Another Member Walking in on Them Having Sex: BTS


Oh God, he would become so flustered. But like, not in a way that `Oh shit someone saw us having sex`, it was more like `Oh shit I forgot to lock the door`. Like, he would be proud of the state he put you in, though he will probably beat the member with a spatula to a half-conscious state.


YoonGi would probably mumble something incoherent after giving the member a drunk stare full of dark lust as he’d bite into your flesh, making you moan and yell at the same time. Besides that, he wouldn’t give a fuck.


*quietly closes his eyes*takes in a deep breath* “You’re not angry, HoSeok, you’re not angry…”

Rap Monster:

Oh Boi… He would be pissed. So. Fucking. Angry. You were his, and only his eyes could see you in that kind of way. Only his ears were supposed to hear you making those sounds. He would come up with a severe punishment for that member.


He would just smirk at that member, having no remorse and shame. So what that someone saw you all fucked up, it was because of JiMin and that’s all that mattered to the man.


Will try to cover you up with the bed sheets so that the other member wouldn’t be able to see you naked, but that doesn’t mean that he will stop. If it won’t be in his ability to cover you up, so be it, means he’ll have to come up with a plan how to erase the member’s memory.


Too deep in his zone to actually notice or care, continuing to drill into you at full pace, whispering all the nasties while he still had the courage to do so.


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Sick For You Baby 


Public Sex



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Jump for It 


Finally [OHSHC! AU] Part I Part II:

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Making out

<3, Kihyun


Among the Drying Petals 


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Jaehwan (Ken)

Troublemakers ft. Hoseok


Bodyguard AU!: Hakyeon (N) | Jaehwan (Ken) |  Wonsik (Ravi)Sanghyuk | Hongbin | Taekwoon (Leo)



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For the Best (sequel to believe in me)  


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Only a Broken Heart (Series; Complete) Part I Part II 



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Atonement ☁



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Kim Soo Hyun 

Nothing– Secretly, Greatly ☁

Her Being a Golden Member of Her Group: BTS


Would be so, so proud of you, asking you to play an instrument for him, while singing, or dance, or teach him to- just so that he could appreciate your talent.


Would teach you even more stuff, like music production and lyrics writing, so that you would become even more famous with the many talents that you have, also rendering himself to spend more time with you.


He was the one to teach you a lot of his talents, so he would just ruffle your hair once you were awarded the `title`.

Rap Monster:

Once you were called that on a TV how, he’d take you out for dinners, congratulating you on your hard work and hoping that you’d continue with the efforts.


If he’d be there with you at the moment when you were called the Golden Member, he’d call out even more of your specialties, trying to embarrass you a little, but also to boost your popularity.


He would ask you to teach him how to use a certain instrument, or the basics of a language that you can speak fluently, being completely fascinated by your knowledge and skill.


Would literally add you to the 97z group chat and then make you do that one extra embarrassing greeting of handshakes that he had thought up.

BTS reaction to their mate sleeping while cuddling their pillow

 Anon: Bts reacts to their mate sleeping while cuddling their pillow since they feel lonely without them thank you in advance tho💖💖

A/N: #short one, starting with ‘For once, he let down his tough, intimidating and cold exterior…’. I probably mixed it up slightly with the mafia au… too used to writing for that ahaha


Originally posted by minblush

For once, he let down his tough, intimidating and cold exterior, smiling down adorably at you nuzzling at the pillow that surely was his - probably trying to find comfort in his smell, which was the cherry smell of his shampoo…?


Originally posted by rapnamu

For once, he let down his tough, intimidating and cold exterior, letting himself get distracted in his emotionless staring at you, his mate, on his mattress sound asleep and lightly cuddling his pillow. Well, he looked emotionless, but the thoughts and feelings running through his mind were certainly more than anyone could comprehend.


Originally posted by sugutie

For once, he let down his tough, intimidating and cold exterior. He paused, walking past your shared room, sneaking a glance inside. There you slept, peacefully, with something (was it his pillow?) clutched in your grasp, snoring lightly. He smiled down at you, leaning against the doorframe briefly before taking off again to perform his pack duties.


Originally posted by park-jimizzle

For once, he let down his tough, intimidating and cold exterior, smiling wide and chucking cutely at the way you cutely slept, something so out of character for him. “My jagiya, so sorry I can’t be with you always.”


Originally posted by sweaterpawsjimin

For once, he let down his tough, intimidating and cold exterior, gazing at you thoughtfully as you slept through the night. He would have to leave soon.

Originally posted by bangtanroyalty

What was that grasped in your arms? A doll? No, it was his pillow. He smiled to himself before leaving the room, silent as the night.


Originally posted by dreamyoongi

For once, he let down his tough, intimidating and cold exterior. Ready for a good night’s sleep after a hard day of tracking and hunting with the alpha, he was ready to crash with his mate on the bed. As he headed out of the bathroom towelling his hair, he glanced down at your sleeping form wrapped around his pillow, feeling so full of warmth in that moment he thought he would burst.


Originally posted by rapdaegu

For once, he let down his tough, intimidating and cold exterior, pausing for a moment as he stood above the bed, looking at the way you were snuggled between the covers and his pillow. “What did I do to deserve this…” He shook his head and went to wrap himself around you and wander into dreamland.

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Astro Reaction to Their S/O Stealing Their Clothes


He wouldn’t notice till half his clothes were missing, he would question the members only to see you walk through the dorm door wearing his baggy sweater.

“Cute Y/N, where did you get it.” *wink wink*

Originally posted by asterocky


He would already know who was stealing his outfits, he would lay out clothes just for you to take and hide his outfits he wanted to wear.

“I wonder where my sweat pants went?” looking right at you with them on.

Originally posted by astrodaily


He would love it at first, thinking it’s cute. But then it became an addiction. He was losing so much of his clothes.

“ I think we need to have a meeting, I don’t want to be naked.”

Originally posted by binsblush


It’s always been his wish to have his S/O that wears his clothes, so it would make his heart skip a beat when he saw you sleeping in his clothes.

“I’m so lucky to have you.”

Originally posted by moonha


Just like moonbin, he would love to see his S/O in his clothes, but after losing half his clothes he would have to cut you off you little addiction.

“Y/N I love you, but you really need to limit yourself.”

Originally posted by asterocky


Being a small little bean, it would make him blush, seeing you cooking in his t-shirt, would take his breath away.


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Bts reactions~ Their s/o covering their face when they try to take a picture because of insecurities

Reaction for @x-mad-x Im sorry it took so long

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Jin would have been trying to take a picture of him kissing your cheek, but when you hid your face from the camera he would frown. Sensing it was your insecurities he would put his phone away and grab your face reminding you of how beautiful you are, eventually coaxing you into taking a picture. “ are so beautiful, you dont even know. You make the whole room light up your smile.”

Originally posted by dreamyoongi


Suga would be so soft about it I think. Right when your hands flew up to cover your face he would grab them and tell you everything her loves about you. He would drop the fact about taking a picture all together, rather wanting to just have you fall asleep in his arms. “If you weren’t the most beautiful person on this earth- which you are - I would still love you, baby your looks are just a plus”

Originally posted by nnochu


Jhope would be sad. His smile would instantly wipe off his face because he loves to take pictures and he wants do show his beautiful S/O to the world. He would pull you into and hug and kiss your cheeks. “Jagi you are so beautiful, please remember that.”

Originally posted by gotjimin


Namjoon would wrap his arms around you, asking why you were hiding yourself from the camera. Once he found out he would kiss you deeply, letting you know how much he loved you for you. He would end up getting you to take a picture together after a long night of him showing you how beautiful/ handsome you are.”Jagi let me show you how perfect you are to me~”

Originally posted by bangtan


Jimin would know exactly how you feel. He knows how it feels to be insecure about yourself and he knows its not a good feeling. He would immediately kiss you, reminding you why he fell in love with you, hating that you were insecure about something so small.”Please know that your looks are only a small part of you jagi,I love you for you.”

Originally posted by taehyunglq


Taehyung would be confused as to why his lover covered their face. He would ask but when he found out why he would tackle you, smothering your face in kisses while giggling. He would remind you that he loves you just the way you are. “Aish my gorgeous puppy you are so beautiful.”

Originally posted by bangtan


Jungkook wouldn’t know what to say at first when you covered your face. he would sit there and look at you as you hid your face in your hands, away from the camera. He wouldn’t bring it up until later, when you two are in bed cuddling. He would let you know you are beautiful and have nothing to be insecure about. “Jagi don’t shy away from me or the camera or anyone in that matter. You are so freaking beautiful, you have nothing to be insecure about.”

Text: Open

  • *got7 except for jackson sitting in arm chairs in a circle*
  • *jackson tries to sneak in*
  • jb: so
  • rest of got7: *repeats* so
  • mark: where did you go jackson
  • bambam: yeah jackson. where did you go
  • yugyeom: *nods* mmmhhmm( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
corrupt pt. 1 - dirtycop!jaebum

moodboard by me

wordcount: 2,700

Finding out your brother was a dirty cop was hard enough, but trying to deny his even dirtier partners effect on you was even harder.

warnings: illegal activities, swearing

The rain was relentless. You shivered violently, wrapping your arms around yourself in a feeble attempt to conserve the heat rapidly exiting your body as the downpour soaked through all the layers of your clothing.  

The rain streamed down your face and blurred your vision, making your perspective of the world something similar to a Monet painting. You knew the shivering wasn’t due to the cold, fear had numbed you to the presently unforgiving outside elements, you knew you were quaking in terror.

You stood in a deadly triangle, Jaebum pointing the sleek silver of his handgun towards your prone forehead, Yugeom having the cruel mouth of his own gun directed at Jaebum’s heart.

‘Y/N, I hope you realize how silly of an idea it was for you to follow us here, hmm?’, Jaebum’s stern voice was clear over the roar of the rain.

You nodded, your tears dancing with the rain, running down your cheeks, not being able to look anywhere but on the trigger, which he rested his prone pointer finger on. This was surreal, just a day ago you were struck with the thought that your brother’s recent distant behavior may have been due to him becoming depressed, not a fucking dirty cop with an even dirtier partner.  

You saw the slightest quiver out of the corner of your eyes; Yugeom was struggling to point the gun towards his partner. When he first started he would go on and on about how much he admired his elder, how cool Jaebum was, how much he’d be able to learn about being a detective from Jaebum. You hadn’t seen that vibrant glint in your baby brother’s eyes for a long, long time, the last time he seemed so passionate from something was when he became a police officer, but that was years ago, your brother had changed.


Earlier today you decided you wanted to talk to him, but you were aware he worked long hours, what harm could be done if you dropped by the police station and had a quick word to check in and see if he was fine?

The lights of a vibrant city were just beginning to blink on sporadically as you approached the station. Coincidentally, as you rounded the street corner and stepped on the first of four steps up to the glass sliding door with an emblem on the middle, Yugeom was walking out of those same doors.

You smiled at him brightly and nodded to the man directly behind him, his partner in fighting crime, Jaebum. Yugeom’s eyebrows rose, nearly lost in the hair that fell across his forehead stylishly.

‘Y/N, why are you here’ he said nervously as Jaebum stepped around him and continued on down the road, you thought he almost expected your younger brother to follow him. You were just as shocked at the neither warm nor particularly icy reception he gave you, as shocked as he was to see you.

‘I just came to check if you were alright’, Jaebum was quickly disappearing down the street, Yugeom turning his head every few seconds, obviously agitated his partner was traveling further away from him.

He didn’t want to speak to you, the thought made your head drop down, your chin hitting your sternum. ‘But if you need to leave, we can talk later’ you quickly continued on, trying to sound as upbeat as possible at Yugeoms lack of enthusiasm.

He gave you a sad smile, ‘I’ll call you tomorrow at around lunch time and we can chat then, but now I gotta go, duty calls!’ he said, not even finishing that sentence before he was running off.

You wanted to follow him, wanted to know what was so important his rude ass of a partner couldn’t even stop and wait for your brother to finish talking to you. What was so important your brother couldn’t even give you a hug or a proper hello. So, besides your gut telling you, perhaps you shouldn’t follow the two police officers, you followed the two police officers.

They must have walked through the city for miles because you found yourself ducking behind cargo containers at the shipyard. They stopped at a black one, you crouched, using your arms to brace yourself against a red one two rows behind them. Yugeom produced a key and unlocked the contained, swinging both of the doors open. Jaebum stepped inside, coming out moments later with two large long briefcases in tow, the length of them maybe spanning half of the length of his leg.

They shut and locked the door, walking further down to the waterfront where there was a clearing of just bare concrete that spanned a few meters before a short drop to the ocean. That’s when the first drops of rain began to fall; the drops made trails down your face and ran their chilly fingers down your back. Yet, you were intrigued now, so you pushed on, following them until you stopped at the closest container to the clearing. You made sure you crouched in a shadow, giving them still the slimmest chance to see you, but allowing you relative safety to snoop.

Another man stood there with Jaebum and Yugeom, indicating toward the older police officers hands. He nodded and opened the large briefcase to show an array of guns, each different sized arranged neatly in different compartments but all deadly, you gasped in shock. As you were watching the trade happening, money being put in JB’s hand whilst he handed over the case a pair of strong arms circled your chest and pulled you off the floor so your legs dangled inches from the surface. Fight or flight kicked in as you screamed and struggled everything is brought into laser focus in front of your eyes as you thrashed your head around. The flecks of rust on the container you were hiding behind, the sunspots on your attackers’ arms and the fact you may die. The mysterious man barked something in Chinese and he surged forward into the open. In front of your shocked brother and his bemused partner, who muttered something in Chinese to the man he was trading with. He pulled out a gun and nodded at my captor, who unceremoniously dumped me on the ground and escaped with the guns.

Jaebums gun was directed at me. I blanched as I stood up slowly, his guns position on my forehead moving with me, I couldn’t take my eyes off him. I heard movement to my right and saw out of the corner of my eye that Yugeom had also drawn his gun and it had its gaze on Jaebum.  


‘She’ll keep her mouth shut’ he pleaded, you could imagine the look on his face right now. His eyes slightly squinted, head coming forward whilst his shoulders tilted up a bit, you remember when you had just learned to drive, this was the look you always got from him when he wanted you to taxi him somewhere.

‘How do you know that?’ he snapped back at the younger man, thrusting his gun out to clarify his murderous intentions, his eyes filling with an inhuman rage. You didn’t know Jaebum very well but you had previously thought he was okay. He attended a few family dinners at the beginning of him and Yugeoms partnership when Yugeom had first become a detective. You had even been to a few staff parties where you two had shared some witty banter. This was a side of Jaebum you never knew existed.

‘She’s my goddamn sister JB! I assure you’ His voice went a few octaves lower and his eyes grew darker, ‘I will step out of line if you even touch a hair on her head’ he laughed humorlessly, ‘We’re cops as well, it’s not like the higher-ups will believe her over us, think rationally’ he used his other hand to point to his temple, ‘she’s my closest family’

In response, a sick smile found it’s way onto JB’s annoyingly handsome face, ‘I know exactly what we can do to ensure she won’t tell anyone’ he said, shifting his weight from one leg to another, lowering his gun for half a second. This was my chance, you thought to yourself; you would run to a nearby container and hide behind it as you called the police.

That thought was forced out of your head as he raised his gun again and strolled towards you, putting his other hand casually in his trouser pocket. He circled you, much like a predator circling his prey and ended up directly behind you, so close you could feel his nose skim the corner of your ear as he took a breath in.

You could hear the smile in his voice as he breathed in your ear, ‘just as long as you remain silent…anything you say can and will be used against you’ there was a pause and you took in a breath in response to what he said next, ‘along with perhaps a whip, or some hog ties, so I advise keeping that pretty mouth shut, understood?’, he trailed his hand along your jawline for effect and a different chill ran down your spine. Letting out a shaky breath, you replied with a clipped, ‘yes, understood’.  

He finally moved away to Yugeom and stood beside him, crossing his strong-looking arms across his chest, ‘It looks like we have a new helper Yugie’. Your brother rolled his eyes and scoffed, ‘You don’t honestly think I would agree to drag my sister into this, do you, Jae?’. The older man raised a single eyebrow, ‘Unless you want her pretty little head to remain on her body, yes. Let’s go’.

A sick look overtook both you and your brothers’ faces and you both quickly scuttled after him, putty in his hands. You refused to look at your brother, you hadn’t had time to reflect on your brother’s hand in this, this…you didn’t even know what to call it, this corruption? Yet, you thought he was better than that.

‘Im sorry’ a sullen voice suddenly said beside you as you passed massive container after massive container. ‘Sorry doesn’t unbreak the law’ you spat out under your breath, being careful the man leading you two away from the scene of the crime didn’t hear you berate your brother.

Yugeom grabbed your arm, effectively stopping you, ‘you shouldn’t have…’ you immediately yanked your arm out of his grasp and continued on walking, not willing to get into Jaebum’s bad any more than you already were by not following his orders to follow him. ‘I shouldn’t have what?’ and laughed ironically and swiped the soaking hair that was flopping into your face. ‘I shouldn’t have been concerned about the little brother I adored not contacting me recently?’ you hair was falling into your face again you smoothed it violently against the top of your scalp with a frustrated huff.

You walked closer to Yugeom, who looked remorseful, thank god he had remorse and wasn’t like his partner. ‘You are the one who is in the wrong here, Yugeom’ you said with as much venom you could muster with a whisper, ‘Apologies for giving a shit, I am so sorry brother’. As you spat the last word you stormed ahead of him to where Jaebum was waiting at his car, leaning on it casually. He pulled out a cigarette and lit the tip, the stick begins to glow a steady orange when he took his first deep drag, sliding the lighter back into his black jeans’ front pocket.

The front lights of a silver Mercedes sedan behind Jaebum’s Lexus flashed for a second indicating it as being unlocked, you knew Yugie could never afford this with what he was supposed to be earning. Something else also didn’t ring right, ‘You guy’s walked here, right?’, Yugeom drifted past you to his car, ‘they didn’t only pay us in money’ he said offhandedly as he rounded the shiny new car and opened the passenger door. Despite the deep, sinking, dirty feeling you had. You went to follow your brother but Jaebum made a disapproving noise, which caused you to stop and peer at him. You let out a silent ‘huff’, you were eager to get out of the rain.

A sick smile found it’s way onto Jaebum’s annoyingly handsome face as he threw his finished cigarette, opening his passenger door with a flourish, you’re hopping in with me dear, you need to convince me you won’t be telling anyone about tonight’s happening’s’. You looked over at Yugeom but he was already in his car and you couldn’t see through the tinted windows. Completely defeated you knew you had to get into the man’s car.

Slowly but steadily, you made your way to Jaebums car, brushing past him and getting a good whiff of his intoxicating, woody, scent. When you were safely seated in the new smelling car, he slammed the door behind you, making you jump. Half a second later he was in the driver’s seat, starting the cars’ engine and pulling away.

When you were on the freeway, speeding towards god-knows-where, you felt a warm hand on the middle of your thigh. Your head shot to Jaebum, seeing he was smiling to himself, eyes on the road. ‘You’re really gonna need to show me how sorry you are and how much you want to make it up to me’. He said, turning his head to leer at you, whilst his hand traveled up your thigh, getting dangerously close to a very private area.

Why did you want him to move those few inches further?


How would BTS Sound in Bed

How would each member of BTS moan in bed

Oooh, that is a very good question. Let’s see what we’ve got here:

Jin: He’d be pretty vocal in bed. The room would be filled with the harmony of your and his moans, he’d constantly be telling you how good it feels and he’d remind you just how much he adores you. Once he’s about to reach his climax, his breathing would become hitched and heavy. He’d probably bury his face into the crook of your neck, letting his heavy breaths show you how close he is.

Suga: Out of the members, he’d be the most quiet one. You’d know how much he’s enjoying it with the string of low curses and heavy breaths that would escape his lips. Soft grunts of pleasure would begin to be audible when he is close to his climax. Since he’s the silent type, he wouldn’t hold back one bit when it come to pleasuring you, that is one of the ways he’d show you how much he needs you. Once he finally reaches his own climax, a low, throaty moan would escape his lips followed by your name.

Rap Monster: Namjoon wouldn’t be very vocal but he won’t shut up either. During sex soft growls and grunts would escape his lips, an occasional moan here and there. He’ll mostly talk dirty about all the things he’ll be doing to you, trying to drive you to your edge with just his words. Just as he becomes more involved, he’ll stop talking and he’ll let the sounds of pleasure wash over his body. When he is close to his climax, his grunts would become more audible, followed by an occasional bite here and there. Once he reached his climax, a deep groan would escape his lips followed by a string of curses as you both ride your orgasms.  

J-Hope: Hoseok would be slightly vocal, uttering low moans and groans. When completely engulfed in pleasure, he’d attack your lips and growl against them. He’d break away from the hungry kiss and begin attacking your neck instead. He’d be checking constantly if you are enjoying everything he’s doing to you or if you want more, you’d have to beg for him. As the pleasure becomes unbearable, he’ll begin to moan out your name in a deep husky voice, making your body shudder underneath him. As he get closer, his voice get louder to the point that his moans become inaudible. All you can hear are his grunts and his heavy breath against your skin. Finally, when he reaches his peak, shortly after yourself, both of your bodies shudder in sheer pleasure as you both ride your orgasms.

Oh my, three to go…I need a moment.

Jimin: He would not be able to keep the sounds to himself, no matter how much he tries. Both of you would be moaning messes right from the start. Just like Jin, your room would be filled with the harmony of pleasure sounds escaping both of your lips and every once in awhile, Jimin would compliment on how good you feel or how much he’s enjoying everything. From whimpers of pleasure to audible moans; these would signal how close he is to reach his climax. When he finally reaches his peak, a shameless, loud moan would escape his lips, followed by your name, but not because he reached his peak means he’s done. Oh no, his thrusts would become frantic as his body shudders in pleasure, but he’d continue to pound into you, making you ride off your orgasm as well.

V: Taehyung would be pretty verbal. His sounds of pleasure would change depending on how he’s treating you. If he is treating you with all the care in the world, soft grunts and growls would leave his lips. He’d enjoy listening to your mewls of pleasure, but if he is being completely dominant and rough, his moans and groans would become very audible. He’ll watch as your body squirms underneath him in pleasure, and he’ll begin to whisper dirty things into your ear as he pounds into you merciless, his deep voice would become even deeper as lust overcomes him. Knowing that he is close, much like Namjoon, he’d begin to leave bite marks all over your body, adding up to the pleasure. Finally, with a final and powerful thrust, he’d reach his climax with a breathless moan or loud gasp as he tries to control his shuddering body.

Jungkook: Very much like Yoongi, he’d be silent, a rare moan or an occasional whimper would be the only sounds to escape his lips as he strives to drive you to your edge first. He’d whisper your name in a soft and gentle tone making sure to not forget that you are extremely important to him. When peaking close to his climax, his whimpers of pleasure would become much more audible and his whispers would turn into harsh grunts of pleasure. As soon as he reaches his peak, any noise emerging from his lips would turn into heavy breaths against your neck, the occasional kiss and soft bite once he finally rides his own orgasm.

Well this took awhile to write and I am feeling proud about it. I hope this is what you were expecting anon! I need a moment to breathe, this is too much for my poor soul.