kpop friendships

Mingyu: *sneezes*



Dongwan: “What doctors can’t heal, the members can“.
That’s why Shinhwa is the longest-running idol group, going strong since 1998 & forever. Shinhwa isn’t just a boy band who’re together just to sing. Shinhwa is way beyond that. They are a real family & the members care for each other more than even what real family members do .. ♥
Look at how they cared for Dongwan who was sick & tried to make him laugh again! only real friends do that or even notice or care that their sick friend laughed.
& that’s why Shinhwa is friendship goals. The time when you wish to have friends like them. Real friends who’ll put you as top priority in their lives, caring for you in ur hard times & doing their best to cheer you up. Such a true life-long friendship.
Thank you Andy, thank you Leader Eric, thank you to every member in Shinhwa for always being there for each other & for giving us good examples of true friendship in this life ♥