimin,” you whimpered out. “Please, let me ride you.”

“Anything you want, baby. I’m all yours.” His words were breathy, lost in the pleasure of having you so willing in pliant in his arms, wanting this just as badly as he did. He was ready to give you everything, his whole world on a golden platter if you so much as thought about asking for it. His love for you was overflowing and he couldn’t believe he was finally able to share it with you.

“__, ah - fuck, yeah.” His groans were sexier than you could ever imagine, doubling the pleasure that was already running through your body. “God, you ride me so fucking good.”

You whimpered at his words, your nails digging into his sweaty chest as you bounced on top of him. He filled you up so nicely, nothing like you’d ever felt before. You were both drenched in sweat by now, your heart stuck to the back of your neck, and his matted down to his forehead, beads of sweat on his temples. He looked like a god, skin shiny with sweat, face blissed out, eyes fluttering shut every few seconds but fighting their way back open, swollen lips parted to let out pants and groans, cheeks flushed red in the most fucked out way.

“Fuck, fuck,” you whimpered, bouncing faster on him, the sound of skin smacking against skin filling the room as your ass met his thick thighs with each movement you made. “Jimin, I love you so much, baby..

The loudest moan yet left his lips at your words, and he immediately sprang up from the mattress and sat up, his torso now flush against yours. He grabbed your hips and continued to bounce you on his cock.

“I love you, baby. I fucking love you,” he practically growled out the words before wrapping his arms tightly around your waist to flip you over. Your hands wrapped around him and gripped frantically onto his back when he immediately started pounding into you, crying out in immense pleasure at having the man you loved so much fuck you so good.

Your moans turned to scream, the bed squeaking in protest at the harsh movements Jimin made, your bodies moving desperately on the bed as you fucked like it was the last time, when it was actually only the first time of many, and the thought of that alone had you moaning louder.

“Jimin - fuck!” You squealed out, your head dropping back against the mattress when his mouth enveloped your nipple hungrily, sucking harshly at the sensitive bud as he continued his assault on your pussy. You could almost hear the sound of him moving inside you with how wet you were, but it was drowned out by louder much more prominent noises.

“Mine. You’re mine, baby,” he grunted, his hands slipping slightly on your thighs before he gripped them tightly and positioned them properly around his waist. His mouth found yours and he stuck his tongue in your mouth, giving extremely harsh thrusts and swallowing your desperate cries in return, You could do nothing but run your nails down his back, the sensations running through your body becoming too much for you.

His hands slid down from your thighs to your ass, gripping harshly before landing a smack there, and you couldn’t even cry out properly anymore, barely a whimper slipping out.

Jimin fucked you through your first orgasm, staring at you with glazed eyes as you writhed beneath him in sensitivity, eyes eating you up with insatiable hunger that had been pent up through years.

He turned you on your hands and knees and fucked you hard and fast, before your hands gave out and you dropped your face into the mattress. But he couldn’t even bother to stop, fucking you with your cries muffled into the sheets as you gripped them so tight, you were pretty sure they ripped.

He then flipped you once again on your back and leaned down so his body was completely stuck to yours before fucking you slow and deep, building up your orgasm in the best way possible, agonizingly yet beautifully slowly, and it was so intense you had tears of pleasure running down your cheeks by the end of it.

He fucked you through the night, taking you in every way he imagined possible, pleasuring your body like never before, all the while releasing all the pent up frustration he had on your body and making it his once and for all.

You woke up and turned to find him already staring at you with a smile so full of love and adoration, you were bashful. You smiled back and he leaned in to peck your lips.

“I love you,” you whispered against his lips, and he whispered it back in a heartbeat. You moved closer to hug him, your head resting on his chest. You’ve never felt safer than in his arms right now, legs tangled, bodies bare and stuck together as if they were one beneath the warm sheets.

Alluring Tune | m

Pairing: Yoongi x reader
Genre: Fluff, a lot of smut
Warnings: Mature content
Word Count: 4.5K

His voice was almost a whisper, warm breath hitting the shell of your ear. And the heat coupled with the slow, savory movements of his fingers overtop the thin fabric had an almost numbing effect, your mind drawing a blank as you enter an intoxicating haze.

“I thought there was no punishment?” you manage to say, swallowing back the moans that threatened to escape.
“This is a demonstration baby, not a punishment.”

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