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Chapters: 10/12
Fandom: Holby City
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Serena Campbell/Bernie Wolfe
Characters: Serena Campbell, Bernie Wolfe
Additional Tags: Friends With Benefits, Strong sexual content, Humor and Fluff, small amounts of angst, NO DEATHS

Serena has an itch she can’t quite reach. Can Bernie scratch it for her without ruining their friendship?

Set three years after ‘Back in the Ring’ (S18E43 - the one with the wifi).

The kiss never took place. Bernie and Serena are best friends - soon to be 'Friends with Benefits’


Strong sexual content. NSFW.

Chapter 10 has been posted.  Enjoy responsibly!

Welcome Home

The first fic from my 2005 archive, The Audit

**This is the second fic I’ve found in my fic LJ/archive from 2005, and it’s even more entertaining (to me) than the one before LOL I think it may be one of my first smut endeavors. Don’t come at me with how OOC it is, I know.  I knoooow.**

Author: PiecesofScully (2005)
Rating: NC17 / Explicit
Timeline:  Season 7ish, evidently

A small child cried softly into it’s mothers chest somewhere to the right, while a large man snored softly off to her left. Some movie starring Rachel McAdams played on the screen ahead of her, but she was completely oblivious to it all. Instead, she reclined a bit in her airplane seat, her eyes closed.

It’d been a long week. She’d been sent to the state of Washington to investigate a set of murders. They’d needed her expertise, she’d been told.


All three murders had nothing to do with each other, it was obvious to her before she’d even left. But she went…she’d been assigned…ordered…so she went. Alone. With out her partner. They’d been separated again, but this time indefinitely. That is, ever since ‘they’ found had out that she and her partner had become 'intimate’. She still had no idea how 'they’ found out… she thought they’d done so well keeping it secret.

'Obviously not well enough,’ she thought to herself. All of the sneaking around…they’d even made sure not to be intimate while on the job, only during their own personal time. 

She sighed. Whatever. 

She shifted in her seat in attempt to make herself more comfortable. That attempt, lost. She knew very well what was wrong with her. She missed him. Her body ached for his touch…she longed to hear his voice, his 2am-fuck-me-voice…the feeling of his fingertips trailing down her hips leaving a trail of fire…his moist lips marking their territory on her collarbone-

'Stop it dana’, she told herself. 'Thinking about this isn’t going to do you a damn bit of good. Especially now, and here on this plane.’

She glanced at her watch. 53 minutes till she could be at his apartment and in his arms. 

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man, stop the stigma against home births

you know why hospital births always look so painful on tv and in movies?

cuz standing or sitting in a tub of water or on a birthing stool is how you really should do it. 

it makes no damn sense to give birth flat on your damn back.

you don’t take a shit sideways. 

you have any idea how much HARDER your muscles have to strain to push this huge thing out sideways?