kpop eras

can you believe there are people who think blood sweat & tears is a song about a girl when the only mention of anyone else at all in the song/video were

  • namjoon’s narration, which uses specifically male pronouns
  • “he too was a tempter”
  • gender neutral song 
  • jin kissing a male/androgynous statue 
  • which was strongly implied to be a stand-in for taehyung, aka a man
  • that moment of softcore porn on the mama stage
  • seriously
  • how are you all this determinedly heterosexual 

Yugyeom’s voice is everything…people sleep on his vocals…listen to this and you’ll see why I love his voice so much. It’s soft and soothing. He has improved so much with his vocals I am shook and so proud. I hope he makes more music, I absolutely love this song.