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A Major Life AU Headcanon

The summer after their Sophomore year,  Kristoff and Sven play in the Cape Cod Summer Baseball League. 

Anna decides she wants to go with them. They rent a little cottage by the beach.

Anna loves learning how to cook and this is where she begins to perfect her organizational skills. She learns to keep Kristoff and Sven’s schedules straight and get them to where they need to be when they need to be there.

She also helps with organizing when family members will visit to watch the games and enjoy their little beach paradise.

Off days are spent on the little private beach….grilling, swimming and making sandcastles….well Anna made sandcastles while Kristoff relaxed in a beach chair.

The nights are spent cuddled by beach bonfires & making S'mores or walking the long shoreline in moonlight.



- Ahhh KP this is so great and sweet! I love it! It’s the first time Kristoff’s ever been to the ocean and Anna is in love with his reaction when he sees it walking out from the cottage. A few times when he’s not playing, they take the ferry up to Boston. Anna used to visit there with her family when she was little and she pulls Kristoff along to all the places she remembers. She tells him stories as they do all the touristy things. He’s more than happy to follow her wherever she wants even when she insists they walk the ENTIRE Freedom Trail. On the ride back, they go outside on the ferry to enjoy the water. Kristoff’s gaze is locked on Anna, her eyes closed to feel the ocean breeze better. The realization hits him right then at just how deeply he’s in love with her.

My name is Daniel Henney and you probably don't remember me the last time I was around. Don't worry abou that though. I wasn't all that social and I wasn't around much either. However, I'm back and wanting to start anew. The one thing I want to return from my past though is Bora. Bora Henney as she once went by. I'm not sure if she's still around Korea, she could have left. I may never see her again, but it's worth a shot to find the love of my life. I hope that you're willing to help me out in my search. If you're one of the friends that hated me, I apologize. I know I was a horrible husband and I want to fix that. I'm also hoping that I might make some friends this time around. Think you can help?