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Your Chance to Get Your Photography More Notice...For Free!

Throughout the next few weeks, I’m doing a new thing to help out a lot of the great artists via tumblr! I will be pinning pictures that are submitted to my page to your dashboards to create a better chance of your work being noticed! Here’s what you have to do:

1. If you’re already following me, then you’re already one step ahead! If not, please do so.
2. Submit your work, including your url, name, age, and location.
3. Tell me about your art.
4. Look on your dashboard and watch your reblogs go up!

We are all curators and creators and all we want is the opportunity for our art to be noticed! I’m merely here to help. Send me your submissions today!

You’re not a photographer, but know someone who is? Reblog this and get them to see the post and your blog will be mentioned in the recommended part of the post!