kpop inspired nails

FIRST OFFICIAL POST: Infinite Inspired Nails!

I decided to procrastinate on homework today and did my nails instead :) They’re inspired by Infinite’s Over the Top album photos!

Left hand, thumb to pinky: The word Infinite, Sungyeol’s shirt, L’s shirt, Sungkyu’s neck tattoo, Dongwoo’s pants
Right hand, thumb to pinky: New logo for Over the Top, Woohyun’s pants, Hoya’s jacket, L’s arm tattoo, Sungjong’s belt? scarf? (the thing around his waist)
Sungkyu’s and L’s tattoos look like they’re upside-down D:

After the seven members and two logos, I had one spot left over so I decided to do two Myungsoo designs! I’m actually Woohyun biased, but I really wanted to try L’s bird tattoo. Except I drew it on backwards -_- I used the “flip vertical” function instead of the “rotate 180” function on Paint for reference, hence the mirrored bird LOL. Also, the edges are a bit messy although I tried to clean them already, but I didn’t want to accidentally erase anything on my nail, so sorry if it doesn’t look too neat D:

I used SognandoSimpara’s ideas from her two Youtube tutorials for Myungsoo’s shirt and Dongwoo’s pants (although some of the other designs were the same, but by coincidence!) Her other designs are pretty cool too, go check them out!

I’ll be doing more K-pop nail designs in the future, so look out for them! :)

Infinite’s Paradise Inspired Nails:

I did these late Saturday night/midnight on Sunday, but never got a chance to post them. So while I was painting my nails, INFINITE WON #1 ON INKIGAYO. I found out after, when I went online to wait for my nails to dry LOL. It’s fate ^___^

I used the two sets of outfits for their concept photos as inspiration:
Left hand: Sungkyu’s suit, Woohyun’s safety pins, the striped pattern on all of the boys’ second set of outfits (minus Sungkyu), Sungkyu’s criss-cross sleeve, Hoya’s necklace
Right hand: Dongwoo’s necklace, Sungyeol’s shirt pattern, the back of L’s shirt, Paradise logo, Sungjong’s straps

I finally grew out my nails, so now I have more room to paint on! And this time, everything is right side up from this angle. My last Infinite nails were supposed to be looked at if I held my hand up as if to give a high five, but I think I like having them this way, so I’ll stick to this in the future.

I’m excited to do Halloween nails next! :)