Just a shout-out to the IDW writers...

Whom, when told that they couldn’t really toss a TFP-based Breakdown into the mix because a G1-based one was already around, decided to just do it anyway because they wanted Knock Out to have his hubby. I just read TAAO 7. He’s one of the cover characters. He’s prominent in the comic. He has not once been referred to by name, but we aaaaall know who he is. And I fragging appreciate that. Thanks, guys. It means a lot.

Just please don’t kill him….

Going to see about getting two new fancanons written up, as well as posting the little KOXBD ficlet since that fancanon was the more popular one. Probably going to try and get those posted around 7pm today, after I’ve had a bit of time to take a nap and whatnot.

Pretty happy with the KOXBD ficlet. It’s full of warm, fuzzy feelings.