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a fan asked changkyun how do you wish to appear in my memories 10 years later, he answered “that i gave you happiness”  if this isn’t the most realistic answer then idk what is and it hits you hard at how true this is ;’(


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Games - Sehun One Shot

A/N: No actual smut in this one. Just the start of some! Bc I like to tease myself even sometimes, apparently. -T

“Hey, Y/N, can you remind me where the glasses are? I wanna grab some water.”

Jongdae pointed toward the kitchen.

I had been propped on the couch with Sehun and Chanyeol. I was working on flirting with Sehun, who, I had carried a crush for. I had been unable to read him thus far. I was slightly irritated that Jongdae was pulling me away before I could figure out how he felt about my flirting.

Not showing it or wanting to be rude, though, I smiled his way and headed to the kitchen. I turned to the cabinet that the glasses were in.

Surprisingly, I felt a body press close against me before I could reach up for one. A hand held onto my waist and a voice came from behind me.

“Thank you,” I heard Jongdae whisper in my ear, “i had completely forgotten.”

There was a sound of somebody clearing their throat from the door frame. I turned my head to see Sehun standing there,

“Oh, hey,” Jongdae nonchalantly acknowledged him with a raise of his head.

“Um, I was hoping to grab a glass as well. If i need to come back…” he trailed off. I saw a blush creep across his cheeks. I wondered if it was the same color that mine were turning.

Jongdae had crossed the kitchen and filled the glass in his hands. 

“Nah, I got mine,” he winked at me once he was behind Sehun’s back. He gave Sehun a slight nudge in my direction, and I suddenly understood his out of place flirting. He was attempting to make Sehun jealous. 

God, I hoped it was working. 

“Here, let me get you a glass!” I grabbed another from the cabinet and filled it. I made sure to brush his fingers as I handed it off to him, and let a smile cross my face. 

As we headed back to the living room, I heard Jongdae’s voice carry across the house.

“What does everyone say to livening this get together up a bit!” Everyone got quiet and let him have the center of attention. It wasn’t difficult for Dae to control a room. His voice carried well.

“So here’s my plan,” he winked in my direction again, and I could tell that his ulterior motives were at play here.

He continued, “We are going to clear the beer pong table and play one versus one flip cup. You know the general rules. Chug the beer in the cup, set it on the edge of the table, and try to flip it. You have to complete your line of five. The first one that gets to the end, wins. But, there’s a twist.”

At the word, “twist,” I felt Sehun whisper, “oh no.” He has always been a little bit on the shy side. Knowing Jongdae, this was about to put him very far out of his comfort zone. I linked my arm through his and aimed a gentle smile at him. I escorted him across the room back to the couch, but before I could sit down, Jongdae told me to join him at the table he was setting up.

“Allow me to give a demonstration, with Y/N! Say that, we just finished a game, and she lost,” he pulled a six sided dice out of his pocket, “she would roll. Each number correlates with a, hmm, super fun punishment for that person that loses.” 

This time, it was me that whispered, “oh no.”

He smiled his mischievous smile as he handed me the dice. I took it and rolled. It landed on the number five.

“Ah, that’s one of my favorites. The number five means that the loser must allow the winner to place a hickey in any place of their choosing. So, you lost. You roll. You get a number 5. That would mean, in this completely hypothetical situation, that I would get to,” he didn’t finish his sentence. Instead, he walked over to me and brushed the hair that was in front of my shoulder off. 

I thought I had blushed fiercely when Sehun had walked into the kitchen and seen Jongdae flirting with me. That blush was nothing compared to knowing that he was watching him ghost his lips across my neck. Although I knew Jongdae’s intentions were innocent, I still felt goosebumps rise across my entire body. 

“Oh,” he whispered so that only I could hear him, “if it’s this simple to get a reaction out of you, I may not try to help Sehun come out of his shell. I may keep you all to myself.” 

I lightly elbowed him, and he returned to putting on a show.

“Just like that! Simple enough rules, right?” He stepped away from me and opened his arms to signalize that he was done. 

Everyone nodded and there were murmurs of it seeming fun.

A few other pairings went first. The dice rolls bordered on innocent and dirty at the same time. There was some over the clothes touching and others had to kiss or nibble lips and ears. It was awkward initially, but with each passing round, and the more drinks that flowed, the more everybody got into it.

Jongdae called the next pairing up after we watched Chaneyol get his ears nibbled on by Y/B/F/N. They both gave each other looks that said, “this will continue later,” before they landed on the couch, her sitting on his lap.

“Sehun. Y/N. Get up here!” My breath caught in my throat. I had assumed Dae would pair us together, but I also still had not fully prepared for the game. 

I was pretty awful at drinking games under pressure, so I was surprised at myself for actually starting to beat Sehun. I was chugging faster and got to my last cup while he was still two behind.

“Get ready to roll the dice, Sehun,” I heard someone call from the other side of the room. I began to feel a bit cocky, and almost immediately realized how horrible of a decision that was. I lost my focus, and was unable to land the last cup properly. I heard voices cheering both of us on individually, and they got louder as he caught up to me, only one cup left to flip.

I tossed my plastic cup over my shoulder in defeat when I saw that he landed his. He threw his hands in the air and nibbled on his lip when he made eye contact with me again. He must have realized that he would get to punish me, and, although I lost, I was not terribly disappointed in the idea.

I grabbed the dice from Jongdae, and, pretending to make a big, disappointed show, I dramatically rolled it across the table. 

Five became my lucky number that night, as it was what I rolled for the second time. 

I silently cheered, as I remembered that meant I was to get a hickey from Sehun. I may or may not have had a hickey kink, and I was fairly ecstatic to get one from him.

In front of the entire room, I saw confidence wash over Sehun. He marched directly to me and grabbed me aggressively by the waist. There were several “ooh’s” that echoed through the room, but we both seemed unphased by them. 

His lips pressed to my neck. At first, it was just a light kiss pressed there by pretty, pink lips. I let a wispy gasp leave my mouth. He must have taken hat as a hint to keep going. His mouth opened slightly, and I felt a sting cross my skin where he sucked the love bite in place. One of his hands moved up to tangle into my hair as he continued to mark me.

He ended with a bite to solidify the mark in place.

As he stepped back, he used his thumb to dry the area off and examine his handiwork. 

“Wow, uh,” I fluttered my eyes open as he stepped back, biting his lip again.

“I think it’s my turn to need a glass of water,” I said to the room. Everyone chuckled at my obvious, flustered nature. Nobody did any teasing, though, as it was just par for the course for where the night had gone. 

I hopped into the kitchen as I heard Jongdae call the next pairing to the table. I leaned against the counter on my hands. I turned around, running my hands through my hair.

“Get it together,” I mumbled to myself.

“Or don’t.”

I jumped at the sudden voice that I had not been expecting to hear. I turned to see Sehun in the door frame again for the second time of the night. 

Before I could say anything, however, his body was stark against mine. Shoving me against the counter. His lips crashed against mine, an urgency behind his kiss.

“Fuck,” he muttered when we finally broke apart, “I’ve wanted to do that for so long.”

“I’m mad it took you as long as it did,” I said against his lips.

He lifted me up and sat me on the counter. Standing between my legs, I felt his length starting to grow as he pressed himself against me.

“You two owe me,” we heard a voice that we could both immediately recognize as Jongdae’s enter the room.

“God dammit, Dae.” Sehun rolled his eyes.

“Hey. All I’m here to do is tell you to get a room. People wanna get drinks y’know.” He raised his hands as if to say, “don’t shoot the messenger.”

“Good idea,” Sehun said as he grabbed me by the wrist. I hopped off of the counter and allowed him to pull me to his room.

As soon as the door was shut, I was thrown on the bed. His lips at my neck again, he whispered, “now. Where were we?”

petition for people to replace ‘where’ with 'how’ when asking idols doing livestreaming about their members
because asking “how are the other members” sounds more like a polite aunt checking up on her nieces as opposed to asking “where are the other members” which sounds more like an overpossesive partner which no one wants ok because then you can be compared to like, Edward from Twilight, no one wants to be Edward not even Robert Patterson wanted to be Edward

BTS Reaction To You Getting Jealous

Authors Note: I just want to apologize over the fact that the gifs don’t completely go with the reaction. I wanted to post this before work and I didn’t have time to do a lot of searching.

Requested by: @barbarella900



Rap Monster: Namjoon’s reaction to you getting jealous would most definitely depend on how you handle that jealousy. If you were to act super rude and negative he wouldn’t put up with it for a second. He would immedietely call you out on it and would then continue to wait for you to calm down before he tried to sit down and talk with you. On the other hand, if you were mature and polite about the whole thing, he would be very appreciative and would find himself to be a lot more understanding a lot quicker. 

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Jimin: At first, Jimin would be very concerned. He wouldn’t understand why you had become so negative and rude towards him all of a sudden. But after a good hour of thinking about all the things he may have done to make you mad at him, a light of realization would go off in his head and he would immedietly apologize. He wouldn’t be super sappy and dramatic about it, but he would make it very obvious that he was sorry and that he never intended to make you jealous. 

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Suga: Like Namjoon, Suga would probably act somewhat negatively towards you becoming jealous. He seems like the type of person to want to talk things out in a calm and sophisticated manner, so if you were to go 0 to 100 without any discussion inbetween, he would probably see that jealousy as possesivness or a lack of trust in him. If you were subtle and sincere about what was going on, on the other hand, he would be very professional about it. He would immedietly sit you down so the two of you could talk about it and would try to do everything in his power to make it up to you. 

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J-Hope: J-Hope would very likely find your jealousy to be super adorable. He would find it extremley cute how you were acting all pouty and trying to get his attention. He also wouldn’t be against your increased amount of affection, either. The only thing that would upset him, on the other hand, is if you were mean or aggressive about it. 

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V: V would be more confused than anything. He wouldn’t understand what he did to make you so jealous and the fact that you were currently giving him the silent treatment wouldn’t help that issue. He would try his best to get your attention and talk it over with you, and would probably be a bit frustrated from your lack of cooperation, but would overall just keep trying to get your attention until you gave in and told him what was wrong. 

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Jungkook: Depending on what you’re jealous over, Jungkook would more than likely find your jealous attitude incredibly sexy. He would think you looked super attractive whenever you were jealous and would probably purposely find ways to make you that way. He would love knowing that you loved him enough to even get jealous and he wouldn’t hold back from letting that be known. 

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Jin: Jin would be very upfront with you and would immedietly want to know what it is that made you so upset. If you were to ignore him, he’d probably just shrug it off and say that he can’t fix what he doesn’t know about. If you were to be honest with him, on the other hand, he would be extremley apologetic and would immedietly try his best to make it up to you. 

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markmeevil  asked:

You totally know what I'm going to request, right hon? Please grace my eyes with your writing talents applied to Mr. Zhang Yixing. A fluff please, and anything you'd like to write. It could be based off his Other World character or anything else that comes to mind. Take your time and whatever inspires you 😊 Congrats again on reaching 500 followers!

Girl it has been my pleasure to write this for you, and I really hope it is okay! I set this in the Other World series, and as you are a Healer, the female lead is of course is a Healer. This little one shot takes place after the Battle of the Rebels in Struck!


Healer Yixing x Reader 

One Shot (2k words)

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Sweat was dripping down his forehead, and he could feel his shirt clinging angrily down his back.

‘FIRE SPRITE, FROST BITE, BROKEN ARM,’ came a yell as a the doors to the infirmary banged open.

Yixing looked up from the patient he was tending and tried to suppress a groan as a group of Healers burst into the room, straining under the weight of a stretcher that they were carrying between them. Yixing pushed back his sweat ridden hair from his forehead and immediately rushed over to the new patient.

‘Put him here, now,’ he said tensely, leading the group of Healers to the rapidly decreasing spare beds. Yixing immediately jumped in to help the flagging Healers carefully put the the Fire Sprite onto the bed, his muscle straining as he gripped the weight of the stretcher. Yixing scanned the Sprite quickly, assessing the situation, dread sinking into his stomach.

These rebels have shown no mercy, Yixing thought bitterly.

‘He needs attention right away,’ came an urgent voice and Yixing looked up in surprise, his eyes falling on you from where you had emerged from behind the stretcher carriers.

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