Excellent Movies for Halloween! With links to trailers.

The titles in bold are ones I highly recommend:



From Dusk Till Dawn



The Taking of Deborah Logan. A refreshing take on the faux documentary genre.

Blue Ruin

Devils Knot


Fright Night Remake Trailer

Night of the Creeps

Near Dark

Return of the Killer tomatoes

The Pot

The Host*

Insidious (& 2)*

Pulse (Japanese original ‘Kairo’)

The Unseeable

The Others

Paranormal activity 3 (Don’t bother with the first 2)


Spider Forest*

The House of the Devil

The Conjuring*

Cabin in the Woods*


Cure* I highly recommend this one!


The Guard Post

Memories of Murder* Highly Recommend

Old Boy*(Korean original. Not that Spike Lee horseshit) Not quite horror, but disturbing none the less

The Chaser. More on the thriller side, but still brutal

Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance*


Let the Right One in (original & the remake  “Let me In’, are both good)

The Thing (1982)*

Tetsuo theIron man (Get mentally and emotionally prepared for this one ahead of time)

Troll 2. So bad it’s good.



Jacob’s Ladder

Cemetery Man*

Visions of Suffering

Hellraiser 1,2, & 6)


House (Housu)


Rampo Noir

Noroi*(sometimes titled ‘The Curse’ or ‘Noroi: The Curse’)

Kowai Onna

Kaidan {1964} (Sometimes titled: ‘Kwaidan’)*


Pans Labyrinth*

The Devil’s Backbone*

Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark*


REC 3: Genesis

Kansen (often Titled in North America as ‘Infection’)

The Faculty

Three Extremes*

Gozu (Hella weird)

Schoolgirl Apocalypse

Cold Fish*


Premonition (Japan)*

Rinne (Sometimes titled as ‘Reincarnation’)*

Nightmare Detective (1&2)

One Missed Call (Japanese original)

Tomie (1999)


The Orphanage

The Devil’s Rejects

Dead Snow

Event Horizon

Kill List

28 Days Later



The Fly

idontrllycarelmao  asked:

Hi! I really loved Horror Stories 1 & 2, and I'm wondering if there's others like it. As in, Asian horror movies with short stories in them. Thanks!

Most of these are available in Netflix, asian-horror-movies.com, others in youtube and the rest in Asiatorrents.

  • Kowai Onna / Unholy Women
  • Tales of the Unusual
  • Phobia / Phobia II
  • Kadokawa Mystery and Horror Tales 
  • 4 Horror Tales
  • Honto Ni Atta Kowai Hanashi/Scary True Stories (there are a total of 10 movies made of shorts - but not all of them are subbed in English. Majority of what I’ve seen are on TV and our dubbed in my native language. These are really great though. Here’s a sample of my favorite part.)
  • 3AM 3D (there’s already a sequel of this one but I haven’t seen it yet).
  • Torihada/Goosebumps from Japan (unsubbed online)
  • Prayer Beads
  • Honto Ni Atta Noroi No Video (unsubbed online)
  • Kazuo Umezu’s Horror Theater
  • Bangkok Haunted
  • Curse, Death and Spirit
  • Hong Kong Ghost Stories
  • Hideshi Hino’s Theater of Horror
  • Three / Three Extremes
  • Heaven and Hell
  • Whispering Corridors Saga
  • Ura Horror
  • Tales of the Dead (this is Japanese horror made by an American company and is shot in LA with an LA-based Japanese cast. Pretty impressive.)
  • Tales of Terror from Tokyo 
  • Dark Tales of Japan
  • Japanese Horror Anthology