To the anon with the KO/BD and Blades-thing: Can I make a few sketches based on the message you just sent me? It’s so adorable ;_;And if you let me, please tell me your names so I can credit you :3

ok so apparently you’re not supposed to scroll until your posts and then just end then, but i mean what else are you supposed to do after that I dun’t get it and how do people follow like 2000+ blogs and not run out of time to scroll or keep place of where they are I don’t get it

also there has been an uprising of koxBD on my dash and I don’t like the pairing so how is it even getting there why is it there 

I mean I’m respectful of the pairing but it’s just….i don’t get it, i don’t ship it and it makes me angry because it means that people are automactically assuming that Ko or Bd are gay when people shouldn’t assume but i see the relationship i guess but it’s just


Don’t mean to be a hater but….I hate the pairing. People can ship it…..but I won’t

(and of course I’m gonna get hate from this aren’t ._.)