Kozik was the first one to see you. he nudged Chibs who’s eyes found you immediately and Opie followed their eyes. they all stood there dumbfounded and watched you.

“didnt realize girls could be that pretty.” Kozik said.

“ey, she’s a looker isnt she?” Chibs agreed.

“where do you suppose she’s headed?” Opie asked.

“who god damn cares?” Chibs laughed.

Jax sighed, “we’re on a job, now either one of you goes to talk to her or you get your heads out of your asses and get to work.” 

Try Me

Request from anon for a Jax x Reader where the reader is Unser’s daughter, and Hale keeps flirting with her so she asks Jax to pretend to be her boyfriend to get him to back off. Enjoy the smut ;)

A/N - I’ve done this a little differently to my other fake boyfriend/girlfriend imagines, as I don’t want to seem repetitive :)

Originally posted by journeyslegend

“You don’t even know me. Get to know me, I promise I’ll change your mind.” You’re glad your back is turned as you roll your eyes in annoyance, not sure how long you’re going to be able to keep up the nice girl attitude for.

Turning to face the determined officer, you smile apologetically, your following answer the same as it always is. “Thanks for the offer again David, but I’m not sure things would work between us.”

“Why? Why do you always say that?” he asks, frustration heavy in his tone, his hand on your car door to stop you from leaving. “Is it because of the MC?”

“No-” You open your mouth to start denying his claims, trying to think of another reason not to go out with a dude that you just don’t find yourself attracted to, when you come up with the perfect solution. “Actually, yes. You’re completely right.”

“Listen, I know you’re close with them, but they’re bad people, (Y/N). You could do so much better.” Here he goes again, you think. Same speech as always. He doesn’t even know SAMCRO like you do, nobody does.

“Thanks for the lecture, David, but Jax asked me to be his girlfriend a couple weeks ago, and I said yes.” The pure horror on his face has you biting your lip to contain your smirk. “See you around.”

Walking into the clubhouse, you scan the room swiftly, not spotting the man you’re hoping to see. “He around, Sack?”

“In the apartments.” he responds, walking into the kitchen with a pair of rubber gloves and a plunger. You grimace, knowing Piney’s probably blocked the bog again. Shaking your head, you walk towards Jax’s residence, knocking on the closed door.

“Room service.” you call sarcastically, your voice sickly sweet. The door opens within a few seconds, Jax’s eyebrow raised, his lips turned up into a grin.

“Lucky me, though you’re slightly overdressed for the kind of ‘room service’ I’m used to.” he says, opening the door to let you in. “Wasn’t expecting to see you till’ later on.”

“I know, but I need to talk to you about a little favour so I thought I’d grace you with my wonderful company.” you tease, plonking yourself down on Jax’s bed. Shutting the door, he sits on a box in front of you, pulling his cigarettes out of his pocket.

“You can just admit you missed me, babe.” He takes a drag, your eyes capturing the way his cheeks hollow as he inhales the smoke, the action stopping your train of thought. “What do you need me for this time, Princess?“

“Are you ever going to drop that nickname? You’ve called it me for years.” He grins cheekily, the smoke parting from his pink lips as he shakes his head at you, knowing deep down you love the endearment. “Anyway-”

A knock on Jax’s door stops you, the two of you turning to see Chibs’. “Sorry to interrupt. Cops are here.”

“Could they be any further up our asses?” Jax spits rhetorically, discarding his cigarette in an ashtray on his cabinet before standing up. You follow him as he leaves the room, Chibs leading the way as the three of you head out to the front. All you’re thinking is please don’t be Hale.

You curse silently as you see the man himself standing against his police car, Jax tensing up as he sets eyes on the deputy. “You’re here so much I’m starting to think you wanna patch in.”

Hale just scowls, his eyes shifting to you as you move from behind Jax, stepping to take position between the Scot and the VP. He watches you for a moment, and you know Jax catches it as you see him look at you questioningly, a pleading look on your face as you hope he just follows your lead.

“We got a call about a guy on a motorcycle running a red light a few blocks from here.” You sigh in disbelief, having a sneaking suspicion that his visit is more out of spite than anything else. “Just here to check your plates.”

“Jesus, how bad did you piss off my dad to go from murders to speeding tickets?” you sass, folding your arms across your chest. Chibs chokes down his chuckle from next to you, taking a drag from his cig to keep down his humour.

“I’m here because it’s my job, (Y/N), to make Charming a safer place for our citizens.” You roll your eyes, nodding slowly. “Something bothering you?”

“Woah, I thought you were here for us, not for the chief’s daughter. Check your plates and you can be on your way.” Jax states protectively, not liking the way Hale is speaking to you. The officer glares in response, his hand moving to rest on the handcuffs on his belt.

“I wonder how the chief would feel if he knew what you were up to with his daughter.” Hale snaps, his whole entity dripping with jealousy. You swallow nervously, trying to hide the anxiety from your face.

Chibs laughs loudly this time, a laugh so loud with amusement that you can’t help but smile. “Jackie, you naughty boy.”

You share a look with your ‘boyfriend’, him smirking, a cocky grin spreading across his face. You let out the breath you’ve been holding in, Jax’s reaction of enjoyment rather than horror making you feel confident in your lie.

“Oh, I get it now. You’ve got a soft spot for my girl here, and you’re pissed she chose me over you.” Jax says, rolling his tongue over his lower lip smugly. “Not that you were even an option.”

“You watch your mouth, Teller.” Hale warns, his eye twitching as he steps up to Jax, the tension heavy between the two men.

“Or what?” Jax challenges, anger radiating off him in waves.

“We got a problem here, boys?” The voice of your dad cuts through the ever brewing argument, him smiling at you loving before turning his attention back to the two amped up males. “Hale, you’re not stationed to be here.“

You, Chibs and Jax watch on as Hale turns into a flushed mess, having no decent excuse for ever coming to TM in the first place - though you all know why he did.

“Thanks, dad.” You hug your father as you speak, him squeezing you tightly before leaving you to it.

“So, something you need to tell me?” Jax asks as you sit on the bench outside, embarrassment crawling up your body. “Wasn’t aware I was taken, darlin’.”

He nudges you playfully, your hands covering your face as you groan. “He’s been pestering me for weeks, figured you were the best deterrent.”

“Thanks.” Jax deadpans, a small smirk on his face as he passes you the cig, you taking a drag as you think about what to say. “Glad I could be of service, I guess.”

“Thanks for going along with it. Guess I owe you one.” You tap off the ash and pass the stick back, biting your lip anxiously. “How about I do you a favor?”

“Sweetheart, no offence but the kind of favours I’d like to have you do for me aren’t exactly innocent.” You cough, his reply completely unexpected, your core tingling involuntarily.

“Try me.” you tease, your gaze flickering to his lips for just a second, your hand coming to rest on his thigh, fingertips inching upwards.

Next thing you know, the two of you are locked at the lips, thankful that the clubhouse is empty, the others off on runs and whatever else. “How long have we got?”

“Half hour, tops.” Jax mumbles, connecting his lips back to yours, his tongue in your mouth eliciting a moan from you. “I don’t see us lasting that long to be honest, darlin’.”

You squeal as you feel yourself being lifted, the pool table becoming your seat as Jax places you on top. You rip at his flannel, the buttons scattering all over the room. Your fingers explore up and down his chiseled chest as he begins to nibble and suck at your neck, your eyes closing in pleasure as he works his way down.

“Please, Jax…” you pant, your underwear positively soaked as his tongue slips over your exposed skin. He practically growls at your pleading, him ripping himself from you as he expertly undoes his jeans, the fabric pooling at his ankles, his boxers joining the denim.

Your eyes widen as his cock stands before you, you pressing your thighs together subconsciously as the ache grows stronger. “Like what you see, Princess?”

“Don’t get too smug, Jackson, gotta see if you can fuck me well enough, first.“ His hands pull at your shorts, you lifting your ass to help assist as he rids the material from your legs. Once he’s discarded the fabric somewhere across the room, he connects his lips back to yours, lifting and squeezing your ass as he moves to you to the edge of the table.

You barely feel him move your underwear to the side before he sinks into you, a gasp leaving your lips as he nuzzles into your neck, his teeth biting at your skin as he fills you up.

You dig your nails into his biceps as he moves out of you, slamming back in deeply. He pulls back, loving the expressions you make as he fucks you so well, the little moans and gasps leaving your lips making him want to explode there and then.

“You have no idea how long I’ve wanted to feel you around me, (Y/N).” You place your hands behind you to steady yourself, your pussy feeling even wetter as he talks to you. “You feel so fucking good, baby.”

“I’m so close, already. Fuck, just like that.” you whine as he hits all the right places, his strokes alternating in speed, but never lacking in power.

You rub your clit, clenching your pussy as you come, your mouth open yet nothing comes out. “That’s it, come for me, baby. Good girl.”

Jax grips the back of your neck as he speeds up his thrusts, his gaze locked on yours as he gets closer and closer to climaxing. You’re practically on fire as you feel another orgasm creeping up on you, the pure hunger in Jax’s eyes making you more sensitive than ever.

“Who knew you could take cock so well.” he whispers as he drills into you, a high pitched moan slipping from your lips. “Imagine if someone walked in right now, saw what a dirty slut you are, so desperate for me.”

His degrading words push you over the edge, a loud curse leaving you as stars fill your vision, Jax continuing to slam into you as he rides you through your high. “You gonna take my come, hm? Gonna let me fill you up like the good girl you are?”

“Yes, fuck, please Jax.” you plead desperately, your nails clawing down his stomach as he places hos forehead against your own, his eyes clenching shut as he let’s go.

He kisses you roughly as he comes inside of you, his hips gently rocking as his hot spurts shoot inside of you, your teeth sucking at his bottom lip.

He pulls out of you slowly, his juices and your own dripping from your satisfied pussy, your body feeling empty without his shaft inside of you.

Jax buckles up his pants, grabbing your shorts before lifting you up as if you weigh nothing. He carries you down the hall, just in time in fact as voices begin to fill the clubhouse.

Reaching his room, he places you down on the bed, his body crawling over yours as he moves a piece of hair from your face. “I’ve gotta go for a vote, but when I get back, we’re gonna see how sexy you look on your hands and knees.”

With that, he’s gone, leaving you shaken and hungry for more.

A/N - It’s been a whileeeeeee since I wrote some smut, but I’m so glad with how this turned out!!!! Hope you guys likeddddddd xxxx

Tig Trager x Reader
(GIF isn’t mine)

“Who the fuck do you think you are?!” Tig was hot on your heels, following you down the hall and through the clubhouse as you stomped angrily in pursuit of your vehicle in the TM parking lot.

You stopped, wheeling around and going toe-to-toe with the dark haired man. Your glare was intense and you had to wrestle with everything inside you telling you to slap him as you met his glimmering blue eyes. 

“Who do I think I am!?” you questioned, your index finger pointed at yourself before turning and pointing right in his face, something you knew he hated, “Who do you think you are, Tig!?”

He grabbed your wrist, inches from his jaw which was clenched tightly in a scowl and wrestled your arm down. You couldn’t help yourself, your anger had boiled over at Tig’s touch as your free hand struck him hard across the cheek. 

“Don’t you fucking touch me!” you screamed, wrenching your arm free from his grip as Tig, dazed, backed away a few steps. 

In the frenzy you backed away as well, realizing that striking him had been a mistake. Suddenly from all directions sons were rushing to pull you back and hold Tig back as he lunged for you. Kozik, Happy, Chibs and Opie each had hands on Tig as you, awestruck, were being dragged backwards by Juice and Bobby. 

“I HATE YOU!” you screamed at him over Juice’s shoulder as you allowed him to walk you backwards towards the door, “I fucking HATE you!”

You were in the threshold of the clubhouse door when Tig responded, “Shut the fuck up, whore,” he growled.

“Shit…” Juice cursed under his breath as he stopped trying to steer you outside.

You were seeing red again, “Whore!? I’m not the whore you cheating piece of shit!” you pushed Juice backwards with all your strength, yanking your arm away from Bobby as you stormed closer to Tig, rushing up towards him as Kozik peeled away from Tig to stop you from getting closer. You lifted your shirt to reveal your torso, “Do you see this!?” you pointed at the tattoo on your side and watched Tig’s expression change as he flinched at the sight of his crow, “Yeah. It was supposed to stand for something you bastard,” you bit out, rolling your eyes as he stopped fighting against his brothers and stood there shielded by them. His breathing was beginning to normalize and the rage in his face was starting to fade. “And if that didn’t mean anything to you, then this should!” you held up your left hand to show him your ring. 

He said nothing in response.

“Fuck you, Tig,” you shook your head, “I trusted you,” you turned around and stepped past Juice and Bobby as you walked out of the clubhouse, leaving Tig behind.


“i loved her too.” Kozik said, “we all did. but she’s with Chibs now.”

Tig sighed, “he rubs it in our face every god damned day.”

“we just have to deal with it man.” Kozik said, “but you’re right the PDA is a bit much.”

Tig laughed, “who are we kidding, we’d do the same thing if she’d chosen one of us.”



Request from the lovely @crystalbaby12 for a Jax x Reader based on the following prompt:

#78 - “I need you to be my girlfriend for about 5 minutes.”

Sorry I didn’t include both prompts that you originally asked for!!! Hope you still like it x

Originally posted by journeyslegend

A whistle catches your attention, Jax smiling widely at you from across the room. Getting up, you move over to him, eye brows raised in question.

“Last time I checked, I’m not a dog. My name will do if you need my attention.” He continues to grin as you eventually end up smiling, a common reaction when faced with the man you love.

“I always need your attention, darlin.” he flirts, the playful banter a daily occurrence for the two of you. Though you expect it’s harmless on his end, you can’t help but fall deeper and harder for him, him having no idea about your feelings.

“Doesn’t everyone?” you ask sarcastically, moving to stand beside him, the two of you watching as Gemma and some of the others set the table, a family dinner about to take place. You had of course been invited, Gemma loving you like her own, you and Jax being as close as can be since the two of you met each other four years ago.

“You know how you love me?” Your heart stops for a moment, until your mind catches up and realise he’s just talking platonically, your face flushing all the same. “I need you to do me a favour.”

“Is that so? What’s in it for me?” you question, lifting your bottle of beer to your lips, Jax watching you intently. He continues to smile at you, the look of pure adoration as clear as day to outsiders. But not to you.

“Can’t you just help me out of the goodness of your pretty, pretty heart? You wound me.“ He places his hand on his chest, faux offense on his face. Rolling your eyes, you nudge his body with your own, your skin tingling at the connection.

“What do you need?” You wait for him to respond, genuine curiosity on your face. You had no idea what he needed from you, but knowing Jax, it wouldn’t be simple.

“I need you to be my girlfriend for about five minutes.” The alcohol gets stuck in your throat at his request, an unattractive cough breaking out as you try to recompose yourself. Jax chuckles, shaking his head as he watches you with amusement, liking that he can catch you off guard after all this time.

“No way! I refuse to put myself through such torture.” you say, covering up for the fact that you’d actually love to be his girlfriend. Not just for five minutes, though. For a lot longer.

“You haven’t even heard my reasons yet!” he laughs, used to your stubborn behavior. He grabs your hand, his huge one covering your smaller one so perfectly, his skin warm and comforting as he leads you outside the back, the others not noticing as you slip away.

Once you’re outside, Jax pulls a cigarette from his pocket, offering you one in the process, you declining. “Those things’ll kill you, you know.”

“I’ve heard there’s quite a queue, they’ll have to get in line.” Jax jests, his lungs inhaling the nicotine before the smoke escapes from his lips, your fingers tightly gripping your bottle as you remind yourself to breathe.

“So, please entertain me. Why do you need me to fake date you? I’m sure you’re not short on potential candidates.” You hike yourself up onto the brick wall, your boots just about touching the floor.

“Straight to the point, as usual.” He takes a seat next to you, your thigh brushing his in such a delightful way. “My mom has invited some chick round, thinks we’d get on well.”

You feel like you’ve been punched in the gut, the thought of Jax with somebody else so painful even though you should be used to it by now, females seeming to be everywere he goes.

“You never know, you might like her. Your mom has good taste.” you encourage, trying to keep your expression as natural as possible, not wanting to let on how you really feel about this idea.

Jax shrugs, taking his last drag before throwing the stub to the floor, his eyes finding yours, you looking down from the intensity of his gaze. “Of course she has good taste. She’s been trying to hook us up for years.”

You smile into your lap, a red hot blush covering your cheeks as butterflies flutter in your stomach as Jax gauges your reaction.

“Is that so?” you challenge, the tension between the two of you rising as you look up at Jax, determined to hold his gaze as your faces stay only inches apart.

Jax hums in confirmation, his tongue running over his bottom lip. You break away, your eyes moving in front of you. His thigh moves from yours as he pushes himself off the wall, his body coming to stand in front of you as he pulls you up, you letting him.

“This is new.” you say as Jax pulls you closer to him, his hands resting on your back to keep you from moving away, not that you would. Nevertheless, you remain stiff, not wanting to make a move incase it’s too much.

Jax senses this, rolling his eyes dramatically, huffing as he leads your arms, placing them around his neck, his hands going back to where they were before as you’re pressed up against one another.

“Does that bother you?” he mumurs, the distance between you so small that even if he whispered, you’d hear it as clear as day. You shrug your shoulders shyly, your cheeks definitely a bright shade of red. “You’ve gotta get used to this if you wanna be convincing.”

You can’t control your change in moods as you realise Jax is only doing all of this so you’ll help him get rid of some chick, a sigh leaving your lips as you push at his chest, a confused expression on his face as he removes his grip from you, you stepping back to create distance.

“Is that all I’m useful for, hm? Helping you make excuses so your entourage backs off?” Jax goes to defend himself, you stopping him with your hand. “Save it, Jackson. Thanks for making it clear.”

“Making what clear? What are you talking about?” He grabs your wrist as you turn away, you snatching your arm back as if you’ve been burnt by his touch. He looks completely clueless as he studies you, you trying to compose yourself before you start blubbering in front of him.

“I’m talking about us!” you say, gesturing between the two of you. Sighing, you run your hand through your fringe, trying to think before you speak. “I get that I’m not enough for you, that all I’ll ever be is a friend. But really, asking me to be your girlfriend for five minutes before you drop me again? I’ll pass, thanks.”

“I didn’t think you’d mind! You’ve done it for me before-” Jax stops mid sentence, realisation hitting him in the face like a bus. You frown as he begins to smile, his tongue slipping out of his mouth slightly as he nods towards you. “You’re jealous aren’t you?”

You freeze for a moment, shock on your face, before you feign disgust. Scoffing, you cross your arms defensively. “You wish.”

“Don’t try and lie to me, don’t forget I know you better than anyone.” You curse under your breath as you realise you’ve stepped in a big pile of metaphorical dog shit, and you’re unable to see a way out of it. “You like me.”

“Obviously. You’re my best friend.” you say, trying to remain casual. Jax slowly moves closer to you, you moving backwards until you come into contact with the side of the house, the brick firm against your back. Jax continues to move as you stand, trapped, your palms sweaty due to your nerves.

“That’s not what I mean and you know it.” he teases, his hands being placed either side of your head as he boxes you in, his face hovering just above yours. “You like me, like me.

“What are you, twelve?” You keep your eyes focused on his, your anxiety almost getting the better of you. Your stomach flips when you see his gaze flick to your lips, you swallowing nervously.

He moves even closer to you, your eyes fluttering closed as he brushes his nose against yours, his breath fanning onto your lips. “I don’t hear any denial.”

“Just kiss me if you’re going to, you idiot.” You open your eyes quick enough to catch Jax with slight shock on his face, before you close them again at the feel of his lips upon yours. You grip his shirt in your fist as you enjoy the moment you’ve been dreaming about for years.

Jax sucks on your bottom lip teasingly, a moan erupting from inside of you. You’re embarrassed for a moment, that is until Jax moans in response, his hands sliding to your ass as he squeezes, lifting you up and pushing you against the brick.

“Guys-” Chibs’ voice interrupts the two of you, his sentence cut short as he sees how you’re occupied. He smirks, you red faced as Jax remains calm and collected. “Gemma is looking for you. No rush, though, take your time.”

He winks at the two of you before disappearing back inside, Jax still holding you as you wiggle to get down. Chuckling, Jax complies with your request, placing you carefully back on the floor. “Continue this later?”

You hum, slipping your fingers up his shirt, his skin warm as he flexes under your touch. Leaning up, you move to his ear, your hand drifting to the waistband of his boxers.

“We’ll see.” With that, you separate from him quickly, slipping back inside with a parting wink.

A/N - Longer than usual but I hope you guys liked it anyway! Xxx




Opie’s Old Flame Comes Back Into Town

Opie and Reader Have One Night Stand, Reader Gets Pregnant


Jax’s Pregnant Old Lady is Home Alone,and the House Gets Broken Into

Jax and Opie’s Best Friend Becomes Pregnant and Kid Calls Jax Daddy

Imagine based on Dear Agony by Breaking Benjamin

Imagine based on Don’t Let Me Be Yours by Zara Larsson


Chibs’ Old Lady Realizes He is Acting Funny and Confronts Him

Chibs and Reader Have Feelings, but are Too Proud to Admit Them

Chibs and His Old Lady Move in Together, and She Wants a Kitten


A Day at Home With Happy, His Old Lady, and His Kid

Happy’s Tattoo Artist is Actually His Wife, and the Guys Find Out

New Girl In Town Has Feelings For Happy

Chibs’ Daughter is Happy’s Old Lady and is Killed

Happy and His Wife Shower Together

Happy Teaches His Kid How to Ride a Bike


Tig and His Old Lady Come Together After Months Apart


Juice’s Old Lady Dies During Child Birth

Juice and His Old Lady Are Friends, and Juice Confronts Her While She is With Another Guy

One Shots:


Jax and Reader Playfighting

One Shot based on Franklin by Paramore


One Shot Based on I Caught Myself by Paramore

Happy and His Old Lady Throw a Pool Party


One shot based on This Wild Life- Break Me

Making out with Kozik would include :

(Woooo more prompts! Woooo Kozik 😍 Hope it is as requested and you all like it :3 Gif not mine/found it on google/credit to the original owners.)

-Him always smiling and saying something cheesy to get you to shake your head and laugh before inching closer to press your lips to his

-Him trying his best to be soft and slow, only to end up being quite teasing, pulling away often just to say more cheesy things

-Him pulling you in his lap to keep you close or really him just making you straddle him and feel his hard on for you

-Him getting rougher with the way his lips would kiss and suck onto yours, only to trail down and leave bite marks and hickeys on your neck

-His hands roaming all over your body and you doing the same to him, making him grunt in satisfaction before just pinning you back down

-Him guiding your hips to grind against him, only to end up dry humping you as you’d both get too into it

-Him groaning and getting cocky to feel your hands gripping into his hair, only to try and start to undress you

-Him spanking you out of surprise whenever you’d bite onto his lips or really brush up against his hard cock too much

-Him whispering in your ear, begging you to take it further, only for you to keep teasing him and just keep on kissing him

-Getting caught by the other members and hearing them cheer except for Tig as he’d groan in disgust and complain loudly how you have terrible taste to want Kozik like that

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Hurricane Herman

Originally posted by loujtc8

Originally posted by dailly5hgifs

Request: Imagine being trapped in a cellar with Kozik during a hurricane. 

You groaned as you stared at the screen, unable to pull your eyes away from the news forecast.
The hurricane was coming, and it was coming hard.
It was a rare thing, for California. Hurricanes weren’t exactly common, especially in Charming, but this one was coming with a vengeance.
“You still looking at the news?” You heard a voice call out behind you.
You lifted your eyes from your phone and turned to see Kozik And Tig walking into the clubhouse, grins on both their faces.
“This is serious! They’re predicting its a category 4!” You whined.
Kozik and Tig laughed as they headed for the bar and you reached into the fridge and pulled out three beers.
“You’ll be fine, (y/n). Hurricanes have never hit Charming.” Kozik told you as he took a swig of his beer.
“Exactly! The world is ending, I swear to god.”
The  boys laughed again and you rolled your eyes.
For some reason, you were the only one that was the slightest bit concerned about this coming storm.
None of the boys seemed to care at all, they only cared about teasing you about it.
Ever since they’d mentioned it on the news you had practically been obsessed with it. You’d seen the wizard of oz when you were younger and you’d been terrified of hurricanes ever since.
It was stupid of course. You lived in California your whole life and there had never been a hurricane, yet you still couldn’t help the fear that crept into your mind.
“You wont be laughing when it rips through this clubhouse.” You muttered.
“Its just a storm, (y/n). It’ll rain. It’ll be windy. Thats it.” Kozik said. “You know the media likes to make big deal out of these things. Worst case scenario we lose power and you get a little wet.”
“Oh I’m counting on her getting wet.” Tig said.
The boys sniggered and clinked there beers as you rolled your eyes.
The doors opened and the rest of the club walked in.
“What we talking about?” Juice asked as he approached the bar.
You handed him a beer and he smiled his thanks.
“(Y/n), freaking out about the storm.” Tig told him.
Juice chuckled and took a swig of his beer.
“Whatever. We’ll see whose laughing when it its this weekend.” You muttered.

The night was still warm when you headed outside for a smoke.
You had been working behind the bar at the clubhouse for a while now. It wasn’t work so much, really. You’d started helping out to pay off the work the boys had done on your car and you’d decided to stick around. They looked after you and you looked after them. But you were far from a crow-eater.
You walked to the picnic table and perched yourself on top as you pulled your lighter out of your pocket and lit the cigarette pressed between your lips.
The door opened behind you and Kozik walked out, his goofy smile plastered on his face.
You exhaled, letting the smoke fill the air and Kozik took  seat next to you.
You offered him your pack and he took a cigarette out.
“You really this worried about the storm?” He asked you.
You rolled your eyes.
“Why is no one taking this seriously?”
Kozik chuckled and nudged you playfully with his arm.
“It’ll be okay, (y/n).” He said, his voice soft and warm.
“You don’t know that.” You answered and took a drag of your cigarette.
“Where are you gonna be this weekend?” He asked you. “Clubhouse?”
“Hell no.” You answered and blew out your smoke. “You boys are no where near prepared. Im house sitting my Aunts house. Thankfully, they take safety seriously and they have a cellar I will be hiding out in.”
Kozik laughed. “You really think thats necessary?”
“I do.” You told him.
“Tell you what, how bout I come over. Just incase a branch falls off a tree or something.” Kozik teased.
You looked at him and raised an eyebrow.
“Guess Im not the only one who’s scared of the hurricane, huh?”
Kozik laughed and you smirked.
You knew he was only teasing you, and offering to come over to keep you at ease. Still, you appreciated it.And you wouldn’t mind spending more time alone with Kozik.

You’d had a flirty relationship with him for a while now. Always teasing each other and flirting over the bar.
But it had never led to more.
You liked Kozik, hell you’d had a thing for him never since he’d arrived in Charming.
But you doubted he felt the same. He flirted with everyone,why would you be anything special?
You were just the girl serving the drinks.

The weekend had approached fast and you were at your Aunts house, organising all the supplies in the cellar.
Kozik would be here soon and the wind had already picked up. Your nerves were running wild and you couldn’t wait for the blonde to calm you down. Hopefully.
You could just make out the sound of a bike and you smiled as you lifted the gallon of water onto the bench top.
You glanced around the room, admiring your work before heading up the stairs and outside to meet Kozik.
He had parked his bike in the driveway and was just taking off his helmet when you approached.
“You might wanna move that inside.” You called.
Kozik looked at you and laughed, as he ran his hand through his blonde hair.
“You think the winds gonna carry it away?” Kozik teased, his grin spread across his face.
You shrugged.
“Don’t come crying to me when you gotta drive a cage to the clubhouse.”
Kozik laughed again and swung his arm over your shoulder.
“So wheres this shelter thats gonna save our lives?”
You could hear the laugh in his voice but you ignored it and led him into the house.
“Jesus.” Kozik said as he entered the house.
You’d boarded up all the windows and moved all the furniture into the centre of the rooms.
“Are you really this worried, (y/n)?” He asked you in disbelief.
“Its a category 4, Koz.” You told him.
You locked the front door behind you and walked away from him, heading for the cellar.
He followed behind you and you stepped aside to close the doors after he entered the room.
“Right this way.” You said, gesturing for the stairs as you secured the locks behind you.
Kozik walked down the steps and you followed.
“Holy shit.”
You had fully stocked the room. Gallons of water lined the walls on onesie of the room while over a dozen boxes of canned food sat in the corner. Torches and candles and matches sat on the bench top, ready for use.
The large sofa was stacked with blankets and pillows and the large red first aid kit sat next to it.
Kozik froze in the middle of the room and turned to you, his eyes wide in disbelief.
“What?” You asked,
“How long do you plan to be down here?” He asked you.
You rolled your eyes and walked to the sofa before sitting down.
“Its basic hurricane supplies. I did my homework.” You told him.
He pointed to the wall lined with jugs of water.
“We need enough to cook, bathe, and drink. Incase we lose water.”
Kozik continued to stare at you.
“You’ll thank me when we live through this.”

The rain was really coming down now, but you still had power. The wind was blowing hard and you curled up deeper into the blanket you had wrapped around you.
“Remind me again why we’re watching christmas movies?” Kozik asked before taking a long swig of his beer.
You rolled your eyes.
“Because its all we had down here. Plus, Home Alone is a great movie.”
Outside, the wind picked up and you buried your head in the blanked when you heard a branch crash into the side of the house.
Kozik wrapped his arm around you.
“Its only a branch, (y/n). We’re fine.” He said soothingly.
You nodded slowly.
“How come you’re so scared of storms anyway?” He asked you.
You shrugged and sighed.
You told him about that you watched The Wizard of Oz when you were younger, and ever since it had terrified you.
Once you were done Kozik burst into laughter.
“Are you serious?” He said between breaths.
“Its just a movie, (y/n). Its not real.”
“Global warming is.” You bit back.
Kozik shook his head and stood.
He walked to the bag he had brought in with him earlier and pulled out a bottle of whiskey.
“Come on, you need to relax.”
You raised your eyebrows at him.
“Tryna get me drunk, huh?”
Kozik chuckled and winked “Howd you know?”

“Right hand blue.”
You groaned and reached your hand over Koziks body and placed your hand on the blue circle.
Somehow, the whiskey had made you both think it was a great idea to play Twister.
Only it had led to some very close positions.
Currently Kozik was in a backwards crab like posture, his body lifted off the floor and you were practically straddled over him.
Both of you were giggling like teenagers and you reached your last spare hand out to spin the dial.
Only you missed completely and before you knew it both of you had collapsed on the floor, you on top of him.
You both burst into laughter and he wrapped his arms around you and rolled you onto the floor next to him.
“Guess I win that round!” Kozik said.
“No way!” You laughed.
Kozik laughed and looked at you, lying on the ground with your hair splayed out around you.
His eyes shone as he looked at you and you looked your lips as you glanced at his.
Slowly he moved his head forward and before you knew it his lips were on yours.
A fire sparked within you and you wrapped your arms around his head, holding his lips to yours.
His tongue licked around your bottom lip and you opened your mouth slighty.
You moaned softly as his tongue touched yours and Koziks hands ran down your body, exploring every inch of you.
He rolled you onto your back and his body hovered above yours and you traced your fingers through his blonde hair.
His lips left yours and he was about to say something when suddenly the room went dark and a loud bang echoed through the room.
You couldn’t help the piercing scream that left your lips  and you sat up, pushing Kozik off you.
“Its okay, (y/n), its just a power cut.” He told you calmly.
You scrambled to your feet and felt your way through the room til you reached the bench.
You grabbed hold of one of the torches and turned it on. Light shone out and you pointed it around the room, looking for any damage from the loud noise.
“(Y/n),” Kozik called and you turned and pointed the torch at him.
He lifted his arm to shield his eyes from the light and you lowered the torch.
“Oh, sorry.” You said. Thank god for the darkness, you thought to yourself as you felt a blush rise to your cheeks.
You reached for the other three torches and turned them all on too before tossing one to Kozik.
“Help me light these candles.” You said.
He stood and crossed the room and together you lit the dozens of candles in jars you had prepared earlier.
After placing them strategically around the room you smiled at the glowing light.
“Guess theres no more christmas movies, huh?” Kozik asked and you laughed.
“Luckily for you.” You smirked back at him.
Silence fell between you and Kozik moved across the room and stopped next to you, leaning against the bench top.
Outside the wind was still blowing strong but the rain seemed to be lifting.
“Well ain’t this romantic?”  He said softly and nudged you with his elbow.
You laughed lightly and turned around, leaning your back against the bench and crossing your arms over your chest.
A light blush rose to your cheeks and you bit your lip before speaking.
“Look, Koz, about.. before,” You paused and sighed. You really didn’t know where you were heading with this.
But before you could continue Kozik spoke.
“I like you, (y/n),” He said softly.
You nodded and rolled your eyes.
“You like everyone.” You teased.
But Kozik didn’t laugh. He stepped in front of you, his face serious and his eyes burnt into yours.
“No, (y/n). I like you.” He said again.
You gulped and dropped your hands to your sides.
“But I’m not like them.” You said quietly.
Kozik raised an eye brow and stepped closer to you, narrowing the gap between your bodies.
“Like who?” He asked.
You rolled your eyes again and sighed.
“The crow eaters.”
Kozik scoffed and shook his head.
“If I wanted a crow eater I’d have one,” He told you. “But I don’t want them. I want you.”
You lifted your gaze to meet his eyes, and in the blue of his eyes you saw only truth.
“You want me?” Your voice shook as you spoke.
Kozik grinned and nodded, moving closer once more.
His hands rested on your hips and now your faces were merely inches apart.
“I want you, (y/n). All of you.”
Before you knew what was happening his lips were on yours once more and the fire you felt earlier ignited inside of you.
You ran your hands through his long hair, breathing in every inch of him as his lips explored yours.
And even while the wind blew wildly outside, you were no longer scared.
Because now you had him, and you knew that as long as he was with you, everything would be okay.


he had been watching you all day but not approaching. it wasn’t often he fell for girls so this was sort of a surprise.

he realized you were packing up to leave and Jax pushed him, “if you’re going to go talk to her you better do it.”

Kozik took a deep breath and stood up, chasing you out of the club. you were getting into your car.

“hey!” he called.

you looked up, “need something?”

“your name?”

you laughed, “Y/N. you’re Kozik right?”

“you know me?”

“i work here.” 

“oh. right.” Kozik rubbed the back of his neck, “i might also need your number.”

“really? and why is that?” you smirked at him.

“cuz you’re really pretty.”

Causing Conflict

Kozik x Reader where Tig decides to pursue the reader, even more so when he finds out she’s Kozik’s girl.

Originally posted by small-town-wayward-daughter

“Who is she?” Tig asks, whistling lowly as he sees you get out of your car, you grabbing your bag before locking the car, completely unaware of the eyes upon you.

“No idea, but she’s way out of your league.” Jax says, smirking to himself. Tig scoffs, shaking his head in denial. He continues to watch you, a determined look in his eyes. “I think I know who she is now.”

Tig frowns in confusion, before his lip curls up into a snarl, Kozik emerging from the clubhouse, a grin on his face. You share the same expression, your boyfriends arms weaving around you as you press your lips to his. “No fucking way.”

“Seems like she’s already occupied, Bro.” Jax laughs, slapping his friend on the back before leaving the garage.

“Not for long.” Tig promises to himself, a mischievous smile tickling at his lips.

Your eyes widen as you leave the bathroom, not expecting someone to be waiting right outside the door. “Jesus Christ, you scared me.”

“Sorry about that, sweetheart.” the man apologises, stepping back slightly. He extends his hand out, smiling at you. “Just wanted to introduce myself. I’m Tig.”

You have to stop yourself from reacting once he speaks, his name being the same one Kozik has been ranting about on the phone for the past week. You shake his hand politely, him holding it a little longer than you’d like. “(Y/N).”

“Pretty name for a pretty girl.” he flirts, you unable to control your smile at his words. “Fancy a drink?”

Knowing Kozik is out on a run and you have nothing better to do, you nod in response, following Tig as he heads towards the bar, one of the prospects handing him two beers. He holds one out to you, his fingers brushing yours as you take it.

“Thanks.” you say, taking a seat next to Tig on one of the couches, him sliding closer to you so your thighs are touching. “How come you aren’t out with the others?”

He shrugs his shoulders, taking a gulp of his beer, his heated gaze making you feel uncomfortable. “Couldn’t leave you all alone could I?”

You choke on your drink, liquid spraying everywhere as you splutter, your cheeks reddening as you try to recover. “Guess not.”

“So…” he starts, sliding closer to you, his arm resting behind your head as you shrink into the cushions. “How about we make good use of having the place to ourselves?“

“You do know I’m with Kozik, right?” you say, dodging his advances and pulling yourself free as quickly as you can, Tig standing to follow you as you walk backwards.

“What he doesn’t know won’t hurt him.” Tig reaches for you, you slipping under his arm and practically sprinting for the door, thankful to hear the rumble of bikes as the others speed into the lot.

A hand on your waist makes you jump, Tig smirking at you once you turn around. “C'mon darlin’, I’ll show you how a real man does it.”

“What did you just say to her?” your boyfriend spits, Tig wearing an expression of accomplishment as he licks his lips, winking at you.

“She’s been aching for it since she got here. Ain’t that right, sweetheart?” Tig says, spurring Kozik on. You open your mouth to defend yourself, Kozik beating you to it as he slams his fist into Tig’s face, the darker haired biker stumbling backwards from the impact.

“Koz!” you shout, reaching out for your partner before you’re pulled back, Happy gently guiding you backwards, away from the fighting men. “Stop them!”

“They need this, (Y/N).” Happy responds, holding you firmly as you struggle in his grip. You’re forced to watch in horror as the two men brawl, Koizk throwing Tig into the wall harshly, Tig dodging a hit before delivering one of his own.

After what feels like forever, Jax separates the battered men, you jogging over to Kozik and inspecting the damage. “I’m fine, babe.”

You ignore his reassurances, taking his rough hand in your own and leading him to the apartment he was currently staying in, pushing his shoulders and forcing him to sit on the bed.

Kozik watches you as you work in silence, your delicate fingers disinfecting the cuts upon his face, cautiously swiping away any dried blood with your featherlight touch.

“Are you gonna talk to me at all?” he mumbles, capturing your hand in his grasp and kissing each of your knuckles, a soft sigh leaving you.

“I hate seeing people fight, Herman. Even more so when it’s you.” Your eyes are slightly glassed over as you meet his gaze, his own softening before he guides you onto his lap, one arm going around your back as the other rests on your thighs.“It makes me feel sick.”

“I’m so sorry, baby.” he whispers, squeezing your hip comfortingly, his fingers tracing soothing patterns on your thigh. “I couldn’t just stand there and listen to him-”

You nod in understanding, cradling his face in your hand, his eyes closing as he nestles into your touch. “Thank you.”

“Don’t. You’re my girl, it’s my duty to look after you.” he says, a soft smile making it’s way onto his face. He hisses as you press your lips to his, the fresh cut stinging sharply.

“Shit, sorry babe.” you say, pulling away swiftly, not wanting to hurt him anymore. He pouts, the action making you laugh as you lightly kiss his lips again, him taking your lip between his teeth once you try to pull away, your body tingling in response.

A/N - I hope you guys liked this, my first Kozik imagine! I’ve got about 8 drafts of uncompleted work that I’m slowly trying to finish, but I’m still struggling with my block 😭 thank you for being so patient, your support amazes me ❤

Sons of Anarchy Preference "How they react when you accidentally call them "Daddy" in bed" (NSFW)

(Ok so i’m trying for my first SOA preference :3 Hope it’s okay and you all like it! Hope it is as requested :D Also I plan on keeping this list relatively short as I don’t want it to be as long as my TWD list, hope you all understand! Gif not mine/found them on google/credit to the original owners.)

Jax-The first time he’d hear you calling him “Daddy” in bed, he’d take a little step back and start to chuckle as he realizes you had a little dirty mind. He’d start to tease you, grinning and pretending to be in disbelief that you just said that, making you plead for him to get back at it and for him to give into your demands but only after you’d repeat yourself. “What? Daddy? You just called me Daddy! Yes you did!Fuck I never thought you were this dirty…Oh no I am not letting it go! Not until you tell me what was that all about! Come on, call me Daddy again!”

Opie-The first time he’d hear you calling him “Daddy” in bed, he’d be stunned and wouldn’t know what to say at first apart from calling your name curiously. However, seeing your sudden shocked expression as you’d realize yourself, he’d start to smile and laugh before cupping your cheeks and kissing you sweetly as he asks you what’s wrong. “Y/N? Did you just…Call me daddy? What’s that all about…You okay baby? It was an accident? Really? Well let me tell you what…I don’t mind if you call me that…”

Chibs-The first time he’d hear you calling him “Daddy” in bed, he’d smirk and get cockier about himself. Letting out a chuckle, he’d lean in closer to you ear and whisper about how dirty minded you are to even think of such things, truly not letting you get away with what you just said before gripping you tightly and thrusting harder. “You dirty little girl…Calling me Daddy so loudly and eagerly…Is that what you think of me? Hmm…Say it again! Call me Daddy again! Louder!”

Tig-The first time he’d hear you calling him “Daddy” in bed, he’d stop everything and just to stare into your eyes, making you both get quiet before looking at you lustfully and smirking darkly. Seeing you shake your head and sigh in denial of what just happened, he’d then pin you down to the bed and would thrust even harder and spank your ass to make you repeat yourself. “You…You just called me Daddy…Wow…Fuck…That’s so fucking hot! Y/N! Baby! Call me Daddy again!”

Juice-The first time he’d hear you calling him “Daddy” in bed, he’d blush and actually be so happy about it that he couldn’t stop smiling. However, he’d pretend to be bashful and would deny enjoying it as you’d ask him whether he might like it or not, yet despite his denial, he’d actually seem more confident. He’d end up pinning you down tightly and thrust even harder. “You just called me Daddy…What? No…No I-I am nothing like that…But that doesn’t mean i hate it…”

Happy-The first time he’d hear you calling him “Daddy” in bed, he’d smirk and let out a satisfied chuckle. He’d growl and grip onto your hair, pulling you back and simply tell you point blank to keep repeating yourself. He’d claim you as his and wouldn’t give a fuck if you both made too much noises, even going as far as to thrust even harder and make you beg for more. “Daddy?! Was it?! I didn’t hear you right you dirty little slut! You’re mine! Say it again! Let everyone know that i’m your Daddy!”

Kozik-The first time he’d hear you calling him “Daddy” in bed, he’d actually get confident about himself and wouldn’t be able to stop smirking and grinning as he’d look at you. Still thrusting, he’d tease you by getting you to get to be even louder. He’d even go as far as to mimic you at some point, only to make you blush even more from what you just said. “Daddy! Daddy! Oh…That’s you a few seconds ago! Huh, Y/N! You like that?! Calling me Daddy! Yeah you do! Look at you! Oh no don’t hide yourself!”

Rat-The first time he’d hear you calling him “Daddy” in bed, he’d get oddly quiet and would take time to process what had just really happened. He’d be actually overwhelmed with joy but just couldn’t find the right things to say or do in the moment that he’d kinda stay still for a moment. As you’d wonder if he’s okay and apologize for it, he’d panic and reassure you. “I-I’m fine! I’m really fine! I-I just never expected it…B-But I-I like it a lot! I swear! I really didn’t mind…”

Half-Sack-The first time he’d hear you calling him “Daddy” in bed, he’d smirk and get so overly confident that he’d start to play into it with you, acting as if he has always been your daddy dom. He’d laugh to hear you and would try his best to be rough with you, pulling on your hair or spank you but doing so lightly you’d laugh more than moan. “Yes baby girl?! You like that calling me Daddy?! Alright! Why don’t you say it louder! For everyone to hear!”

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Not so Sweet Dreams

Request from @ly–canthrope for a Kozik x Reader based off the following prompts:

#51 - I’m your husband. It’s my job.“

#136 - “You had a nightmare. Tell me what it was about so I can fix it.”

Originally posted by assbutt-trumpet

Your eyes open sharply as you breathe heavy, thankful you’re tucked up safely in bed and not elsewhere. You turn your head to the side, your fingers twitching to shake Kozik awake, but the lack of sleep he’s gotten lately stops you.

The darkness makes the task of locating your phone problematic, the brightness of the screen making you squint as your eyes focus on the time. Four twenty four. Great.

You’re more weary than usual as you creep to the bathroom, your ears sensitive to anything and everything as you quickly do your business, heart beat faster than usual.

“Shit, did I wake you?” you whisper as you return to the bedroom, your husband sitting up with his back against the headboard, his hands grabbing the sheets and lifting them for you to get inside.

“I’m just a light sleeper.” he replies, pulling you into him and settling into the pillows, a shaky breath leaving your mouth as you lie down. “You okay? You’re shaking.”

“Sorry.” you mutter, resting your head on his bare chest, the tension inside of you lessening slightly as you breathe in his scent, the warmth of his chest also aiding to calm you down. “Bad dream.”

“You should’ve woke me.” he sighs, stroking your hair comfortingly, a loving kiss being placed upon the top of your head. “What was it about?”

“Nothing. It was just a dream, I’m okay now.” You can feel the concern rolling off him in waves, and you’ve known him long enough to know he’s not going to drop it.

“(Y/N), you had a nightmare. Now tell me what it was about so I can fix it.” he responds, his voice nothing but comforting as he speaks to you. You look up at him, not really wanting to relive what you’d just woken up from. “You’re safe. I’ll always protect you.”

He presses his lips to yours gently, his one hand resting on your waist, his fingers dancing on your exposed skin. The other slips into your locks, the hair being tugged lightly between his digits. Once you separate, you huff, settling back against your partner.

You tell him your nightmare, him listening intently to each and every word that slips from your lips, his hands constantly on you, soothing you so effortlessly with his touch. Hips are squeezed when the details get exceptionally vivid, kisses placed on your skin when your throat gets thick with emotion.

Somehow, he always knows you better than you know yourself, your chest feeling one hundred times lighter after sharing your upset.

“You know I’d never let anything happen to you, baby.” he whispers, your eyes fluttering shut as your head rests on his chest, his steady heart beat acting as your lullaby.

“I know.” you say, tracing circles on his stomach, skin smooth underneath your finger tips. “How come you always know how to make me feel better?”

He chuckles softly, wondering the same exact thing about you. “I’m your husband. It’s sorta my job, babe.”

You hum in response, tiredness overtaking you as you fall into a soundless, dreamless sleep, your mind filled with nothing but reassurances, comfort and love.

A/N - Bit of Kozik for you all! Apologies for any mistakes, haven’t proof read this lol. Hope you liked xxxx

I Get Off

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Request: Kozik Imagine based on I Get Off by Halestorm

You can listen to it here.



You don’t know that I know,
You watch me every night
And I just can’t resist the urge
To stand here in the light
You’re greedy eyes upon me
And then I come undone
And I could close the curtains
But this too much fun


Kozik stifled a yawn as he walked into his bedroom, a beer in one hand, ready to collapse against the mattress after another long day in Charming.
He pulled the leather off his shoulders and hung it on the the hook on the wall.
With a sip of his beer he moved across the room, reaching for the curtains. He was about to pull them shut when something stopped him.
When she stopped him.
Kozik had been blessed to move into a house next door to her, and even more blessed when he realised his room was opposite hers. And she never shut her curtains.
He watched from the darkness of his room as the girl in the house next door flicked the light switch, illuminating her tidy bedroom and casting light across the yard between their homes, only a small fence separating the properties.
She was oblivious to him watching, at least he thought she was.
There was something about this girl that kept him coming to the window every night, desperate for a glimpse of her.
She wore ripped black jeans and a black tank, a small strip of skin showing between them. He could see the tattoos littered across her skin and he licked his lips as he watched her.
She pulled her tank over her head, dropping it to the floor next to her dresser. Her black bra cupped her breasts and the rest of the tattoos on her body were exposed.
She moved in the room and stood in front of her mirror, her back to Kozik. She tied her hair on top of her head and pulled her jeans from her body.
For a moment she studied her reflection in the mirror and Kozik studied the shape of her curves.
With one last glance in the mirror she walked into her ensuite, shutting the door behind her.
Kozik licked his lips and shook his head.
The nightly shows were becoming a habit, and even though he knew he shouldnt, he couldn’t help but stand there every night, his eyes fixed on her.


I get off on you
Getting off on me
I give you what you want
But nothing is for free
It’s a give and take
Kinda life we make
When your line is crossed
I get off
I get off


“Large caramel latte?”
“Thats me.” You stood and grabbed the cup off the barista before thanking her.
With your spare hand you pulled your sunglasses from the top of your head and pushed them up your nose.
You took a sip of your coffee and headed out of the cafe, thankful for the first coffee of the day.
After taking only two steps out in the street you ran smack bam into someone, narrowly missing spilling the precious liquid.
“Sorry!’ You gushed.
“Dont worry bout it-“ The blonde stopped, his eyes widening slightly as he looked at you. “Oh. Its you.”
“Do I know you?” You tilted your head to the side with a face of innocence.
“Not yet. Im Kozik. I think we’re neighbours.” He grinned, flashing you his pearly whites and you smiled back at him before removing the sunglasses from your eyes and pushing them onto your head.
So it was him.
“I’m (y/n).”
His eyes met yours and you smiled sweetly to him.
He bit his bottom lip and nodded, not even trying to hide the fact he was clearly checking you out.
“Well it was lovely meeting you, Kozik.” You fluttered your eyelashes, your voice sickly sweet. “But I should get going.”
“See ya round.”
You flashed him one last smile and stepped around him, heading for your car.
You could feel his eyes on you as you walked and you swayed your hips a little moe than normal with each step.
‘Hate to see her go,’ Kozik thought tp himself. ‘But I love to watch her leave.’


So much left unspoken
Between the two of us
It’s so much more exciting
To look when you can touch
You could say I am different
And maybe I’m a freak
But I know how to twist ya
To bring you to your knees


Kozik sat on the edge of his bed, waiting impatiently.
He took a sip of the beer in his hand and went back to fidgeting with the label off the bottle, anxiously glancing out the window.
She was late.
Well, she was later than normal. He could see there were lights on in her house so she was home, but she had usually gone to her room by now.
The sexual frustration of watching, and not touching her was messing with his head and he wasn’t sure how much longer he could wait.
Finally the light came on and Kozik jumped up, careful to not stand too close to the window.
She swayed into the room, wearing a tight red dress and black heels.
Every night was the same. She’d partially undress  in front of the mirror, go the ensuite, and then get into bed. Sometimes smoking a joint in bed or watching something on her laptop.
She walked into the room and shook her hair out behind her. She stood a little closer to the window than normal and she reached behind herself, unzipping the dress.
She pulled it from her body.
Now to the mirror.
But she didn’t go. Kozik gulped as he watched her unclip her bra and turn her body, facing the window directly.
The bra fell from her body and he felt his pants grow tighter as she pulled her panties down her body and stepped out of them.
She stood directly in front of the window and stared into his room.
He knew she couldn’t see him but she knew he was there.
Kozik licked his lips, ready for her next move when something in the doorway of her room caught his eye.
A man entered, tall and muscular and he walked up behind her. He put his hands on her thighs and she tilted her head, allowing him to kiss along her neck.
She smiled into the darkness before turning to the man and pulling him to the bed.
From his room Kozik watched, feeling himself grow harder as she made love to the man. She rode him expertly, all the while knowing that the handsome blonde next door couldn’t take his eyes off her.


I get off on you
Getting off on me
I give you what you want
But nothing is for free
It’s a give and take
Kinda life we make
When your line is crossed
I get off


“Colette, theres some guys waiting for you.” Cherry said.
“Thanks, you mind helping me with the washing?” Colette directed her question at you.
You rolled your eyes but stood, throwing your boss a smirk and following her out of the room.
Together you walked into the waiting area and she headed to the sofas where her guests were waiting.
You however headed to the door across the room, where the laundry was situated.
You pulled the load of washing out of the dryer and placed it in the basket before having it onto your hip.
Pushing the door open you walked back through the room and you took a few steps when you felt eyes on you.
It was him.
You met his eye and you couldn’t help but smirk as he took in the sight of you, in the little dress you wore.
Colette was sitting with him and a few other men, all dressed in leather.
Kozik stood and stepped in your path.
“You work here?”
“No, i just hang out at brothels all day.” You smiled, your voice thick with sarcasm.
Kozik chuckled before taking the basket from your hands, despite you resisting.
“Oh honey,” Colette called across the room, getting both of your attention. “(Y/n)’s not available, she just helps me out with the books.”
“What a shame.” Kozik replied, his eyes looking you up and down.
The guys he was with watched curiously but soon got back to talking business with Collette.
“So who was that, last night?” Kozik asked as he walked with you out of the room.
“You mean the guy you watched me fuck?”
Kozik blushed, taken aback by your forwardness.
“He your boyfriend?”
You shook your head,smiling at his interest in your love life.
“Just a co-star in my nightly shows.”
Kozik laughed again, and was about to say something else when his club filed into the foyer.
“Koz, we gotta go.”
He nodded and looked back at you.
“I’ll see you later, (y/n).”
You winked and began walking away.
“I’m sure you will.”


I get off
But you don’t know
But you can’t see
It’s what you forgive
Out here for me
I get off on you
Getting off on me
I give you what you want


Kozik walked to his front door, throwing a glance to your driveway to check if your car was there.
It was.
He grinned as he opened the door and headed to his bedroom, excited to see what you had in store for him tonight.
After being in his bedroom for only a minute the light next door came on.
He licked his lips and stood in from of the window.
She entered the room with the same dress on she had been wearing earlier that day.
He watched as she walked across the room and stopped in front of her window.
She smiled into the night, knowing he was watching.
And then, for the first time since he had moved n, she closed her curtains.
“Damn.” Kozik cursed as he watched her disappear behind the fabrics.
He sat on the edge of his bed and opened his bottle of beer.
He took a long swig before pulling the bottle away from his lips and sighing.
What was he supposed to do now?
A knock on his front door disturbed his thought and he stood, a slight frown on his face.
He left his bedroom and headed to the front door.
Twisting the handle, he pulled it open.
There she was, standing right outside his door, a wicked smirk on her face and a playful spark in her eyes.
“How can I help?” Kozik asked, a smug smirk on his face as he eyed her appearance eagerly.
You shrugged and stepped around him, welcoming yourself into his home.
“Figured it was time I let you touch.”
Kozik grinned and closed the door. When he turned around you were already walking down the hallway, pulling your dress over your head.
“Holy shit.”


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