The Argument | BTS Reaction

: You and your boyfriend had a huge argument, it ended up with him yelling at you in a way you’d never seen him do before and he ended up scaring you. You ran off and began to cry. But he finds you, trying to calm you down and apologize, regretting his actions straight away.

Jin: You and Jin had an argument over him overworking too much at the restaurant he owned. He was purposely working late and going in early - hardly having even an hours sleep. You can’t remember the last time you spent a full night in bed with him, or woke up with him beside you or even gone to bed with him the same time. 

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Another Member Walking in on Them Having Sex: BTS


Oh God, he would become so flustered. But like, not in a way that `Oh shit someone saw us having sex`, it was more like `Oh shit I forgot to lock the door`. Like, he would be proud of the state he put you in, though he will probably beat the member with a spatula to a half-conscious state.


YoonGi would probably mumble something incoherent after giving the member a drunk stare full of dark lust as he’d bite into your flesh, making you moan and yell at the same time. Besides that, he wouldn’t give a fuck.


*quietly closes his eyes*takes in a deep breath* “You’re not angry, HoSeok, you’re not angry…”

Rap Monster:

Oh Boi… He would be pissed. So. Fucking. Angry. You were his, and only his eyes could see you in that kind of way. Only his ears were supposed to hear you making those sounds. He would come up with a severe punishment for that member.


He would just smirk at that member, having no remorse and shame. So what that someone saw you all fucked up, it was because of JiMin and that’s all that mattered to the man.


Will try to cover you up with the bed sheets so that the other member wouldn’t be able to see you naked, but that doesn’t mean that he will stop. If it won’t be in his ability to cover you up, so be it, means he’ll have to come up with a plan how to erase the member’s memory.


Too deep in his zone to actually notice or care, continuing to drill into you at full pace, whispering all the nasties while he still had the courage to do so.

KPOP Companies at your Family Reunion

SM: You’re boogie aunt who’s on her 3 marriage and her 4th round of Botox. Showed up to the reunion wearing her wedding dress from her 2nd marriage. You don’t trust her that much  ever since she stole your identity when you were six but she always promises you fancy toys if you’ll be nice to her so you always give in.

YG: That one cousin that your uncle won’t acknowledge. Always has the freshest clothes on but you’re pretty sure his girlfriend bought them. Wore his designer shoes on your grandma’s good rug and also got choked out. Makes fun of you for not knowing of bands that play for audiences of 4.

JYP: You’re related but you have no idea how. He’s smart and knows a lot but you feel like you have to wash your hands after you shake his. He’s lowkey hitting on your mom which freaks you out, because you had a working theory that he was your father’s nephew.

BigHit: Honestly he was your sister’s shrimpy ex from 6th grade who got buff and started dating your great aunt Carol. He’s like 20 years younger than all the other grownups but he’s got life together, with a car and a house.

Starship: Your pretty cousin you grew up with. She’s always been cool and gets along with everyone but she’s still can’t seem to find the place where she belongs. She tells you that she’s into yoga, meditating, and being mature, but you catch her in the bathroom taking selfies with the dog filter.

Pledis: Hit the lottery 4 years ago and got that money coming in fresh every week. Not like he’s sees much of the money though because he has several baby mommas that are getting child support for all seventeen of his kids. He doesn’t care though, he’s just happy to be at the reunion and not in prison like he thought he would be.

FNC: Your older sister who is going through a “phase” according to your mom….except the phase seems like it won’t end and you really want her to get her act together. Your big sis used to be reliable and always spoke her mind. But now she’s rebelling all the time and you worry about her more than you should have to.

Cube: He got cut out of the photo album and you caught your grandmother trying to erase his name from the family tree.

Woollim: He’s here but he’s on crutches cause he broke his leg a few weeks ago. He told you he broke it tripping over a set of stair but your mom thinks he got into a fight with his 2nd ex wife SM. Always gives you candies for hugs.

Her Being a Golden Member of Her Group: BTS


Would be so, so proud of you, asking you to play an instrument for him, while singing, or dance, or teach him to- just so that he could appreciate your talent.


Would teach you even more stuff, like music production and lyrics writing, so that you would become even more famous with the many talents that you have, also rendering himself to spend more time with you.


He was the one to teach you a lot of his talents, so he would just ruffle your hair once you were awarded the `title`.

Rap Monster:

Once you were called that on a TV how, he’d take you out for dinners, congratulating you on your hard work and hoping that you’d continue with the efforts.


If he’d be there with you at the moment when you were called the Golden Member, he’d call out even more of your specialties, trying to embarrass you a little, but also to boost your popularity.


He would ask you to teach him how to use a certain instrument, or the basics of a language that you can speak fluently, being completely fascinated by your knowledge and skill.


Would literally add you to the 97z group chat and then make you do that one extra embarrassing greeting of handshakes that he had thought up.

BTS reaction to their mate sleeping while cuddling their pillow

 Anon: Bts reacts to their mate sleeping while cuddling their pillow since they feel lonely without them thank you in advance tho💖💖

A/N: #short one, starting with ‘For once, he let down his tough, intimidating and cold exterior…’. I probably mixed it up slightly with the mafia au… too used to writing for that ahaha


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For once, he let down his tough, intimidating and cold exterior, smiling down adorably at you nuzzling at the pillow that surely was his - probably trying to find comfort in his smell, which was the cherry smell of his shampoo…?


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For once, he let down his tough, intimidating and cold exterior, letting himself get distracted in his emotionless staring at you, his mate, on his mattress sound asleep and lightly cuddling his pillow. Well, he looked emotionless, but the thoughts and feelings running through his mind were certainly more than anyone could comprehend.


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For once, he let down his tough, intimidating and cold exterior. He paused, walking past your shared room, sneaking a glance inside. There you slept, peacefully, with something (was it his pillow?) clutched in your grasp, snoring lightly. He smiled down at you, leaning against the doorframe briefly before taking off again to perform his pack duties.


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For once, he let down his tough, intimidating and cold exterior, smiling wide and chucking cutely at the way you cutely slept, something so out of character for him. “My jagiya, so sorry I can’t be with you always.”


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For once, he let down his tough, intimidating and cold exterior, gazing at you thoughtfully as you slept through the night. He would have to leave soon.

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What was that grasped in your arms? A doll? No, it was his pillow. He smiled to himself before leaving the room, silent as the night.


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For once, he let down his tough, intimidating and cold exterior. Ready for a good night’s sleep after a hard day of tracking and hunting with the alpha, he was ready to crash with his mate on the bed. As he headed out of the bathroom towelling his hair, he glanced down at your sleeping form wrapped around his pillow, feeling so full of warmth in that moment he thought he would burst.


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For once, he let down his tough, intimidating and cold exterior, pausing for a moment as he stood above the bed, looking at the way you were snuggled between the covers and his pillow. “What did I do to deserve this…” He shook his head and went to wrap himself around you and wander into dreamland.

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Bts reactions~ Their s/o covering their face when they try to take a picture because of insecurities

Reaction for @x-mad-x Im sorry it took so long

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Jin would have been trying to take a picture of him kissing your cheek, but when you hid your face from the camera he would frown. Sensing it was your insecurities he would put his phone away and grab your face reminding you of how beautiful you are, eventually coaxing you into taking a picture. “ are so beautiful, you dont even know. You make the whole room light up your smile.”

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Suga would be so soft about it I think. Right when your hands flew up to cover your face he would grab them and tell you everything her loves about you. He would drop the fact about taking a picture all together, rather wanting to just have you fall asleep in his arms. “If you weren’t the most beautiful person on this earth- which you are - I would still love you, baby your looks are just a plus”

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Jhope would be sad. His smile would instantly wipe off his face because he loves to take pictures and he wants do show his beautiful S/O to the world. He would pull you into and hug and kiss your cheeks. “Jagi you are so beautiful, please remember that.”

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Namjoon would wrap his arms around you, asking why you were hiding yourself from the camera. Once he found out he would kiss you deeply, letting you know how much he loved you for you. He would end up getting you to take a picture together after a long night of him showing you how beautiful/ handsome you are.”Jagi let me show you how perfect you are to me~”

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Jimin would know exactly how you feel. He knows how it feels to be insecure about yourself and he knows its not a good feeling. He would immediately kiss you, reminding you why he fell in love with you, hating that you were insecure about something so small.”Please know that your looks are only a small part of you jagi,I love you for you.”

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Taehyung would be confused as to why his lover covered their face. He would ask but when he found out why he would tackle you, smothering your face in kisses while giggling. He would remind you that he loves you just the way you are. “Aish my gorgeous puppy you are so beautiful.”

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Jungkook wouldn’t know what to say at first when you covered your face. he would sit there and look at you as you hid your face in your hands, away from the camera. He wouldn’t bring it up until later, when you two are in bed cuddling. He would let you know you are beautiful and have nothing to be insecure about. “Jagi don’t shy away from me or the camera or anyone in that matter. You are so freaking beautiful, you have nothing to be insecure about.”

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