kpop idols in glasses


How many NCT members wear perscription glasses in your opinion?

I am sure of
Johnny & Jaehyun = they said it on NNaNa
Mark & Renjun = those pics show them in glasses, i believe they’re not just to look cool. XD

Ten & Taeyong = those pics seem like glasses put on to look cool but… idk maybe taeyong needs glasses for real bc otaku life + i saw him in nct life osaka with those big nerdy glasses and i fell in love. Again.

Does anyone know for the others as well?

I feel part of the club since I wear nerdy glasses too and I love guys who wear glasses (they look smart? Hahaha)

Zelo’s hair

So I remember watching an interview during Crash era where Zelo said something along the lines, “I would like to dye my hair back to its natural colour (black) for the next comeback,” but it didn’t happen until the group came back after their hiatus with Young, Wild & Free! This makes the comeback even more emotional than it already is. 

All Zelo wanted was to have black hair again…

Zelo’s hairstyles throughout the eras

He’s gonna be bald before he reaches 30 if they keep dyeing his hair.