kpop lookalike


These are not the same people!
To the left there’s previously A-prince’s Seungjun but now MAP6′s J.jun and on the right Seventeen’s Joshua!
Why I post about this is because I haven’t seen anyone more alike sense Honki and Mir! And and I have a thing for twins and look alikes hehe! And I know these are not the ideal photos, (but that’s not the point) this is something that I just want to talk about because I saw photos of Joshua floating around and I’ve reblogged some and I couldn’t put my finger on who he looked like but I just figured it out and I haven’t seen anyone talk about it so I just want to share my thoughts, anyone who agrees? :)

And thank you if you’ve read this :))

(None of the photos are mine, credit to the owners) <3

According to this KPop Japanese Fan, her friend who knows nothing about KPop traveled to Okinawa in Japan, stayed in the same hotel and went to the same pool as B.A.P. Her friend saw these 6 Kpop idol lookalike boys, took a picture of them then sent to her. Turns out that they were B.A.P. Seems they were there yesterday.

Trans: hellosaya
Source: 안チャン (Twitter)

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