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If she's not going to the wedding since KP made the announcement ad Pippas wedding the whole event Adan official engagement then the dinner reception and night party is also an official engagement because if she went to those two she will still ruin Pippas wedding.

I agree anon she will ruin the wedding if she showed up. The palace haven’t mentioned her name to attend the wedding Ceremony and Reception and her team are trying to push her to attend the evening party. Now I don’t know if the evening party is part of the Royal Engagement and I can’t confirm to you all to say that 100% she won’t be there but we will find out info the week before the wedding if she will be attending the evening party. Have a great day anon.



My name is Daniel Henney and you probably don't remember me the last time I was around. Don't worry abou that though. I wasn't all that social and I wasn't around much either. However, I'm back and wanting to start anew. The one thing I want to return from my past though is Bora. Bora Henney as she once went by. I'm not sure if she's still around Korea, she could have left. I may never see her again, but it's worth a shot to find the love of my life. I hope that you're willing to help me out in my search. If you're one of the friends that hated me, I apologize. I know I was a horrible husband and I want to fix that. I'm also hoping that I might make some friends this time around. Think you can help?