The Evolution of the stylish City Boys from 2015 to Now
(there are some more ..this is just a nice selection)

it’s been a journey :D and I think you can really see my art progress. My lines got smoother and more stable, colors more balanced and just in overall I feel you can see how I adjusted more and more to digital art.
I bought my first tablet ever (the one I’m still drawing with) in May 2015 and started drawing digitally.
It’s been a challenge first..a really fun though and I loved to practice and experiment. Now I can’t imagine not drawing digitally.
There is still much to learn for me.
I’m looking forward to more

22 year old me: *writes a letter to Santa asking for haikyuu!! season 4* 

So the story behind this panel of gremlin kenma is that:

  • He (the one-and-only Kozume Kenma)  “wakes up” at 2am to play games
  • He’s still awake at 5am
  • Kuroo notices that Kenma’s room light is on at 5am often when he goes on morning runs and passes the Kozume residence, assumes Kenma is pulling all nighters
  • Kenma tells Kuroo that his parents will bin his games if he pulls all nighters and never sleeps, so he “wakes up early” to play games, that way his parents have no valid argument.
  • Kenma’s grades never dropped a single point throughout this whole gremlin phase.