Jungkook doing body rolls + a heart sign ♡


BLACK PINK Wallpapers - Whistle [screen caps]

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things that make me laugh

  • bobby’s hobby of zooming in Hanbin’s face 
  • kim hanbin’s strong hate for ‘zoom’ option 
Exo reaction to you sleeping in just your underwear

Exo reaction to their girlfriend loving go to sleep in their under wear only.


Suho: *drives to Victoria secret to buy you new lingerie*

Baekhyun: *tried to process it* That is so hot jagi

Chanyeol: Oh my god.. really? I am ready…

D.O: *creepy smile* That just makes it so much easier princess ;)

Kai: baby please show me now…

Sehun: Really? Can’t you wear nothing instead??

Xiumin: *speechless and extremely turned on*

Lay: *look you up and down- gets embarrassed*

Chen: Of course you do. That’s my girl x

Tao:  *breathes heavily and stares at you imagining it*

SM Halloween Party

Chanyeol: I’ll just be The Joker

 Key: I’ll just be Edward Scissorhands


BoA & BaekHyun: I’ll just be a vampire


Chen: Oh, i’ll go as a Yogurt Ahjumma

Chen: And here is your yogurt!

Its Yogurt Chenjumma♡


My Boyfriend Mingyu

“What’s your boyfriend like?”

I love his smile so much

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He thinks he’s cool, but he’s not

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He’s my dork

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He’s really tall

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He’s good looking

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A huge tease and flirt

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He always knows how to make me smile

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He’s amazing at cooking

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His voice is my weakness

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He makes me so happy, I love him to death

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“He sound perfect”

“He is”


Next member: The8




look at Bambam’s reaction when GOT7 comes to his rescue

BB & YG: *need help*  

JB: hey brother ;) 

GOT7: *appears out of nowhere and poses* 

JB: these hyungs will teach you  

I want this picture framed and here’s why:

• JinJin is a living fluff

• Sanha is cosplaying a taxi

• Eunwoo’s hair, his jacket (what is that V sign tho Dongmin)


• Moonbin’s awkward expression

• MJ isn’t whitewashed af (not as much as usual anyway)

• Spring Up outfits but Summer Vibes hair.

How would BTS Sound in Bed

How would each member of BTS moan in bed

Oooh, that is a very good question. Let’s see what we’ve got here:

Jin: He’d be pretty vocal in bed. The room would be filled with the harmony of your and his moans, he’d constantly be telling you how good it feels and he’d remind you just how much he adores you. Once he’s about to reach his climax, his breathing would become hitched and heavy. He’d probably bury his face into the crook of your neck, letting his heavy breaths show you how close he is.

Suga: Out of the members, he’d be the most quiet one. You’d know how much he’s enjoying it with the string of low curses and heavy breaths that would escape his lips. Soft grunts of pleasure would begin to be audible when he is close to his climax. Since he’s the silent type, he wouldn’t hold back one bit when it come to pleasuring you, that is one of the ways he’d show you how much he needs you. Once he finally reaches his own climax, a low, throaty moan would escape his lips followed by your name.

Rap Monster: Namjoon wouldn’t be very vocal but he won’t shut up either. During sex soft growls and grunts would escape his lips, an occasional moan here and there. He’ll mostly talk dirty about all the things he’ll be doing to you, trying to drive you to your edge with just his words. Just as he becomes more involved, he’ll stop talking and he’ll let the sounds of pleasure wash over his body. When he is close to his climax, his grunts would become more audible, followed by an occasional bite here and there. Once he reached his climax, a deep groan would escape his lips followed by a string of curses as you both ride your orgasms.  

J-Hope: Hoseok would be slightly vocal, uttering low moans and groans. When completely engulfed in pleasure, he’d attack your lips and growl against them. He’d break away from the hungry kiss and begin attacking your neck instead. He’d be checking constantly if you are enjoying everything he’s doing to you or if you want more, you’d have to beg for him. As the pleasure becomes unbearable, he’ll begin to moan out your name in a deep husky voice, making your body shudder underneath him. As he get closer, his voice get louder to the point that his moans become inaudible. All you can hear are his grunts and his heavy breath against your skin. Finally, when he reaches his peak, shortly after yourself, both of your bodies shudder in sheer pleasure as you both ride your orgasms.

Oh my, three to go…I need a moment.

Jimin: He would not be able to keep the sounds to himself, no matter how much he tries. Both of you would be moaning messes right from the start. Just like Jin, your room would be filled with the harmony of pleasure sounds escaping both of your lips and every once in awhile, Jimin would compliment on how good you feel or how much he’s enjoying everything. From whimpers of pleasure to audible moans; these would signal how close he is to reach his climax. When he finally reaches his peak, a shameless, loud moan would escape his lips, followed by your name, but not because he reached his peak means he’s done. Oh no, his thrusts would become frantic as his body shudders in pleasure, but he’d continue to pound into you, making you ride off your orgasm as well.

V: Taehyung would be pretty verbal. His sounds of pleasure would change depending on how he’s treating you. If he is treating you with all the care in the world, soft grunts and growls would leave his lips. He’d enjoy listening to your mewls of pleasure, but if he is being completely dominant and rough, his moans and groans would become very audible. He’ll watch as your body squirms underneath him in pleasure, and he’ll begin to whisper dirty things into your ear as he pounds into you merciless, his deep voice would become even deeper as lust overcomes him. Knowing that he is close, much like Namjoon, he’d begin to leave bite marks all over your body, adding up to the pleasure. Finally, with a final and powerful thrust, he’d reach his climax with a breathless moan or loud gasp as he tries to control his shuddering body.

Jungkook: Very much like Yoongi, he’d be silent, a rare moan or an occasional whimper would be the only sounds to escape his lips as he strives to drive you to your edge first. He’d whisper your name in a soft and gentle tone making sure to not forget that you are extremely important to him. When peaking close to his climax, his whimpers of pleasure would become much more audible and his whispers would turn into harsh grunts of pleasure. As soon as he reaches his peak, any noise emerging from his lips would turn into heavy breaths against your neck, the occasional kiss and soft bite once he finally rides his own orgasm.

Well this took awhile to write and I am feeling proud about it. I hope this is what you were expecting anon! I need a moment to breathe, this is too much for my poor soul.


How would EXO react if they come home after a long tour and they go into your room and they find you touching yourself (fingers, toys, etc)?

I turned this into a gif reaction. idk why bruh. I hope you still like :D


Suho: You are such a bad girl. Breaking Daddy’s rules like that…Beg 

Baekhyun: Mind if I join you?

Chanyeol: Need some help?

D.O: What do you think you are doing? Stop right now and get on your knees

Kai: Ican’t believe you started without me!

Sehun: You may have started this but I am going to end it

Xiumin: Did you really think you would get away with it? Baby girl you need to be punished

Lay: Wait…what?

Chen: Well i didn’t expect this kind of welcome- Im not complaining

Tao: baby you know my fingers are way longer


After your parents leave and you turn on music so you just

when you think you’re a cool mom but your kids know better

when your friends start smoking weed but u a child of god

finally meeting someone who’s as weird as you are

when you really hate taking family photos but your mom calls out on you

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Best part of singing KPOP. 

1) No one knows if you sang wrong. Unless they’re kpopper or korean.

Mom: who is oppa 

Mom: why are u crying 

Mom: they all look the same 

Mom: what do u mean he’s 26, he looks 15 

Mom: are u sure he’s a boy

i wonder if kpop idols ever meet fans and think “wow, she’s beautiful, i wish i could get to know her more”

person: why do you want to learn korean? 
me: well, i’m tired of waiting for eng subs.

E N G L I S H      B A T T L E

 GOT7: We have Mark 

BTS: We have Rapmon 

2NE1: We have CL 

RV: We have Wendy 

SNSD: We have Tiffany 


 EXO: We need Kris

cr: relatable