No offense, but having this preconceived notion or assumption that idols who debuted from one of the big 3’s didn’t have to go through any hardships or struggles, had everything handed down to them, and didn’t work as hard as idols who debuted from a small company is not only extremely ignorant. It’s also pathetic as well. Just saying.

MAMA 2016

If you guys are like me and missed the MAMA 2016 Live Stream. (School, I have better things to do). By now you guys have probably have seen it but I’m posting it anyways for you guys to find easier! The show is 3 hours long and Mnet posted them in parts, there are no subs but personality I don’t care if there are subs or not.

MAMA 2016 [EP ONE]

MAMA 2016 [EP TWO]



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Bigbang won nothing tonight legends my ass they should move over

BIGBANG wasn’t even fucking nominated tonight cause they haven’t released anything this year why would they win????

Move over?!!! When your fav group’s earnings are recognized by Forbes’, members are becoming Chanel ambassadors, curating record breaking art for Sotheby’s, are heading on a solo dome tour in Japan, are making massive bank via foreign investments and successful running of businesses, have individual Daesangs from MAMA, are legends for 10 years, and release music that breaks records and rules Melon and other charts call me okay?