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“永远有我 就算世界都冷漠”
You’ll always have me, even if the world turns cold
― Angel, EXO-K

“在心痛 如果能回到 那段幸福 “
If hurting more means we can return to that piece of happiness
―  Breath, Chen and Zhang LiYin

“只要在你身边 生命变得光彩”
As long as I’m by your side, life becomes dazzling
― What is Love, EXO-K

“我望眼欲穿   看我看不到的你”
I gaze longingly at the you whom I cannot see
― Miracles in December, EXO-K

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hi hi hi!!!! I recently hit my goal a few days ago and I wanted to say thank you !! I keep seeing these in my notifs/dashboard so I thought I’d do one too! some might get annoyed by these things, sorry :( I thought it’d be nice to show some appreciation for some of the blogs I follow and recommend!! a few may be multi-fandom, but I’ll tag some accounts who I’ve happily met along the way :)

bolded: you are one of my favorite blogs/we’ve talked before and it made my day

others: i appreciate you and see you in my feed sometimes and it makes me feel giddy and excited ya know

(if you’re not tagged I still like u just leave an impression/drop by. I have a good memory 92% of the time yo)


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Thank you guys for 1000 followers! I remember making this blog not too long ago to spread Gfriend love and i’m happy to know that so many people enjoy my content! So why not celebrate with a give away?  I also want to give those who can’t buy/get albums the chance to have one 😁

I will be giving away a brand new, sealed copy of Gfriend’s debut mini album Season of Glass because it’s almost their 2 year anniversary 😊

- must live in the U.S (international shipping is really expensive and unless you want to pay for the shipping i cant send it there sorry OTL ) and be okay with telling me your shipping address!
- must be 18+ or have parent’s permission
- must be following me lol i will check!
- no giveaway blogs and also please don’t just follow me for the giveaway (or if you already have the album), that would make me sad since this is supposed to be for my lovely followers
- reblogs and likes count, and you can reblog as many times as you want 🤗
- the giveaway will end January 31st (if i feel like making it longer or shorter i will)
- the winner will be chosen randomly with a generator! please keep ask box/messages open so I can contact you if you win.

If you have any questions/concerns please message me! Once again, thank you for 1000+ followers and happy new year!!!