LOST: Drowning in an ocean of control far below the surface of carefree innocence, dwelled the juvenile king. Only at birth had he breathed the air of innocence before he was plummeted into the depths of the infinite waters. Day by day, he sank deeper and deeper until he was shackled to the ocean floor by a seemingly limitless power. Thus began his reign in a selfish attempt to return to the surface. However, the shackles were insurmountable, and instead, his kingdom sank to the ocean floor with him, in the place where innocence dies.

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Ablaze: Amongst an insuperable realm of flames, dwelled another king; his throne rested atop a mountain, of ashes. In his isolated mind was a fortress of pristine perfection, and his means of fulfilling this pinnacle meant blazing a path of fire. There were few who opposed his rule, for the slightest misstep lead to incineration.To him, his power was limitless bounded only by the constraints of fire. Thus, he feared only one thing, water…

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