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We’re re-reading “Guardians of Childhood” by William Joyce. And this first scene that features Pitch goes SO WELL with “Rise of the Guardians” OST “Dreamsand” at the beginning of movie!

We’re on team “MiM’s bad”.

We won’t believe that person who first destroyed Pirates and then—the greatest culture there ever was, would unintentionally loose four fights. He MUST have some plan!



This took more time than what I hoped for, but anyways is pretty cute once looking at it complete

also, before you all think these are in perfect sync, this is Kozmotis with open eyes

For thousands of years, the Sandman has diligently fought to protect dreamers from the advances of the Nightmare King, Pitch Black. Their unseen battles rage in the very real realms of the imagination, and if you look carefully, you may see the twinkle of dream dust outside your window in the morning.

Aesthetic - Pitch Black

Okay but - five seconds on Pitch who has the saddest backstory ever. He was the HERO of the Golden Age of space, he locked up all the dream pirates, until the murdered his wife and daughter. Then he spent thousands of years guarding their jail, listening to them moan and whisper until they faked the sound of his daughter’s voice and tricked him into opening the cell, at which point he was possessed by ten thousand nightmares and dream pirates. It’s no wonder he’s a little messed up okay.


Okay, so, first off: I do NOT paint on a regular basis. Well, paint as in traditional painting. Secondly, I suck so fricken bad at acrylics like T_T gosh I kept messing up (I usually use watercolours because it’s a really nice stress reliever ♡ but that basically meant that what I normally did to drag out colour only served to take it away jriwneieo ;-; so I kept destroying any progress that I made >_>) With that being said, I am really happy with how this turned out :000 ♡ It’s messy and not what I was originally going for, but omg I actually painted something cognizant *0* AND the REEEEALY cool part about this: the words glow in the dark! >:D It’s so damn spooky! (But my camera won’t pick it up ;-;) I’m glad glow in the dark acrylic paint exists cuz it always adds cool detail :D (like that one time I painted this Doctor Who tardis xbox holder that my sister’s boyfriend made and used it on the windows >:D *cuz It’s pretty much transparent*) anyway I need to shut up now. ;-;

Drawing my true OTP after months of neglect feels good man. This is pretty AU, but it’s the fall of Kozmotis. Jack is a frost spirit helping with his decent into darkness. He’s not evil, he’s more of a true neural (or chaotic neutral lets be real lmao). He wants to be with Kozmotis, and he thinks this is the best way to ensure they’ll be together. Because what goes together better than cold and dark? ;3c

Kozmotis’ last hope of staying with the light is the locket with his daughter’s picture, but alas it’s just out of reach. Don’t worry Koz, you’ll have lots of fun as Pitch Black, especially with that pretty frost spirit to keep you company~