Cesc: "Del Bosuqe is an open person, he likes to talk about football and to joke around. The image people might have of him is not correct."

My aunt is dead. I talked with my Dad about it. He told me that she and her husband made some trouble at the or after my parents wedding. I feel bad for not mourning “properly”.

Work was a downer. Big Toe’s impending departure affects me more than i anticipated.

I listened to the latest Coheed & Cambria record because the Wife recommended it to me. I have to admit that i feel like they make….kiddie rock. But i dig the cover.

Bought a digital valve for the radiator in the living room. I always wanted to try one, and since last year i don’t trust our manual operated ones.


нαρρy βiяτнdαy Dongнαε ☆ 15.10.12~

“Messi said his free kicks were inspired by me? I can`t say I’m not happy. It`s something that`s not an exact science, but that Messi is inspired by me, it makes me very happy.” - Pirlo after Messi's Aknowledgement
Cesc: "Playing as 'false nine'? I do what the coach asks me, although the game or my personality can lead to me playing more as midfielder."