I think my favorite thing about Kim Possible is how weirdly mundane it is, for being an action show. Like most other teen superhero shows are very dramatic with huge stakes, but Kim didn’t even have any powers. She was just an exceptionally good cheerleader, she didn’t even have a secret identity. The villain wasn’t even some big baddie with a tragic backstory and weird powers, he was just some crazy middle aged dude with a grumpy assistant that like just happened to live in the same town as Kim.

They ate fast food in like every episode. What even was Kim Possible.

This blog suports Sadie Stanley as Kim Possible

And do not tolerate any backlash against her or any other members of KP cast.

Sure, probably the movie is not gonna be the great thing, who knows, but the important to discuss here is how unfair many “fans” throw garbage to a young actress in her first protagonic role. Do you think she doesn’t understand the pressure of portraying such iconic character?