kpop can be so stupid

dislike =/= jealousy

I really cannot stand it when I see Kpop secrets or fans call anti-fans/non-fans jealous when they say they don’t like a certain group. Dislike does not mean jealousy. Pardon me for the cliche example, but when somebody states they don’t like a girl group there is usually almost always someone coming out and saying “you’re just jealous they’re prettier than you” or “you’re just jealous they get to talk to your oppars” and I’m just speechless. There are other reasons for dislike, maybe they just don’t suit your taste, maybe you don’t like their voices, maybe you don’t like their concept. It’s ridiculous to pin the reason for dislike on jealousy.

Of course I’m not saying that dislike and jealousy don’t co-exist, people could dislike a group because they’re jealous (albeit I find it very petty), but that’s human nature. I’m jealous that Jaejoong is so bloody good-looking but you don’t see me going around declaring that I hate him. But out of K-pop context, like when I see those rich girls carrying Prada bags to school I do judge them a bit for it, and I know it’s partly because I find it unnecessary and sometimes there is a hint of jealousy that I can’t afford to do this type of things (albeit seldom). The point is, there can be “dislike + jealous” and “jealous + like” and “jealous + dislike” but there is no “jealous = dislike”