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things that make me laugh

  • bobby’s hobby of zooming in Hanbin’s face 
  • kim hanbin’s strong hate for ‘zoom’ option 
My Boyfriend Mingyu

“What’s your boyfriend like?”

I love his smile so much

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He thinks he’s cool, but he’s not

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He’s my dork

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He’s really tall

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He’s good looking

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A huge tease and flirt

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He always knows how to make me smile

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He’s amazing at cooking

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His voice is my weakness

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He makes me so happy, I love him to death

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“He sound perfect”

“He is”


Next member: The8



GOT7 as Yanderes

Anon Asked:  This blog is life!!! 😘 This might be a little weird but can you do got7 as yanderes???

Thank you babes! I honestly love the request! Hope you like it! I shall do normal mode and yandere mode! Enjoy :-)

*Writer’s Note: If you do not know what a Yandere is, it is usually used as an anime term for someone who is obsessively head over heels for the main character.There can be different types of Yandere’s but to narrow it down; They can show them nothing but complete affection and love, but can become violent and or possessive when it comes to other people around their S/O, showing violent tendencies towards those trying to come between them and the one they love. Basically, they can switch their appearance and atmosphere, like a light switch. 

Jackson: The Clingy type; He would become beyond excited whenever you appeared. Around you he was all smiles and giggles. Whenever you were around he would cling to you, giving you sweet compliments here and there letting you know how much he always valued you. 

   “Gahhh Y/N! You look sooooo pretty today! I mean you do everyday, but you seem to get prettier every single day!”

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In Yandere mode; If he saw someone make you become saddened or angry by their actions, he would become just as upset as you were, just 10xs worse. He felt as if he were the one who was getting offended instead of you. The fact of the matter was, he could not stand seeing someone inflicting pain on you, he would take intimidate action.

   “You better apologize to Y/N, or things are going to get real ugly,real fast.”

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Mark: The Stalker Type; He would be the cool guy. No one suspected him to be interested in someone,let alone obsessed. So it came to a surprise when people would catch him, following you or watching you from far away for what seemed like hours. When around you, he would get too close to your, inches from your face,and smile at your for a while before asking you a million of questions, to if you had eaten yet, to if anyone was bothering you so he could settle the problem for you. He would hover over you, making sure you were always in his sight and protected

   “You’re too delicate to be on your own, I’ll protect you Y/N, don’t worry.”

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In Yandere mode; If he saw someone talking to you he would become very hostile and go straight over to the both of you. He wanted you all to himself, and didn’t want anyone to steal you away from him, afraid that you would be hurt if you were with someone else.

   “Get lost pig! Let’s get one thing straight, she is too good for you, and she is mine!” 

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Youngjae: The Innocent type; You never suspected this cutie to ever be so into you. Whenever he was around you he was shy and flustered. He always seemed giddy whenever you spoke, hiding his face or just starring at you lovingly for a long time. Whenever you would text him he would smile uncontrollably at your last message, screen-shooting each message so he could read over and over later on to himself whenever you weren’t around, because it made him feel like you were with him all the time. You were also secretly his screen-saver.

    “Ahhh Y/N, don’t look at me like that  ! You’re making me blush!”

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In Yandere mode; Whenever he wouldn’t see you for days he would become angry,shutting himself off to everyone else around him. He didn’t care about anyone else, he wanted you and only you. If someone around him was talking about you he would sudenly become bitter and defensive.

    “Shut Up! You don’t know anything about her! She is the kindest and sweetest person ever, so you have no right to speak her name so freely!”

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BamBam: The Quiet type; around you and other people he would be reserved and closed off, but deep inside he was far beyond in love with you. He loved the way you talked, laughed, smiled, breathed… He wanted every inch of you but could never find the nerve to talk to you, in fear of scaring you off, and if that happened he would go crazy. Sure you two would talk in the hallway, just with a simple hello, or how are you today, but those simple and small conversations replayed in his head over and over everyday.

   “God, she is like a work of art, no one else can touch her but me..She is perfection”

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In Yandere mode; He would watch from afar as someone was giving you trouble then let you go moments later feeling upset. Feeling the anger swell up inside of him he would follow whoever caused you to feel that way and teach them a lesson.

    “You should have never touched my Y/N, now you will have to pay for your sins.” yes plz

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Yugyeom: The Sexy type;Though he was a ladies man he could care less about the other women around him, for he only had eyes for you. He didn’t deny that he wanted you all to himself and only him. Wanting to make you heart race and as he loved seeing that cute face flush with redness, he would always push himself on you, gesturing suggestive looks your way, or would whisper in your ear as he pushed you against the wall, sending chills down your spine. He got so much out of whenever you squirmed or tensed up with shyness or nervousness,because to him you were so innocent yet so cute.

    “I want you to look at me and only me Y/N”

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In Yandere Mode; He hated whenever other men tried to approach you. He wold become defensive and make a barrier between you both. The once smirking Yugyeom now wore a menacing grin as he towered over the other man ho tried to peruse you moments ago. 

      “If you know what’s good for you,I suggest that you leave me and my lady before I have to teach you a lesson”

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JB: The Secretly Subbmissive; No matter what you did, he was drunk in love. He would always listen to whatever you had to say, listening to each word as if they were lyrics to the most beautiful song ever heard. He would find your to be the most beautiful and warmest person in mankind. He was full of you and only you, but always wanted more of you. Wherever you were, that is where he wanted to be, because you had him under your spell.

    “I want you, all of you and more of you each day Y/N…”

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In Yandere Mode; Oh man, he hated seeing other men around you. It made him beyond uncomfortable, and angry. The first thing he would do would go up to whomever was trying to get your attention,and if he didn’t knock them out by then he would simply threaten him to leave,after whenever it was just you and him alone he would take you somewhere private before ordering you to undress.

   “You want to act like a bad girl, I’m going to treat you like one, come here”

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Junior: The Romantic Type; No matter what it was Junior was there. You needed something he would get it for you. You were sad? He would be there to cheer you up and make you laugh. You were hungry? He would go out of him way to either cook for you or buy you something to eat. He would treat you like a princess, no, a queen. You were a goddess to him and he worshiped you always making sure you were happy at all times, because your happiness was his first priority.

    “Are you sure you don’t need anything Y/N? I know it may seem like alot but not many people go out of their way for the ones they love like how I do for you.”

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In Yandere Mode; If you weren’t talking to him,even for the slightest hour,let alone second he would shut down. He hated whenever you didn’t call or text him back and he would throw his phone against the wall, just to run after it after a second of doing so, and crying or cursing at himself in the process, because he thought what if that milisecond you call and the phone was far from him and he wouldn’t answer it in time? He would go insane whenever you didn’t talk to him or whenever he didn’t see you. He wasted all his time on you.

    “Oh god, I cannot live without her near me, I feel so empty without her here…”

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Hope you liked it :-)

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look at Bambam’s reaction when GOT7 comes to his rescue

BB & YG: *need help*  

JB: hey brother ;) 

GOT7: *appears out of nowhere and poses* 

JB: these hyungs will teach you  


Q.: “If I were a girl, I would really like to date this member because he has so much charm?”

JB: “Jackson. He’s wild and cute at the same time, but if you’re with him, there’s never a dull moment, he’s the ’‘life of the party”. Girls would really, really like him.“