Hello! So I’ve just reached my follower goal and I wanted to thank you guys with a Blog Of The Month! I didn’t want to make a follow forever since I’ve already made a few already;; I want to thank my friend Sarah for making this edit for me ;u;


  • So this is for my followers so please follow me if you wish to participate! 
  • Reblog this post! I will only see it as that you bookmarked this post if you liked it.
  • You can reblog this as much as you want but don’t spam your followers!
  • DO NOT EDIT THIS POST. That’s so rude and there is really no point for that.


A Blog Of The Month is where I will feature THREE PEOPLE from my blog and will be promoted for ONE MONTH at a daily basis! First Place BOTM [MY FAVORITE PERSONAL PICK] will also receive

  • Screenshots of your lovely blog
  • I’m going to adjust my blog so that your blog will be featured at all times!
  • A follow from me
  • Maybe an edit??????


  • I will be randomly selecting FIVE people and from there I will personally pick out the THREE people.
  • This post must get more than 30 NOTES or I’ll just sadly pretend this never happened ;;
  • Do not be offended if I do not choose your blog! I really do love you and if I upset you I sincerely apologize T^T
  • You will have more of a chance at getting picked if you are a PASTEL/PALE blog!

That is all! Happy Reblogging!

wow!!!! tumblr awards from a real live saw shark! tumblr user sawshark!!!!!! wow!!!!
so i recently hit 2.5k so im like ya tumblr awards y not so here yall go!!!!
!!also please don’t delete the text!!



  • youve gotta be following me!!!!
  • reblog this post (likes wont count!)

awards (look at all these omg):

  • best url
  • best content
  • best original posts
  • raddest theme
  • cutest boy
  • cutest girl
  • nicest blogger
  • overall winners

ill choose a few people per category so theres plenty of stuff 2 win!

what do winners get?????????:

  • ill follow you if im not already!
  • a link on my sidebar!
  • need something reblogged? i got u homie just tag me in it and ill reblog it from u
  • love n friendship 4ever
  • also hella bragging rights watch the ladies fall all over u once u get a win from this shit its like the lottery up in here ja feel

ok thats it! ill be choosing on halloween or a little bit before that if this gets enough notes!!! good luck everybody!!!!!!!