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So anyway shout out to the gay kpop fans who have to watch their sexuality be turned into a gimmick while actual homosexuality is shunned (in general, but maybe not by their idols). Shout out to the transgender kpop fans who saw hope in Lady, but were heartbroken when they disbanded. Shout out to transgender kpop fans who don’t even know who Lady is, but could’ve benefitted from having their music around.

Shout out to the black kpop fans who have to deal with 1000 whitewashed photos of their idols because their dark skin isn’t nice enough to be captured in a photo. Shout out to the Asian fans who have dark skin, monolids or small eyes, big noses, and who aren’t skinny, that have to watch as their idol who shares these traits is ridiculed for not fitting the Western idea that Asians are petit or delicate and submissive, and forced to laugh it off, lest the idol’s reputation be damaged. Shout out to the chubby and fat kpop fans who feel like they’re lesser because they don’t look like their idols and have to watch as those who do look like them are attacked by netizens.

To those who look up to those few actors/singers who are out and appreciate people like Heechul, Amber, Ren, and Jeonghan for wearing traditional “boy/girl” clothing or having “boy/girl” hair; to those who look up to Wonho for saying gender doesn’t matter to him; to the black fans that find comfort in knowing Insooni, Lee Michelle, Yoon Mirae, and Alex from Rania changed the game and killed/are killing it the way they are; to those fans who defend their idols’ melanin to the death and who call out racist remarks made by other idols and fans; to those fans who don’t fit the bill of pretty and take comfort in their idols speaking out about kpop’s ridiculous standards:

Y'all are important and gorgeous.


-mnet (honestly, THE WORST)
-international streaming
-underrated groups disbanding
-fan wars
-mnet editing
-companies not appreciating girl groups
-lack of support to idols dealing with mental illnesses and eating disorders
-mnet being FAKE™
-netizens acting problematic, like 80% of the time, tearing idols apart
-lack of privacy for idols

  • guanlin: *accidentally bumps against a door*
  • dongho: are you okay?!?!?
  • guanlin: it's okay hyung i'm fine
  • dongho, facing the door: you stand in guanlin's way one more time and i'll make sure to take you down


This is for @wannabugi who asked why 14 could be a lucky number for NU’EST.

I just want to say this is a 100% fan theory so no one has to believe it lol it’s just a pic of conspiracy is kinda fun you know??

Basically, loves have noticed that lately the number 14 keeps appearing again and again when it comes to NU’EST or NU’EST-W. Some fans confused me when they went a little crazy with the maths lol, at first I thought it was BS but now I do believe it.

1.) Kim Jonghyun aka JR ranks number 14 on Produce 101 final.

This is the thing that kicked it all off. Everyone who watched Produce 101 was furious. But in the end, it ended up being not the worst thing as NU’EST get to promote with their beloved leader

2.) NU’EST members purposely end all their V lives at 14 million hearts

JR’s v live ALMOST ended on 14 million, where are JRON’s and Ren’s solo v-live BOTH ended on 14 million hearts exactly. OK, I know you guys think I’m crazy, and at first, when I saw this I thought it was just a coincidence!

HOWEVER, Ren’s solo v-live made me suspicious. The thing is Ren was still talking, he didn’t even get to finish his sentence, cos as soon as he (or the staff) saw they had hit 14 million hearts, they ended the V live! Loves are suspicious because while Jron’s and JR’s v-live was around 40 minutes, Ren had to end his at around 20 mins? I think it’s because they hit 14 million hearts (the sacred number lol) earlier than he thought!

3.) “Hello 2017 version” JUST HAPPENED to be released on the 14th of July.

So after the number 14 is popping up everywhere it just happens to be released on the 14th??

Some other loves make it 10x more complex than this but this is the basics lol

This all could be a massive coincidence! However carat’s (experience with 17s comebacks) and old school k- loves have been saying Pledis is a huge “number pervert” haha, and knowing how everything the members do always had meaning, I’m inclined to believe this! But who knows the truth? Their comeback could be released on the 14th, or the number could be important in another way. Either way, I love fan theories and think they are super fun :)

What do you guys think? Could 14 be NU’EST-W’s magic number this year??

Some extra notes:

Kpop Spotify Playlists

Hi hello! I’m here to share some of my Kpop playlists that I’ve made on Spotify! After how well received my Seventeen member playlists were, I figured I should also share the other playlists I have:

- A 12+ hours playlist of just upbeat Kpop
- Kpop that will give you a toothache, it’s so sweet!!! 
- A late night playlist for when you’re missing that one person (or your bias)
- Lady loving Kpop for the lady group lovers
- Retro is back in style!
- Close your eyes & pretend you’re in a spring Kdrama about to kiss the romantic lead