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it's way more enjoyable for me to imagine that zuko's daughter always had shitty eye sight and it's not just from old age. she's five years old and she has to get HUGE NERD glasses and she's like "I hope no one makes fun of me" and zuko's like "of course not sweetie" and then Toph comes along and she's like "what's up four eyes welcome 2 the blind as shit club"

Oh I bet Toph was always saying things like “you say you’re blind without your glasses?!  Can you see with firebending?  Want to try?”  And Zuko’s then trying to stop his daughter from burning down everything to see while she’s not wearing her glasses and Toph thinks this is hilarious.  It also entertains Suyin but Lin is not amused.

Trivia Night

Genre: Humor

Rating: T

Pairing(s): Makorra, Bopal



“If we’re-excuse me, if you’re wrong, you owe me. You owe me so much,” she says in his ear before leaning her back against the chair and pouting.

When he flips the board to show off the answer, Hong tsks and shakes his head before revealing and humiliating Mako with his wrong answer. His partner slaps her hand on the table and glares at him. “You’re not a Mr. Know-It-All after all.”

“Damnit, Hong must be wrong or something. I’m gonna have a talk with him after this.” His seems to be wounded and he’ll pull out the small book of facts that he’s brought with him to study because he does that now. He writes down facts and history so that he can be prepared for the one night out of the week that he ramps up for. He knows he’s right. He knows.

A/N:  This idea was purely from kowabungalow’s amazing, amazing mind.

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To my dear LOK tumblr friends

I’ve been on tumblr now for two and a half years. This whole experience started for me with The Legend of Korra. I have made some truly valuable friendships that have really impacted me as a person. I honestly cannot find words to express myself.

Riley, Meg, Lynn, Liv, Kayla, Shelly, Alexia, Rachel…You guys mean so much to me. You made the Korra experience complete. The show would not have been the same for me without you guys. I don’t tell you guys nearly enough.

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eremika, white-water rafting!

Send an AU and a Pairing :3

Eren thought this was pretty much the most boring way to spend a Saturday. How did Mikasa talk both him and Armin into this? Granted, Jean being in the raft to their left had helped; Eren didn’t know if there was a way to win at white water rafting but he was gonna damn well try. They were just sitting in a big yellow raft where Eren thought the only exciting thing that would happen would be a fish nibbling his fingers.

He rolled his eyes when their instructor said the rapid should start soon. All he could see was the wide but calm looking river out in front of them. Yeah, right, buddy.

Armin elbowed him in the ribs. “Stop looking so sulky, this is supposed to be fun.”

“Well, so far all it is me baking in the sun.“ 

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jojo’s bizarre adventure is a story that has literally everything in it, everything you can imagine. murderous orangutans? yes. a man unironically named after wham? yes. piranas on a plane? yes. baras? YES.

but overall it follows generations of the joestar family, which start in like 1886 with jonathan joestar and his…….adopted brother/nemesis/blond villain rival named dio. that’s part 1. then part 2 is in 1930 and follows jonathan’s grandson, joseph joestar. part 3 is his grandson, jotaro kujo, in the 80s, etc.

i was surprised to learn there’s a lot of vampires???

it’s been going on since 1986. people have raised children in that time. there are adults in this world who have never known a world without jojo’s bizarre adventure and i am one of them.

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and probably his boss. his brother his two ex girlfriends and chief crankypants

Someone asks Mako to make a list of all the friends he has. Mako opens his mouth to respond-

“Your brother and your boss don’t count.”

Mako becomes very concerned. 

“Haha, well, I-I have tons of friends!” He says loudly, beginning to sweat. He averts eye contact to buy time. A very clever ploy. “Too many to count, really.”

The person asks him to count anyway.

Two. Mako has two friends.

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babe!! question!! I know you really detest aruani, and that's totally cool, but I was just kinda curious as to why? If you don't mind me asking

I don’t mind. There are legit reasons behind it, though my dislike has probably snowballed a bit irrationally. I am better at organizing my thoughts in a list, so that is what I will do.

Okay, my objections aren’t that irrational. Besides, when it comes to lists, I go with bullets.

  • My first objection stems from the way I almost always see the pairing depicted in fanworks. So many images on Pixiv are things like Armin putting a flower crown on Annie as she blushes demurely, or her being tsundere while he acts princely. I always get the impression that fans of this ship see Armin as a nerdy, ectomorphic prince charming and Annie is a feisty but sweet girl forced into a life of bad, who just needs the love of a good [nerdy, ectomorphic prince charming]. I have even seen Sleeping Beauty parodies. In the series, though, both Armin and Annie have been shown to be manipulative and cunning and I think the way they are usually depicted in fanworks is out of character.
  • My second objection is the rather petty reason that it is more popular than Bertolt/Annie. This irritates me because I ship BeruAni, of course, but also because there isn’t any stronger basis for AruAni than there is for BeruAni. At least one side of BeruAni has been given enough hints to bleed into two of the official spinoff series. I suspect fans want AruAni because they like Armin (good guy) better than Bertolt (bad guy). I like Armin a lot but I like Bertolt more and the idea of Annie rejecting Bertolt for Armin honestly breaks my heart. I want to say that a lot of fans don’t like BeruAni because they just prefer ReiBert (and some do, and sometimes I even resent ReiBert a little for this reason, though it always wins me back over), but more often I see AruAni complemented by BeruYumi and ReiKuri (neither of which I am too crazy about as a YumiKuri fan).
  • My third objection to AruAni comes from the unpleasant implications mentioned above about a “bad girl” needing a “good guy.” I, of course, do not see Annie as “bad” or Armin as “good” in this shades-of-gray narrative, but I know a lot of fans do. Fans who really stick to the idea of the core trio as the heroes and think it will go EreMika (which I am okay with) are left with third-wheel Armin in need of a mate and Annie is the go-to choice (because of their few interactions and mutual admissions of respect, and because everyone else is already paired). I suppose they think it is some sort of beautiful “love redeems” story and that is where I kind of lose my lunch.
  • My fourth objection is that I hate it for the first three reason but I am utterly terrified that it will happen in canon, especially if Isayama is influenced by fandom. This is why I really want BeruAni to become more popular. If BeruAni was way more popular and AruAni sailed, I’d still be disappointed, but at least I would be less inclined to believe Isayama was swayed by shippers.

You do not need to point out the obvious flaw in my argument: that most of my objections are based on assumptions about how AruAni fans perceive the relationship or envision it happening. NOTPs are not always fully rational. I just can’t imagine a scenario where they get together in canon that isn’t out-of-character, or distasteful, or throws Bertl’s feelings under the bus.

I made this public just in case anyone else was wondering the same thing.