You know you always can call the trollhunter.

So one night a few weeks ago @kprs4ever and I where chatting and eventually we got on the subject of future art projects and collabs. Also because we were particularly energetic We came up with a rather large list of things we wanted to work on,Though KPRS is busy with life and stuff XD I ended up working on the KP/ Trollhunters crossover.
. All recognizable characters belong to their respective owners.

Meet Harry

Sirius: Shit, he’s so cute 

Sirius: Remember that conversation we had about things I can’t be trusted with? your mums fancy plates, sharp objects, etcetera… Harry is one of those things. 

Sirius: /Shit shit shit, don’t drop him./

Sirius: He’s cuter than you mate, I’m never putting him down.

Harry: *starts to cry* 

Remus: *panicked* wait, what?!



((OOC: James played by @kapitan5o
           Remus played by @whompingwillovv)) 

McGonagall’s Office Pt 1: Dirty Dancers.

Remus- “Dirty Dancing?”

McGonagall- “Yes. Do you know why I called you two here and not any others?”

McGonagall- “Whatever the two of you do, others will follow. I can not have students getting too close while dancing..”

Sirius- “What would be too close?”

Sirius- “Is this too close?”

Remus- “What about this?”

Remus- “So..If we were dancing..Sirius be the girl.”

Remus- “Okay.”

Remus- “Would this be too close?”

Remus- “What if he were to bend over?”

Sirius- “And I was just tying my shoe?”

Sirius- “And he was stretching.”

Remus- “I’m just stretching.”

McGonagall- “Okay, I think you two are getting off task here..”

Sirius- “Okay what about if we were dancing.”

Sirius- “Is this too close?”

Remus- “Is this too close?”

Remus- “This is soo appropriate right now.”

Sirius- “And now we pose for a picture.”

Remus- “What about this? Is this okay?”

Sirius- “I am literally touching his butt right now.”

Remus- “He’s touching my butt.”

Sirius- “See? And you didn’t see that did you?!

Remus- “I love you.”

Sirius- “Will you marry me?”

Sirius- “See you at dinner!”


Minerva McGonagall played by myself

Sirius Black played by the ever so talented @siriusly-not-over-remus

Remus Lupin played by the ever so amazing @whompingwillovv

Based off of this video.