This passed throught my mind after know he’s not SHSL CUTE PATTOTIE BUT THE INCOMING SUPREME FUHRER…



Koyoshi x Rantarou Fluff

this isn’t a crack I swear

is koyoshi/rantarou their first name or their last oh well let’s just pretend they are

Koyoshi rolled over in bed for the third time that night. When you share a bed with someone, and they’re not there, the bed feels a whole lot bigger.

“Tch…I can’t believe him…” Koyoshi mumbled, wrapping his legs around a long pillow. Pushing his face into the soothing coolness, he began to think about his boyfriend

(the word still felt weird rolling off his tongue. manslave still felt like a better word, but rantarou wouldn’t have any of that.)

A few minutes ago, Koyoshi had been waiting in his bed for Rantarou to go home, when he received a call.

“Ouma…I’m going to be late tonight. Don’t wait for me, kay?”

Koyoshi wanted to say more, but all he could respond was, “Kay…”

He wanted him to come home

He wanted him to hold him

Damn, why was he thinking these thoughts?!

Koyoshi groaned loudly as he buried his face in the pillow, that he didn’t notice the quiet creak of the door opening.

At least, not until someone jumped him.

“Surprise!” Rantarou shouted as he placed his lips on Koyoshi’s.

“Eeh?!” Koyoshi has squeaked when Rantarou pulled away, with a grin on his face. “Tenkai, you’re not late at all!” He yelled.

“All part of the surprise!” Rantarou winked, before cuddling Koyoshi from behind. “You’re so squishy, I couldn’t help myself!” He laughed.

“Haah, Tenkai, let go of me this instant!” Koyoshi said, his arms constrained by Rantarou’s vicious embrace.

“Ah, no!” Rantarou said, smiling.

“Gah, peasant!” Koyoshi screamed, yet Rantarou seemed to be asleep. “Stop sleeping and listen to me!” His words fell on empty ears, as he sighed.

Koyoshi mumbled, “Idiot…” before moving into a more comfortable position. Perhaps, dating Rantarou wouldn’t be as bad as he thought it would be.

“Boo!” yelled Rantarou, and if you ask Koyoshi, he will swear that he did not scream.

Nope, Koyoshi made a terrible choice in a manslave.

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Theories of the crimes the NDRV3 kids did to get imprisoned based on their talent

Shinguuji (SHSL Folklorist): broke a sacred tradition in his homeland.

Angie (SHSL Artist): vandalism/graffiti.

Toujou (SHSL Maid): killed her employer. Or she’s just a serial killer in the first place. I mean, she totally looks like one.

Koyoshi (SHSL Supreme Leader): dabs in no dabbing area  shitposts in. LinkedIn gets involved in some governmental scandal shenanigans.

Tsumugi (SHSL Cosplayer): being too plain  cosplays as Enoshima Junko caused some hap in Comiket that actually caused some casualties.

Keebo (SHSL Robot): killed his creator. Or maybe he didn’t do anything, he’s just the warden here.

Chabashira (SHSL Aikido Master): killed someone with her aikido techniques(?)

Kaede (SHSL Pianist): uh, played music that drives people into despair? :/ Or she was just wrongly imprisoned. Because, well, protag.

Hyakuta (SHSL Astronaut): being too painful stole an asteroid from outer space? Sabotaged a rocket with people in it? wait that’s a mechanic thing Gah, I couldn’t think of any astronaut-related “normal” crime -_-

Maki (SHSL Nursery Teacher): child abuse.

Shuuichi (SHSL Detective): being unoriginal  being 3emo5u falsified a case report.

Ryouma (SHSL Tennis Player): used some people’s eyeballs as balls to play tennis. (okay that’s extreme)

Rantarou (SHSL ???): could be anything really. He could be SHSL Despair for all I know.

Himiko (SHSL Magician): EXPLOSION MAGIC prolly cursed someone. Or being a fraud.

Gonta (SHSL Entomologist): released an (or even a swarm of) insect(s) that could be used as a biological weapon to the city.

Mitsu/Mito (SHSL Inventor): bondage made an invention that caused major incidents and even casualties.

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anonymous asked:

What do you think of Ouma Koyoshi? (The SHSL Dictator/Supreme Ruler, the little nerd with the checkered scarf)

He’s my favorite and I love him. 

…Which means he’ll probably die.

So I’m trying compare the name romanizations from Gematsu and from @jinjojess’s [x] to get the canon(?) names (the bolded ones are the ones that are similar in both):

  • Shinguuji Yoshikiyo/Korekiyo - SHSL Folklore Specialist/Folklorist
  • Yonaga Angie - SHSL Artist/Art Club Member
  • Toujou Sanmi/Zanbi - SHSL Maid
  • Ooba/Ooma Shoukichi/Koyoshi/Kokichi - SHSL Supreme Ruler/President
  • Shirogane/Shiragane Tsumugi - SHSL Cosplayer
  • Kiibo/Keebo - SHSL Robot
  • Chabashira Tenshi/Tenko - SHSL Aikidou Master/Practitioner
  • Akamatsu Kaede - SHSL Pianist
  • Hyakuta/Momota Kaito/Hiroto - SHSL Astronaut
  • Harukawa/Shunsen Maki - SHSL Nursery School Teacher
  • Saigen/Saihara Shuuichi - SHSL Detective
  • Hoshi Ryouma - SHSL Tennis Player
  • Tenkai/Amakai Rantarou - SHSL ???
  • Yumeno Himitsuko - SHSL Magician
  • Gokuhara Gonta - SHSL Entomologist
  • Iruma/Irima Mitsu/Mito - SHSL Inventor

So based on this, their canon(?) names will prolly be:

  • Shinguuji Korekiyo
  • Yonaga Angie
  • Toujou _a__i
  • Ooma Koyoshi
  • Shir_gane Tsumugi
  • K__bo
  • Chabashira Ten___
  • Akamatsu Kaede (duh)
  • Hyakuta ____to
  • Harukawa Maki
  • Sai____ Shuuichi
  • Hoshi Ryouma
  • ___kai Rantarou
  • Yumeno Himitsuko
  • Gokuhara Gonta
  • Irima Mi___