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I’m thinking about opening an international order for ARMYs who want to order Love Yourself ‘Her’ album. I would be ordering through Aladin in hopes of being able to get into a fansign. While I am currently still sorting out my Alien Registration Card issues, if I am able to open this order, I will post a form here. And (I know this is early), but if I were to get into a fansign, I will be taking suggestions for post-it questions from seven random people who order from me. I would also be open to any other suggestions as to how I could make ordering through me worth it. Thanks so much. It would be great if you could reply to this post if you would ever be interested. I wouldn’t be making any profit from this, so most likely my prices will be lower than that of an online kpop store that sells albums as their business. I would also be willing to sell both wrapped and unwrapped albums (if you want to choose a certain member’s photocard).
- Kylie

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What is the difference between the two purchase options for the new album?

If I’m correct, you’re looking at one of the online KPop stores (KPopMart, KPopTown, Ktown4u, etc..). These sellers often have two options:
1) The option of buying a SET of ALL FOUR versions of the album (meaning you’d get L, O, V & E). 
2) The option of buying albums on an individual basis, so that if you only wanted to purchase one or two versions of the album, you could.
However.. For this option of buying albums on an individual basis, stores will do it one of two ways.
     A) The store will allow you to choose which version you want (if you wanted version L & V, you could specifically choose those two and purchase them)
(For reference, KPopMart is doing it this way)
     B) The store will allow you to choose how many albums you want, but will not give you the option to choose which specific version it is, and will send you a version at random. If they do this, they will say they are doing so in the description, but you’d also probably see that they don’t have a place to choose the version.
(For reference, Ktown4u is doing it this way. In the title it says “(Random Ver.)”)

As always, please read the description and details when buying albums so you know what you’re getting. I hope this helped. 

Anonymous said: I hope you all are doing well!! Please have a wonderful day/night and can’t thank you enough for all that you do!!

Thank you lovely! We appreciate you and your support so much. :”) Much love to you~
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