ok so baekhyun’s acting wasn’t exactly well recieved by many knetz and they’re being quite ruthless with their bashing (here’s an example, read at your own risk). i don’t know if he’s aware since he’s not in korea (i hope not) but i just thought that maybe exo-l should leave him some nice comments on his instagram or something. “i love you”, “remember to eat”, “have a nice day” idk something like that just in case. let him know that he’s loved!

People complain that BAP is different now but think of this: The years before BAP’s lawsuit were dark and upsetting because Ts treated them horribly. So their songs were dark and hard because it was showing the strength in their heart. Now, after the lawsuit their songs are really happy (except Kingdom and YW&F which were really good) and exciting because they’re happy and they aren’t being treated horribly. Not everything’s perfect, but things are better.

yet another struggle of being a kpop stan
  • *after someone figures out you like kpop*
  • person:*sees asian writing*
  • person:what does this say?
  • me:uh I don't know, why?
  • person:well you listen to kpop so you should know
  • me:....please exit
Namjoon appreciation

Just a few of the reasons why I love Kim Namjoon

•The blond hair
•The fact that he is a freaking smart boy with an IQ of 148
•“I’m sexy like a pornstar”
•When he gets all shy and nervous
•How brave he is despite all the hate
•Destruction monster
•“Hip Hop is dead, only sailor moon survived”
•Just how freaking amazing and talented he is
•I mean have you heard forever young
•The pink hair I mean it was amazing
•His amazing English skills that he taught himself
•His selfie game (it kills me everytime)
•When he accidentally founded one of the popular and iconic saying is kpop (you all know what it is)
•Freaking namjin
•When he dances with his face
•When he’s low key laid back but takes care of things when it comes down to it
•“I’m going to stab the members in the order they come in”
•When he gets all philosophical about things like dust
•The spongebob laugh (if you listen closely you can hear it in Do You)
•His love for fans
ex: still trying to sign for fans when his right hand was in a cast
•“If I’m a pair of basketball shoes, you’re flip flops”
•How awkward he is
•His passion on stage
•He’s the reason jungkook joined bighit
“Ey burn it up” *Kaboom*
•How cute he is with the members
•Vmon is lowkey so cute
•His inability to cut onions
•When he twerked on American hustle life
“Something keeps dangling”
•His under appreciated but totally lit mixtape
•When bts debuted and his hair looked like a sponge
•Rapper line
•When he chose Bangtan without a doubt
•His sleeping face
•When Hobi called and told him not to curse because he is being recorded and he almost cursed
•His friendship with Jackson of Got7
•When he kept calling the Korean embassy on Bon voyage when the members kept losing their bags
•How he shares his music with fans
•Did I mention how freaking talented he is because he’s freaking talented
•When he dresses like a grandpa
•“It’s butterfly, not butterfry”
•Oh and did I mention namjin