kozomotis pitchiner

Ficlet 3: Bedtime Stories

It was late spring. A heavy rain fell upon Iceland, and the mountains that flanked the wild country. Deep in the rocky formations, there was a cave. Inside of the cave, a small woman was curled up on the ground. Her eyes were she closed and she breathed softly, attempting to fall asleep. The rain normally would’ve been a layer to the lullaby that the lovely creatures of the land created. Today, however, it was only a distraction.

A soft voice was echoing through Mother Nature’s mind, and she wanted so badly for it to clarify and grow louder. The same verse it sang kept repeating through her mind, along with scraps of the same tune.

“De-ep in the meadow
under the wil-ow
a bed of grass
a soft green pillow.”

Images flashed through her mind.

A tall man with an elegant coat of red and gold, his arms encapsulating her and sweeping her into a warm hug.

A golden locket, dangling above her head. She jumped up and down, giggling madly and trying to reach it.

“Lay down your head
and close your sleep eyes
and when again they open
the sun will rise." 

She was snuggled up against the same man, a warm mug of hot chocolate in her hands. An old storybook rested between the two, decorated with golden and blue images.

The final image was accompanied with sound, for the first time. Hundreds of perfectly tuned instruments strummed a slow song, and the tiny girl held her father’s hands as they twirled around the ballroom floor. She kept stepping on his feet, but Kozmotis did not mind.
The little girl looked tired, and she gave a feeble yawn as the final note evaporated into silence.
“Yes, darling?”
“I’m tired.”
The General carefully picked up the tiny girl and cradled her close, waving off the nanny that stepped forward. “No, I’ll take her myself.”
The small brunette snuggled up against her father’s chest and began to drift to sleep during the long walk to her room. She could hear him singing, her favorite lullaby.

“Here it’s safe
and here it’s warm
and here the daisies
guard you from
every harm.”

“Here is the place where I love you.” the final words were sung as Kozmotis set his daughter down on her bed, and slowly covered her with a fleece blanket. He brushed her curls back and kissed her forehead, warm brown eyes filled with love and joy at the sight of his precious daughter, the one who meant the most to him in the world.

“I love you too, daddy.”