kourtney e scott

Yes, ladies and gents we have signed our lives over to E! for four more years! And while I won’t give away any spoilers about the upcoming seasons, I can guarantee you that Scott will still be drinking and unemployed.

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Season 10 of KUWTK is coming… I have to admit a feeling of betrayal rushed over me when I saw that mommy was trying to have a another baby behind my back. No child should have to find this out on national television. However, Mommy redeemed herself when she said, “I’m not buying her shoes, I bought her a career!”. The shade mommy throws at her own sisters is so real and so hilarious. She may be a shady Queen, but she’s my shady Queen.


Does anyone else think it’s a little disturbing the family had to work really hard to get Scott even somewhat excited about the new baby? I mean I wasn’t super thrilled, but even I eventually came around.