I can’t believe it. I just can’t?? man. it’s been a wild 10.5 months. wow……. gosh… how did this happen. why am I so emotional?? I’m just going to cry for the rest of time aren’t I?? yes. yes I probably am because that’s just the sappy frick I am… anyways!! that’s enough about how big of a sappy emotional trainwreck I am, let’s talk about what’s kept me going as long as I have with this sorry rock-loving cute nerd………….. 

it’s you. yes, you! you right there, you reading this, right now, right this very second. no, I’m not talking to some strange figment of my imagination that just somewhat resembles you–it’s really you. see me. this is me pointing right atcha, darling. there’s 1000 beautiful reasons why I’ve stuck with steven and kept coming back here: wanting to spend time writing with each and every one of you. there’s a few folks in particular I definitely need to give special thanks to!! so. let’s get down to business, shall we? 

I’m gonna try to keep it to one account per mun (special emphasis on try, especially if I accidentally place 2 of ur blogs in different categories… goshthatsawkward… heh) but!! if I accidentally promo 2 accounts, well…… the more the merrier for you, right? 

homies. my rocks. like, not in steven’s sense, but you sweet folks have done me a real solid… you’re the radical people I’ve had the pleasure of interacting with from time to time and getting to know. each of you deserve 100 tulips and a basket of cookies cuz you’re just that sweet!!

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radical cuties!! folks I’ve either rarely or never interacted with, but definitely love seeing on my dash each and every day!! (also hey. yo. yea. hey there. let’s do something. anything. the anticipation is killin me.)

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old friends!! a special shout-out to old buddies that’ve been gone for a while, either on hiatus or just gone inactive. yo. you folks are so special to me, I'mstillfollowingyouohgoshImissyouguyssomuch and if it wasn’t for you I would’ve never made it this far would I

dewforddude, areyukiddingme, eliteaqua, grxcingthewaters, toiharu

okay. okay. that’s not all, is it?? no. definitely not. so. let’s do some special shout-outs. 

exfluctuum. vanni!! you’re so radical?? your devotion is inspiring and I really admire everything you do. like just… wow. also you send me wonderful glacia art at the sTRANGEST HOURS I LOVE IT can we cry about all those hoenn losers together for the next 26 months  
RYAN ok hold up honeybun. brakes. on. you’re such a special and awesome person?? like I’ve said this in the past but I really think you’re one of the most positive, considerate, respectful, and kindhearted people I’ve ever met. andsomehow youmanageto maKE EVERY JOKE gO tO THE EXTREME this needs to stop my side aches everytime  
. ray, ray–my moon and stars. everything you touch becomes all the more sweet and spectacular and amazing. you’re such a sweetheart!! forreal!! I believe in you so much and I don’t even know how we got to this point but I just love hearing from u and talking to u ooc you’re the best ever and I’m gonna bake u 1000 pink cupcakes
resonater. yo listen up here’s a story about a rADICAL PERSON NAMED NATE??? nate, oh mygoodness. I miss you?? I feel like we haven’t talked in ages?? I still go check out ur music on your npc nate on a regular basis this isn’t creepy is it………….
perfectivchampion. ninny, sweetie. goodness gracious where do I even begin?? I miss you and your cynthia so much like you’re my ray of sunshine and I don’t get anywhere near enough melatonin without you here fffhfhttt. but seriously–I hope everything’s going great with school sweetheart, and I hope you can return soon!
. xan. xan my buddy. xan my pal. xan you sweet meme I can’t believe how well I feel like we’ve gotten to know each other?? like dude. I’d trust you with my life story and really hope you never turn it into some strange biography……. lol no but really. you’ve grown so much over these past almost 11 months that I’ve known you and it’s been a real privilege to witness.
prosperedflower. jack, I feel at times like we’re legitimately siblings?? both ic and ooc, it’s awful… you brighten my day so much, getting to know you and gosh it seems everytime we talk on skype it somehow goeS FROM BEING OOC TO BEING IC this is so bad our boys are so gay and in total denial I love u ok
vatnlifsins. margale, okay. alright. I gotta bring out the giant coolers of gatorade and theN DUMP THEM on you vioLENTLY and you’re not even my coach in a sports team or anything but?? you’re such a pillar of strength, such a supportive person, so kind and compassionate, so thoughtful………. plus your sense of humor is compLETELY OUT IN LEFT FIELD why am I using so many sports metaphors I loveu sO m uch!??!?!./??
mxgmatic. yeschel. Isavedyouforlast. vERY LAST because I’m inconsiderate and made you have to scroll through… all of this…. good lord. why didn’t I think this through more. I probably should’ve moved these… ANYWAYS?? listen here u angry pigeon–you’re a brilliant, creative, passionate, and thoroughly genuine person. I consider you a good friend of mine and caRE ABOUT you aN AWFUL LOT I’d probably make baked pasta /for/ you when you’re hungry and hand-deliver it if it wouldn’t get cold by the time I’d get there (plus I-95 is terrifying) and sending it through fedex wouldn’t be much better…. BUT yEAH you’re amazing and I am justsogladImetu

                      ….and wITH ALL THAT BEING SAID IA M NOW crying softly at 1 am
                                                  I am sosorry this is so long omfg–also here’s my banner art cred!!
                                 BUT YES thANK YOU FOREVERYTHINg I now need tissues…

Banner By Me || Original Art Credit

Wow well well, look at this. This blog is only about three months old? And I’m past 550 followers? Why???
Regardless I’m extremely grateful, for both the implication I’m somehow entertaining to you all, and to those that extended helpful hands and kind words to me in the past or still do now. Nervous about joining this fandom before, I’ve been finding there’s a lot of you that I’ve managed to click with almost immediately, and I just love with that happens.

Even if you don’t find yourself on this list, I likely simply somehow forgot you, but I still really appreciate that you follow. Hell, if we’re in a mutual, chances are I Fucking Enjoy You. Here’s hoping we continue to have fun.

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