kpop obsessed

Black Pink debuts: They’re copying 2NE1

CLC has a comeback: They’re copying 4Minute

Red Velvet debuts: They’re the walmart version of F(X)

Gfriend debuts: They’re Apink wannabes

Apink Debuts: They’re copying SNSD

Twice debuts: They’re just trying to be SNSD

Seohyun has solo debut: She’s copying Ariana Grande

Girl/Girl Group does anything = being criticized

Boy Groups: Literally do the same shit over and over again

You guys:



Prince Oh showing you the world; shining, shimmering, splendid  ゚*。(・∀・)゚*。


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Me: I’m not falling for this new kpop group. I just heard this song and want to see the music video… I will not obsess over them…. I will not….

Me 5 hours later: *knows the names, birthdays, heights, and ideal types of each and every member*

Also me, in obvious denial: *gif* I’M STILL NOT OBSESSED THO, THIS IS TOTALLY FINE

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