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Can do a Jackson scenario where him and gf have a huge argument but it turns into a smut

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   “Who is that?” you asked Jackson as you tried to have a sneak peek at his phone. You weren’t usually the type of girlfriend that was constantly on their boyfriend’s back but you’ve noticed that he’s been texting a girl he met at the studio lately, Miranda. (Literally, a random name XD) 

  “It’s just Miranda.” he sighed and clicked his phone shut. You got up from where you were laying, on his lap, and stood up to look down at him. 

   “Why is she texting you so much?” you asked as you crossed your arms. You saw Jackson roll his eyes which made you raise your eyebrow. 

   “We’re just friends! Why don’t you get that?” he asked as he stood up, eye level now. You look away before gazing back at Jackson. He bit his bottom lip as he stared at you. 

  “Friends? That’s hard to believe. She’s so touchy!” you exclaimed, recalling all the times you saw pictures of her lightly touching his chest and laughing or when she hooked his arm around his arm like he was her boyfriend. 

   “What can I do? I don’t wanna be rude.” he said as he adjusted his weight from one foot to the other. This time you rolled your eyes. 

   “What can you do? I’ll tell you what you can do, you can tell her that you have a girlfriend! You can tell her to stop touching you because you’re taken- or are you embarrassed to tell her I’m your girlfriend? Or that Jackson Wang has a girlfriend?” you asked as you crossed your arms. He sighed and shook his head, indicating a “no.” “That’s not very manly of you.” 

   With that, he shot up his head. You rolled your eyes again before running up the stairs and into your shared bedroom with Jackson. You shut the door behind you and stood in the middle with your back to the door. You let your head hand down as your hair covered your face. You sighed as you closed your eyes. “Was he embarrassed of me?” you thought. You heard the door open and someone enter. 

   “Not again, Jackson. I’m too tired to argue with you.” you said as you rubbed your neck. It was currently 12:44AM. You heard the door shut and a hand pulling your wrist and turning you around. You were pulled into Jackson’s hard, muscled chest as he placed his hands on your sides and stared at you. “What are you-” 

   “You’re the only girl. I don’t like Miranda, I don’t like anyone but you. I’m definitely not embarrassed to have you as a girlfriend.” he said huskily as his hands traveled South as he placed both hands on your ass and gave it a hard squeeze, making your breath hitch. “Because you’re so hot. You’re so beautiful.” 

   You put your hands on his shoulders as he started kissing your neck. You rolled your head back to give him more space as your eyes immediately shut from the pleasure that Jackson’s lips were giving you. The only light in the room was from the bathroom, the washroom door was wide open as a soft white light illuminated the room. He squeezed your behind harder, your panties were pulled up by his squeeze which started making you feel wet. He kissed down your neck and onto your chest as he unbuttoned your blouse and pushed you gently on the bed. He took off his own shirt as his muscles stretched from him removing the shirt. 

   He leaned in, hovering over you as he unclasped your bra with one hand and massaged one of your breasts with the other. His lips found yours as he hungrily kissed them, feeling every inch of your mouth with his tongue. You moaned into his mouth as he slipped one if his fingers past your panties. You felt his tongue lick your bottom lip as he fingered your slowly. You rocked your hips forward for a faster motion but he stopped them. 

   “Not so fast…” he mumbled between kisses. “Let me show you the man I am.” he joked which caused you to giggle in the kiss. He unbuckled his belt and took off his jeans. You placed your hand over his covered member as he groaned at your touch. He then dipped down and attacked your lips with his as he slipped off your panties. He ran his fingers along your folds. 

  “You’re so wet..” he said between kisses. You swiped your tongue past his lip. 

  “Jackson, stop teasing me.” you said as you looked into his brown eyes. He kissed your neck as he positioned himself in front of your entrance and then thrust into you, making you arch your back. You dug your fingers into his hair as he slowly thrusted out and then slammed back in, causing the bed to move. You ran your hand down his back with your nails scratching the skin. “Jackson…” 

  His thrusts were coordinated and fast, you were so wet that he slid in and out. You shut your eyes as you felt a familiar, pleasuring sensation build up inside of you. Jackson’s thrusts were getting sloppier and slower. He drove his fingers in your hips as he was slowly getting closer too.

   “Come for me,” he whispered in your ear. You bit your bottom lip from screaming out in pleasure. You breathed heavily as he rubbed his thumb over your clit for more pressure. 

   “Jackson, I’m going to come..” you moaned out. He started going faster as you reached your peek, his following after. He plopped down beside you as the only sound in the room were the heavily breathes that escaped your lips. 


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After School react to a proposal from their boyfriends

Jungah: *in a front of a bar, where she was with her frinds, her bf proposed to her*

Oh my god! This is so unexpected ………. Obviously YES!!!!

Girls!!! Look at my new ring!

Uee: *while shopping with Jungah, she meets her bf with a bouquet of rose* What are you doing here? Jungah what can I do?

Bf: This is my proposal to you; I love you so much, do you wanna marry me?
Uee: YES! Now!

Raina: *found at hoome a strange casket with a ring*
Bf: What are you doing? *try to get it back* This is my surprise!

Raina: What?
Bf: Do you wanna marry me?
Raina: Oh god, ahaha absolutely yes! *internally fangirl*

Nana: Bf: *He kneels in front of her, during a dinner*
Nana: *understand what he wants to do*

Bf: Do you wanna be my life forever?
Nana: Yes, yes, yes, yes … *so happy, like a win*

Lizzy: *while dinning in a restaurant, her bf is proposing to her* *shocked* What is this?

Bf: your ring, if you wanna be my wife …
Lizzy: aww honey! Yes! *dance secretly at home*

Eyoung: *after the proposal of her bf* Honey, come here! *try to kiss him*

Bf: nooooo, this is so embarrassing!

Kaeun: *as they dance together, he whispers a marriage proposal to her* 

oooh honey, yes! I love you *happy and sexy mood*

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I’m having the weirdest week. It’s definitely one of those weeks that I’m going to look back on and realize it was a defining moment in my life. And it’s not even that one big thing happened but a series of really unlikely really pleasant things happened that I think are going to turn out to have a big effect on at least the rest of the year. It’s just really nice to realize that while it’s happening and be happy and realize that I’m happy and not look back in six months when I’m miserable again and remember that week when those things happened and everything was good for a while.

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hii!! can i have a nu'est and bts ship please? im hella lazy. like i laze around 24/7 and i legit cannot even function before abt 11AM. i speak 4 languages close to fluently. my boobs are virtually nonexistent and i have no hips to speak of. i like sprite and chips more than i should. ive got brown hair and eyes and im abt 5'9 aka hella tall. i have terrible nails. i am not v good at thinking of things to say and couldnt hold a conversation if my life depended on it. i stay up too late. its 3AM.

Admin Night is on hiatus, so please request BTS when she returns. 

In NU’EST I ship you with Baekho

I think you and Baekho would make a nice couple. He would love to hear all of the languages you speak and would love to have lazy days with you. He would not mind at all that you don’t have very large breasts, he would love your body just the way it is.