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A mulan AU where you enlist in the army as a man for your sick father and you meet bts there. Namjoon is a drill sergeant and in your squadron you have: 


The soft guy who is only there because he has to be and just wants to get through the experience alive. He has trouble sounding off when sergeant Kim orders him to but the worst part for him is that they don’t have any good food. Sometimes you can see him make faces during training when they start teaching everyone how to shoot a gun. “Do I really have to shoot that?!”


The one who gets in trouble all the time for smiling at attention and making eye contact. He gets through training without terrible trouble, but occasionally you can hear him groan “aigoo.” He’s always a joyful guy but when you’re allowed to make phone calls sometimes you can hear him crying as he talks to his family because he misses them so much.


The one who gets into trouble all the time by responding to sergeant Kim’s questions sarcastically and gets pissed when he’s woken up at 5 am for training. He seems to like you best out of all the boys (because he know’s you’re really a girl) but you can’t figure out why.


The troublemaker who’s on his best behavior in front of sergeant Kim, but as soon as he turns his back he’s making faces at him. Sometimes he wakes you up just so he can have someone to cause mischief with (like stealing food from the kitchen or pouring salt in sergeant Kim’s coffee) because he says “No one in this place is any fun.”


The tough cocky guy who’s family has a long military history. He’s there because his father was in the army and his father before that and his father before that…. but you find out he’s been putting up a facade. His dream is to be a singer and he’s only there because his family pressured him. 


The nice guy who knows he’s cute and would never leave a friend behind. Sometimes he’ll make cocky comments but he stays in line because this is all he has. He joined because he doesn’t know his place in the world and wanted to make use of his strength to protect others. He’s the most likely to start a conversation at midnight when he can’t sleep. 

And then we have Sergeant Kim Namjoon 

He’s super strict and tough with everyone, but he’s only doing it so that if they go into war they’ll be able to make it out alive. A lot of the boys call him a dick for making them to extra push ups when he finds out that someone poured salt into his coffee but it’s not malicious. He may be seemingly mean, but sometimes when no one’s looking he gives you and the boys words of encouragement. Drill sergeants aren’t meant to tear down someone entirely, and he believes in that.



Today is Memorial Day in South Korea 6th June 2017

So please take a moment to think of those brave souls who gave their lives so South Korea could become the wonderful, vibrant and free country that we all know & love today.

Just think about all that we would have missed out on had they not fought and protected their country & it’s citizens.

We thank you for your service.

Coming Back Home {Changki Imagine}
  • Could you write a changki, where changkyun (as a soldier) returns home, to kihyun and his son, after a long time out in the army? 

Disclaimer: I don’t own the images used.

It had been months since Kihyun had seen bis fiancee; it had been months since he could lace his fingers through his lovers, months since he could touch his lovers soft cheeks and rosy lips. It felt like years, and years since he’d seen Changkyun in the flesh and blood instead of a the small screen of his phone. But it wasn’t just him that longed to see the man in the military, their child was waiting too. Their child, only five years old missed their Father more than anything, and it was painful for Kihyun each time the child asked when Kihyun would be coming home. However one day, that question would stop forever. 

Christmas lights twinkled on the particularly dull Christmas Eve. Kihyun should be cooking a big extravagant dinner with his skills, laughing and singing to Christmas music while their child screamed happily on their excitement to see Santa Clause. But such happiness was all an illusion. The two sat at the dinner table, eating what Kihyun called ‘special’ when it was only a pack of noodles from the convenience store from down the road. He was too tired to cook, and too tired to try, he needed Changkyun, but Chankyun couldn’t be there.

“Do you think Santa will come?” The child asked, as a small pattering noise came from the back rooms, Kihyun dismissed it as the wind. 

“Of course he will, you’ve been good all year, and I’m sure you’ll get everything you’ve asked for.” 

“I asked him to bring Daddy home, and for snow.” The child spoke so casually, but Kihyun felt moved to tears. Damn Changkyun, and damn Christmas. 

“Don’t be silly, Santa can’t bring Daddy home, he’s working hard in the-”

“Ah~ Kihyun-ah, you never did have much faith in Santa, but you should always have hope for Christmas miracles.” 

The voice was rough and low, but it was recognizable and Kihyun finally felt the tears falling as he turned around to see his fiancee behind him, in his green army uniform and a Christmas hat on the top of his head. 

“Daddy!” The child exclaimed, rushing into their Father’s arms. Changkyun hugged the child, laughing before putting them down and replacing the lost space in his arms with Kihyun. 

“Merry Christmas, Jagi” He whispered gently in his ear. 

“Merry Christmas, asshole” Kihyun responded, but nothing made him happier than holding his lover back in his arms. 

Soldier - Taemin x Reader

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Song Fic - Inspired by Taemin’s Soldier

Military AU

Genre: Angst, Fluff

Pairing: Taemin x Reader

Words: 4,507

Warnings: A bit of swearing, harsh language and implied smut.

A/n: This is my first ever song fic I’ve ever done. I love this song so much. Also, I have a lot of Taemin feels. Feedback is always appreciated. I hope you like it!

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T.O.P scenario: Goodbye


So, because we all know today is the day T.O.P has to enlist in the military service, I wrote short scenario. I hope you’ll like it. I’m actually happy that he’ll go now, because it’s the worst if you try to avoid military service and he will come back to us soon <3

Word count: 954

Short summary: You have to say goodbye to your older brother Choi Seunghyun, who you were very close to when you were young. He rememeberd one of the most special moments of your brother-sister relationship.

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