#62:// What is pride actually though? Is the parade really helping?

First off, I’d like to wish everyone happy pride. Be proud of who you are whether you’re in the LGBTQ community or not, let your true colours shine! And a HUGE THANK YOU to people who support the community who aren’t LGBTQ.

I’ve never actually been to a single pride festival in my life. Kind of ironic, i know. It’s definitely something i’ve taken advantage of because I know a lot of people aren’t so fortunate to live in a community that is supportive of that kind of thing. This year I’m excited to be able to attend World Pride 2014 that’s being hosted in my current city of Toronto. I’m very excited to make world pride my very first pride festival.

The reason I’ve never gone to a pride festival is mainly because i’ve never really supported it. Not because I don’t support the community or the cause, because I do, it’s really because I feel that most things in pride festivals give people a misconstrued vision of the the LGBTQ community is like.

I understand that the festival is supposed to be fun and all that and the purpose of it is to bring all kinds of people together for support but are things like walking naked in the street and wearing fetish leather harnesses with chains a really good way to represent what we’re all about? Is having an almost public orgy (I’m not saying that they’re are public orgies but you catch my drift) what we’re all about?

I’m not saying they should control what is in the parade and I know that some people really just want to make a statement but is that really the best way to get people to respect us and treat us equally? I know that a lot of people in the community bitching about how others have really wrong impressions of them because of their sexual orientation but how can you blame them if we have parades that are just downright raunchy sometimes?

I’m all for making statements and if it takes two women or two men to make out and kiss in public then i’m all for that. If it takes a million drag queens and transexuals to go out and be free on the street then I’m for that 100% but theres definitely a fine line until it becomes too much and crazy.

Im just saying if we’re trying to gain respect then we should also do it with respect. That’s all.

but besides all that… HAPPY PRIDE :)