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Dating Leo Would Include...

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  • Him being super protective.
  • No PDA. No PDA at all.
  • Constantly having to save the members from being murdered in their sleep.
  • Shy smiles.
  • Coffee dates.
  • Being one of the only people other than the VIXX members that can actually make Leo come out of his shell.
  • Him turning into a pile of goo whenever you compliment him.
  • Purposely complimenting him at the most inappropriate times so that you can see him turn into a pile of goo. 
  • Cute back hugs at the most random times.
  • Feeling accomplished whenever you make him laugh.
  • Being close with the other members.
  • You’re either doing sweet little pecks or having a full on make out session. 
  • There is no in between.
  • Him giving you his jacket whenever it’s raining.
  • You are now a fan of Park Hyo Shin and you have no choice in the matter.
  • Him getting jealous easy.
  • Disney nights.
  • P p p poker face p p p poker face.
  • Him lecturing you when you do something stupid.
  • You sitting there and taking the lecture because you know what you did was stupid.
  • Pets. You’ll have lots of pets.
  • Making his glares into a staring contest.
  • “Will you sing for me, Taekwon?”
  • “No.”
  • “Please.”
  • “No..”
  • “But Oppa…”
  • *sighs* “Fine.”
  • *Sings Park Hyo Shin*
  • Comfortable silence.
  • Holding your hand in the most kind and gentle manner whenever you’re in a big crowd of people.
  • He wouldn’t want you to get lost, now would he?
  • Him calling you 3 times a day whenever he’s busy or away on tour just to make sure you’ve eaten.
  • Soft kisses.
  • Such soft kisses.
  • You always falling asleep before he gets home.
  • And when he does get home the first thing he does is go up to you and softly whisper “I love you” in your ear, even if he think you’re asleep.
  • But most of the time you’re not and you literally have to hold yourself back from melting on the spot.
  • “You’re so beautiful, jagi-yah.”
  • Long hugs.
  • Pillow talk.

Word Count: 1242

Genre: One-Shot

Pairing: Kyungsoo/Reader

Summary: One day, you finally get the chance to see EXO. It doesnโ€™t go as smoothly as planned. The situation that starts out as the worst moment in your life, turns for the better. A lot better.

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Monsta X Reaction To Seeing Their Foreign Significant Other Without Glasses For The First Time



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Shownu: When you take your glasses off for the first time in front of Shownu he would literally be in shock. He would be so mind blown by how different and beautiful your eyes were that he wouldn’t know what to say. He would just stand there, stare into them deeply, and mumble to himself about how amazing they were.

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Wonho: Wonho always thought you looked super adorable with your glasses on, but the moment you took them off and let him see your eyes without anything in the way, he would be in love. He would find your eye color absolutely beautiful and would always fawn over them. It would be his new favorite feature, even when you were wearing glasses, and he wouldn’t go a day without making sure you knew that. 

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Hyungwon: Though Hyungwon would be a little bit surprised at first, he wouldn’t have much of a reaction to it. Of course there is no doubt that he would find your uncovered eyes absolutely breathtaking, but he would think you looked incredibly beautiful either way and wouldn’t want to make make you think he preferred you one way or the other. He would love you exactly the way you were, glasses or not, and he would always make sure you were aware of that. 

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Jooheon: Jooheon would be so captivated by your eyes and how amazingly beautiful they were the first time he seen them that he almost found himself asking if they were real. He would think your eye color was incredibly different and unique, and though he obviously loved you glasses or not, he would always feel his heart beat a little bit faster whenever you would reveal your bare eyes to him.

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Minhyuk: A sea of compliments. That’s what you would get the moment you took your glasses off for the first time and showed Minhyuk your true eye color. Minhyuk would be in such a state of awe by seeing you without your glasses that he wouldn’t be able to do anything but compliment you. He would be super obsessed with your eye color and would just want to stand there and stare into them for as long as he could.

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I.M: I.M doesn’t seem like the type to compliment a lot, but the moment you took your glasses off in front of him for the first time he would make a giant exception. I.M would LOVE your eyes. He would be obsessed with them, really. He would take so much time describing how beautiful they were and talking about everything he loved about them that you would think he would run out of things to say. But, just like all the boys would do, he would always make sure you knew that you were the most beautiful person in the entire world, glasses or not, and wouldn’t want you to feel that you needed to look one way or the other.

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Kihyun: The first time Kihyun seen you without your glasses on he would be in a complete and utter daze. He would be so enchanted by your beautiful eye color that he would talk about it non-stop. He would find this feature so unique and so interesting and would love how they made you incredibly different from almost everyone else in Korea.

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Dear Taehyun,

I hear you’re finally leaving Winner, and you’re finally leaving YG.

That’s good.


Go get better. Go resolve your inner demons. Go find happiness. Go find respect. Go find peace. Go find strength. Go find contentment. Go find a second chance. Go find joy. Go find comfort. Go find rest. Go find time. Go find energy. Go find new life. Go find hope. Go find grace. Go find self esteem. Go find self worth. Go find a plan. Go find love.

And we’ll go alongside you.

Our hearts may be sad.

But our will is still strong.

So we’ll stay.

We’ll stay with you while you get better. We’ll stay with you while you resolve your inner demons. We’ll stay with you while you find happiness. We’ll stay with you while you find respect. We’ll stay with you while you find peace. We’ll stay with you while you find strength. We’ll stay with you while you contentment. We’ll stay with you while you find a second chance. We’ll stay with you while you find joy. We’ll stay with you while you find comfort. We’ll stay with you while you find rest. We’ll stay with you while you find time. We’ll stay with you while you find energy. We’ll stay with you while you find new life. We’ll stay with you while you find hope. We’ll stay with you while you find grace. We’ll stay with you while you find self esteem. We’ll stay with you while you find self worth. We’ll stay with you while you find a plan. We’ll stay with you while you find love and still give you all of ours.

We’ll always stay.

We’re never going anywhere.

Don’t worry about us. Just focus on you.

We’re here with you, and that’s never going to change.

After being a k-pop fan for a while, you notice people have two types of biases:
1. The ones they wanna cuddle and drink hot cocoa with. Typically called “pure” and “angel.”
2. The ones they wanna fight to the death with. Typically called “disrespectful” and “greasy.”