taehyung’s chipmunk laugh 

I’ve heard some people say that it’s sad how kpop lacks masculine looking men and these statements make me sad. The whole world already glorifies manly men. I love guys who take care of themselves and aren’t afraid to wear makeup so kpop offers me a lot visually. Yet people want to take these aspects away from kpop. The whole world doesn’t revolve around your beauty ideals and you can’t blame the whole kpop industry just because you don’t find some people attractive.

Things kpop fans need to stop doing:

Believing that abused idols still owe their companies for them becoming famous.

Victim Blaming

Treating their idols as property

Slut Shaming

Not acknowledging the abuse of female idols when they have expressed their issues with their company (see: victim blaming)

Expecting illnesses and injuries to ~magically disappear~ after not seeing their idols for a certain amount of days

Comparing idols to justify abuse (again, see: victim blaming)

Being racist and/or xenophobic

Being swayed by the opinions of other people, especially when they side with the abusers (AGAIN, see: victim blaming)

Being trash all around


seeing my crush


And here we have Jin describing my life

i miss exo m. i respect tao, yifan and luhan for leaving, and am glad they’re happy, but honestly i wish i could hear them sing in exo’s new album(s). the reason i liked exo was because i could hear two songs in two languages, with two sets of people. now it’s just the same people singing in two languages, and not even with good pronounciation. i know k is trying, but frankly their mandarin isn’t very good. exo m might as well be gone if there’s only one chinese member left.