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BTS reaction to seeing your child for the first time after a one night stand

Request: Hello! Can i request a BTS and GOT7 reaction to seeing their child for the first time out of a ONE NIGHT STAND? please, thanks xo

Wow, This was a very interesting one


 I have included children/babies of mixed race in this to make it more applicable to the western fan base. A lot of imagines and scenarios are based on the girl/boy being of Korean descendant. As a black British fan, i sometimes feel a bit awkward whilst reading that she has long black hair and smooth white skin, so whilst including some just Korean babies, i have included races such as black, Mexican, white ect. Please do not bother sending hate, i just feel like this is more comfortable for me to writeand hopefully more people will feel the same way too. ^-^ (AND THIS TOOK FOREVER,Got7 version will be up tomorrow!)


It would probably be completely by chance. I can imagine it being three years ago and he and the boys were just celebrating getting number 1 on music bank. A few drinks lead to more and eventually the both of you ended up in a toilet cubicle. You discovered you were pregnant and gave birth to a healthy baby boy called Jin Soo (L/N). You were taking him out for lunch in a nearby park where coincidentally was the same park BTS was shooting their new music video in. Throughout the shooting, Jungkook could not take his eyes off you. Whilst They were on break, he came up to you and asked “Good afternoon, have we met before?” You sighed and nodded whilst whispering a small reply “Yeah, three years ago in a bathroom, and this was the result.Say hello to your son” He looked shocked yet scared as the young boy smiled at him.

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He would be completely wasted during his one stand with you. He was just looking for a way to relieve the stress he had gotten whilst preparing for their big comeback. He was having drink after drink and saw you sitting away but not to far. He went over to talk to you and before you knew it, you were at a hotel room,somewhere in town, discarding both of your clothes everywhere. When you woke up, you immediately felt ashamed. You quickly scribbled down a note with your number and left. During those five years, you never picked up any calls and eventually changed phone. You had given birth to a girl, now five years old, called Ji Hee. You finally decided to tell him after all this time and called him. He was surprised to hear you voice but was still happy to meet you. He would wait anxiously in a small coffee shop and smiled as you came in. But the smile disappeared once Ji Hee greeted him as well. Ji Hee looked to much like him for him not to notice. He covered his head with his hands and muttered “Fuck, why didn’t you tell me earlier”

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Taehyung would not acknowledge at all after the one night stand. He just saw as a little pill that he wanted to get high from and never try again. It was wild, messy and short that night, but you never heard from him again. You went to being good friends to nobodies. He deleted your contact from his phone and blocked you on everything else. So when you gave birth, there was no way of knowing at all. You had had enough after 4 years and decided to find him yourself. After (secretly) getting help from some saesangs on the internet posing as fan, you went to their next location for shooting and spotted him immediately. You stormed up to him whilst carrying Nova-Mi in your hands. Before he could call security you interrupted him by saying “At least say hi to your daughter you dickhead” harshly He and some of the others looked at you in shock before his face fell and became very sad whilst mumbling “..I didn’t know”

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You and Yoongi’s one night stand would be awkwardly alright. The two of you would have be good friends and familiar with each other. It is just that after one night of having fun and messing about doing drinking games, the tension grew between the two of you and one thing lead to another. In the morning, you both would be very awkward about it and agree to completely dismiss the night. You went back to your home country to continue your studies and found that you were pregnant and gave birth to a Mark. After two years, you returned to Korea and Yoongi wanted to meet up with you. He was shocked to see you holding a child in your hands and chuckled unbelieving. “You know what, It could be worse, i could hate you” 

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You and Jin would have always been good friends, just with sexual tension between the two of you. So when you told him that you were due back home, he asked if he could have just one night with you. You thought that you would never come back to Korea and agreed and both of you had an enjoyable night. The following morning you both said your goodbyes and you returned home. Little did you know that you were pregnant, and nine months later you gave birth to Juan. He had your features mixed with a tad of Jin’s. You knew you had to tell him. You spent three years saving enough money to survive in Korea for  bit and flew back their. Jin, who was ecstatic to see you again, wasted no time to greet you at the airport. You were greeted with a bear hug, but when he pulled back and saw Juan and asked whose child it was, you slowly mumbled that it was his and he was frozen. After a few moments he sighed whilst saying “ You know, this was really irresponsible, how are we going to deal with this Y/N?”

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You and J-hope probably will have done this by complete accident. I can imagine it being started from a simple game such as 7 minutes in heaven which went too seriously. You thought nothing of it that night until a few weeks later, you had realised that you were pregnant. You felt so ashamed and since Hobi was a close friend to you, you would have not wanted him to be affected or distracted so you decided to just shut him out of your life. After 4 years, you had given birth to a beautiful girl called Aiko, and she was the pride and joy of your life. You were busy making lunch one day and the doorbell had rung, before you could clean up a bit, Aiko has gone and ran to the door. You quickly made yourself looked decent before going to the door and stared gobsmacked as you saw Hobi holding your child. Aiko knew about her dad already and smiled cheekily at you as she said “ eomma! I found Appa!”

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Rap Monster

Rap monster and you would have only been acquaintances. Maybe occasionally pass him in the office or a simple hi on the street. It was when it was the company dinner and the two of you had a bit too much to drink. The more drinks you had, the more touchy the two of you had gotten. By the end of the night, the two of you were in your car, going at it. Ever since the incident, the two of you completely ignored each other. When you had found out that you were pregnant, you decided to leave your job and go in order to prevent minimal disruption to anybodies work lives or the boys career. You soon gave birth to a girl and called her Quyen (Pronounced Kwin- Please correct me if i am wrong). It had been about two years and you were in the middle of feeding her when the door bell rang. You went to answer the door and stared in shock when you saw Namjoon. “Look, if it was me that caused you to quit i am sorry but pl-” he stopped when he saw the baby and mentally slapped himself.“So, thats why”

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Kick It

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  • Unsurprisingly, Choi Minho is the star of your university’s soccer team.
  • Captain, top goal-scorer, unofficial mascot; Choi Minho.
  •  He spends 99.9% of his time on the field either playing or practicing. And when he’s not playing? He’s cheering on his teammates.
  • If superlatives were still a thing in college, you bet Minho would be voted most spirited.
  • With the amount of time he spends on the field, you’d think that he didn’t have any classes or, at the very least, he’d be failing the ones he does have.
  • But no.  Minho takes his academics just as seriously as he takes his football.
  • Which is why, more often than not, Minho spends nights that he doesn’t have practice or a match cooped up in the library.
  • And that is exactly where the two of you met.

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when you can’t afford to watch bon voyage season 2 and is waiting for a generous soul to upload everything on youtube

Seventeen Reaction |Catching/finding out their son is being kinda rebellious| |REQUEST|

 Age 15-17, Having sex, smoking and drinking 

S.coups:He would be home clearing his mind thinking about when you got home.Suddenly the smell of smoke was in the house when he walked outside to see where it was coming from it made him mad.His 15 year old was smoking with his friends outside of the house.He grabbed his hand and took him inside. “Me and your mom worry about you just wait until she gets here we have something to talk about”

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Vernon:He waited outside of the school for his son he noticed he wasn’t out yet.He got out the car and walked around only to see his son drinking with some girl.He grabbed the bottle passing hi to the girl and grabbing his son by his hoodie.Once he got him the car he started. “You think going out here at the age of 16 and drinking is cool, Just wait until we get home”

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Wonwoo:He got home and you were sleeping he smiled to himself when he seen you.When he went to check on his 17 year old he wished he didn’t when he got him and another girl doing it he freaked out.He rushed to the room you asked him why. “Um so i went to check on our son and he is uh having sex” 

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Mingyu:He was already for sure ready to tell his son about the “Birds and the bees”All though you told him no.He knew he was 15 but he knew he would grow into a man fast.Just as he was going to tell his son his words were gone they stopped and looked at him.He rushed downstairs. “My eyes seen something they don’t wanna see”

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Hoshi:He was gonna teach his 16 year old son how to dance but how could he if he wasn’t there.He called him and looked for him and right outside the company there he was smoking.He walked over to his son sitting down looking him dead in the eye. “How can i teach you to dance if you will have problems breathing, Stop killing your lungs” 

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Jun:He was ready to be a father so raising his son was nothing at all to him.One day he was outside talking when his son walked up to him only for his mouth to smell like burning alcohol. “You have been drinking, What have i told you about this”

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The8:His son was only 17 so what was the big problem he thought but there was a huge problem.He had caught his son drinking you knew about it but you didn’t tell him.When you broke the news to him and his son looked at you guys he only gave out a sigh. “You both need to tell me things despite my anger, Now go to your room and think about it and y/n tell me things like this next time”

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Dino:He was once young so his 15 year old son had no affect to him but he did things the other way around.He hated seeing him drink and smoke he never had a chance to talk to him about it.He watched his son before walking over and taking it from his hands. “Forget about this stuff son, I need to talk to you”

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Woozi:Even if his son was 17 height didn’t matter in his son’s eyes he was still his dad that sometimes had him afraid.Woozi knew about this problem but didn’t wanna tell him.He walked up to his son and his son was ready for whatever his father was going to say. “You are 17, Having sex, smoking and drinking, Honestly i don’t even know if you care anymore”

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Jeonghan:His son was only 16 so to him every teen was gonna do as they pleased but his son went out of his limit.He caught him having sex but didn’t say anything.When his son got home from school he had was waiting for him. “Don’t even say you did all your work and you are not allowed to have Mina over i seen you guys having sex”

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Joshua:He didn’t even wanna know why his 15 year old son walked out the house with his girlfriend.He didn’t like the thought of it but he already knew what happened and so did you.When you both sat on the couch talking he brought it up. “And i closed the door because it would of been a silent moment”

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Seungkwan:He would care about son but being 16 he was gonna do what he wanted to.It was night time and he heard giggles from the living room his son was drinking with a girl.He walked downstairs looking at him. “Do i even wanna know what you have planned next, Also welcome you might as well stay the night and keep your bedroom door open”

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DK:15 and he knew his son didn’t care what he had to say but he would say it anyways.To admit his son was just like him silly but for some reason his new group of friends changed that for him.When his son got home he gave him the bottle crying.He patted his sons back. “I know you hate doing it, just stop hanging out with them”

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Koala Cuddles

Drabble: “may i request a sleepy wonpil drabble/oneshot where he gets super clingy? (omg he’s already so clingy to begin with……)” @day69
Pairing: Kim Wonpil/Wonpil x Reader
Note: I love writing for sleepy babes, they’re so cute!

“No, y/n, comeback!”

“Wonpil, let go.” You rolled your eyes as you let out a small sigh, turning your gaze back to Wonpil as he grasped your hand tightly in his own. His body was draped lazily over the bed, his arms stretched out in front of him to keep you from leaving. Despite how tired he was saying that he was, the grip that he had on your hand was surprisingly strong.

“Only if you come lay down again,” Wonpil tugged lightly on your hand as he smiled widely at you, and suddenly his mouth widened a bit as he let out a big yawn. The action brought a small smile to your lips, and your heart seemed to burst with affection as he turned back to look at you with big, tired puppy eyes. “Please, just come back to bed with me!”

With a small groan you let your face fall to the ground, and reluctantly you turned around, finally giving into his pestering. Another large smile formed on Wonpils lips as he saw you move back towards him, and he gave another tug on your hand to speed you up as he moved over a bit. You let him tug you back into the bed, and as soon as you were on the mattress he wrapped his arms around your stomach tightly. He pulled you closer to him, burying his face into your neck as he threw a leg comfortably over your own.

“Thank you,” He hummed quietly, finally shutting his eyes as you followed suit and wrapped your arms around him. You shook your head in amusement at his childish actions, and you pressed a small kiss to his cheek before you gently ran a hand through his hair.

“Whatever, you koala.” You let out a small laugh at your own joke, making Wonpil squeeze your middle a bit as he leaned his head against your own. “I hope you know that I—”

“Go to sleep, y/n,” He whispered, interrupting you as he pressed a chaste kiss to your temple before snuggling closer, if it was even possible, to you. “We can talk in the morning, okay?”

“You’re such a baby, good night, Wonpil.”

Vernon (Seventeen) as Your Best Friend

Requested By: Anon

A/N: He’s my second bias but now I want him as my best friend dagnammit.

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  • @ him: Headlines, headlines // Him: *throws pillow at you*
  • He’d take ((or drag)) you to any concert consisting of Drake, T.I, J Cole, Nicki Minaj and Kendrick Lamar
  • Frequent conversations in English. Duh.
  • “You suck at speaking Korean” even though you’re lowkey better than him
  • “Hey, Sofia misses you”
  • “I swear if you tickle me one more time…” // *tickles him anyway*
  • @ him: Stop acting cute in front of girl groups // Him: Should I act cute in front of you then?

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Hehe I actually laughed quite a bit! Especially at the part where Eunwoo starts jumping on the readers hand! It's funny to imagine such a tiny being jumping on your hand ~ anon Luna🌙

Haha, that’s good I’m glad you liked it ^^ And same, I imagine a tiny human jumping everywhere and screaming with his high pitched voice, that’s so cute :’) Eunwoo is so precious, I’m starting to love him more and more ~

Well, no matter if he’s normal-sized or pocket-sized, Eunwoo is really cute, precious sunshine boy ~ He’s so cute when excited and full of energy

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Imagine a tiny Eunwoo making grabby hand at you when he needs you to hold him up (so he can kiss you) or when he wants to cuddle (add a little pout and you’ll melt away~)

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Despite his size he has a lot of strength. He likes carrying his brothers around, especially when he’s happy

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He actually loves carry Moonbin the most

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Of course the small dongsaeng would never complain about it, he loves it too (look at his precious smile)

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He wants to be the adult of the little group, often acting like a mom but he’s just a kid inside

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And he sometimes depends on Jinjin in bad situations so he’s more, like, sharing the responsibilities with his dear hyung (look at this precious boy being all shy and happy while saying that aww)

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GOT7 as things I have heard my friends say

Mark: “Why do people always think that I’ll shoot up the school just because I am quiet??”

Jaebum: “I lied to you guys… I actually really like when you all hug me. But.. Just not too often. Okay. I still need to seem cool.”

Jackson: “I am ready to fight. I will fight you. I will fight him. I will fight her. Hell. I will fight myself. I am ready for it.”

Jinyoung: “You’re a sinner.” (Why can I actually imagine Jinyoung saying this?)

Youngjae: “I picked you flowers outside, but I got yelled at for picking them. So I am giving you the flower petal that I kept anyway.”

Bambam: “Eww. Gross. Get that away from me.”

Yugyeom: “You know. I could have admitted to what I did, but it was easier to blame someone else for it.”

Monsta X Drabble #2

Drabble: “Can you do a scenario with jinjin from astro or kihyun from monsta x where you’re not really good with romance, like you get awkward with it? Thanks dear!”
Pairing: Yoo Kihyun/Kihyun x Reader

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“Why do you always shy away?”

“What?” You looked up from your book, your eyebrows furrowing in confusion as you looked to Kihyun. “I don’t know what you—”

“Come on, y/n,” Kihyun gave you a look as he flopped down on to the bed next to you, grabbing the book from your hands before he narrowed his eyes. “I mean, I want to know if your uncomfortable with it, but you never say anything so—”

“No!” You felt a blush rise to your cheeks, and you quickly shook your head as you looked away. “It’s not that I’m uncomfortable with it, I just…” Your voice trailed off at the end, a deeper red coloring your cheeks before you buried your face into your hands.

“Sorry, what was that?” Kihyun moved closer to you, and he leaned his face towards yours in order to hear your comment. “Y/n, I can’t hear what you’re saying.”

You sighed into your hands, and suddenly you jumped as Kihyun gently grabbed your hands, prying them away from your face. “S-sorry, its just that— I’m kinda… awkward when it gets to romance and stuff of the nature,” You said, gnawing gently on your bottom lip. “It’s not that I don’t love you, because I really do, I’m just… not.. experienced, I guess. It’s just awkward.”

“Oh,” A look of sudden realization flashed across Kihyuns face, and he nodded his head before he grabbed you, pulling your body on to his as he laid down on the bed, a smirk pulling up his lips. “Is that all?”

“I swear, if I hear teasing I will kick you.”

Chills (Chanyeol)

Our hands were intertwined together as we took steps down the park. I had on a long sleeve shirt with a scarf while he had on a jacket over his sweater.
It was autumn, the air was chilly and dead leaves rolling across the ground like small tumbleweeds. We were one of the few couples taking a walk around the park.

“Hey, do you mind if I stay at your place today?” Chanyeol asked, looking down at me. I raised an eyebrow.

“What for? Did something happen at the dorm?” I questioned. He gave a nervous chuckle.

“Well, not yet. Something will happen if I return. I kind of got Kyungsoo angry because I was being an asshole.” a mischievous smile crept on his lips.

“I put his phone on top of the fridge for him to find. He hasn’t called yet but I have a feeling it’ll be any minute now.” he explained, causing my to let out a laugh.

“You’re always welcomed at my place if Kyungsoo is pissed off at you.” I replied as we kept walking, our hands swinging back and forth. Even in my heeled boots, he was still taller. Our conversation went on and on from superheros to naming dogs.

A cold breeze blew by causing me to shiver slightly. Chanyeol noticed with a smirk.

“I told you to bring a jacket. But what did you say again?” he pretended to think with his finger on his chin.

“‘Oppa, I’m fine! It’s not even cold.’” he imitated me with a high voice and obnoxious hand motions, causing me to smack his arm with a giggle. He simply laughed while taking off his jacket and draped it over my shoulders before taking my hand again.

“Lets get home and make something warm to drink. We can cuddle and watch movies, okay?” he suggested, pulling me along back to my apartment. Once back and or shoes were off, he went to upstairs after telling me;

“I’ll go grab blankets, a bunch of pillows and pick out a movie. Will you make the hot chocolate? Your hot chocolate is the best.” with that, we set off to do our parts. I went to grab two packets of hot chocolate and heat up the water while he came down with a giant blanket over his shoulder and supporting 5 pillows in his arms.

As I was waiting for the water to boil and cool, I went to help set up the couch and he picked out the movie. After three minutes, the water was finally hot enough and was being poured into two cups. A few seconds later and the liquid became chocolate brown, the smell wafted around the room as I put in 4 marshmallows each and brought it out to the living room where he was waiting with a pillow on his lap.

I set the two cups down before turning off the lights and he started the movie. His arms went around my waist and pulled me closer as he wrapped the blanket around us. My head rested itself on his chest and my legs were placed over his as we lost ourselves in the movie, once in a while playing with each others fingers or hugging each other closer.


Should I start doing reactions too? I’m going to start doing EXO Reactions from now on so leave a request. ^-^

There has been so many requests for Chanyeol. How did you guys know that he’s my UB?


EXOs reaction to seeing you drunk dancing to Growl

i did have one more before this one but i couldnt help but to get this one out~ originally requested by tiara-jade but since i answered her question privately i didnt fully read exactly what she wanted! :0 resend if its not want you wanted/if i missed detail~ 

Xiumin: *amused baozi*

Luhan (featuring Sehunnie)“bravo! bravo!* *making fun of you but thinks its cute*

Baekhon: *on a laughing high*

Kyungsoo: *laughing his ass off at you*

Kris: "nope, not dealing with your drunk ass” *rolls like a buffalo away*

Lay: *dances with you and hes completely sober*

 Kai: *tries to act like he doesn’t know you*

ChenChen: *encouraging you to dance more because hes a troll and you amuse him*

Yeolie: *wont be able to clam himself down for a while*

Sehun: *you’re getting your ass blackmailed with a video of you dancing*

Suho: *drunk dancing with you*

Tao: “who da fack gave you crack?”

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EXOs reaction to seeing their daughter for the first time

sure! thank you for the ask~ and im assuming you mean gif, no? if not, resend!

Xiumin: *can’t stop smiling because hes so happy*

Luhan: *so happy he might cry*

Baekhyun: “shes really ours? shes perfect~”

D.O/Kyungsoo: *happy daddysoo*

Kris: “shes so precious~" 

Lay:  *happy unicorn*

Kai: "we sure made a perfect child~”

Chen: “shes finally here!”

Chanyeol:shes peeerrfeecttttt~” *amazed*

Sehun: “our baby~” *realizing hes now a daddy*

Suho: *words cant describe his happiness*

Tao: *joyful panda*

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