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The Taiyaki Talk as it happened on Tegomass Radio and Sorashige Book

Tegomass Radio:

Sakura: Do you eat taiyaki from the head or from the tail? 

T: I think Shige eats it from the head too. Koyama might eat it from the tail, Shige has the image he wouldn’t eat it from the tail. I’ll message him and ask.

S: Ok, before the show is over…

Sorashige Book:

S: Shige’s club… I don’t get it at all but I just got a message from Tegoshi asking if I eat taiyaki from the head or from the tail. What is this? He needs to know now but what is this? By the way, I don’t eat taiyaki since I hate red bean paste. What is with this guy? Is he fooling around? Whatever, so Shige’s club…

S: Tegoshi answered “But if you did (eat it)?” I guess the head. The head. The head is full of red bean paste. But if I did eat it I would probably eat the head and leave the tail. I’m that type. It’s not good, is it? But I’m that type.

That’s even more adorable than previously imagined.

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Anan 2016.8.31 NEWS Crosstalk

At times, these four struggle together, encourage each other, and laugh together from morning until late at night. The shocking episodes and unspoken group rules that only the members know will come to light now. Do they fit their image, or are they unexpected? That depends on how you take it!

Masuda: Shige is the one who is never late when we gather in the morning. However, his face is sleeping.

Kato: I’m awake, but by no means am I good at waking up.

Tegoshi: From the moment I wake up my excitement level is high. But in the middle of travel and such there are times when I’ll fall asleep suddenly.

Koyama: That’s right, I’ve seen all three of you asleep, but Tegoshi’s sleeping face is the cutest.

Kato: He’s like a baby, isn’t he.

Koyama: Massu is the worst.

Masuda: Don’t say things like that!

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NEWS: [can’t find Koyama in a crowd] this calls for drastic measures.
Shige: [uses hands as a megaphone, yelling] Free éclairs, all you can eat!!
Koyama: [yelling from the crowd] OH MY GOD! WHERE!?
NEWS: there he is.


NEWS: [can’t find Shige in a crowd] this calls for drastic measures.
Massu: [holds up a photo of Shige and asks a pedestrian] excuse me, have you seen this middle-aged man?
Shige: [yelling from the crowd] I’M NOT 50 YEARS OLD!
NEWS: there he is.


Massu: [can’t find Tegoshi in a crowd] this calls for drastic measures.
Massu: [uses hands as a megaphone, yelling] *some incorrect information about soccer teams*
Tegoshi: [yelling from the crowd] *correcting it with burning passion*
Massu: There he is


NEWS: [can’t find Koyama in a crowd] this calls for drastic measures.
Shige: [uses hands as a megaphone, yelling] Tegoshi’s leg is cramping!
Koyama: [frantic yelling from the crowd] TEGOSHI! ARE YOU OK?! TEGOSHI!!
NEWS: there he is.


Tegoshi: [can’t find Massu in a crowd] this calls for drastic measures.
Tegoshi: [starts singing] Mahou no melody~ ♪
Massu: [harmonizing from the crowd] hibikiwatare motto tooku e~ ♪
Tegoshi: there he is.


NEWS: [enters a car but realise Shige is missing]
Koyama: this calls for drastic measur—
Tegoshi: [interrupts by making himself comfortable in Koyama’s lap]
Shige: [suddenly shows up and takes a photo of them]
Massu: there he is

Ok, so again I’m too lazy to translate this whole thing because Shige’s language is not easy but I think you all need to know what happened here. 

This took place in the dressing room before one of the ChumChum performances.They had time to spare so Shige was strumming his guitar, Koyama was eating curry and Massu was playing with his remote control helicopter. Then Tegoshi came and asked to play with it. Massu finally yielded and Tegoshi began to clumsily fly the helicopter towards Koyama. It came really close to him so Koyama ran away to the edge of the room shouting “Let me eat my curry!” Shige commented that “Koyama became Tegoshi’s toy”. Then Tegoshi ordered Koyama to get naked and stand on all fours. Koyama said “No way!” but did it anyway. But that wasn’t it, Tegoshi then used Koyama as a landing pad. He put the helicopter on his back and then tried to take off but it was hard and he hit Koyama’s back with it. Koyama shouted “It hurts!” and everyone in the room laughed, especially the little blond shit. By that time the helicopter’s battery discharged, Koyama was dismissed and returned to his seat and cold curry. Shige said though he said he hated it he looked rather excited.

What is this band?