kowloon king


Pieces of my Character Design final!!  I did a modern take on Chinese mythological characters, namely Sun WuKong (The Monkey King), NeZha, AoGuang (the dragon king) and GuanYin, the Goddess of Mercy.  

This class was a lot of fun, and I hope that you guys’ll enjoy this take on these classical characters.  :)


The pencil sketches above were done in two different ‘guesthouses’ located in the upper reaches of an old building called the Chung King Mansions. It’s a bit of a Hong Kong institution filled with wholesale and retail shops and restaurants on the lower floors and miniaturized hotels/guesthouses on the upper floors. This was my first accommodation in Asia after my flight from Toronto and it was an eye-opener. The building was always humming with activity with vendors and traders from around the world. Somehow they managed to shoehorn everything into the guesthouse rooms- shower, a.c. unit, T.V., bed, writing desk. The management guys were friendly and I thoroughly enjoyed my stay there in the center of Kowloon, Hong Kong. So much energy and a great intro to Asia!