kpop eras

The Zodiac Signs As BTS Eras
  • Aries: Not Today
  • Taurus: Just One Day
  • Gemini: Dope
  • Cancer: I Need U
  • Leo: Fire
  • Virgo: Save Me
  • Libra: War of Hormone
  • Scorpio: Blood, Sweat, & Tears
  • Sagittarius: Run
  • Capricorn: No More Dream
  • Aquarius: N.O
  • Pisces: Spring Day
  • (sun or moon sign)

can you believe there are people who think blood sweat & tears is a song about a girl when the only mention of anyone else at all in the song/video were

  • namjoon’s narration, which uses specifically male pronouns
  • “he too was a tempter”
  • gender neutral song 
  • jin kissing a male/androgynous statue 
  • which was strongly implied to be a stand-in for taehyung, aka a man
  • that moment of softcore porn on the mama stage
  • seriously
  • how are you all this determinedly heterosexual 

JYPE better catch these hands

Got7 has so much potential to hit it big in Korea, especially with this comeback. I guess JYP doesnt give a shit when artists produce their own title tracks. He won’t show them off on variety shows (WHO TF TURNS DOWN AN OFFER FROM HAPPY TOGETHER!??) and promotes them for 3 weeks only before he sends them off to Japan for an entire month for money making purposes. JYP has done a shit job at promoting got7 from their debut on, and have the nerve to debut another boygroup while he can’t even properly take care of the artists he already has. I’m not in for JYP turning into a twice and stray kids show. Now is the time to support the boys more then ever. We have to make this come back count, cause JYP sure as hell isn’t going to do it for us.