I know people that turn into museums after the wrong people touched them, holding all of the beautiful things inside and not letting anybody close enough to see any details. I know people who dress their seasonal depression up in Sunday’s best. I know people who tuck their trauma in with them at night and roll over every morning to wake it up again. I know people who can’t quite look you in the eyes because they stare at the stars the same way, never going to be within reach no matter how hard you pretend you’re an astronaut. I know people who hold hands like they’re gripping the edge of a bridge and one loose finger might send them over the edge. I know people who can never hear the words I love you without looking over their shoulder first.
—  I KNOW PEOPLE (k.p.k)

A young peanut seller in Kohat, KPK Pakistan

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Namaskar! That's how I say hello in Bengali. I don't know much about Pakistan other than its relationships with my native countries (India and Bangladesh), and I was wondering if you could maybe introduce an aspect of a culture which you're especially proud of!

“Well , honestly , there are alot of many others missing too , for example My beloved little Azad Kashmir , Seraiki , Gilgit, Baltistan , Makran etc etc”

Also Mun has this Head Cannon that the Provincial Capitals (For e.g Peshawar , Lahore , Quetta etc etc) are also used to represent the whole province in meetings, which means that other ethnic groups are also represented by the Capitals. 

also i apologize for my drawing style to change from character to character , it doesn’t really remains consistent QAQ and in one form for too long sighh