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This song and video is pretty much Jimin as a catboy.

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So to me it seems as if jimin is a loyal catboy waiting for his owner to return.

He’s entertaining himself


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Staring out the window imagining

Messing around with things he shouldn’t be messing with .

But he is loyal, he never leaves he just waits

Even as the world around him is in complete disarray and falling apart he simply waits for his owner to return.


the stages of your reaction to your bias doing something unacceptable - a mood board

*casually chops off a finger*

How BTS would be in bed. [SMUT]

A/N: This is my personal opinion and you can fight me about it if you disagree.

Kim Namjoon:
Sex with Namjoon would involve a lot of grunting and moaning. He’d also be the very dominant type and be obsessed with being in charge and reminding you who’s kitten you are. He’d also have such a big fetish for being called ‘daddy’ and reward you every time that word escapes your lips. If you don’t behave, he’d be such a fucking tease and deny you several orgasms.

Kim Seokjin:
He’d be such a sweet, passionate lover in bed and his focus would lay on satisfying you the most. He’d definitely appreciate if you dever to his very few kinks. His biggest turn on would be to see you sitting on top of him with your head thrown back in pleasure. That perfect view of your sweaty body would throw him over the edge a lot quicker.
After sex, he’d focus on getting you cleaned and then cuddling up on the bed with you, his hand running through your hair.

Min Yoongi:
He’d be a very passionate kisser during sex and would want to mostly use his mouth on your body. He’d be such a tease and would make you say the most sexual things before rewarding you. He’d be very cocky and confident, sometimes pushing his limits too far. I see him being really into spanking and teaching ‘his little girl’ when she didn’t behave like she should. His biggest turn on would be your ass.

Jung Hoseok:
Hoseok wouldn’t be as dominant and wouldn’t want to do things you’re not into as well. He’d adore whenever you’re in charge and get turned on even more.
He’d sometimes ask you about your interest and make you find out together what kink really goes with your kind of relationship. Hoseok would completely lose himself in whatever kink you discover together. He wouldn’t be able to hold his pace and change it quite quickly.

Park Jimin:
He’d be the most kinky one in bed and would live for his kinks. He’d be mostly into BDSM, tying blindfolds around your eyes or tying your hands behind your back. He’d love the feeling of being in charge and would be completely dominant and definitely be into slight breath play as well~
He’d be really into spanking because of the moans they get from you and oral (mostly recieving). Jimin would also adore to use toys on you during sex as well and overstimulate you a lot in one night, making your body a wrecked mess at the end of the night.

Kim Taehyung:
He’d take you when- and wherever he can. Meaning, he’d throw you over the kitchen counter and fuck you rough, pulling on your hair to see your face react. He adores seeing your face during sex but would preferably want to fuck you from behind since he’s such an ass person. During sex he’d be a lot into dirty talk but would want to hear it from your lips as well. He’d definitely be the one to smirk up at you from between your legs.

Jeon Jungkook:
Don’t be fooled with our golden maknae. He’d worship your body the most and would not leave out any part of your body during foreplay. He’d be such a tease and slightly bite every inch of your body to gain a moan from you. He’d be really turned on by recieving oral. His hand in your hair, pulling you further down on him, silent gasps escaping his cherry lips. 
But if you try to tease him, he’ll flip you over in a matter of seconds and be rughtless with you, his manners thrown out of the window.

Love, Youngmi~