((evil!Sandy, dark!Sandy, call him whatever you will. I call him “fuckin’ psycho”. I just couldn’t get myself to draw him in his cuddly round shape and just add evil eyes or something… that would’ve been… I dunno. I just couldn’t do it.

Also the colors are there so he doesn’t look too much like Pitch because I suck at drawing.

Gift for dustedeyes because I got some really awesome Kozmotis pics from Dusty-mun. ♥))

((The one thing I can do best… draw butts. Naked butts. Ehehehehe.

Have a rough sketch of a naked Isaac, my Golden Age OC (isaac-hawthorne.tumblr.com). His arm is a little too muscular. It looks like he’s been single for ten years or something. If you know what I mean.

He also needs to shave his armpits.))