KUWAIT. February 28, 1991. A wounded Ken Kozakiewicz, left, cries after being given the dogtags and learning of the death of a fellow tank crewman, in the bodybag at right. The widely published photo came to define the Persian Gulf war for many. At right is wounded comrade Michael Santarakis. The soldiers were from the 24th Mechanized Infantry Division.

Photograph: David Turnley/AP

Neil Gresham deep water soloing in Ha Long Bay in Vietnam

My head is the strongest aspect of my climbing. I’m always psyched and I find giving up to be an absolute last resort. There are plenty of routes that have got the better than me, but I can honestly say that I always gave them my best.

photo: Lukasz Warzecha / Wojtek Kozakiewicz

Leah Crane DWS in Ha Long Bay, Vietnam

No-one ever got anywhere by not trying harder than you think you can! Try, try, try. And if that doesn’t work, keep trying! And smile. A smile gets you a long way!

photo: Lukasz Warzecha / Wojtek Kozakiewicz